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Student Tribbing with Teacher


Eva has sitting in the front row of the classroom. Mrs Cudna was having one of her last chemistry classes of the year. It was her birthday actually, she was turning 19. She wanted to make herself a great present for her birthday and she had a clear idea about what that best present would be. Eva always had a crush for her teacher. Her libido was tremendous, and Mrs Cudna was always one of her favorite fantasies when masturbating. She used to masturbate daily, and even more than once a day. She always wanted to transform the fantasies with her teacher in reality. She thought that eating her teacher's pussy would be that perfect present for her. She came to school without wearing panties and sitting in the front row she tried several times to simply flash her pussy to Mrs Cudna; she knew that if her teacher was looking at her, she could not miss that. When the class ended and students were preparing to leave the room, Mrs Cudna said,

"Eva, please follow me to my office."

It was a clear evidence to Eva that her flashing was successful and Mrs Cudna noticed it. She was about to get punished for that but she planned to turn that into her advantage and dominate her teacher.

They entered Mrs Cudna office and the teacher had a seat behind her desk, while Eva stood in front.

"What you did today was outrageous," started the teacher. "How did you dare doing that in my class?" She was upset.

"What did I do, Mrs Cudna?" asked Eva innocently.

"You know very well what you did," answered the teacher.

"No ma'am, I don't," insisted the girl.

"Don't insult me pretending that you didn't flash your pussy in my class."

"Oh, that," said Eva, like it all came back to her. "Did you see my pussy?"

"You're damn sure I saw it," said the teacher.

"Did you like it?" asked Eva smiling innocently.

Her questioned left her teacher stoned. She didn't expect that reaction and question from Eva.

"I... I..." she was speechless in front of the girl.

"If you're not sure I can show it to you again," said Eva.

Saying that she grabbed her skirt and without giving the opportunity to her teacher to say anything she raised the skirt, exposing her hairless beautiful young pussy to her teacher. Mrs Cudna was literally left with her mouth opened. Out of the sudden she was in a defensive position in front of the girl.

"I hope you do like it Mrs Cudna," said Eva. After a pause she added. "I think it's a lovely pussy."

She smiled again and she realized she was able to take the control of the entire discussion. From that point it was only up to her what to do with Mrs Cudna.

"Do you have a beautiful pussy yourself, Mrs Cudna?" asked Eva.

The teacher shocked this time. She didn't know what to do, but the boldness of the girl opened her mouth and answer.

"I don't know," she said, and she realized her chances to punish Eva vanished and she was no longer in control of the situation.

"Then you better show me," said Eva. "Because I can definitely tell."

Mrs Cudna did listen to her and after moments of silence she finally said,

"You want me to show you my pussy?"

"Of course," she answered. "I wanted to see your pussy for a long time. I shown you mine, now it's time you show me yours."

"But..." started the teacher.

"No buts, Mrs Cudna," interrupted Eva. "Take off your cloths and show me your pussy. Now!" she said and made it sound like an order.

Mrs Cudna stood there for a few moments, then a powerful force drove her to follow Eva's order. She was under the spell of the bold girl. She stood up and removed her skirt and panties, exposing her pussy, covered with a nicely trimmed bush.

"Sit down," demanded Eva. "And open your legs."

Mrs Cudna executed and Eva came to her and sat between her legs. She admired the teacher's pussy and said,

"Beautiful. It's my favorite kind of pussy. Plum, with big fat lips, nicely trimmed."

Saying that she put her right hand on teacher's pussy and caressed it.

"I masturbate every day fantasizing about you. Now I finally have the chance to eat your pussy."

Saying that she dived between her teacher's legs and kissed her fat pussy. She started to lick it, up and down, and sucked on the clitoris. The teacher was in a state between resiting and pleasure. But the girl was in complete control of her.

"This is one of the best pussy I ever ate," said Eva. "And I ate a lot," she added. "You taste great."

"Thank you," said Mrs Cudna and was actually surprised to hear herself saying that.

Eva put a finger inside her pussy and get the moisture from it. She then raised it to her teacher's mouth and said,

"Taste it!"

