tagIncest/TabooStudent/Teacher Relations Pt. 03

Student/Teacher Relations Pt. 03



My name is Jessica Lee, a 27 year old math teacher at a high school. Among the students in the final year class is my 19 year old brother, George. I've just woken up on a Saturday morning draped over him on the couch, with his finger up my asshole. This may seem like an unusual relationship between a siblings, or indeed a student and teacher, but it felt natural for us. As I lie here waiting for him to awaken, I think back on the weekend that started it all.

Two years ago our parents died in a car crash. It was no-ones fault, the ground was slick with ice, the night dark.. No-one to blame for the sudden disruption of our life. I had just completed the fifth year of my engineering degree. However, I gave up that dream and applied for a job at the school George attended. In part for his sake - I didn't leave him and travel to a college 5 hours away. George protested at first of course, arguing that there was no way I should abandon my dream in chemical engineering, but eventually he accepted my decision. But more importantly my decision was because we needed a stable source of income now that our parents were gone.

Over the course of a year, we gradually picked ourselves back up again. I don't think either us of could've without the help of the other. And while I was supposed the be the older sister, I found myself relying on Georges unexpected maturity and well of emotional strength.

And so, after a year of hard work, adjusting to a new job and dealing with grief and uncertainty, we decided to head on vacation to the coast. A week in the sun and surf, away from the memories and struggles of our home life, it was a decision we both agreed on and looked forward to with vigor. We packed the car the night before, and left immediately after the final bell of last school day before the summer. We took turns driving in the blistering heat, with music blaring and icy drinks bought and shared. Before long, both of our moods started improving and we sung along and made lame jokes about things of trivial nature.

After a couple hours, as we neared the hotel we'd be staying in, we got our first view of the coast - and not a moment too soon. I noticed Georges white school shirt was soaked through with sweat as a result of the summer heatwave, sticking to his body beneath. I looked down and noticed my own shirt was in a similar state, although mine had also become semi-transparent where the wet shirt touched my body, giving a clear view of my bra beneath. I tried to pull the shirt away from my skin, but it only settled on top of my boobs making my 32B sized black bra show all the more. I noticed George look over and quickly avert his gaze, he cheeks flush with color. I noticed his body too, equally visible through his shirt. We were both what you would call average in body type, although I was short for my age at only 5'2''. Perhaps due to the Asian blood we get from our fathers side of the family. George was always my little brother, but the difference in our daily relationship as of late made me feel different about him. I caught myself staring and had to quickly pull my gaze away, my face just as red as his.


Before too long, we arrived at the hotel and checked in.

We rode the elevator up to our room on the fifteenth floor. I opened the door and George walked in and dumped our bags on the kitchen counter. Then he walked to the sliding door at the back of room, opened it wide letting in the fresh sea breeze, and collapsed on the couch. I dragged my feet over, kicked off my pumps and sank next to him. He put his feet up onto the coffee table, and took a deep breath. "We're finally here." He said looking at the sea view from the window.

"Yup, we can finally kick back," I replied, "my body is aching.."

I rested my head to the side and laid back, putting my feet between us on the couch. We were still in our school attire, and my George looked down at my legs, still covered in my thigh high black stockings. "Let me help." he added after a while.

He carefully pulled my legs onto lap and began massaging my feet. I kept quiet and let him do his thing, but couldn't help myself from smiling. His palms pushed hard against my soles, and he grabbed one foot and thoroughly squeezed and rubbed it. Eventually he got frustrated and reached up to my thighs and grabbed the end of my one of my stockings. I gasped as his fingers touched my leg, and carefully pulled it down and off of me. Revealing my pale flesh beneath.

"You really needed this.." He said as he moved on to do the same, exhilarating thing to my other leg, "and you're feet are all sweaty." He sniffed at my toes and playfully made a face. I kicked at him gently in the stomach and he pretended that it hurt. He had a way of knowing just what stupid thing to do to brighten my mood.

"I'm going to give you a FULL body message, to relieve all this pent up stress you have," he said. "Why don't you go shower off real quick, and I'll get ready." Too tired to argue, I did exactly as he said. I even took the time to shave my armpits and my pubic area. I don't know why I did those things, though I suppose it was to make myself more presentable. Not that he would see me down there anyway. I walked out with nothing on but a towel, and noticed it was already evening. George had left the lights off, lit some candles and set up a table in front of the sliding door, the beautiful ocean sunset showing outside.

