tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStudents Rule Ch. 02

Students Rule Ch. 02


Students Rule I

Chapter 2-Caught!

Ross Moran was only a block from school when he realized he was missing his backpack. "Damn," he swore. Despite his reluctance to return to the scene of his recent spanking at the hands of Ms. Lee, there were things in the pack that he had to have that evening. Not going back for it was absolutely not an option.

"Damn," he swore again, turning back towards the school.

When he finally reached the front doors of the school, they were locked. He looked at his watch. 5:05 PM. "God damn it," he swore once again, knowing that it was school policy to lock the front doors at 5:00 PM sharp. He knew he could get in through the gym or auditorium, but since the gates separating the classrooms and offices from the rest of the school would also be locked, that wouldn't help.

Just as he was about to swear again, he saw a teacher exit a classroom and turn for the doors. It was Miss Goodman, his English Literature teacher.

"Hi, Ross," she said as she pushed the doors open.

He quickly grabbed the door handle, preventing it from closing. "Hi, Miss Goodman."

"Is something wrong?" she asked, noticing that he wasn't letting the door close. "You know you're not allowed in this part of the school after 5:00 PM."

"Please, Miss Goodman," he pleaded. "It's an emergency. I left my backpack in the office and I have a big test in science tomorrow. Couldn't you come with me? It will only take a minute."

The teacher hesitated. "Oh, go ahead," she sighed. "But just get your pack and leave, alright?"

"Thanks, Miss Goodman," Ross said as he scurried through the door.

* * *

Ross reached for the doorknob to the outer office door. It wouldn't turn. "Damn," he swore at the locked door. He looked around helplessly, but there wasn't a teacher or janitor in sight. He leaned against the doorframe, wondering what he was going to do. Without the notes and books that were in the pack, he could flunk the test. And if he flunked the test, he'd flunk the class. And if he flunked the class, he wouldn't graduate.

"Damn," he swore one last time as he pushed his hand against the door and turned to walk away. But as he turned, he heard a creaking noise. He turned back quickly to find the door now standing about 2 feet open.

With a huge sigh of relief, Ross shot through the door. Fortunately for him, whoever had locked the door hadn't made certain it was completely closed. So when he'd pushed against it, it'd slid open. And he was saved.

Without further hesitation, he moved towards the chair he'd set his pack next to, bent over and picked it up.

And that's when he heard her. The Vice-Principal! Her voice was coming from Mr. Thomas' office. He hadn't understood what she'd said -- it was only one word and it was muffled by the door. But there was no mistaking the tone. It was the tone of authority, the tone of control.

Curious -- and probably a bit crazy -- he moved towards the office door, finding it slightly ajar. Then he heard her again. This time her words were unmistakable -- spoken in the same tone of authority and with that same silky smooth southern accent. 'I better not have to tell you again. Now strip!'

'What the . . .' Ross thought, wondering what to do. And then he heard Mr. Thomas' reply -- a very meek 'yes, Ma'am.'

'Yes, Ma'am?' Ross thought. 'Holy shit, what's going on?' But he knew what was going on. And he knew that, somehow, he had to take advantage of it. But how?

He looked around the office, not sure what he was seeking. Ultimately his eyes fell on the open door to Ms. Lee's office. And he remembered the camera. 'You don't suppose . . .' he thought, but he was halfway to her office before he finished the thought.

He reached the office and peered in. There it was, still on the edge of the desk. He crept in nervously and picked it up. It was digital and it powered right up when he turned it on. He took about 5 seconds to look over the camera before he turned and headed back for Mr. Thomas' office.

As it was, the door wasn't open wide enough for Ross to see in. So, after taking a deep breath, he slowly, carefully pushed on the door. Thankfully, it slid open without a sound. Still, he leaned nervously against the wall, petrified that he'd be caught.

And then he heard it. WHACK! The unmistakable sound of the paddle in action -- a sound that momentarily startled him, bringing back the stinging memories that were barely a half hour old. Subconsciously, his left hand moved to his still sore buttocks.

WHACK! The second whack shook him to action. He peered through a door which was now open just enough for him to see what was going on inside. And what he saw nearly floored him.

