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I am thirty years old and an eternal student, married, I was in middle of attaining my general nursing degree, as classmates we had all formed small study groups. In my group was a guy called Mike, the minute I met him two years previous I knew that if I wasn't married I would have made a move, even though I knew he was married with kids, he ticked all my boxes, older by a few years, 6ft 4, muscular, funny and an exceptional bulge in his trousers. I am 5ft, curvy, big tits, dark hair and hazel eyes; I attract offers where ever I go, usually blatant sex references. I often found myself drifting off in thought while we were in the university library, I could be under the table giving his big cock some attention with my expert mouth, but I always kept this as a fantasy. My husband James knew that I was interested as I told him about Mike, he often joked he would need to keep an eye on me.

On the last Friday of the month we always had a half study day, Mike asked if anyone wanted to go for lunch, the rest of our group had plans so it was only me that said yes. We went for a wee drive chatting, I felt electricity in the air; I put it down to my fantasies. Mike spotted a café and we stopped near by, as we were walking along I wish I had done my hair and make up before leaving the university. I popped into the loo before sitting at the chosen table, lip gloss on, hair fixed. As I walked back to the table Mikes huge size engulfed the small table we had been sat at, my pussy began to buzz as I thought about being under the hulk of a man being fucked senseless. We ate lunch, chatting away, and knees touching when we laughed. I had a black shirt dress on and tan sandals, I was sure my pussy juice was escaping from my cotton panties and running down my thigh, my nipples aching against my lace bra. My marriage was at risk if I didn't go home now, Mike paid the waitress and I said he could just drop me off at the bus stop, he wouldn't hear of it.

As we drove into my street I could see my husbands' car was not in the drive. Mike asked if he could use the toilet and parked up. I rushed in, while he was in the toilet I ran round picking up magazines and newspapers that were lying around. Trying to look relaxed I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on, Mike came walking down the hall, he sat at the kitchen table. Making coffee I thought about Mike throwing me onto the table pushing my dress up and ripping my pants off, fucking me senseless. He made a comment about a film and how he had always liked the scene of the couple on the kitchen table fucking. This pleasantly surprised me as I had never heard Mike speak like this. I agreed but advised that my kitchen table wouldn't take it; Mike said that's a pity and lifted his coffee off the table.

We went into the living room; Mike looked through our CD collection, I excused myself and went to the bathroom, I freshened myself up and stared into the mirror, my pussy was wet and my cotton panties were wet, I took them off and left them. Going into the living room Mike sat down on the couch next to me, trying to remain calm, I discussed our next assignment when I was really looking at his biceps bulging from his shirt. The conversation turned, Mike stated that he had fancied me since we met, and he wanted to fuck the arse off me, this was the encouragement I needed. I straddled him, forgetting I had just removed my underwear.

We kissed frantically; I could feel his bulge harden between my legs, the rough feeling of his denims rubbing on my thighs. He opened my top half of my buttons, I was wishing I had fancier lingerie, although I don't think he noticed he pulled my large tits out of my bra and was groping and biting at my nipples, I was grabbing his hair holding his in place. I wanted more of him, I pulled back and undone his shirt, his bare muscled chest looked irresistible, I licked down his neck until I got to his nipples, I replicated what he had done to me, biting and squeezing his nipples. Mikes groin was pushing me up and down. I clambered off; I noticed my pussy fluid was over his denims. I knelt between his large thighs and helped him unbutton his trousers; he lifted his arse and slid them down, his hard cock catching on the elastic of his boxers. I wasn't disappointed; it was as large as my forearm, length and girth. I began to suck lightly, tasting his salty fluid that was oozing from the slit. He was groaning and moving his hips ensuring his cock was in mouth at all times. In the background I heard a noise, I carried on, my mouth was full and my pussy soaking I wasn't going to stop no matter what. I opened my eyes and James had returned home, I was still working as much cock into my mouth as I could. James looked understandable angry, I had a plan and hoped that it worked. James had a large cock also and I have always wanted to be at the mercy of two large meaty cocks.

Mike was trying to pulls his clothes up; I stopped sucking and just announced that he was not to move, I asked James if he wanted to join us. An eternity seemed to pass; James then just pulled his t shirt over his head and started to undo his belt. I resumed sucking in the piece of prime specimen cock.

James cock was now in his hand almost too full excellent size, looking at it both cocks where similar in size, James was circumcised Mikes wasn't. James made his way to the back of me, I felt Mike was getting close to coming, I sucked harder and faster flicking my tongue as I went, he was grabbing my hair with both hands fucking my mouth. Mikes thighs tensed and he raised his arse off the couch, he let out a growl and I felt his cock pulse his cream into my mouth, he seemed to shoot copious amounts of fluid but I drank it all. James then just sank his cock into my soaking pussy; he was obviously turned on his cock felt bigger than ever. As James fucked me, my head banged off of Mikes thighs; even though he had just come he was still erect. James pulled out and told me to suck his cock like I had just done my friends. They swapped places, except this time Mike lay down and told me to sit on his face while I sucked the cock in front of me. James cock was shiny with my juice, I licked all this off before deep throating his cock, and Mike was obviously well practised in the art of cunt licking. My concentration on James cock was affected as I felt an overwhelming feeling rise from my thighs into my pussy, Mike was holding me onto his mouth as I was riding his mouth, I stopped sucking and breathing as my pussy jerked and twitched releasing even more fluid into the mouth below.

James told me to get up and fuck him, I straddled him and sank onto his cock taking his full length into my swollen pussy, James grabbed my hips pulling me hard down onto him, Mike was kneeling behind me, and he was reaching around tweaking and pulling on my dark erect nipples. Mike asked James if he could fuck his wife's arse, James told him to fire in. I braced myself as I had never experienced two large pieces of meat fighting for space.

Mike used my pussy juice to lube his cock; James was still, cock filling my cunt,

I was holding onto the back of the couch either side of James head. Mike eased his large cock slowly into my arse; I thought to myself it was never going to fit, both men started to pump me slowly it at first, keeping in speed with each other, Mikes cock was now sliding in and out with ease, I had totally relaxed and I could feel another orgasm building, this time it felt totally different, more intense and electrifying. James was biting my nipples, Mike was grabbing my hair. They started to speed up I couldn't move except with them, harder and faster, James shouted he was coming, I felt his cock pulse into my cunt, this set me off and I felt I almost convulsed at the powerful contractions I felt between my pussy and arse which was still getting fucked harder, Mike pulled my head back with my hair and we kissed roughly as he slowed down into powerful long thrusts, grunting. I could feel his cock shooting his red hot cum into my arse.

When both cocks had wilted, I stood up and could feel cum run from my pussy and arse, my first time for double penetration and I liked it. I went to the toilet to clean myself up; I thought how much trouble I was going to be in when Mike left. Going back into the living room the two men where laughing, it had actually been a set up, James knew how much I wanted a piece of Mike and though he would accelerate the process and text him from my phone. James also told me we were going away for the weekend and Mike was joining us, and because I hadn't resisted the temptation I was going to be punished by whatever means. My exhausted pussy gave a little twitch and I thought to myself BRING IT ON.

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