tagIllustratedStudy Weekend - Saturday

Study Weekend - Saturday


I turned 19 a fortnight before my fresher finals. My lecturers gave us two reading weeks before the exams started so I celebrated my birthday with my parents on the weekend before I committed to studying. It was as we sat down to eat cake and watch a film that my mum asked me if I'd like to go to the farm for the following weekend for some privacy for my work. Oakdale farm is owned and run by the Whitfields, friends of my parents. When I was younger, up until I was twelve, we would go there every summer for a week or two. Then I had stopped going, choosing to stay at home with my friends while my parents went up there.

This year my parents and the Whitfields had decided to go to Blackpool for a weekend and I had been offered the chance to stay at the farm while they were away to get some privacy and distraction-free time to revise for my exams. I didn't think much about it but it made sense so I accepted the offer.


The Whitfield's have a daughter, Izzy. It only really dawned on me just how long it had been since I was last at the farm when I saw her. All grown up; it's a cliché but it fits.

"My gosh, Stuart," she said with a smile and a slight giggle as we hugged friendlily, "look at you, has it been that long?"

"Um yeah, I guess," I answered as confidently as I could muster, "good to see you Isabel."


"Yeah I figured as much."

Izzy showed me to the bedroom I'd be staying in for the week while our fathers loaded the car and our mothers chatted over a cup of tea. The room was nice enough like any guest bedroom -- bed, chest of drawers, table and chair -- it seemed comfortable enough for studying and relaxing. I dumped my bags, a small one for clothes and a much heavier one for books at the foot of the bed.

"So," I said to Izzy, "are you going with them or will I be invading your house?"

"Nah, I'm going to be here but you're okay. I can't imagine you'll be bothering me if you've got much work to do. You won't be welcome next year though when I've got it to do but I'm finished for this year."

"Oh yeah, you're a year behind me aren't you?"

"Yeah, 'cause I'm eighteen, not 'cause I'm stupid."

"No I'm stupid since I forgot all this."

We shared a quick laugh. I liked her laugh and her smile. Yeah, I hadn't thought about her in so long and I just remembered her as a young girl and I remembered we used to play together. She seemed a different person.

I realised I was staring and turned to unzip my book bag. As I started moving books to the desk I caught myself in the mirror and saw the reflection of Izzy still standing at the door. She was nice. She was quite tall, though not as tall as me, and slim. She wore faded black jeans with subtle curves to her hips and a white vest concealed her round breasts. Her skin was lightly tanned from working out on the farm She had long dark hair and deep dark eyes, a cute nose and the most incredible smile and I was staring again, but so was she.

"Okay?" I asked, "Am I alright to unpack?"

"Oh sure," she said quickly, "uh, the bathroom's just across here," she pushed the door opposite, "and my room's the one on the end if you need anything."

"Yeah I think I remember thanks."

I stood in front of the mirror a while longer wondering absentmindedly what she thought of me. I didn't think there was anything with the way I looked, a bit plain maybe but I am just a guy after all. I'd had few girlfriends by this point but never got too far, picking them for their looks and then realising I didn't find them all that interesting. Maybe it was just me but I was always concerned about getting too close to any girl I didn't know that well. Unfortunately I had never found a girl I thought was attractive and could be a good friend, until now.

I washed up and changed into a grey shirt and black slacks. When our parents left, Izzy and I went for a walk around the farm. There was a house and a barn. They only ran a crop farm so the barn housed the tractors and equipment. There were no animals.

"Who's managing the farm while they're away then?" I asked to start a conversation.

"Nick and the guys who help out are coming round tomorrow for the machines and they'll keep it going. I might go up there just to keep an eye out and then I can leave you in peace."

"Hey it's your house. Don't feel you have to stay outta my way."

The conversation didn't last long and I once again found myself staring at Izzy. She swayed in a sexy way as she walked, which was quite an achievement for walking through mud in heavy boots. I liked the way she shook her hair and ran her fingers across her lips when she was talking to me. I thought it was worth taking a chance.

"Nick and the guys eh? Any girls working up here?"

"Just me when I'm not busy with my studies, why?"

"I bet Nick and the guys love coming round here to see you then."