"Let me know when you're on the table!" he yelled from the closed off bedroom to the side. I pondered for a second. Put on a pair of lacy black panties quickly before laying face down on the table. I covered my butt with the towel anyways, wanting to keep my decency.



I walked out of the room and over to the table. Jessica had removed all her clothes, as far as I could see. I hadn't expected that. I noticed the sides of her breasts squashed underneath her. Jessica was always a sister to me, and the person I cared about the most. but I had to admit that right now was the first time I really noticed how attractive her body was. I poured some oil on my hands, and proceeded to give her the most thorough massage I could. I started with her hands, massaging each finger individually before doing the palms and wrist. I then moved on to her arm, noticing how soft and pale the flesh was. I felt a surge in my loins but I ignored it and moved on, after a few minutes I moved on to her other arm, giving it the same treatment before rubbing her pearly, skinny back. I pressed into her upper back firmly and purposefully, taking my time. She occasionally let out a small sigh, gasp or muttered an instruction: "just there," "harder," "don't stop yet."

Unable to help myself, I climbed gently onto her legs, straggled her and continued my work on her back. She didn't complain, and after a few minutes of glorious, stress relieving massage-work, I stopped. Something terrible had happened.

My rock hard penis had just poked her in her butt.

I pulled back quickly. If she felt it she didn't say anything. I climbed off and moved on to do the back of her legs, with similar dedication before telling her to turn around.


My mind was rushing. What the hell was that!? I just felt my brothers penis touch me in the backside and I did nothing about it. Truth be told I didn't mind, but why the hell didn't I? He was my brother, and I shouldn't be this comfortable with my body around him. I hadn't had sex in over a year, and I was enjoying the innocent touch of his skin, but I needed to ensure we didn't get carried away.

Before more reasonable thoughts could enter my head, he began massaging my legs. A wave of satisfaction rippled through me. Well, I thought to myself, maybe I could let him finish before I had a word with him.

Eventually he told me to turn over, and I did so obediently. George stopped and looked over puzzingly, before continuing with the other side of my legs. It was only a few pleasure-filled minutes did I remember I wasn't wearing a bra and my chest was completely exposed. A rush of panic ran through me before dissipating. George hadn't said anything about it. He was mature enough not to, we were adults. And the things he was doing my legs were too good to make him stop now.

He made his way up my leg to my thigh, gradually getting closer to the towel placed over my nethers. He pushed against the towel for a few strokes before he began pushing it away and getting closer to the danger zone. My breath started to audibly quicken, and he didn't stop before he reached my panties. As I started to get dangerously loud, he stopped and moved over to my other leg. I waited in agony until he reached the towel again before I grabbed it and tossed it aside. I looked him in the eye and nodded.

"What the hell are you doing Jessica.." I thought.

This time he put his whole hand gently on my panties and rubbed it, I began to moan softly, my legs opening slightly on their own accord. George continued before moving on to my stomach, skirting around my boobs which were pink with the flush of my chest, my small nipples hard and pointing to the sky. I noticed that his pants were straining to keep his erection in. I looked him in the face and smiled. He slowly spun his hands around in circles on my upper chest, before moving on to my breasts and eventually my nipples. I was now indefensibly moaning loudly. Occasionally my breath would catch and id spasm slightly. At this point George lost control. He reached down and quickly pulled my panties right off. I opened my legs for him and he used one hand to rub my pussy furiously while groping my breasts with the other. I was already close to the edge, my body was tingly with anticipation. He slipped two fingers inside of me and I immediately came. Going over the edge, I screamed his name, along with some unspeakable profanities. I rode the orgasm out, twitching on the table, my oiled up body caught in the mess of towels sweat and my own bodily fluids. When I was done I opened my eyes and looked at George. He was looking at me with an expression of awe on his face. Then he quickly put a hand at the back my head and reached down to kiss me deeply.

I let him.

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by Anonymous07/12/18

why haven't you finished this you have a great start

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by Anonymous04/04/18

Where's chapter 4???

We have been waiting..

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Add more to this. This should have been pt 01

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Thanks Baseless_aces

I myself is so excited for the next chapter to come out.

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Rodav, thanks for your feedback! Definitely more to come, stay tuned.

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