tagFirst TimeStudenthouse Master Ch. 02

Studenthouse Master Ch. 02


[Again, this story is roughly based on real events enhanced by my imagination with changed names for all the participants. Enjoy and feel free to comment]

I slept well and deep that night with the sexual gratification Justine had so generously provided and heightened by Bellas ministrations on herself. I awoke to sunlight streaming through the blinds of my windows and throwing rows of fine shadows across the room. I was awake earlier than usual but for good reasons I remained in bed and motionless. I knew Bella was a early bird and probably already awake and a cautious look around confirmed my prediction. She was indeed still lying there, but her eyes were open from time to time while she waited for me to awaken. Luckily, she didn't notice me checking on her and so I put my head down again on the pillow, which allowed me to see most of her body but not her head, which in turn concealed my eyes and head from her as well. It was probably around 9 in the morning, I guessed and the student house was still deep asleep. Usually, people wouldn't get up before 10 unless they had a really important lecture.

Since I knew Bella for many years and this was not the first time we slept in the same room I knew she had a more than healthy sexual appetite, however due to some bad experiences in her past she didn't get involved with men but took care of that herself. And after the little show last night, I didn't doubt she would still be aroused. But for the moment she just lay there, maybe drifting in and out of sleep while I watched.

Life in the house was great. My room was in the section of the house provided exclusively to Master and PhD students, which as it turned out where just girls. Very good looking girls from a variety of countries around the globe. I shared a kitchen with 18 of them, though of course not all of them would be in the kitchen at once.

I moved to Groningen in June with a plan to enjoy the year I was going to spend there and with delight at the company I was going to keep. Don't get me wrong, Dutch girls are among the most pretty in the world, tall, slender and mostly blonde but I appreciate some variety in girls and absolutely go for dark hair. Therefore I was in luck since many of the girls in the house came from South America.

However, my first conquest was not so exotic, but rather a homely German girl named Sabine I met in one of my classes first and who moved to the house just a couple of weeks later at my urging. She was slightly smaller than me with small but perky breasts, a nice behind and just few extra pounds on her figure, not too much of course. But what I liked most about her was her face, oval and friendly with long dark blonde hair and pretty eyes. Her nose tended to wrinkle in a funny fashion when she laughed. All in all, while she was not a top 10, she was adorable and, as it turned out, quite sexually experienced.

Even though we were both German, we never talked in German but rather preferred English. We got to talking and decided to go study together at my place for an upcoming exam. She arrived at around 4 in the afternoon at the front door where I picked her up. She was wearing nothing special, just a pair of jeans which did not fit her to tightly, a shirt and a scarf that made any looks at her breasts impossible. Which I didn't take as a good sign towards her intentions, but easy conquests aren't as much fun as difficult ones. In fact, we did talk about class and we did some studying for about an hour, however hunger soon began to nag at us and we moved to the kitchen.

„So, what would you like for dinner?" I asked while opening a bottle of wine and filling two glasses. Soon we had decided on a fine omelet with cheese and peppers which was easy and fast to make and actually my specialty. We took the meal to my room, and I put on some TV while we ate on the couch, making easy conversation about our earlier lives before coming to the Netherlands.

As it turned out, she was another psychology student from Northern Germany spending a couple of semesters abroad, was single at the time and enjoyed all the benefits the Netherlands had to offer. Speaking of which.

"How about we smoke some weed and chill out while watching a little TV. I think we did enough studying anyway and I've got some good stuff from my favorite coffee shop," I suggested, got up without waiting for much of an answer and picked up my hookah, which is my preferred way of smoking it. I had a bowl ready for myself in the evening, so the set-up took only a few seconds and soon a piece of coal was glowing on top while I sucked at the mouthpiece for it to ignite the weed and tobacco mix.

Sabine had only given a token protest, but since she had already admitted to enjoying this particular benefit herself it didn't take long for her to smile shyly and then wait eagerly. After I had taken a first deep puff and felt the relaxing feeling of the weed, named Snow White by the way, and handed it over to her we fell into silence for a couple of minutes. Just enjoying the feeling of floating while occasionally taking puffs to increase the high. I had switched on the TV at the time and some movie about a the life of a Dutch teenager was running. We watched in silence as he struggled through puberty and lost his virginity to a hooker, which of course was not explicitly shown.

"Wow," she mouthed slowly "What a weird way to lose your virginity." At this time she loosened the scarf around her neck. We we're sitting right next to each other on the couch, the hookah on a small IKEA table in front of us.

"Why, how did you lose yours?" I asked without much thinking about it. Weed always makes me more talkative and I enjoy having long and elaborate discussions without being able to remember what I said just 5 minutes ago. It just felt right.

"Well, like most girls I guess. My first boyfriend took it when I was 14. He wasn't very good at what he did, but then neither was I. How about you?" she replied while commercials where running.

"Pretty much like that guy. I was older than that, so it wasn't illegal or anything, but I hadn't had much luck with girls and was dying to get rid of some steam. So, I checked the website of the local brothel in Germany and pondered what to do for a couple of weeks before finally withdrawing some cash and going for it."

"You didn't!" She exclaimed and hit me on the shoulder, laughing.