There was the Principal, standing buck-ass naked with the Vice-Principal facing him from the side, fully dressed. Ms. Lee's right side was mostly towards the door, leaving Mr. Thomas's naked backside clearly on display. Her left hand was barely visible between his legs as she clutched his balls. And then the paddle in her right hand shot towards his already reddened cheeks.


He moved quickly now, seizing the moment. He set the camera setting to what he hoped was no flash, and started clicking away.

He worked as quickly and quietly as possible, knowing that if he could see them, they could see him. And he backed away from the door whenever they looked like they were on the move.

When it was all over, he had a little bit of everything, including the principal's bent over ass, him eating the Vice-Principal's pussy and ass, and her riding his cock while the handle of the paddle was stuck in his mouth. He took his final pictures just as they were cuming, before stealing away like a thief in the night, grabbing his backpack and pulling the outer office door closed behind him.

* * *

It was 4:55 PM on a beautiful Monday in early May. It had been just over a week since Ross had photographed the Principal and Vice-Principal in the principal's office. Since then Ross had waited near the front of the school every afternoon, waiting for a time when it was just Ms. Lee in the office at the end of the day. When Friday came and the opportunity still hadn't presented itself, he thought seriously about tracking her to her home and doing it over the weekend. Ultimately, however, he'd decided that there was something special about doing it at school, so he waited.

And at 4:50 PM on Monday, his patience was rewarded when Mr. Thomas and the last two secretaries left the school at the same time. Now the only person left in the office was Ms. Lee.

So he waited 5 more minutes before opening the front door and starting towards the office, his backpack looped over his shoulder. This time the door to the outer office was standing open. He entered silently, closing and locking it behind him, and started for Ms. Lee's office.

He rapped lightly on her door.

"Yes," she answered.

He pushed the door open and walked in, setting his backpack on the floor as he plopped himself casually into a chair.

"And just what can I do for you, Mr. Moran?" she asked in her sweet but deadly southern accent.

"I just came to talk," he said, the smile on his face growing larger with each passing moment.

"Mr. Moran, I do not have time to sit here and play games with you," she said snootily. "I'm a busy woman, so if you'll please get to the point, I'd appreciate it!"

"Perhaps you'd better close and lock your door," Ross replied, still grinning.

For the briefest of moments there was a chink in her armor, but she recovered quickly.

"Mr. Moran!" she barked. "Either speak up or get out!"

He leaned over, rummaged through his backpack, and pulled out the camera. "It seems I've found your camera," he said as he set the camera on her desk.

By now, Virginia had a sense that something wasn't quite right. But try as she might, she could think of no way to avoid the coming confrontation. So nervously, she plodded forward.

"And just where did you find it?"

"On your desk," Ross replied. "Right where you left it."

There was a puzzled look on her face as she pressed forward. "You're saying you stole it?"

"Let's say I borrowed it," he answered. "It might clear things up if you looked at the pictures I took." He threw a manila envelope on the table. "If you'd prefer, I have some 8 x 10's that are easier to see."

With that, Virginia Lee's face went ashen. He knew! Worse than that, he had pictures! Her eyes shot back and forth between the camera and the envelope. Ultimately, she leaned forward and picked up the envelope.

Her hands were shaking nervously as she tore open the envelope and pulled out its contents. There it was, her relationship with the school Principal, as clear as the paper the pictures were printed on.

But still, she tried to salvage the situation. "Mr. Moran," she started. "I don't know what you're up to, sneaking around taking pictures of grown, consenting adults. What Mr. Thomas and I do is our business, and as long as we're both consenting and nobody gets hurt, it should remain our own private affair."

She paused for a breath before continuing. "You may or not condone our affair, but we've broken no laws. I'm afraid that your efforts are for naught. Now if you'll excuse me . . ."

But Ross only chuckled, shaking his head slowly. "Ginny, Ginny, Ginny."

"My name is Virginia, not Ginny. And you are to address me as Ms. Lee."

Ross's smile vanished as he leaned forward and slammed his hand down on the table. "Your name, Ms. Lee," he retorted, holding the words on his tongue sarcastically, "is whatever I say it is!"

For a moment, a deadly silence filled the room. "Now, Ginny, if you look at the pictures carefully, you'll see that they were obviously taken in Mr. Thomas' office," he said sternly. "If you just take a moment to think about it, how do you suppose the school board and parents would react if they find out the Principal and Vice-Principal were playing kinky sex games right in the middle of the school?"

