tagIncest/TabooStudent/Teacher Relations Pt. 01

Student/Teacher Relations Pt. 01


The class quietened down and students quickly shuffled to their seats as the sound of Ms Jessica Lee's high heels approached from the corridor. She entered, and paused in the doorway. Ms Lee was one of those teachers who (despite her petite size) commanded respect with few words, and the class silently began taking out their math textbooks. She crossed over to the chalkboard and began dusting off the old scribbles on its surface. I looked around and noticed Jake, my best friend eyeing her backside with a sly look in his eye.

"Dude, not cool" I said.

"Oh shit sorry, can't help myself." He quickly replied as he looked away.

"How many times have I told you to stop perving on-"

"GEORGE!" I turned to the front to find most of the class looking at me, including Ms Lee, with a stern look on her face and her hands on her hips.

"I was just telling him-"

"Enough. Since you're so eager, perhaps you could tell us the answer to the first question of the homework." I scowled and looked, down. I hadn't completed yesterdays homework, as she very well knew.

"I.. don't know"

"Why not?"

"I haven't done it."

"I haven't done it?" she asked.

"I haven't done it, Miss Lee."

"Then perhaps you should leave the talking for those of us who are actually prepared to work. Sidney," she added, looking to the back, "perhaps you can tell us?"


Walking home, I couldn't believe she had embarrassed me like that. I played it over and over in my head and eventually I found myself on the alleyway between Fifth and Johnson street. Looking back to make sure nobody was looking, I rushed in and chose the perfect tool for my revenge.


I helped myself to some leftovers when I got home. The house was empty, as it always is. My parents died two years ago and since then, it's only been me and my sister. My sister was the person I trusted most in this world, and even though she was 8 years my senior (I was 19 and she was 27), we had a very equal relationship. I liked to think it was because I was mature enough to handle myself and help out around the house, instead of being a nuisance. It was also because we were both slightly anti-social, and because of that, neither of us had too many friends. At 5pm, as I was reading a novel in the kitchen, the door opened as she arrived and immediately kicked off her uncomfortable heels.

"Hey, you're a bit late today" I said.

"Yeah, there was a staff meeting unfortunately." I walked over and helped her with her bag, but I paused and looked at her.

"That was unnecessary today, you embarrassed me." I finally added.

"Sorry," she smiled. "Just because were siblings doesn't mean you get a free pass, I need to maintain the class's behavior." I sighed and let it pass. My sister, Ms Jessica Lee, was short, only coming up to my chest, with pearly white skin and dark black hair till her shoulders. As she rushed over to the fridge I admired her in her tight black office skirt, stockings and fitting white shirt. I walked over and hugged her from behind, pressing my mouth in her neck gently. I felt her shiver as I kissed her. I whispered, "I'm going to pay you back for that later." She turned around, biting her lip gently, you need to finish your homework George. We cant let this consume us."

"Ugh, I would've done yesterdays' if YOU weren't distracting me." I teased. Before adding. "I've done it already, before you came back."

"Good, we'll have time then.."


After she had supper, I helped clean up the kitchen. Afterwards, we both slumped on the couch. I noticed she was beginning to feel drowsy. She leaned into my shoulder and closed her eyes. I let her enjoy it for a moment. Then I stood up, grabbed her tiny frame by her legs and back and carried her to her room. Our room, actually. My room hadn't been used in a year, except when guests were over and subtlety was needed. I threw her onto the bed and roughly kissed her, before pulling off her skirt and stockings. She began undoing her shirt as I casually undressed, giving her a playful smile. She threw aside her discarded shirt, got onto her knees and pulled me onto the bed with her. We kissed deeply for what seemed like ages. I ran my hands over her thin, soft body. She wrapped her legs around me and whispered "George.." as I entered her. I slowly began thrusting, enjoying her quiet moans in my left ear and the feel of her warm body against mine. After a few minutes of bliss I remembered the fiasco that had happened earlier that day, I thought about going rougher to get revenge, but it seemed petty and irrelevant at this point. She was beginning to pant louder and she started squirming underneath me, her warmth squeezing me with a lovers passion. As she reached her climax, she tightened hard around me and I stopped. I looked at her face, which was covered in a thin layer of sweat. In the dull light of the room she looked glorious, like an angel. My angel. I cupped her face and kissed her gently, before continuing to thrust into her slightly more faster until I came inside of her.


That morning I awoke on my back with Jessica's arm and leg draped on me. She awoke and drowsily smiled. "I thought that was supposed to be a punishment?" she said.

"That will come later. First, go shower. We're running late. As she crossed over to the bathroom, I waited until I heard the water run. Then I opened the drawer besides me and took out her tool of punishment.


After breakfast, as we were about to leave for school, I pulled her back and gently pressed her against the table with her back to me. I pulled out the tiny, clear butt-plug I had bought the day before and dangled it over her shoulder so she could see it. Then, without saying anything, I reached under her skirt, pushed aside her panties and slowly began to insert it into her butthole. She slammed both palms into the table in silent protest as her body tensed up and she stood on her toes. Then I whispered in her ear again. "You're going to wear this all day at school, you hear me?" She paused with her back still turned. After a few seconds I could make out a smile form on her face, and she nodded.

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by Anonymous01/07/18

This was hot! There were some distracting typos (missing apostrophes and quotation marks, mostly) but I definitely want to read more.

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by prop6901/05/18


Hope you continue the story
Can't wait for the next chapter

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by Anonymous01/03/18

Yes.. continue this .. Do Not.. I repeat do Not ruin this by having his friends fucking his sister..please.. just continue this with lots of sex, her submissiveness in the home, him knocking her up, maybemore...

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