Student Teacher's a Team Player


Gaaaaahhh, the cock in her mouth began to pump its load into her throat and she almost gagged since she had lost her concentration thinking about her cheerleading sister lapping diligently at her clit and labia. Nancy, was great at this. She must have had some practice, or, were all women just naturally good at eating pussy since they knew what they liked?

"Out of the way you lesbian bitch", one of the defensive backs shouted as he jerked Nancy away from her voracious tonguing at Jackie's box lunch. "Let's get back to the business at hand....burying my cock in that pussy. You wait until we've had our fill and then you can eat her pussy all night long for all we care." Jackie felt another hard cock slide its way into her pink vault and begin its pistoning.

Nancy showed back up in Jackie's face. "Did you feel me eatin' your pussy? Gawd, are you full of goo! You tasted great," as she wiped the residue off her cheeks with the back of her hand. "I'm goin' to wait until a few more have shot in you and then I'll clean you up again. Did I tell you how great you tasted? Shit, I could eat that pussy of yours all night long if it weren't for all these stupid jocks stickin' their puds in ya'. I do like the taste of pussy seasoned with a little bit of man juice. It's finger lickin' good," as she took a finger and scraped a gob off Jackie's cheek that she hadn't managed to contain from the last cocksucking she had done.

Jackie's bladder was about to burst but it took her about three attempts before she was able to extricate herself from the fleshy nails that were pounding into her mouth and pink cave. She padded in the nude toward the bathroom, pee'd and cleaned herself up a bit in the sink with a towel. She looked in the mirror at her mussed hair and the matted hair at the 'V' between her legs. "What a slut" she thought to herself and then padded back into the cavernous room to her fuck crew.

Mike had placed several thicknesses of towels on the couch to protect her breasts from the rough fabric of the couch. She assumed the same position on the couch back and arm and the part began anew. By this time she had serviced the ten or so players in attendance either orally or vaginally so they started to recycle themselves. Lining up for blowjobs if they had plowed her furrow and vice versa if they had shot their loads in her oral cavity. Nancy was naked now as well and was taking some of the pressure off Jackie as she was positioned likewise on the other end of the couch. "This is awesome," she croaked to Jackie as she took Mike's black pole into her mouth and he began to slide it in and out of the brunette's mouth.

Jackie's pussy was numb from all the humping but she continued to give it up for the team. Her jaws ached from the sucking she had done and her cunt lips were sore as well. All the lubrication didn't seem to be helping that much as her tender inner lips were chafed from all the cockmeat that had been stuffed into and out of her that night.

Earl Connor got his wish, he got a second chance at Jackie. His erect cock led him to her slippery slit like a compass needle finds north. He slid into her and hunched his powerful body into her a couple of times and then said, "Hell no. It's time for a change." He plucked her from the couch back like a doll, sat down on the couch and lowered her, facing him, onto his raging hardon. This was a grudge fuck and Earl wanted her to watch him enjoying her womanly charms. His prick slid into the blonde's hot gash and he placed his hands on her waist and began lifting her up and down on his steely rod. She soon got the rhythm and started to hump him in return.

She didn't care if it was Earl from high school. It was just a fat cock stuck in her and she bounced enthusiastically on it her thighs spread wide across the hips of the huge man. He roughly twisted her nipples with both hands while looking down the length of the couch at the other cheerleader who was also accepting the meaty offerings of the athletic men around them. Kenny had just stepped behind Nancy and was pounding his black cock into the brunette's hot body. Jackie glanced that way as well knowing that Kenny had been the first in her that night. His load was so far in her by now that it might take weeks for it to drain back out of her.

This new position had lit a fire in Jackie's numbed clit. The stiff hair at the base of Earl's cock was getting her fired up and she was a bit more in control now since she was the one doing most of the humping. Earl was cheering her on as she bounced and rocked on his slippery pole. "That's it baby, make ol' Earl, happy. Give it up for Earl. Come on baby, come for ol' Earl." With her mouth temporarily empty she added a few grunts of her own as Earl's spike split her time and time again at the juicy coupling between her legs.

"That's it baby, that's it, that's i-i-i-i-i-t," and Earl's eyeballs rolled back in his head as he used his hands on her waist to hold her tight to his entombed wiener as it spewed its second load of the night into her hot, wet cooz.

Jackie set there momentarily hunching on Earl's quickly softening cock realizing she wasn't going to get any more pleasure from him she rolled to her left and wound up on her ass in the middle cushion of the couch just in time to be caught by a late arrival. Josh was another huge man physically, a defensive tackle. He slid Jackie's bottom toward the outer edge of the couch and slid his engorged member into her dripping hole.

Nancy's hair was falling down the couch and into Jackie's face as she continued to be serviced both orally and vaginally. During one brief respite she turned toward Jackie, her face covered with cum, "Isn't this just the best? All this cock to ourselves!" Jackie couldn't answer as an orgasm washed over her at the same time the huge man kneeling between her legs jabbed his prick deep in her and expended himself at the mouth of her uterus.

Jackie wasn't sure what time the festivities ended. She was awakened in bed by sun streaming through a window and hitting her flush in the face. Her head felt as though it were splitting open and the bright sun in her eyes wasn't doing that any good. She noticed the back of a black man, asleep and facing away from her. What it Mike or Kenny?