"Sure did. Her name was Irene, if I remember rightly" I told her the story, going into quite some details which she soaked up like a sponge, hitting the hookah now and again.

I went to the local brothel on a summer afternoon, not knowing that most girls would only show up in the evening. I had butterflies in my belly and sweaty palms, but was determined to not let that stop me. So I went up the stairs to a corridor ringed by doors on both sides. Soft music was drifting in the air and a peculiar smell dominated. A smell which, to this day, I associate with brothels all over the world. The smell of sweat, perfume, cum and condoms.

Most doors were closed, but some were open and a about five girls stood there in their underwear, smiling at me.

A couple I dismissed out of hand for being too old or not good looking enough but at the end of the corridor one caught my eye. Probably in her late twenties with blonde dyed hair and a firmly toned body she wore a black lace bra with matching panties, high heels and a mischievous smile on her lips. Usually I would have preferred a brunette, but since one to my liking was available, I decided to be open minded. In later years I learned to always talk to some of the girls and make more than one round before deciding on one, but this time a lower part of my body made the decision for me.

"Hi. Do you want to come in?" She asked me while flipping her hair back over her shoulder. I nodded nervously and entered while she closed the door behind me. It was a small room with dimmed light and a bed in the middle. A TV was running on a small nightstand. It was clean and quite simple and the smell that permeated the whole building was much stronger here.

"How much?" I asked, skipping all pleasant conversation, but she didn't seem to mind that.

"50 for a blowjob and sex." I nodded again, took the money out of my wallet and handed it to her. She put it into a drawer, turned around and opened the clasp that held her bra, before taking of her panties as well. She was completely shaven and had a small tattoo on her back, some kind of Chinese symbol. Without her high heels she was a head smaller than me, something that gave me some much needed confidence. Her body was in great shape, just the hint of a six pack showing above her navel and firm, large tits with piercings through both nipples.

"Your turn".

Slowly I took of my clothes, almost falling over when stepping out of my pants. But before long I was naked before her, my cock already hardening at the sight of her naked form and the thought of what was to come. She put a towel on the bed and guided me to lay down on my back while she moved between my legs and started playing with my cock which got rock hard in a matter of seconds in her hands. Smiling the looked up at me, then lowered her head down and took it into her mouth, something that I commented with a shocked gasp.

I spread my legs when she began to fondle my balls with her hands while her tongue played around the head of my dick with the skill only someone who does this professionally can muster. I was looking down at the dark roots of her otherwise blonde hair as her head rose and fell in a steady rhythm when she looked up and winked at me with a broad smile, her tongue dancing along the sensitive underside of my cook. I felt my cum rising already and knew that I couldn't last like this for long even though I had jerked of at home just two hours earlier to prevent exactly that. Apparently she could feel that as well and my dick popped out of her mouth, her tongue playing with it a little more before she brought up a condom, unpacked it and put it on me.

"Just relax," she murmured when she climbed up on me and positioned herself over me. I could feel the heat coming of her body and her pussy and when she lowered herself on my hardness while biting her lip I entered not only her, but also paradise. Her tits started to sway in front of my face while I was still contemplating touching her while she worked her way up and down on me, her hands on her thighs. Soon my contemplation ended and I raised my hands to her breasts, playing with her pierced nipples between my fingers and feeling the curves with wide eyes. She had implants, that much I figured out easily by touching her, but I didn't mind. In fact, it turned me on even more by just thinking of how depraved this actually was, me fucking a pierced, tattooed hooker with implants in a brothel and my breath became fast and labored just as she picked up speed. I could see the soft curve of her belly and her spread pussy lips around my dick. My hands dropped to her hips and I began to move my own up and down, pushing into her at first with a certain lack of rhythm but catching on fast. Soon we moved in coordination, my balls slapping against her pussy and ass when I felt my cum rising again, this time with a speed and force that left me stunned. I grunted as it erupted from my dick, just to be contained by the condom but I kept fucking her while pulling her chest down towards me and putting my face between her breasts, licking her nipple between grunts while she kept moving, lifting me just a little higher in orgasmic bliss before, with a another grunt and deep breaths I fell back.

"I've never seen a hooker before," Sabine said finally when my story ended. Her cheeks hat colored and her breath was going a bit labored, it wasn't too difficult to realize she had gotten quite aroused from my detailed description of my first time.

"Well, there is a red light district here in Nieuwstadstreet. They stand behind glass doors so you can see them. You can just cycle by if you want," I explained. In fact, in Groningen, the red light district was not even far away from the town center. I cycled through it sometimes on my way to class and didn't even have to go out of my way.

"I can't. It would be weird. To ride alone through that street," she replied quickly but with a certain emphasis on alone that raised an eyebrow on my head.

"Wanna go? I can come along." I asked with a smile "And we can get a bit of fresh air to clear our heads," I added. Taking another deep hit of the hookah, she smiled and nodded finally. Just minutes later we left the house and cycled slowly towards the city center, just 15 minutes away.

Just when my mind turned over to the events of that evening, I heard a deep breath and my attentive eyes followed a hand moving underneath the covers towards Bella's sensitive center and I knew, I was about to be entertained with another show. Though I had no intention of letting her off as easy as the night before.

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