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Student Teacher's a Team Player


She was a cheerleader at the State College and was also doing her student teaching that fall semester at a local high school. The afternoon football game was the last of the season, the last of her college career and traditionally there was a heck of a party put on by the team after the game. This is the story of that party and team spirit. And, oh, what team spirit she had!

Jackie knew better but when the star halfback of the college football team had asked her to go over to his place to listen to some music she just couldn't resist. As a cheerleader she had watched him play and seen him often in the field house after games and practice, often without a shirt on and she had marveled at his dark skin and chiseled features--he was a handsome man. And, when he had approached her at the end of the season party her alcohol altered inhibitions melted away.

His living room was a large central room in a renovated warehouse that had several other rooms, formerly offices, radiating off two sides of it that served as kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. The couch was centered in the middle of the large room that had high ceilings. A dining room table and chairs piled high with books and clothes shared the large space and the entertainment center was poised in front of the couch and coffee table at some distance.

Mike threw his leather jacket over the back of one of the wooden chairs and directed her to sit on the couch while he set up some "tunes". She did as she directed and noticed the rough feel of the sofa fabric on the back of her legs since she was still wearing her short cheerleading skirt and sweater. The large room had a distinct "man smell" about it and she could imagine athletic supporters and dirty socks residing under the couch she was now seated upon.

He sat on the couch next to her, lit a joint and handed it to her. She was no novice at smoking but she was not a pro either. "It's some good stuff. Let's get a buzz on."

The rock music played softly in the background and they sucked down the first joint and then a second before Mike put his arm around her and pulled her in close. He lowered his face to hers and gently kissed her on the mouth with his tongue probing gently into her mouth. All she could think about was what a lucky girl she was.

It seemed only seconds later that he had peeled her of her sweater and white blouse under it and had her topless on the couch. She never wore a bra under the two layers of clothes on her top so there was no bra to impede his progress. His mouth was all over her neck and face as he licked and kissed her tender flesh.

His hands were gently caressing her back and neck and then moved gently to the nubbins on her chest. He gently tweaked each nipple in turn before lowering his mouth to swirl each with his tongue.

She felt his hands move to the cheeks of her ass and pull her facing him into his lap. He pulled her on top of him until she sat astride him as he continued his oral assault on her breasts and nipples. She felt his cock straining through his jeans against the crotch of her bunny shorts and panties as though trying to will its way into her tender folds. His hands massaged her naked back and shoulders as he kissed her long and deep.

The fingers of his right hand slipped inside the leg band of her bunny shorts and traced its way along the leg band on its way to the crease that started at the bottom of her ass. She jumped as his finger probed into her tender region near her anus and pussy. She slid to the floor in front of him and started to undo his pants. Maybe a blowjob would slow him down a bit and get her out of the room with her pants still on.

She gasped when his ebony pole popped free of his underwear and if waved majestically under her nose. She'd never seen a cock quite so long before and was startled to see it now. She gripped the base of it and started to run her tongue along the underside of the veiny shaft while looking up into his smiling face.

"That's it baby, now we're talkin''", he moaned as she swirled her tongue around the bulbous head.

She had been working on his cock for some time while he massaged her back and neck. She was on her knees in front of him with her weight braced on her arms at his upper thighs as she continued to fellate him. Suddenly, she felt another pair of hands on her behind.

She tried to turn her head but Mike quickly cupped a large, black, hand on either side of her face and guided her head in a bobbing motion up and down his shaft. The hands on her ass were cupping and uncupping the round mounds, rubbing her inner thighs up to her crotch and she felt her skirt being flipped up over her ass and the new hands rubbing her naked back and upper thighs where they met the cloth still maintaining her decency.

Mike maintained his hands on her face as she continued to suck and swirl her tongue at the chocolate stick between her lips. The hands below were continuing to rub and squeeze the tender flesh covered by her bunny shorts and panties; in no rush but not shy by any means either.

The stimulation was getting to Jackie as she started to rotate her ass in response to the pair of hands paying homage to her hips and the junction of her thighs. The fingers of one of the hands were working in small circles over her pussy and right at her clit. The taste of precum from Mike's fuck stick added to the sexual tension she was feeling.