Lying on her side, she felt a river of goo running down the front and back of her thigh as it oozed out of her well used vagina. She looked at the mess and felt the huge wet spot she had been sleeping in as well. She dragged the balled up flat sheet to her and wrapped herself in it as she made her way toward the bathroom. Her bladder was bursting.

As she made her way out the door and toward the facilities she glanced through the open doorway and saw Kenny, Nancy's heels resting on his shoulders, pounding his black nail into her willing orifice. "Mornin' Jacks," he said smiling at her without interrupting his cadence. Obviously, he hadn't had much to drink last night.

She used the toilet and stepped into the cavernous room used as a shower. The sea green tiled walls had a separate showerhead on each of the three enclosing walls and a central floor drain. She turned each of the showers on and adjusted the water temperature to just beneath the pain level and stepped into their merging stream. She wanted to try to wash away the memory of her indiscretion of the night before.

Her matted and tangled hair absorbed the torrent of water and dripped down the rest of her body. The junction of her legs ached from the pounding of the athletic crew of men who had used her body the night before. Her nipples were bruised from the constant torment of pinching fingers, sucking lips and biting teeth. She rested her hands on the wall and let the center shower cascade down her neck and back as the other two hit her full force on her shoulders.

She felt the cold draft as the shower curtain was opened and then closed but didn't allow herself to start. Soon she felt a pair of hands sliding along her back and shoulders. She glanced down as the hands came around to her stomach and saw their dark color so she knew it was one of the ball players. She jumped when the soapy hands ran across her sore nipples and she swatted them away. The hands continued to lather her aching body, working their way down her thighs and calves and even kneeling to wash her feet and between her toes.

The finale came as one lathered hand coursed its way between the cheeks of her buttocks and stroked across the bud of her anus causing her to jump again but to instantly relax. She was thankful none of the men had tried to take her there.

"Keep your eyes closed," came the instructions as she felt a gob of cold shampoo hitting her scalp on top of her head. Fingers massaged the shampoo into the blond hair and gently worked their way into her every inch of her scalp. It was the best stimulation she'd gotten in the last 12 hours.

She moved her head back into the stream of the shower and let the shampoo splatter noisily to the tiled floor. With her arms still against the tile floor she spread her legs slightly and just rocked her head from side to side as the water flooded away the tangles of her activity of the night before. Mike stepped closer and she felt his rigid cock wedge its way between her buttocks but was content to allow it to simply rest between the twin globes of her ass as he massaged the last bit of shampoo out of her hair.

"I don't think I can come again", he said. "I came with you three times last night and..." as if thinking whether or not he should say it, "twice with Nancy. You cheerleaders are something else." Then just as if to prove to h himself he could, he slid the length of his manhood into her sex cave and began thrusting into her.

As the water started to turn cool from running out the supply so did his sexual energy. Mike shut down the showers and reached for a giant towel. He gently began to dry her body as she stood before him knowing she didn't want any conversation. He wrapped her hair in a towel and let her knot it back to keep her hair from dripping on her now dry body. She wrapped herself in the towel and headed silently toward the living room to retrieve her clothes.

Nancy emerged from Kenny's room immodestly sporting a fresh batch of semen between her legs, running almost to the knee on each leg, as she headed for the bathroom. Jackie picked up her cheerleading skirt from on top of one of the lamps. Her blouse and sweater were in wads on either end of the couch and each was soaked in what looked and smelled like semen. He panties and bunny shorts neither one were to be found undoubtedly claimed as trophies sometime during the night. She certainly couldn't go home in these.

Mike brought her an extra long football jersey. She'd worn shorter skirts that for sure. "Sorry about your clothes. We were all pretty drunk and things sort of got out of hand."

"Yeah, no shit," she replied.

She dropped both towels and stood nude in front of the tall, muscular black man and pulled the rough fabric of the jersey over her head and body. "Can you give me a ride home or do I have to walk?"

"Let me get dressed and I'll get you to your place."

She was glad she didn't have to show up on campus until late in the semester. She knew that word would get out soon. It was pretty certain none of the kids in her high school P.E. classes would know how she spent that night.

Mike pulled his car up in front of her apartment and swung the door open for her. She clutched the wadded mass of her cheerleading uniform under one arm and thanked him for the ride. She padded up to the front door as quickly as she could hoping none of the neighbors saw her condition.

Thankfully her roommate had gone home for the weekend so no one was in the apartment. She took the clothes and quickly dropped them and the jersey she had worn home into the washer and turned it on. She walked nude to her bedroom, closed the door and went to sleep.

She awoke at six o'clock the next morning to the buzzing of her alarm. She showered, shaved her legs and prepared for the day. She put on fresh panties, her sports bra, gym shorts and T-shirt and then the wind suit over all of that and head for her high school assignment.

Jackie busied herself as soon as she got to school by preparing the new weight lifting programs for her first hour class and by checking her lesson plans for the rest of the day. The first bell startled her as she was concentrating on her work.

When those first few senior boys walked through the weight room door in their tight T-shirts and shorts she felt her pussy starting to get wet. Those bulging pecs and biceps and those bulges in their shorts had her juices flowing already. When one of the hunky boys got into position to do the bench press all she could imagine was his cock sticking straight up and rock hard. She saw herself hovering over him, naked, legs straddling his mast and then her dropping full length onto its steely length. She felt herself start to sweat. Man, she was going to love being a P.E. teacher!

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