Christen is the first really sexy girlfriend I've had - beautiful, dark eyes, a shining smile and a gorgeous figure that drove me wild. We've been going out for three years now and whenever we're out on the town there's no shortage of guys checking her out. While I always thought I'd be furious if Christen ever cheated on me, watching guys lusting after her in the pub or as she lay on the beach in a swimsuit was kind of exciting.

One guy who I knew regularly boned-up over my girl was my best mate, Dylan. He had the hots for Christen before we started going out and, while I was pretty confident he'd never touch her, I could tell he thought she was hot stuff. So I wasn't surprised when Dylan asked one day if Christen and me would do some modeling work for an amateur photography course he was doing.

"It's just portraits and stuff - all fully clothed," Dylan explained about the class. "You and Christen get a copy of the photos for your trouble and the teacher usually opens a couple of bottles of red after the class."

I knew that Christen had been dying to get some professional photos taken of the two of us and that Dylan was pretty good with a camera, so I said yes.

The class was at the instructor's house, a big place only a block from the beach. I parked the car in the large front yard and we headed to the studio, which Dylan had told us was out the back - beside the swimming pool and tennis court. Jeez, I thought, this guy's loaded.

Dylan greeted us at the door and introduced us to the instructor, an outdoors type of guy by the name of Gary. He was a bit older than us but looked like he spent a fair bit of time in the gym and on the beach.

"Hi guys. Looks like it's only us tonight, the other students pulled out," Gary said, checking Christen out pretty thoroughly as we walked into the studio.

The studio was painted black inside, with overhead lights, one of those silver umbrellas photographers use and a door that led into a room full of props: hats, costumes, feather boas - you name it.

"Okay, tonight we're going to do a few artistic poses, both of you together and separately," Gary said, handing us each a glass of wine. "Dylan will take the photos and I'll look after everything else.

"Christen can you take your jacket off?" he said, looking and sounding like a man who worked with models every day.

I knew this request would horrify Christen, who was pretty shy about her body. While she liked to wear tight, low-cut tops and even tighter pants, when she was outside or around strangers she usually kept this beautiful vision hidden by bulky jackets and shirts, even on a warm day like this one.

"I feel a bit exposed," she whispered to me with a giggle in her voice, taking her jacket off, polishing off her wine and folding her arms in front of her.

"Don't worry hon', you look fantastic," I reassured her. Actually she looked fucking hot - standing under the strong studio lights, her figure-hugging clothes looked like they were spray-painted on.

The first poses were boring portrait stuff, then we moved into some weird yoga-style positions - Gary directing and Dylan snapping away.

"Okay Christen, your turn alone," said Gary, and then after a pause: "To start with, just relax and stand there with your hands on your hips and feet slightly apart."

My shy girlfriend probably didn't realise how sexy she looked in this position, her breasts thrust high in the air, her erect nipples forced hard against her tight top and her pants revealing her pussy mound. Dylan took pictures from a few angles, one of them right between her legs, the camera lens centimetres from her snatch.

"Now, can you lie down on the bench behind you, arms and legs outstretched," said Gary, who walked up and stood next to her, placing one hand gently on her thigh and the other on her shoulder.

My heart started thumping: this muscular, good-looking bloke was touching my beautiful girlfriend as she lay beneath him, vulnerable and looking virtually naked. But it was about to get worse.

After a few more happy snaps, Gary said to his photography student: "Look at the light and shadow here Dylan", as he traced a finger along the shadow that curved under Christen's generous breast and ran along her waist.

"Oh, that tickles," was all she said. Where was the shriek that would normally follow a stranger brushing his finger against her breast? Now my heart was racing, with a tinge of jealousy but mainly from the excitement. Wow! My shy, homely girlfriend was stretched out before the leering eyes of three horny guys and I could tell she loved it.

At Gary's request Christen sat up and moved into her next pose - sitting on the bench, her back arched. Standing behind her, Gary gently gathered her long hair and lay it over one shoulder, resting his hand there for a second too long. But Christen wasn't complaining - she had a dreamy look in her eyes, her cheeks were flushed and her nipples were hard.

"I could get used to this," she told us. "It makes a girl feel very pampered."

"A model in the making, huh?" Gary said. "Well maybe you'd like to try dressing up. The wardrobe's next door. Why don't you try something on."

Christen walked into the next room, polishing off another glass of wine on her way. After a few minutes she appeared at the door, wearing a white, one-piece swimsuit with a blue sarong wrapped around her slender waist.

"Hey guys, it's beach time," she said throwing her arms in the air and turning around to show off her costume. I couldn't believe what the photography class had unleashed. The swimsuit was cut low, showing lots of cleavage, and I could tell, underneath the sarong, the fabric only just covered her pussy.

My eyes popped out of my head and so did Dylan's. Gary, the cool, calm professional, said as he tinkered with a camera: "Fantastic, I've got just the setting for these shots".

Gary led Christen out to the pool, while Dylan got us some more drinks. Outside, Christen was sitting on the edge of the pool while Gary got his equipment ready. I walked up to Christen, handed her a glass of wine and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Thanks Babe. Hope you don't mind me posing like this but I'll have some wonderful photos for you," she said, before she downed most of the wine.

"No worries hon'," I said, loving the fact that two guys were drooling over her hot bod. This time Gary grabbed the camera and started shooting as I sat on a deck chair alongside Dylan.

Gary asked Christen to sit on the pool's edge and rest back on her hands, which thrust her boobs high in the air and highlighted the sensual curve of her arse.

