Student Teacher Ch. 01


Graham pretended to cane Paula and she had squealed, playing at being frightened. The act had been exciting and Jenny had thought about it a lot since then. Last time Graham made love to her he had playfully caught her in a net and for some reason she couldn't fathom, it turned into a wild session. Some of that feeling had returned watching him cane Paula.

Mister Chapman looked at her bottom in the tight skirt swaying back and forth, only just able to keep his hands away from the tight buns. "I have time my dear, don't worry," he said, after clearing a dry throat.

If he touched her she could scream trouble or better still threaten trouble, only he wasn't playing the game. She would have to up the stakes.

"I thought so, its back here," she said in triumph. On hands and knees she crawled out from under the shelf. Looking up at him with large innocent eyes she presented him with an old fashioned cane.

At first he was disappointed she had stopped wiggling her tight ass in front of him. When she turned around, on her hands and knees, her face was level with his crotch. He wondered if she could smell him but the thought flew from his mind when she squatted on her haunches to present him with a cane. The little innocent look combined with the presentation of a potent symbol of discipline shook him.

For a moment every thought flew from his mind, leaving a completely blank expression on his face. The look on hers was of perfect innocence. She didn't look anywhere near thirty, rather she looked like a young student. But then again they all did these days.

"Please sir, please don't thrash you're girl too hard," she said, with a pathos that tugged at his heart, raising his blood pressure dangerously. His cock had hardened in his pants from watching her ass wriggling around. With her ass in that short skirt just inches from his hard cock he could have just leaned forward. He hadn't had time to try and deflate it before she was on her knees before him in this despicably tempting pose.

"Did you cane your daughter, sir," she asked.

"Err, I didn't have any children," he said, with a look of confusion on his face. He was sweating from her closeness to his erection. She seemed so wonderful it felt as though she were too good for him. He felt old and tired and way too jaded for her.

"You probably think I'm such a fool but nostalgia is such a powerful emotion. Do you mind pretending to thrash me?" she asked. "Like my father used to," she added.

Fear of entrapment flashed through his mind and he turned to look over his shoulder at the door. It was closed though he didn't remember pulling it shut. He looked at her and saw a look of disappointment engulf her face.

Jenny had worked hard in the theatre group and knew how to generate all sorts of expressions. Though tripping over props was her down fall, literally. This time all she had to do was simply get up and bend-over a stack of boxes. If this didn't tempt him then nothing would.

"Sorry sir. I guess it's a silly thing to ask," she said, over her shoulder. "It just reminds me of my father," she sighed forlornly.

Thinking of her father brought genuine tears to her eyes. He had never ever laid a hand on her but had died when she was so very young. She knew such thoughts would bring on the tears. She wondered who said, 'you need genuineness and if you can fake that you have a career'.

"I guess I can oblige my dear," he said in a small voice. There was only so much a man can take before his mind gave way to his penis. The blood rushed to his thinking tackle to produce an enormous hard on.

He flexed the cane and tapped it against the short skirt.

"Its no good, it has to be done properly to mean anything. Do you mind? I would be very grateful," she asked quietly.

Not daring to understand what she meant he whispered just one word, "Yes."

She reached behind and pulled up the hem to show off her panties. In a moment of madness she pulled her panties down, where they caught around her knees. She pressed the white cotton tight as though holding onto them protected her in some way or made it less shameful.

Jenny froze in shock at what she had done. She heard a swish of the cane. She had only meant to show the damn cane to him. This was going too far! She had enjoyed toying with the self important little prick but this was too much. She had talked her way into it without a clue as to where it might end.

A soft muted sound was immediately followed by a stinging pain on the cheeks of her ass. A genuine sob slipped from between her lips. She held her cheeks so very tight, as though preventing a fart escaping in front of a bishop. The pain was secondary to the humiliating thought that she was eighteen and being caned. She bit her lip not daring to yell out loud with her classmates so close.

She would never ever be able to face them if this dire act were discovered. It had meant to be a naughty tease while pretending to be the trainee teacher, yet it had ended up becoming her nemesis. It was awful and she had lost control for he was taking the lead now.

