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While my wife and I have an excellent relationship both in the bed and out, we recently experimented with another partner in a very erotic fling.

Ironically, the other partner turned out to be a friend of mine, of whom I had met at University while completing my Masters. She was about 30 years old, nice figure, very outgoing, and nice rounded tits that always seemed to be pointed at me in lectures. Though she was gorgeous, my wife was nicely built also. That didn't matter to my wife as I could tell she was a smidge jealous. After study sessions at my house, I always came up to bed quite horny and asked Janet if "Erin could sleep over?" While her answer was always no, she surprised me one night by saying maybe! This got me excited but then I realized my wife was teasing, as we would never cheat on each other, swap, swing, etc.

After some study sessions at my house, she would always stay and chat with my wife, Janet. As they become closer, they always seemed to chat later and later. Erin had a similar build to my wife, but a slightly bigger and more firm chest than Janet.

One study night, Erin and I were pulling an all-nighter. My wife opened my office door and asked if we wanted a drink? We both agreed and carried on our studies. After a while, I noticed my wife hadn't came back yet, so I strolled to the kitchen to find her. I saw her in her black robe, which I sneakingly opened to quickly feel her firm ass checks, as we embraced in a deep kiss, my hands roamed from her tight ass, to her neatly shaven mound. My fingers nearly melted as her warm, wet juice was easing my fingers into her mound. She was doing her best handjob application at the same time, what seemed like seconds was actually minutes, as we continued to stroke each other with my guest 20 feet away in the den.

After covering her mouth with mine to hide her moans, she came as quietly as she could. I could tell this as her eyes closed and her pussy slowly tightened its firm grip on my 3 fingers that were inside of her. As I felt my orgasm approaching, she quickly pushed my away and put two coffees in my hands. "You have kept your guest long enough I think," she said devishly, and steered me towards the den. Seeing my frown, she explained that the only way I was going to cum tonight, is if Erin would do it! I laughed, then saw her seriously state, that she wanted me to be with Erin. "I have saw her look at you, and if your telling me you haven't noticed her curves your lying!" "This will be your one and only chance for this opportunity, it is up to you"! With that said, she walked to the bedroom and whispered goodnight, with a wink.

After apologizing to Erin for the delay we carried on with our studies till past midnight. Then as boredom set in, we started surfing the internet. After fooling around in some chat sites, we strolled onto some porn sites, both kinda uneasy but both enjoying it! We even downloaded some movies, which re-light my hard-on, and turned Erin on as well, as she was slowly squirming in her seat. The fact that she generally wears low-cut blouses made it easy for me to see her purple bra every time she leaned over, which was often.

Finally, after some jostling over who controls the mouse, we got into a little wrestling match, then she did something that a 17 year-old would do, she grabbed my cock and asked for the mouse or she would squeeze! I retaliated the same, cupping her huge breast, I found her nipple and pinched it! Caught in a grade 12 staredown contest, I knew she was used to being in control. I sucked it up and released her stiff nipple but kept my hand on her chest. We kinda giggled then she leaned forward, releasing her grip on my cock, and our lips met. After some slow, kissing with our lips, both our tongues started to explore. This was awesome, she worked her tongue deep into my throat without hesitation, to which I returned the action with my tongue. The kiss continued as I massaged the underside of her breasts, while her hands were rubbing my thighs and brushing my cock.

As we finally came up for air, I hesitated but explained that we shouldn't go through with this. While there were many reasons for doing it, the one that kept us from doing it was our marriage vows. I am happily married and Erin was also married. While both of us were still young, I couldn't help but think that my wife was joking with me anyway. Though Erin was readily excited she understood and said she would see herself out the door. I agreed and kissed her goodnight on the cheek.