Suddenly she felt a finger, then two, slide beneath the leg band of her undergarments and probe their way into the softness of her pussy. She jumped at the invasion at first but she relaxed as the penetration began to pleasure her. They easily slid into her moist depths as her lubrication did its job. She nearly lost track of the oral duty on Mike's cock as she began to drift to the pleasure she was receiving from the manual manipulation of her own sex. Mike reminded her as he continued to guide her head and mouth up and down on the shaft of his cock as she renewed her head bobbing and tongue action.

Her hips started to bounce with the force of the finger banging she was getting from the still anonymous hands at her rear. The other hand had pulled her undergarments to the side to allow better access to her portal and she felt her ooze rubbing off the fingers and wetly onto the material of her clothes as the fingers slid past on the outstroke only to slide quickly back inside her to reload themselves with her slimy essence.

The blonde cheerleader knew it was coming. She felt the anonymous hands reach for the waist band of her double panties and slide them slowly down her ass as the fingers continued to pump into her shimmering depths. She knew she should resist but her lust clouded her better judgment as she succumbed to the stimulation of her two loves. The contact was broken only briefly as she adjusted her legs to allow the rolled clump of fabric to be extricated from her legs. She could have looked back during their removal to see who her other lover was but she chose not to; the anonymity of her other paramour was part of the excitement of the act. She continued to bob her head on Mike's stiff rod and again felt her skirt flipped up onto her back, the cool air contacting her wet, bared, pink lips.

The thought had never crossed her mind why Mike hadn't shot his load yet. None of the recipients of her blow jobs had ever lasted this long before. If she'd have reached the base of his steely monster she'd have smelled and tasted the reason why. He'd dumped a load in one of her fellow cheerleaders at the party and their combined juices matted his coarse pubic hair. But, what Jackie didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Mike just smiled down at the willing little blonde cocksucker slurping away at his dick.

She felt the soft tip of the anonymous cock at the lips of her pussy. The person directing it slid it along the slippery length of her slit several times before seating it at the pliable opening to her vagina. She felt her slimy tube being filled as the girth of the penis penetrating her eased its way inside. She nearly swooned from the combined stimulation of the penis in her mouth, the smell of sex and the cockmeat now firmly planted in her quim. The fucking earnestly began once the cock had found its purchase in her warm depths. The slapping sounds of her lover's abdomen on her buttocks punctuated the slurping noise of her continued fellation of Mike. She felt a pair of hands grip her waist on either side and the guttural "Oh, yeah." come from her posteriorly positioned lover. The repeated thrusting and tugging at her inner lips were working their magic as she felt her own orgasm building.

Her pussy clenched the pole plunging repeatedly into her slippery tunnel as her climax began. The plowing continued at a fevered pace through her cuntal contractions and then she felt the fleshy spear bury itself to the hilt in her pink cave and began to spew its pearly load as her lover clenched himself to her.

Mike's cock had slid from her mouth during her orgasm and now he had put his hands under her armpits and was helping her onto the couch; disengaging her from her other spent admirer. She glanced in the direction of her other lover still kneeling in place where he had been servicing her from behind as she lay down, legs splayed wide and cum covering her pussy. It was Kenny, Mike's roommate and also a member of the football team. She glanced at the shimmering slab of meat between his legs that had just pleasured her a moment before and the sweating black man it was dangling from.

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time, baby," the muscular black man said as Mike positioned himself between her legs for his shot as sloppy seconds. "You do want me to do it don't you? You want me to slide my cock into that hot little hole of yours, don't you?"

Jackie felt herself nodding frantically. The sinewy running back was a handsome man and she loved the supple feel of the outside of his athletic thighs pressing against the inner surfaces of hers. She put her hand down and pressed her pubic patch down and used the tips of her first two fingers to spread herself ever so slightly as she looked down at the rod of flesh poised to drive into her. She was no stranger to sex but she was running in overdrive right now as her lover hovered teasingly over her.

"Please, please...do it, do it, do it, do it now..." she whispered and she grabbed him by the root of this pleasure pole and tried to drag him into her slippery pit by it.