"Why do you say it like that?" She stopped walking and looked at me with her arms folded across her chest a little too defensively for my comfort.

"What? 'Nick and the guys'? Only since that's what you said."

"Well, I had a quick thing with Nick," she said but refused to look me in the eye. I wanted to correct this mistake I'd made but I'd already opened the bag. "I dated him for a few weeks 'cause the guys here are nicer than the boys in school. We did some stuff but he's quite a bit older and it was best so we didn't get in trouble with my parents." Izzy's face had changed into something serious now and I felt really guilty. She bit her lip as she thought about what she'd said. "We didn't have sex or anything," she added suddenly.

"It's okay," I finally interrupted, "I didn't mean to be nosey, you don't have to tell me anything."

"I dunno Stuart, it's... it feels quite good to talk about it, that is if you don't mind." I just nodded. "The thing is, the boys in school just make fun of me all the time 'cause I live on the farm and I wear tatty old clothes and boots and they don't seem to find me attractive." She paused and I took another chance.

"I- I think you look nice."

"Do you?"

"No I mean I think you look gorgeous and I like the clothes you're wearing. They suit you and you make them look sexy."

"Seriously? Wow thanks that means a lot. Um, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No, I've never really matched anyone."

"Must be that, 'cause I reckon you could have any girl you wanted."

"Thanks," I said quietly as I leaned towards her looking into her dark eyes. I watched her face as she started to breath more deeply and her lips parted slightly. I reached out slowly and stroked her cheek with my hand then leaned in and kissed her. I continued to look into her eyes as I pushed my lips against hers for a few moments then she closed her eyes and kissed me back.

I brought my other hand up to hold her head as we kissed and I sucked her lip. She put her arms around me holding me and pushed herself against me. For a few moments we kissed with increasing passion and hunger and then separated. We stood looking at each other breathing deeply. Izzy bit her lip and ran her fingers across them. I just watched her and caressed her hair.

"Now what do we do?" she asked quietly.

"Well I think we go back to the house and then do some more of that. Sound good?"

Back at the house we took our muddy shoes and wet socks off by the door. Izzy kissed me then went out to the kitchen to get some juice and I went to the lounge. The sofa had some boxes on it so I made space to sit in the big armchair. When she came back Izzy put her glass on the coffee table and sat down on the arm of the chair. I smiled at her and she hugged me, sitting across my lap and putting her head on my chest. I stroked her face and kissed her hair.

After a few minutes she raised her head and kissed me running her hands through my hair. I stroked her neck and back. Our lips parted and I gently probed her mouth with my tongue. We kissed deeply, our tongues dancing together, hands roaming. I stroked her back and slid my hands under her vest feeling bare skin. She moaned softly into my mouth as I caressed her back and found a place under her arms that made her grip my head and kiss me harder.

I lifted her vest up and she raised her arms so I could pull it off. I took a moment to look at her soft round breasts cupped in a lacy white bra and Izzy smiled at me.

"Do you really think I'm pretty?" she asked.

"I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't." I replied weakly as I kissed her neck and shoulders.

"How far have you been with a girl Stu?"

"Um, about this far," I said hoping my relative inexperience wouldn't bother her. I didn't think it would but you never know. Instead she just smiled again.

"We can go a bit further than this if you want."

"Do you want to?"

She stroked my chest and stomach and lifted my shirt up over my head and then kissing me briefly she reached around and undid her bra letting it fall to the floor. She giggled and teased the few dark curls of hair on my chest as I admired her breasts -- perfect, round and soft with dark nipples that became hard as I touched them.

We made out some more as I fondled her breasts and she shifted her leg over and sank into my lap facing me. It was now for the first time that I was aware of my erection straining against my briefs. Of course, I knew I was turned on but as Izzy pushed herself against me I was suddenly physically conscious of the fact. Her hand wandered down my naked torso and slid into my trousers. She kissed my neck and I breathed hard into her ear as I felt her hand sliding up and down my length through my briefs.

Izzy giggled when she saw the effect her touch had on me. Biting her lip sexily she unzipped her jeans and slid them down then her lacy white panties followed, revealing to me the first real naked woman I'd seen. Her skin all over was soft and creamy. Her hips were well-formed curves, her legs were long and slender and the only hair she had was on her head. As she stepped out of her discarded clothes I caught a glimpse of her thick pussy lips and parts of me swelled. She crossed to me and kissed her way down my body until she was kneeling on the floor in front of me. She slipped her fingers into the rim of my trousers and briefs and slid them away from me, down my legs and threw them to one side.