"Okay, now take the sarong off and drape it over your shoulder," Gary said. Christen did exactly as she was told. She looked beautiful, lying stretched out beside the pool in her skimpy swimsuit. Gary got her to slip into the pool and the cool water instantly swelled her nipples, which were clearly visible through her white swimmers.

After a few poses she lifted herself onto the edge of the pool and rested on her elbows, which pushed her breasts together and pulled her swimsuit across one boob to reveal a large, firm nipple.

Christen looked down to check the condition of her swimsuit but instead of covering herself she looked back up at the camera, or Gary, with an inviting smile. There were a few more poses - the attention was driving Christen wild and she was fully playing the modeling game - when she grabbed the swimsuit between her boobs and pulled it down. We all heard the elastic snap and Christen stopped to look down at swimsuit, which was now gaping and revealing most of her breasts.

I still expected Christen to scamper away covering her breasts but that was the last thing on her mind.

"Oh no, sorry about the swimsuit," she said. Rather than covering herself, Christen held the damaged top of her swimmers out from her chest so that Gary, standing above her, could see all of her breasts.

"Not a problem," he said. "There's no need to stop the shoot. If you feel comfortable why don't we try a few glamour shots."

I was burning up inside. I hated seeing my girlfriend half-naked in front of other men. Without a second thought she slipped the straps off her shoulders, letting them dangle by her sides. Her breasts and flat tummy were now fully exposed and she asked Gary: "Where would you like me?"

The instructor helped her out of the pool, holding her hand, and led her to a long wooden bench-seat covered with a cushion. He started with a few discreet poses, such as her sitting with her knees up, covering her breasts. Christen looked a little nervous but after a few minutes and another two glasses of wine seemed to forget she was posing half-naked in front of a virtual stranger.

Gary got her to sit on the edge of the bench and I could tell how hot this was making her feel when she opened her legs wide enough so we all could see the shape of her lips pushing against the swimsuit.

Gary was snapping away as Christen fondled her breasts then hooked her thumbs into the front of her swimsuit, pushing it down to just above her slit. We could all see the slight mound of her pussy, barely covered by a thin tuft of light-coloured hair.

She then stood up, looked seductively at Gary and wiggled her hips so the swimsuit dropped to her ankles. There she stood, my sweet girlfriend, unafraid of showing us every inch of her sexy body.

Dylan's jaw dropped and Gary kept on shooting, telling Christen how fantastic she looked.

Christen was now in control of her own poses and she went wild. With her legs spread, she massaged her breasts and ran her hands down to her pussy. Then she laid down on her front on the bench, with one leg straight and the other bent to the side, with her arse raised slightly to show Gary her lips and her butt hole. Gary got some close-ups then said: "What you need, beautiful, is some oil. Don't move a muscle. I'll be right back".

I expected her to cover up but she just lay there, fully naked in front of Dylan and me. When Gary returned a minute later I thought he might hand the baby oil to me, but instead he poured it into his own hands. Surely Christen would ask that I do the honours, but when she saw Gary with the oil she remained silent, her arse and lips still raised, waiting for her muscular, tanned photographer to rub his hands over her entire body.

Gary started massaging the oil into her shoulders and arms, then worked down her back and over her firm arse cheeks. He ran an oiled finger tenderly over her butt hole and slowly between her lips, which he then cupped in his hand. Christen didn't move from his touch, in fact it looked like she was pushing against his hand. Gary told her to turn around and she obeyed, lying on her back with her knees raised and slightly apart. As she lay there looking up at Gary - in a position I thought only I would ever see - Gary oiled his hands again and rubbed them over her shoulders and her breasts, squeezing her nipples slightly.

I just sat there, not believing what a turn-on this was for me. As Gary spread my girlfriend's knees wider apart and poured oil over her belly I almost came in my pants.

Christen giggled and squirmed at the touch of the cool oil on her bare skin but didn't protest. She looked so horny I don't think she knew where she was. She moaned as Gary rubbed the oil over her belly and onto her pussy, and when he reached her lips she grabbed his hand and pulled his palm hard against her.

Gary kept rubbing with long, slow strokes then slipped a finger inside her, Christen lifting her butt slightly to let him deeper inside.

As Gary caressed my girlfriend's breasts and pussy, she reached over to rub his bulging crotch. Did she know I was even there, a couple of metres away, watching her performance? She unzipped Gary's fly and unleashed his erect cock, gently wrapping her hands around his shaft then exploring the head with her fingers. Dylan and I watched as my girlfriend pumped away at this stranger's cock, her legs spread with his fingers inside, massaging her g-spot.

They stopped as she pulled Gary's t-shirt off and undid his shorts, and he knelt on the bench between her legs. I watched, with my cock pulsating, as Christen smiled seductively at her lover and moved her legs further apart, showing that she wanted his cock deep inside her. Once he was inside she grabbed his butt and pulled him hard against her. They made love passionately on the bench, Gary thrusting deep into my girlfriend, she rubbing his butt and probing his hole, both seemingly unaware of Dylan and me watching nearby.

Suddenly Christen's breathing stopped and her back arched, a sign, I knew, that she was about to cum. The two of them started moaning loudly and they climaxed together.

When both had finished, they settled into in each other's arms, Christen running her fingers through her lover's hair. I looked over at Dylan, who I was pretty sure had cum in his pants, and we got up and went inside, leaving my girlfriend and her lover beside the pool to enjoy the moment.

It was strange, but I wasn't jealous. It was more of a turn-on - that a photo session had unlocked my girlfriend's wild side - which I explained to Christen as we drove home after our adventurous afternoon.

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