"Okay, baby, since you insist," as he lowered himself into the blonde woman lying submissively below him. He felt the heat from her oily tube as it engulfed the length of his cock. His penetration ended wetly at her bottom as his testicles settled in the ooze from her previous fuck. He gave one more little thrust of his hips and flared her pussy open a bit farther with the root of his dick.

"Damn, Kenny," he grunted to his roommate as he started to thrust back and forth in her eager snatch. "She is one fine piece of white meat. You never said she had a snapper pussy."

"You didn't ask, brother," he replied laughingly. "Do I make the call?"

"Yes," was all Mike said as he began a series of swift deep strokes into the cushion of her pit.

Jackie was lost in the passion of the moment she felt another orgasm building as the black man's cock drilled in and out of her and his coarse pubic hair tickled the delicate nub of her clit. "Baby... Jackie...baby... I got... somethin'.. to ask you....are you ...with me... baby?", he punctuated each phrase with a jab from his slime coated phallus.

"Uuuuuuh...yes...", she moaned in reply. "Kenny....called....some of...the rest...of the...team...is that....all right...with you...will you...give...it up....for them...too?"

Her judgment was clouded with alcohol, marijuana and the lust of the moment, "Uh-huh....whatever...you....want....just....don't....stop...don't...stop...don't stop...."

Mike just smiled to himself as he continued to slap his happy stick into the blonde beneath him. He knew he had picked a winner as soon as she had agreed to go home with him. She was a real party girl now.

The other cheerleader, Nancy, was a brunette and an easy mark. Mike thought back at how glad he was that he had dumped his first load of the night in her hot box so he could go the distance with Jackie. Nancy had taken it standing up from the rear. All he had to do was to slide her bunny shorts and panties down to mid thigh and slide himself right in. She'd taken his seed before, and that of most of the other black jocks on campus, and tonight was no exception. She wasn't as attractive as Jackie and she sure didn't have the same quality of gash as this little blonde he was nailing right now but she accepted her role as a semen receptacle for him and expected nothing else.

Mike tried to think of just about anything else than the hot little blonde hunching her hips up into his thrusts trying to prolong his time inside her. He looked up to see Kenny heading for the door and admitting two of his teammates. "Damn, reinforcements at last." He picked up the pace and jack hammered himself into the liquid depths of the woman who hours before had been cheering on his athletic prowess and was now urging him on in other matters. Mike felt the unmistakable welling up in his abdomen and released gush after gush of semen into the willing flesh he was buried into his cockhead blasting her cervix with its silvery cream. "Damn, this girl can fuck!"

Jackie, felt a new mouth on hers and opened her eyes to see Jeff. She'd let Jeff have her once before in his apartment. He was kind of self-centered but she'd given it up for him before. Mike slid out from between her upturned knees and had no sooner vacated the couch than Jeff was buried in her oozing orifice his blond pubes mashed wetly against hers as he bored into her with the enthusiasm of a dog for a bone.

The cheerleader was totally unaware of what was going on around her. The rhythm of the music, the weed, the booze and the sex had her "fuck struck". She was a bitch in heat and every dog in the neighborhood was there to get a piece. They all knew that a loud, raucous environment might end the whole event so the team members in attendance kept their enthusiasm quietly in check.

"Baby, baby," Mike said, "when Jeff's done we're going to have to rearrange you, Baby. You are so hot. There are lots of guys here who want to do you, Baby. That's what you want, isn't it? To make lots of guys happy? You are so hot. It's okay, isn't Baby?" Mike was suggesting her response as she was being thrust into by the middle linebacker. She couldn't respond in any other way, she wasn't thinking with her head, "Okay, okay, okay......."

The slippery pit between her legs was working its magic on Jeff's fuck stick and he was about to give up the ghost as he thrust, once, twice, three times and then clenched her hips to his as he dumped a prodigious amount of spunk into her already cream filled cooz. As Jeff feebly lifted himself off the sweating blonde hands were directing her.