Again, there was silence.

Finally, Ms. Lee found her voice. "And just what do you want, Mr. Moran?" she asked sullenly, knowing the game was over.

"Why, Ginny, I thought that would be obvious." He leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs. "Maybe you should reconsider closing and locking your office door."

For Virginia Lee, her worst nightmare was unfolding right before her eyes. Her personality was a dominant one. Control games were nothing new to her. But in her games, she was the one in control. She was the one who dominated. Never had the shoe been on the other foot. Until now!

"Now Ross," she started out in one last attempt to dissuade him. But he cut her off.

"I'd prefer to be called sir," he said curtly, "although Mr. Moran will also suffice."

There was a long moment of silence as their eyes locked together. Finally, without lowering her gaze, the woman surrendered. "Yes, sir," she said simply.

There was just a hint of a smile on Ross's face as he nodded towards the still open door. "Now, if you don't mind."

With a deep sigh, Virginia Lee rose to her feet and closed the door. The click that echoed throughout the room brought another smile to Ross's lips and he watched his helpless prey as she stood nervously facing the office door.

He let her stand as she was, content to wait for her to turn around on her own. It was several moments before she finally did so.

"First, I'll take the paddle," Ross stated after she'd completed her turn. "I don't think you'll be needing it anymore."

"Yes, sir," Virginia replied.

Silently, she moved to her desk, opened the drawer and removed the paddle. Then she set it on the desk across from Ross.

Ross shook his head. "Bring it to me."

Without a word, Virginia picked up the paddle, walked around the desk until she was standing beside Ross's chair and handed it to him. When she turned to walk away, Ross stopped her.

"If you please, Ms. Lee," he smiled. "I'd prefer you to stand right here."

The woman froze in her tracks before turning to return to the indicated spot. And then she waited.

"I was examining the pictures the other day and found myself particularly drawn to your nylons." He paused for a moment. "I wonder," he continued. "Is that what you have on now, or are you wearing pantyhose?"

There was fire in her eyes as she responded. "I do not wear panty hose, Mr. Moran."

"Excellent!" Ross smiled. He reached for her leg but stopped just short. "You don't mind if I check for myself, do you?"

Nervously, she shook her head.

"What was that, Ginny?" he prodded. "I couldn't hear you."

The fire and strength were rapidly fading from her voice when she responded. "No, sir. I don't mind."

Ross reached for the inside of Ms. Lee's right leg and gently ran his hand down her calf and up to just above the knee. "I love the feel of nylons," he commented, neither expecting nor getting a response.

And then he slid his hand higher up her thigh, carrying the hem of her dress with it. His hand quickly reached the top of the nylons, but continued upwards until he was touching nothing but soft, naked thigh.

And then he went higher still, continuing upward until his hand was cupping her panty enclosed pussy. He squeezed her softly, rubbing his hands gently over her womanhood. He couldn't be certain, but he thought he felt her shudder in his hand.

He caressed her pussy briefly before releasing her and withdrawing his hand. He took a moment to look her over. He had to admit she was quite a looker. He particularly liked the way she filled out the top of the dress she was wearing. It was predominantly a blue dress, with little sprigs of white scattered here and there. When worn with her pale blue nylons and mid heel shoes, it made a stunning business outfit.

"What color are your bra and panties," he asked suddenly.

There was silence for a moment as she glared at him. "Blue," she said at last.

"Show me," he ordered.

Virginia looked at the 18-year-old seated before her. Before he'd entered her office just a few minutes earlier, her world had made perfect sense. Then, she'd been in control of everything. But that was before he'd shown her the pictures.

Try as she might, she'd been unable to figure a way out of this mess. First, he'd made her lock her office door. Next, he'd made her surrender her paddle. That was the worst thing -- surrendering the very symbol of her power. Worse even than when he ran his hands up her legs, or when he'd caressed her pussy -- although she couldn't deny the twinges she'd felt there for the briefest of moments.

She knew where this was going. Oh, how she knew. It was heading for the very same place that she would take it if their roles were somehow reversed. And that's what made this so difficult. How could she hate Ross Moran for what he was doing? That would almost be like hating herself! Still, that didn't mean she had to enjoy it. Or that she wouldn't jump at any opportunity to turn the tables.

