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Stuffed Canary Pt. 04


Disclaimer: I do not own Arrow or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Thea Queen had always considered herself straight. Mostly. Growing up there had been the occasional fantasy, but mostly she thought about men and she only ever dated them. Although she had never loved any of them until Roy.

Oh how she missed Roy. But his forced exile was just one of the many changes in her life which led her to be on the back of a motorcycle and clinging onto Sara Lance while dressed in all red and questioning her sexuality.

Actually she had been doing that last thing ever since her brother had finally told her the truth about his life as a vigilante, and revealed that the women surrounding him weren't just beautiful, they were bad ass superheroes.

Which had skyrocketed her passing interest in them, especially now Roy wasn't around to distract her from her curiosity. And Sara did smell so good.

Sweaty, but good. And now she got to watch the likes of Sara and Nyssa al Ghul effortlessly kick the asses of the local scumbags Thea felt her crushes on these women grow and grow.

But she had to control herself, because Sara was already dating Felicity, who was equally bad ass in her own right, and she was pretty sure Nyssa was dating Laurel. Which was why Thea was so shocked when she and Sara reached their HQ only to find Nyssa with her hand down Felicity's skirt.

"Guys! We've talked about this. No sex in the Arrow cave." Sara smirked as her girlfriends quickly pulled away from each other. Or more accurately a clearly annoyed Felicity pushed Nyssa away, prompting Sara's smirk to become even more wicked.

"She started it!" Felicity whined.

"I don't doubt it." Sara grinned, "But I'd expect that from her. Or me. You're supposed to be the one to keep us both in line."

Blushing furiously Felicity protested, "But, but... I thought you weren't coming back. You know, like Oliver and Dig."

Sara shrugged, "We searched the parameter, but we couldn't find anything, so we decided to head back."

"Without informing me!" Felicity snapped.

"Erm, guys... what's going on?" Thea finally asked after a few long seconds of being completely dumbfounded.

"We... erm... we..." Felicity quickly jumped in and then panicking when everybody looked at her and she had suddenly had no idea what she had been going to say, if indeed she had something in the first place. Either way, there was a deafening silence and then she squeaked, "We, have an arrangement."

"An arrangement?" Thea frowned.

"Indeed." Nyssa confirmed with a smile which made Thea blush and turn her gaze away from her.

"It's no big deal." Sara said nonchalantly, unable to keep that tone of voice as she awkwardly added, "We're just... dating."

"What, like... all three of you?" Thea asked in disbelief and the other three women just nodded, although some more boldly than others, pretty much freaking her out, "And that's no big deal to you?"

"Why should it be?" Nyssa asked, "In The League the reigning Ra's al Ghul often takes many wives and lovers."

"This isn't The League!" Felicity pointed out flatly, briefly glaring at her brunette girlfriend before turning back to Thea, "I'm sorry you found out like this. We were going to tell you eventually, it's just, this is kind of new. The polyamorous part at least. Me and Sara were together before that. For awhile actually. Which you, erm, knew, so... erm..."

"I think she gets it sweetie. " Sara said softly as a way to gently cut off her rambling lover, although she never looked away from Thea, "We were going to tell you eventually. It's just all kind of new."

"And weird. We get that it's weird. Well, Nyssa doesn't think so, but she was raised by wolves." Felicity chimed in.

"I was not-" Nyssa began indignantly.

"The point is..." Sara quickly interrupted, "We're sorry we didn't tell you, and we hope this doesn't freak you out too much. And if you have any questions, now is the time to ask."

There was a long pause and then Thea croaked, "Does Oli know?"

"No." All three other women more or less said together.

"Sooooo..." Thea began, briefly hesitating but she just couldn't stop blurting out, "Are you three, you know... monogamous?"

"Yes." Felicity replied quickly and without hesitation.

Meanwhile Sara frowned, "Why do you ask?"

"Why indeed." Nyssa grinned wickedly.

"I, I... I..." Thea started while blushing furiously.

"Could it be that Miss Queen wants to join us?" Nyssa grinned while walking forward menacingly.

"No, no, no, get your mind out of the gutter Nyssa." Felicity scolded, "Of course she doesn't want to join us."

"I kinda do." Thea admitted softly, although her words sounded deafening, especially as everybody went silent.