He completed five hard whacks upon the soft flesh of her bottom. In a surprised voice he said. "You're wet! It turned you on!"

The surprise in his voice was nothing to how the disclosure shocked her. He was right and there was no way to deny it for he could see it all. She had shamefully spread her legs under the impact of that awful cane. A slight sting to her lips meant he had caught her there too.

She trembled a little with one leg obviously shaking. She could feel the heat emanating from her little hole with lips swollen and parted to reveal it as an offering. 'No!' she cried out silently. 'Not now, not with this old man,' she wailed silently, knowing full well she couldn't fight him and her body. If he wanted to take her she was ready but not willing.

She was no virgin but she had decided that next time it would be with someone special. This was pure animal lust, like before. She knew what would happen if he decided to take her while she was worked up so much. She was helpless to stop him. He was a man and thought she was a mature adult teacher so why wouldn't he just help himself to an open hole.

She felt a pair of hands tightly grip her hips. Like last time with Graham, she thought of herself as just a hole needing filling. She was desperate to be filled and to feel complete. She had been reduced to such a state of need there was nothing she could do to resist him. She could say nothing either.

Her bottom was an enticing silky smooth, hard and round, enticingly pushed put at him. His cock was sticking up against his belly, feeling as big as an arm, throbbing with energy. He pressed it forward but she was too low. He hefted her up by the hips and again pressed forward only to find her asshole.

Jenny suppressed a squeal of fear. She felt a hardness press against her virgin ass and nearly fainted. Her morality had flown off with her self-esteem but this was so much more devastating it must be resisted. About to cry out, she held back as his cock moved on.

He nearly dropped her when losing the grip on her hips.

It had been an accident but he was tempted to try again then realised there was no way he could make it happen. The little puckered brown hole was clamped tight shut. With all his strength he hefted her hips sliding her pussy lips up the length of his cock. There was little room in the cupboard and he dare not make any noise.

The restrained slow movement was delicious, feeling the head of his cock pressing against her wet lips, sliding over them until it perched against her hole. He couldn't hold her much longer as his arms shook with the strain of holding her weight.

She felt his cock slide between her lips over her welcoming hole. A smile lit her lips as well as her mouth. She was grinning at both ends. Was he teasing her, she couldn't wait much longer, she needed it badly. She moaned to be filled and wanted to tell him to fuck her but was too afraid.

The head of his cock rested at the mouth of her hole and she desperately wanted to swallow it. All of it, now! She thought she had demanded for him to thrust it all in, hard and viciously. Instead just a slight moan slipped from her mouth.

He nearly dropped her again. His arms nearly gave way but she slipped onto his cock a slid down the length of it. The slide stopped abruptly when her pussy lips kissed his pubes. The tightness of her grip was enough for instinct to power his arms. He began to pump her up and down the length of his cock with a firm grip to her ass.

Jenny desperately bit her lip not daring to utter a sound as he slammed into her. Each upward stroke was slow and deliberate with maximum sensations teasing her. The downward stroke hit her like a runaway train. She knew pain was about to hit her insides, but didn't care.

She wanted to cry out, 'hurt me, hurt me," but managed to keep her mouth clamped tight. The orgasm hit unexpectedly. It didn't creep upon her like last time but hit full in the stomach. A spinning top of sensations swirled outward out of control to the tips of fingers and toes.

He let her down for her feet to do a little involuntary jig on the hard floor. When he was sure she could stand he lowered her further but she collapsed in a heap on the floor at his feet. He quickly pulled himself together and pulled her up off the floor.

She didn't hear what he said but pulled the jacket back on and rearranged the skirt. He helped her smooth her hair back down and she straightened his tie. Not a word was said.

For a moment she wanted to speak up from embarrassment and tell him she had never done this before. She genuinely didn't know what had come over her. She felt dirty and spoiled. It wasn't his fault for she had pulled him into something she didn't understand yet. Some kind of animal lust had taken her over.

He gripped her shoulders obviously struggling to say something. She didn't want to hear it whatever it was. Something she had seen somewhere caught a hold of her. She kissed her finger tips and pressed them against his lips.