My erect member stood to attention in front of her. She bowed her head and her hair fell, screening her face from my vision. I felt her fingers curl around the shaft and her tongue testing the tip of my cock. As I moved her hair away I saw her slide the head into her mouth and felt her tongue running up and down the length. She pumped my cock with her hand and moaned as she sucked on the top.

I wanted so bad to touch her and kiss her but what she was doing incapacitated me and I think she liked the power it gave her. As I started to groan with pleasure she used her other hand to stroke the inside of my thighs and my stomach. For a while she continued to rub my erection as she licked and sucked my balls and pubic area. She buried her face in my pubic hair as she licked the bottom of my shaft.

I gripped the arms of the chair as she worked on me. I breathed hard and groaned and she responded in rhythm to my sounds. My cock throbbed as I felt the pressure building and she worked faster with her mouth and hands stroking my balls, rubbing my cock, sucking me hard.

We communicated through moans -- me unable to speak for need to breathe and her with my cock in her mouth. I felt myself racing towards orgasm and let out a weak "oh I'm almost there". I felt Izzy smile again, my hard member still in her mouth, and she kept pumping me. As soon as I realised she meant to take me in her mouth I came. I felt my balls clench and my cock throb. I came hard and squirted my juice into her mouth. I felt the orgasm rush through me, my body shaking and contracting. I shot into her mouth five or six times as my member pulsated and she kept stroking me until I finally mustered the strength to touch her and tell her to stop.

She looked up at me and I watched her as she swallowed my cum and licked her lips. She licked the rest of the juice from my glistening cock as it receded and swallowed that. Then she climbed naked back into my lap and we kissed passionately. I could tell she was turned on and I started stroking the inside of her thigh, working my way up.

She moaned into my mouth as I sucked on her tongue. Reaching the top of her thigh I massaged her hairless mound and slowly spread her thick lips with my fingers. She was very hot and very wet and she squealed with pleasure as I ran my forefinger up the inside of her slit. Still passionately kissing her, our mouths meshed together I explored and probed with my one hand and fondled her breast with the other. She squirmed in my lap as I squeezed her hard nipple and let out a groan as my roaming hand found her clitoris.

Slowly and gently I circled her wet clit with my fingers and immediately her breathing got faster and she moaned audibly. I ran my fingers down, searching to put them inside her. She put her hand on mine.

"Don't do that," she breathed.

"Why? Sorry."

"It's okay, I just don't get anything out of it."

"Oh right I didn't know. What should I do?"

"Just keep doing what you were doing 'cause that's really good."

She shifted her position in my lap so she was facing away from me, sitting on my stomach above my cock, which was now hard again. I reached around from behind and continued rubbing her clit with one hand, stroking her body with the other. Once again she took my erect meat in her hand and began to stroke me off. I buried my face in her back and neck covering her with kisses from behind while we masturbated each other.

It was quite difficult to keep up massaging her clit while she rubbed my cock and I could tell she was having a hard time concentrating as well but we were both enjoying it. We were breathing hard and moaning together. I could feel her juices running down onto my cock, lubricating her hand movements.

"Oh, that feels so good," I moaned.

"It really does," she replied, her voice had taken on a new sexy dry quality as she panted. We were hot, flushed and sweaty as she began to buck and gyrate against me. She pumped me harder and I rubbed her faster as she started to scream. If it were possible to be any more turned on it was then when I realised the effect of my fingers.

I felt myself starting to come but tried to hold it. We were so close I wanted us to come together.

"Baby, I'm gonna come again," I panted.

"Oh God, me too, don't stop," she managed to get in between screams, "n- now. Oh God yes!" she screamed as she came and she bucked against me. I let myself go with a grunt and my entire body convulsed as I came.

Most of my semen ended up on Izzy's belly. Some hit my arms as I moved from her wetness. She held my arms around her and leaned back into me for a few moments before licking my cum off my arm and her own off my fingers. She finally turned back to me and kissed me hard with an approving sound and one of those amazing smiles. I tasted the sweet mix of our juices on her lips and tongue as I held her close to me.