She put it in her mouth and Mrs Cudna tasted her pussy juices for the first time in her life.

"I hope you like it because it's fantastic."

She continued to eat on her teacher's pussy for a while. Mrs Cudna lost any resistance and left herself into Eva's game. The pleasure was building gradually in her body. The girl was such a great pussy eater. She never had her pussy eaten that way in her entire life. She started to moan and shiver, especially when Eva was sucking or pushing her tongue against her swollen clit. After minutes of eating, Mrs Cudna exploded into a powerful orgasm, moaning extremely load and trembling from her entire body. It was the most powerful orgasm she remembered in a long time. Eva licked her clean for a while, until the teacher relaxed in her chair and in Eva's arms.

After finishing her teacher Eva stood up and looked at the desk behind her. With a single moved she swiped it, throwing everything from it on the floor.

"Why did you do that?" the teacher dared to ask.

"My greatest fantasy is tribbing you. Take off the rest of your cloths and get on the table."

"Tribbing me?" asked the teacher. "What is that?"

"That is crossing our legs and rubbing our pussies against each other until we cum," explained Eva.

Saying that she began to undress and remained naked, exposing her beautiful young body, her firm, tanned, big tits, her great ass and legs, her bald pussy, everything. She looked at her teacher expecting her to undress; Mrs Cudna, seeing the girl standing there for her to execute did as she was told and took off her shirt and bra, releasing her large, soft, milky tits, and standing completely naked in front of the girl. She felt a little bit humiliated, being reduced to a simple toy, but the thought of another orgasm like the one she just experience drove her to do exactly as told.

"Get on the table," said Eva again, and the teacher followed the request and sat on her office desk, on her back.

Eva climbed after her and spread Mrs Cudna's legs and leaned over her, their bodies touching and their pussies pressing on each other. She started moving slowly up and down so that their pussies, and especially their clits would rub on each other. She then simulated fucking just like she was a man, except that she was using her pussy to press onto her teacher's pussy. After a while she changed her position, crossing her legs with the teacher thus being able to touch their pussies much better. She held Mrs Cudna's left foot in the air, and she started to move her body just like she was riding. She gradually increased her movements and the effort made first her, and then the teacher moan. Their pussies were rubbing faster and faster, harder and harder with each moment, taking more effort from both of them and making them moan and breath heavily. To her own surprise, Mrs Cudna enjoyed it very much and was putting all her efforts into the tribbing. She wanted to cum again, and she wanted to cum onto Eva's pussy. The girl was riding her like crazy and eventually they both cum. It was the teacher that cum first, for the second time in ten minutes, and only a few seconds later, Eva exploded in a powerful orgasm. Cuming together with her teacher was her long time dream, and it proved such a great experience that ended with such a powerful orgasm.

She collapsed into Mrs Cudna arms and they spent the next couple of minutes restoring their breaths. It was the teacher that eventually broke the silence saying,

"Oh, this was wonderful. Something that I never imaged I would do."

"Yes, Mrs Cudna. I never enjoyed fucking someone so much. You are so wonderful." She said all that while resting her head on her teacher's large chest.

"I hope we can do this again," the teacher said.

"Yes, once you did it, it's catching. But you can be sure we will do this again," said Eva.

"I hope I will be excused for flashing my pussy in your classroom," said Eva smiling, while standing up.

"Of course child. You are excused," said Mrs Cudna.

"Then I should catch the bus home," said Eva.

They dressed in silence and Eva left her teacher's office, but not before giving her a kiss. The teacher remained in the office for the next half an hour meditating to her amazing experience with her student. The girl was unbelievable.

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Ughhh turned on

I wish my gf was here

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anyone from Ga?

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Mmmm so hot

I'm rubbing my wet pussy right now wishing I could trib with some one right now I love climbing between a women's legs and then carefully pressing my big clit against theirs and slowly grind pussies togethermore...

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Mmm fuck I love trib

I just want to rub my pussy wit someone's so bad right now!! I'm on the couch and have company hanging around but I'm so wet right now!

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Love it

So beautiful. I wished it was me. I'm so wet.

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