tagIncest/TabooStudent/Teacher Relations Pt. 02

Student/Teacher Relations Pt. 02


The class quietened down and students quickly shuffled to their seats as the sound of Ms Jessica Lee's high heels approached from the corridor. She entered, and walked over to her desk with such natural grace that no suspicions were raised that she had a toy wedged firmly in her butt. I knew it was there, of course. I had inserted it myself this morning, and I knew my sister well enough to know that she couldn't resist playing along.


As the class started opening their books and preparing for the lesson, I faked a bored expression on my face as I internally studied her movements. She seemed just as she would be on any other day, but I noticed a slight flush in her usually pale cheeks. She was wearing a long blue skirt and a yellow shirt today, with her hair tied up in that scholarly fashion. Realizing I was daydreaming for too long, I causally opened my books as well. "Jake," she said to the boy next to me, "You can start by giving us the first answer." As the class went on, I half expected her to ask me a question, but to my surprise she seemed more restrained than usual, She ignored me completely.



As the bell rang for recess, I got up and approached Jake. "George," she stopped me, "I need your help carrying this to my office." She motioned to a box of files full of student papers.

"Sure thing, Ma'am." I said as we set off.

As she unlocked her office door, she looked over to me. "And I'll need you help for a few minutes to sort them out as well.." she added.

"Sure," I replied, as Mr Roberts, the Chemistry teacher walked passed. I walked into the office and as I placed the box down, I heard the door lock behind me. I turned around as Jessica rushed into me, knocking me backwards. I spun her momentum around and held her against the office wall. She had a playful, almost hungry look in her eyes now that we were alone. "You have no idea how MAD this thing has been driving me." she whispered, guiding my hand down below. Reaching under her skirt, my hands brushed her panties and I felt how drenched she was. I smiled and kissed her hard as she dug her nails into my lower back.

"Not here" I said, "You know the rule, not outside the house. We could get caught."

She looked at me with a faux upset look on her face, all pretext of this student/teacher relationship long gone.

"We're still going for a run this evening, right?" I asked, changing the subject before I did something regrettable.

"Not with this thing in me!" she whispered loudly.

I laughed. "Ill be sure to remove it by then. Maybe."


Later that evening, I changed into shorts as I prepared for our run. We had both agreed earlier to stay fit and encourage each other to do at least the basic minimum exercise necessary. She arrived downstairs in a pair of leggings and a red tank top, which clung tightly to her petite frame. I stopped at the door, and quickly pulled down her leggings and felt for the butt-plug. I smiled as I realized she hadn't removed it. I slowly pulled it out, her asshole shuddering due to the absence of it. "thank god" she moaned as I left it on the counter.

We jogged along the woody outskirts close to the house. I was faster than her, but as we neared the halfway mark I found myself losing stamina. By the time we reached the house, I was exhausted.


As we entered the house, I noticed that the back of her top was wet with sweat, her hair tied up in a rough bun. "I need a shower," she moaned, heading towards our room. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back.

"Not yet." I kissed her neck, tasting the salty perspiration. She tried to lean in, but legs exhausted we collapsed onto the floor with a giggle. I rolled on top off her we kissed for a long time.

"These tights are old, right?" I asked

"Yeah, I really need to go shopping."


Her legs already slightly parted around me, I grabbed the fabric and tore at it creating hole above her crotch. I dived in with my lips before she had a chance to register. Her head rolled back and she balled her fists in my hair as I roughly kissed and lapped at her shaved, pale wetness. After a few minutes, she pulled me up and began rubbing my crotch. I locked my arms around her legs and lifted her as I walked to the couch. I collapsed onto it with her on top of me. Exhausted, I let her impale her petite body on top of me, she rode me with the same slow and lustful pleasure as I had shown her the day before. Somewhere in all this her hair had come down and it hung over us, her rich natural scent that I had loved since before I could remember wafting through me. She started speeding up as our breathing quickened. Before we came, I reached around her and quickly inserted my middle finger into her butt-hole. We both held each other tight as we climaxed. Then we fell into each other, completely spent.


The following morning I awoke to realize we had slept for hours with my middle finger still lodged firmly in her butt. "Really?" she asked groggily as I kissed her, "We really need that shower."

"Yes ma'am," I added, refusing to remove my digit. "Lets."


Let me know your feedback, i do this to improve my writing and to bring joy to others. So forwarding any criticism you have, or telling me what you liked about it will make me a happy person.

Thanks for reading.

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by Anonymous

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by prop6901/09/18

Awesome...Hope you will continue

Add a little story about how you first decided to fuck.
What happened to your parents?
Age difference>
Does anyone know you are brother and sister?
More description about your making love

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by BadUrchin01/07/18

Part 2.

Nicely written as was part one. I liked the different pace of this part, it set it aside from your first chapter. Remember, you will never please all the people, all of the time! I hope you will continuemore...

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