And now he wanted to see her undies. She thought about just pulling down the shoulder of her dress to expose her bra, or lifting her dress to show her panties. But she knew that wasn't what he wanted. Further, she couldn't help but feel that fighting him that way was almost like admitting defeat, and she would never do that! No, the only way to deal with this was straight ahead, with her head held high.

So somehow, she managed to regain her composure and look him square in the eyes. "Yes, sir," she said, reaching behind her back for the zipper. She lowered it slowly, careful not to let it snag. Then, with only the briefest hesitation, she stepped out of the garment and tossed it aside.

Ross rose from his chair, brushing her slightly as he stepped to the center of the room. He looked her over slowly, starting with her breasts, which were straining slightly against her pale blue bra. "What's your bra size," he asked as if it was a normal, everyday question.

"34-D, sir," she answered without hesitation.

"Very nice," he said softly.

He lowered his eyes to her panties. Unlike the girls his age -- his ex-girlfriend being a prime example - she wasn't wearing a thong. Instead, she wore a sleek bikini bottom that rose quickly to a narrow waist. Interestingly enough, he found it very sexy.

And then there were the legs, and what beautiful legs they were in those pale blue see-through nylons. Ross sighed softly and returned his gaze to her face, finding her watching him intently.

"Remove your shoes and nylons," he ordered.

There was very little emotion showing on Ms. Lee's face as she slipped off first one shoe, then the other. Then she lifted her left foot onto the chair Ross had recently vacated and slid the nylon slowly down her leg. After removing the left nylon and tossing it aside, she repeated the process with the right nylon.

When she'd finished, Ross looked at her and shrugged. "We both know where this is going, don't we, Ginny?"

"Yes, sir," Ms. Lee said with no loss of composure.

"Very well then, you might as well finish the job." Then he smiled again. "You can remove the last two items in whatever order you choose."

Ross watched as, without hesitation, the Vice-Principal slid her panties down her legs and kicked them aside, before reaching behind her back to release the bra. A moment later the bra joined the rest of her clothes in a pile on the floor.

His eyes couldn't decide where to look first, at the neatly trimmed bush perched preciously at the junction of her thighs, or at her voluptuous breasts with their pale areolas and erect nipples pointing directly at him.

And then he noticed something -- the small gold chain around her neck. Then he saw the earrings hanging from her ears, and the two rings that adorned her fingers. Suddenly, it was important to him that her nakedness be complete. The jewelry had to go!

"Please remove your jewelry," he commanded.

"All of it?" she asked.

"All of it."

A moment later, it was complete. The once feared Vice-Principal was standing before him as naked as the day she was born. And Ross smiled.

He examined her carefully. The first thing he noticed was that although she seemed to have a nice, light tan, there were no tan lines. "No tan lines, I see. I like that."

She smiled weakly, but said nothing.

His eyes were then drawn to her breasts. They were full breasts, standing prominently on her chest -- still beautiful despite the effects of gravity.

But what struck him most were her curves. Unlike the schoolgirls he knew, Ms. Lee was a woman -- a real woman. Where the younger girls were lean and slender, sometimes bordering on anorexic, Virginia was soft and curvy. Here stood a woman, where before he had known only girls. He felt goosebumps break out all over his body.

Virginia stood quietly while he examined her, wondering if she'd miscalculated. While she knew that as long as Ross had his pictures there was nothing she could have done to avoid her present plight, she had figured that she could handle it with poise and control. She was, after all, the Vice-Principal while he was just a student. She was the mature adult, while he was just an 18-year-old child, 15 years her junior.

What she hadn't counted on, however, was her body's betrayal. While she still maintained some self control, all he had to do was look at her nipples and he'd know he was having an effect.

His words invaded her thoughts. "Turn around."

"Yes, sir," she answered. Her heart was fluttering as she moved to obey. She'd no sooner completed her turn than the next order was barked out.

"Spread your legs and bend at the waist."

She did as instructed.

"Now," he said with a certain smugness. "Take each butt cheek in a hand and spread them wide so I can examine your ass."

As soon as she'd moved to obey she realized that she had, indeed, miscalculated. Here she was, standing in front of her desk, bent at the waist and spreading her ass wide open for a student to examine. And despite the humiliation, despite the embarrassment, there was a distinct tingling sensation between her legs that did not want it to end!

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