We hugged and kissed for a while before Izzy grabbed some tissues and started mopping us up, my cum now on me as much as on her. We took our clothes upstairs and shared a shower -- nothing so sexy, just a chance to get properly acquainted with each other's naked bodies. Afterwards we dressed, ate, talked and cuddled in front of a film. Finally, with a simple but lingering goodnight kiss, we went to bed separately.


I awoke to find myself alone in the Whitfield farmhouse. I figured that Izzy must be out in the fields with Nick and the other farm hands. I helped myself to some coffee and made some toast. I washed and cleaned my teeth and finally sat down to do some studying. It was perfectly ironic that I'd come up to Oakdale farm in an attempt to get some work down without distraction, yet only a few hours after being reunited with Izzy the two of us had gotten very well acquainted and my studies were the furthest thing from my mind.

Despite being unable to concentrate too well, I managed to get some solid reading done by the time Izzy came back at midday. I heard the front door go and rushed down to meet her. She was wearing the same faded black jeans from yesterday but had traded her vest for a more practical green sweater and as I reached her she was depositing her boots and socks in the hallway. She turned to me and smiled that smile.

"Hey you."

"Good morning," she said with a giggle as I put my hands on her hips and kissed her, "have you eaten?"

"Uh yeah I had some toast a few hours ago."

"Hungry now?" she asked in a subtly sexy way full of innuendo. I just laughed and nodded. I followed her through to the kitchen where she grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and bit into it.

"Izzy, can I ask you a serious question?"

"Apart from that one? Sure."

"Did you enjoy what we did yesterday?"

"Yes, of course I did. I really very much did and I've not stopped thinking about it. Why? Didn't you?"

"Of course. Can I ask you something else?"

"You just did but yes. Go ahead." I paused and she stared at me. I paused some more.

"Do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

"Sounds like the right thing to do so yes of course."

Good. Then a vaguely apple flavoured kiss to seal the deal. Then I changed the subject to something a little less serious with an icebreaker. "Do you still have the shed?" The shed was great when we were young. It was at the very bottom of the allotment below the farmhouse and we used to sit in it for hours on end talking, playing and hammering nails harmlessly into the floor.

"Yeah, it's my home from home," she laughed, "it's got an opening window with curtains, a lock on the door and I've painted the inside. Shall we go down and have a look?"

We walked to the shed hand in hand. Izzy unlocked the door and we went in. It was like any shed, made of wooden panels nailed together except the plastic windows now opened, the wood had been stained and painted and the floor was loosely carpeted. There was a battered green mattress on the floor and a box in the corner that had some magazines in it. We both flopped down on the mattress and looked at each other.

"Well now what shall we do?" Izzy asked. I moved around so I was kneeling in front of her and pushed her legs apart. Sliding my hands around her waist and pushing myself against her I buried my face in her neck. As she put her head back I ran my hands up the inside of her sweater and lifted it up. She raised her arms and I pulled it over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and her perfect naked breasts bounced free. I pushed her back slightly and kissed her breasts licking and sucking her nipples while stroking her arms and upper body. She ran her fingers through my hair and gripped the back of my head.

She moaned softly as her nipples hardened under my kisses and I moved my hands down to undo her jeans. It was hot in the small space of the shed and as Izzy tried to take my shirt of I allowed her before returning to her body. She lifted her hips to allow me to pull off her jeans. I kneaded her supple breasts with my hands as I worked my way down her body and licked her naval. She gasped as I ran my hands down her body and started to pull her panties off.

Again she moved so I could remove her underwear. As I pulled her panties over her feet I caught her by the ankles and started planting kisses on her legs. I let her legs down and got down between them. I slid my hands and mouth up the inside of her legs and spread her as I kissed the inside of her thighs.

I was doing something right because she was moaning softly. She was wet and I could smell her juices enticing me as I moved closer to her pussy. I shuffled closer and, with my hands spreading her thighs, opened her thick lips with my thumbs. Tentatively I flicked out my tongue tasting her juices. I traced her slit down with a finger and found her clitoris and kissed around it before putting my tongue onto it.

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