He seemed to understand the gesture and turned to the door. He lifted his shoulders in a gesture of defiance and confidence. Turning the handle he pushed the door wide to face the world.

There was no hiss of disapproval, rather they were quietly ignored. Everyone seemed to be engrossed in their work.


As soon as the two of them disappeared into the cupboard Graham grabbed a hold of Jessie. He was a big tough football player yet clever too. "Play along with the game plan Miss or Jenny will be expelled. That would be bad after all the hard work she's put in," Graham reasoned. The heavy expression on his face made it plain he meant to avoid that problem.

"What does she think she's doing?" Jessie complained.

"Saving your ass, Miss, with respect," another of Jenny's friends pointed out.

Jessie couldn't counter that. If she had reacted more quickly she might have recovered without this dangerous game.

"He's real hot on discipline and morals in class and would fail you if he found out. Goodbye career, just kiss it goodbye," Graham warned her, with a kiss of his fingers and an imaginary flight.

"So I have to pretend to be her while he's here," she stated, with an exaggerated sigh.

"Yea, she's the teacher, you're the pupil. OK?" he asked. He was leaning over her using a football domination method his coach had taught him. He thought it was working for she did seem resigned to the idea.

"OK. I have no choice," she stated.

The others had been listening intently. While some were amused at the idea, others were concerned for their friend. The atmosphere relaxed and the buzz of conversation heightened again as they discussed what might happen next. Would they get away with it?

The word quickly spread around the classroom; they were to be on their best behaviour and must help Jenny win out over the authorities. For once everyone was in on the game, for different reasons, but all wanted it to work. They pretended to concentrate on their books but stole looks at the new teacher. It was an unusual experience seeing a teacher sitting in class like a fellow student.

She looked very subdued and sorry for herself. It was surprising how the self-assured woman of earlier had been replaced by a nervous looking teen. The way she was dressed and that she looked so reticent adults might not look at her too closely. She just might get away with it.

Some crossed their fingers, anxious for Jenny not to be found out while others wondered if they could take advantage of the teacher now she was stripped of power.

What an opportunity, Ben was thinking. The regular teacher had almost expelled him for a prank gone wrong and he liked the idea of getting even. This teacher wasn't the one that gave him such a hard time but she would do.

Paula couldn't help staring at the woman only looking away in case Graham caught her. Everything had to look normal and relaxed he had warned them. Everyone knew he had a thing for Jenny so he would jump on anyone who threatened her silly game.

The way Melisa had pulled the teacher around made her shiver in delight. The way her skirt was pulled up and top loosened, even her hair was let down, it was so delicious. Melisa had no idea about fashion but the way she had re-styled the teacher was a big turn on.

Paula would never admit to anyone in class that she played with dolls. At eighteen they would laugh and poke fun at her. She loved to dress them up in daring outfits, in clothes she dare not wear herself. Micro mini skirts, tight hot pants, skimpy little tops, and big hair were her favourites.

Watching a full grown real woman being transformed like one of her dolls burnt a desire into her mind. This teacher had lost all authority and power over them, so in a way, she was no longer an adult and she wasn't one of them. Paula stole a glance at her sitting there like a big vulnerable doll. If only she could somehow find a way, she would dress her up like one of her little dolls.

Paula glanced across at their teacher imagining her complaining about the tiny impish outfit she was expected to wear. 'Please don't make me wear this mommy!' she could almost hear her complain and it gave her a ripple of pleasure. She would scold her and remind her she was nothing now. She was just a doll to dress up and play with. She would tell her to do as she was told and to hurry up or receive a spanking.


When the store cupboard opened everyone pretended to be busy, looking down at their work avoiding looking at Jenny.

Jessie had Jenny's books in front of her but of course she couldn't possibly concentrate on anything but those two. Jessie almost gasped out loud only just managing to cover her mouth with a hand. One quick look at Jenny told her so much. The young girl had been taken advantage of!