She rose to her feet only briefly as gobs of goo ran down the insides of her thighs. She was rested on the end of the sofa with her left leg supported by the sofa arm and her right barely resting on the floor. Her body rest along the length of the back of the couch. Mike had planned this well so two of her orifices where available to service the steel hard cocks in the room. Her pink folds were lewdly splayed open for the men gathered there. The bright pink of her blood engorged lips frosted with the semen of her three previous studs. Each of them appreciative of the fact that she was a team player and they were the team that was about to play.

Mike no more than had her positioned in this easily accessible position than the 300 pound tackle waded into her with his mast fully extended. Jackie looked back over her shoulder to see the massive girth of the man as he was slamming his meat home. "Earl, Earl Connor, I refused to date him in high school and now....." her thought was interrupted by an erect penis being dredged across her lips. She could smell the man smell of it as she opened her mouth and accepted the fleshy offering. It began drilling into her mouth as if of her own will.

She felt Earl jamming himself into her with increasing speed and knew he was about to add his spew to that of the others. The force of his thrusts lifted her hips off the sofa arm and he gripped her tightly at the junction of her legs and hips as if she were going to suddenly run away. Earl let go with a load he'd been saving for her since his high school days. He stuck her once, withdrew partway and then drove himself home as his nutseed flooded her. "Take that you homecoming queen bitch," he thought silently to himself as he recalled all the times she'd shot him down in high school. He hoped he'd get another shot at her before the night was through.

She never did know whose cock was in her mouth. She felt hands on her head as it was slid in and out and she knew that whoever it belonged to hadn't climaxed in quite sometime because when he came he shot gob after gob down her throat. She hardly had time to finish swallowing before the next stony shaft was placed before her and she reached her hand to its hairy base and sucked the head into her willing mouth.

Carl stood a moment behind her ready to take his turn. He admired the firm upturn of her buttocks and the pink flesh splayed so invitingly before him all trimmed in matted, blonde, curly hair. The spew of her past lovers was running in gobs down over her clit and pubic patch and soaking into the fabric of the couch. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it across the slippery, open folds of her gaping slit. He watched himself as he slid easily full length it into her very wet, very well fucked pussy. The wetness and heat of it all enveloped his meat and the sex smell filled the air of the room. He seated himself firmly inside her and then began a rhythmic pumping that had him dumping his load in scant minutes. He barely had ejected his spew when someone grabbed his arm and pulled him away as his limp cock fell from her hole followed by a cascade of new semen just deposited.

Unbeknownst to Jackie not only select football team members had been admitted to her fuckfest. Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head when her fellow cheerleader, Nancy, knelt right to her face as she sucked yet another hard, cock into her tiring mouth. "What'cha doin' Jackie?" she asked almost nose to nose with the cock in Jackie's mouth. "Are ya' gettin' a little fuckin' by the boys? Geez, I wish I was gettin' some too," she said in her best condescending tone. "Looks like Alex is just about to dump his load in that drainage ditch you call a pussy. How many have you fucked so far?"

Of course Jackie didn't, couldn't answer with a mouth full of bloated cock sawing in and out of her. She just blew off Nancy figuring it was too late to turn back now and one or two more loads in her mouth and pussy would do little more damage to her reputation than had already been done.

She felt another couple of forceful strokes into her fuckhole and then the cock limply sliding out. She was waiting for another sausage to stuff her willing orifice but she noticed a hush sort of come over the ring of men stroking themselves. She didn't know what was going on and then she felt a new sensation around her sex portal. Lips, she felt lips. She turned her head far enough to see just the top of a head as it bobbed in rhythm to the lapping at the entrance to her sperm filled canal.

"Holy shit, can you believe it."

"Look at her go."

"Damn Nancy must go both ways."

"'Bout time somebody cleaned ol' Jackie up. Getting kinda messy down there."

Nancy! Nancy, not being one to let good sperm go to waste, was tongue bathing Jackie's pussy! Jackie felt her bury her face in her very open petals and suck at the orifice trying to remove every drop of the silvery goo shot into her that night. After recovering from the shock, Jackie started to get into the sensation of that very soft face licking, gently biting and sucking on her very exposed genitals. If she kept it up she was going to make her come.

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