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"Pay attention! We need to get this stuff right for the exam tomorrow!" I tell my guy. We're supposed to be studying for the Spanish exam tomorrow, but he keeps getting distracted with his laptop.

"Okay okay, it's just this shit fries my brain after awhile. I need a break. We've been studying for hours."

Okay, maybe we have, I'm just so anxious about it.

"Wanna take a break?" I smile at him. His eyes widen.

"Yeah I do," he says, as his hand slides down my shorts. Mmm, feels good. We look over my bed and my roommates. She's not supposed to be home until tomorrow, she's spending the night at a friend's house, having a slumber party or whatever.

He walks up and slides all my books off of my bed and walks over to me. He takes me up and pulls me off of my chair. I make him sit on the bed, facing me, while I peel off my little shorts, revealing my red thong underneath. He bites his lip, playing with my ass. I take my shirt off and he can see I had no bra on, my nipples already hardening. I start to do a little dance for him, grinding my ass against his crotch. I can feel his cock growing bigger. It arouses me. I turn towards him and cup his face. He's so beautiful, I just wanna fuck him hard tonight. I kiss him, his tongue tastes like skittles from the candy he ate earlier. I bite his bottom lip and let go, lowering myself to his hips. He's fully erect, It gives me a sense of pride, knowing only I can do that. This man is mine.

I unbutton his jeans and pull them down. His dick is flawless. I start by licking the tip gently, stroking his penis with my tongue, until I can see his face, begging me for more. I'll give more, I think, as I cover his cock completely with my mouth, sucking as I come back up. I play with his balls while I suck, and I feel his tip at the back of my throat. He tastes like heaven.

I hear him gasp repeatedly, until he wants more.

"stop," he says. I comply.

I walk out of my thong and his eyes fall on my vagina. I take his shirt off and whats left of his bottoms.

"Lay down," I command. He does as told. I stare at him laying naked, eager for me. I feel such a power rush. I climb on top of him and he attempts to enter me right away, but I push him away.

"Not yet; wait." I can hear him whine a little. I let his penis feel me, my wetness, slightly letting the tip enter me, but then I pull away. I do this a few times until I can see his frustration. I let him enter.

The look on his face pleases me. I feel the wholeness of his dick, and I gasp. I fuck him like no other night, letting the frustration of exams and finals week and my lust for this man out, I fuck him just like he wants me to. He grabs my hips and moves to my ass. He holds on to it and pulls me up and back on him until his hands run up to my breasts. They bounce in his hands, and he squeezes them. I run my fingers through his hair and hold on to it, pulling gently as he lifts his hips from the bed to fuck me harder.

God it feels so good, so complete. I need this, I need him in me. I fuck him harder and faster, and he moans louder, almost in sync with me. Hearing his gasps and moans, I feel closer to climax.

"Babe.." I say.


"I'm getting close.."

He flips me over instantly, making almost oblivious to what he just did, and he spreads my legs far apart. He starts fucking me like an animal, making me moan louder, I have to keep quiet or the whole dorm will hear me. My breasts bounce and his eyes follow. I see his eyes close and his head falls back, and his pleasure pushes me over the edge. My legs start convulsing, my vagina tightens over his cock, and I can feel him release himself inside me. We both let out a loud moan, and feel the room haze around us for a second. We slow down, until finally, we stop. He falls on top of me, both of us breathing heavily, satisfied with the delicious night of passion.

He picks his head up, with almost no energy left.

"I love you," he says.

I smile. This man is everything to me.

"I love you too."

He rolls off and he spoons me, until we drift off to sleep. Those books will have to wait till the morning.

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