The old letch had smooched with her in the damn store cupboard. He looked embarrassed about it and so he should. She just hoped he was quiet about it or her reputation would nose dive. She would have all the old lecher teachers trying it on and the thought of having to fend off their wandering hands was dreadful.

She suddenly thought of Jenny. The lack of experience had given him the opportunity to take advantage of the poor girl. She must have gotten too close and found herself engulfed by him before she had a chance to escape. How long had they been in there? Had he just smooched her or had he heavily petted her too.

Josie hated the idea of this young virgin being touched by that old man. She couldn't figure out if it made it worse that he thought it was her, the student teacher.

The teaching examiner left and Jessie sat there stunned, wondering what to do next.

"Class dismissed, except you 'Jenny'," Jenny told the class and her teacher. She emphasised calling her teacher Jenny to let everyone know they must continue pretending.

Jessie was relieved at someone else taking the initiative. She got up awkwardly but was pushed down in the seat by Jenny.

"I had a damn shitty time in the cupboard with that letch, for you, Jessie," Jenny whispered.

The look on her face left no doubt he did more than kiss her. "I'm so sorry, Jenny," Jessie began. She wondered if he had groped her breasts or more than that.

"No. You aren't as sorry as I am, so don't try to say a thing. He'll be back tomorrow so we keep to the story, unless you want to lose your career, before it even gets going?" Jenny demanded.

Jessie shook her head knowing this was wrong. She was using this girl to get her out of trouble.

"I take it that means 'yes' you want to save your sorry ass. In that case I get to make the rules. One, you do exactly as I say. Two, no more rules," Jenny stated, while leaning over her with an expression of menace.

"All you have to say is, 'Yes Miss'. Let's hear it," Jenny demanded.

"Yes, Miss," Jessie sighed, in resignation. She couldn't see who was behind her but guessed it was Graham. A heavy bulk seemed to lean on her reinforcing Jenny's orders. It made sense to carry on as they had and for her to take on the role in school whether the examiner was there or not. Jessie sighed heavily knowing they would have to carry it through to the end of the week.

Jessie was already subdued by this mornings' humiliating experience and felt guilty over what had happened to her student. It left her feeling so wretched she couldn't think straight. Now she was being dominated by Jenny and Graham it was difficult to fight back. She felt like a student in high school being picked on by the class bully. It didn't help knowing all this was her fault.

The class members surrounded them, shielding Jessie from others at lunch. They willingly shared lunch with her as she couldn't go to the staff room to fetch hers. She missed the coffee but appreciated their concern.

Mostly she kept her mouth shut. The class was amused when she responded to Jenny with such obvious deference, as though Jenny was the teacher and she was a naughty school girl. That's how she felt too, like a pathetic little thing waiting for the worst to happen.

The lunch break went without a hitch. No one outside their group even talked to her and Jenny kept a low profile too. The afternoon class was quiet but time dragged.

At last the end of day arrived and the class was dismissed, except for once they seemed reluctant to leave. A growl from Graham got them going though someone started a trend that they all thought was amusing.

"See you tomorrow Miss," they said, with exaggerated courtesy on passing the teachers desk. Jenny thanked them with a smile, encouraging them to do well tomorrow. They all knew she meant they had to play along with the game.

Paula held back and approached the desk when they had gone.

"What do you want?" Jenny said, feeling tired and irritable.

"I can help out if you want. She needs dressing up as a student and I've got a big allowance. Know where to go and where they won't ask questions too," Paula offered.

They looked at her not understanding what she meant.

"You need to keep a hold of her in case she runs off leaving you in the lurch. I'll keep a close eye on her at my house, she can sleep over," Paula hurriedly said.

"I hadn't though of that. I just thought she'd go home," Jenny said, while wondering about Paula's offer. Her friend was a bit old fashioned but maybe that might work out better. At the moment the teacher looked like a porn movie school girl and it was getting on her nerves the way the guys looked at her.

Jessie cleared her throat to interrupt, not liking the idea at all.

"No! You don't get a say in this or anything else for the rest of the week," Jenny firmly told her. Jessie's obvious objection to the idea swung Jenny in favour of it.

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