After about a half an hour, I strolled to the ab machine we have, as I always do 200 before bed. There on the machine, I saw my wives panties, drenched with her juices with a note, "Don't be too long!" Well, after this weird night, I skipped the abs and wandered up to bed. With the main light on dim, I undressed to slide in with my wife. Lying on her side in the spoon position, I cradled her with my cock lying right between her ass cheeks. As I sucked on her ear, I reached over and started cradling her tits. It took me no more than 10 seconds to realize my wife got a boob job, or this was someone else...probably Erin. Just then my wife ran in the room from the ensuite laughing.

Wondering what my wife thought of this, made me start mumbling excuses. Finally, she said, "I will explain". "As you know, Erin and I have became good friends, you also know that I would never cheat on you, and finally, I am 100% convinced you would never cheat on me, especially after I heard what happened tonight". As I started to mumble again she said "stop"! "What happened here was a simple bet". Erin and I flirted around one night, but left it at that. Then I said to her, if Tin won't fuck you, I will!" "She had two-weeks to do it and failed". So tonight honey, I pay my bet to her and we have both agreed you may stay and watch".

One thing I learned from sports is don't analyze things, and this was a good example. I stayed on the bed as my wife undid her robe, and slid next to Erin. This was my wife's first time with a woman, and I learned later the first for Erin also. I could see the nervousness in both of them, though Erin like to be dominant, she was just as nervous as they tenderly kissed and explored each other. Their kiss was sensual and in a way romantic, as they softly felt each others bodies. Finally, Erin took control and straddled Janet, after grinding her mound on Janet's for a while, she slowly kissed her way to Janet's mound. The sight was unreal, as Erin slowly started from Janet's tight hole and licked her tongue right up to her clit in one motion. Though I was told to be a spectator, I reached over to Janet's tits and begand rubbing them, she didn't complain.

With Janet squirming under the power of Erin's tongue, I reached behind Erin's ass and began stroking her pussy. Her ass was firm, and box nicely shaven. Having being 9 years since I felt another pussy, it seemed like the best pussy in the world! While her juices were also flowing, her mound seemed tight as I inserted two fingers into her box. Seeing Erins tits bounce as she tongue fucked my wife made me almost cum. She freed up a hand and began stroking my cock, then after a minute, Janet started her convulsions as she came. She pulled Erin's head tight into her mound as she was now fucking Erin's face with her pussy.

Erin was loving it too, I had three fingers in her mound now, as she again picked up her licking on my wife's pussy. She motioned me behind her, and I readily agreed. With my wife's face buried into the pillows, I slowly inserted my cock into her hole. She was extremely tight as I teasing slid in my cock slowly, once in, Erin let out a small moan of pleasure. I think I was a little more than she was used too but she quickly adapted. Before I could begin pumping her, she was thrusting her hips back and forth on my cock.

With my wife still in orgasm land and face in the pillow, I began fucking Erin in a circular motion. I do this with Janet and my cock seems to hit the right spot in her pussy which drives her wild. It worked with Erin too, as her first woman experience, and my cock were driving her to the edge. As I couldn't take it much longer, I finally felt her pussy began contracting like a warm glove! Erin was cumming, and moaning loudly. this coincided with my wife her was again cumming thanks to Erin's tongue. While I wanted to cum on Erin's beautiful tits, or face, I stayed low key and with one finally contraction of Erin's pussy that nearly squeezed my cock off, I began shooting my creamy load deep into her pussy. It seemed endless, as I could feel my warm cream deep into her pussy.

Quickly, I got up and tidied up a bit. Janet was slowly coming back to reality from her orgasms. They again embraced in a deep kiss before my wife slowly started for her turn on Erin's box. While I watched from here on in, it was a night to remember for all of us. In the morning my wife was still high on her experience, and thought future endeavors should be planned. She laughed at me and said, "don't you wish now you would have screwed Erin? I laughed with her and said yes, then I asked how it felt eating out another woman"? Janet loved it, but said "she almost tasted like cum, which surprised her". Our eyes met, I winked at her, and she was screaming at me all the way back to the bedroom!

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