Felicity also froze, turned away from Nyssa to Thea and then mumbled in disbelief, "You what now?"

"Sorry." Thea blushed.

"But, but... but you're straight!" Felicity blurted out.

"Mostly." Thea nodded, then letting out a laugh as she admitted, "But you're all just so fucking hot."

"Well, I think that settles it." Nyssa smiled.

Sara's eyes went wide, "That does not settled. For God sakes Nyssa, she's just a kid."

"I'm not just a kid!" Thea said angrily, before her eyes went wide, "Wait, are you actually offering me a four way? Like seriously? Because if you are I'm so down for it."

Turning to the younger girl Sara pointed out, "I used to babysit you!"

"Yeah, and I've had a huge crush on you ever since." Thea admitted, and then blushed because she didn't mean too.

There was a pause and then Sara looked at Felicity guiltily, the other two doing the same without the guilt, causing Felicity to go postal, "You can't be serious?"

"Why not?" Nyssa asked.

"Because it's wrong!" Felicity blurted out, feeling like she was the one going crazy, "She's Oliver's sister!"

"So?" Sara replied nonchalantly, "Oli didn't care about crossing that line when he was flip-flopping between me and Laurel."

"This would be different, and you know it." Felicity pointed out.

"In some ways." Sara admitted, before quickly adding, "But in others not, and all things considered he doesn't really have a right to judge. So if he ever finds out, and I think we can all agree none of us want that to happen, but if he does he can be mad for a while, but he should accepted as karma and move on. And if he doesn't, well, he'd be lost without the three of us. Or more accurately you. So he'd have to get over it sooner or later."

There was a long pause and then Felicity mumbled, "I, I thought we were going to be monogamous."

"Ha, you Americans and your monogamy." Nyssa scoffed, before quickly adding, "I'm not suggesting she join us permanently. Just for the night. Which I assume is what she and Sara want."

There was a chorus of nodding, another even longer pause, then Felicity protested, "But she's-"

"Just a kid?" Thea offered, "So what? At 20 I'm old enough to put on a mask and run around shooting people with arrows, but not to have group sex? What kind of insane logic is that?"

"I was going to say we work with you, but that's equally stupid given who I'm dating." Felicity grumbled, followed by more silence.

"Felicity." Thea sighed, before moving forward until she was right in front of Felicity and then softening her tone, "Look, I want this. I want you. All of you. So, so bad. I've literally dreamt of it. The three of you ganging up on me. Having your way with me. Turning me into a little fuck toy. So please just do it. Or agreed to watching Nyssa and Sara do it. Please Felicity? I'll do anything if you'll let me be your fuck toy?"

As she spoke Thea slowly got down on her knees in front of Felicity while looking up at her pleadingly, and she stayed there for what felt an eternity when she was done talking as Felicity just stared back. Then Felicity softly said, "Oh God, let's all go back to my place before I chicken out."

There was a chorus of happy sounds from the other three women, Sara closing the distance and leaning in, "I promise you won't regret this babe."

Felicity blushed, and then frowned at her girlfriends, "I'm holding you to that. Both of you."


The ride to Felicity's and Sara's apartment, which they apparently now shared with Nyssa, was surreal and thankfully quick.

Thea wasn't as good at reading people as Nyssa and Sara, who were usually good at hiding their emotions anyway, but she was pretty sure everybody found it weird and were relieved when it was over.

Especially Felicity who everyone could really was an open book, Thea silently wondering how she had ever kept her brother's secret for so long if she was this bad at playing it cool.

Then she got very distracted by Nyssa, who apparently wasn't just grateful that the awkward/silent drive was done with, given that as soon as the door to the apartment was closed and locked the assassin pulled Thea into her arms and kissed her.

It was surprisingly gentle, which was probably for Thea's benefit. Trying to show that was unnecessary Thea kissed back eagerly, wrapping her arms around Nyssa trying to push her tongue into the other woman's mouth.

Sadly Nyssa didn't respond to that like she hoped, and gently but firmly forced Thea to slow her role. Which was disappointing, although Thea didn't exactly complain.

After all, she had dreamt of kissing Nyssa, and the two now watching blondes, for years and is eager as she was to do this, and more, Thea did like taking a minute to savour the moment.

And Nyssa did eventually allowed tongues into the mix, it was just on her terms. More specifically her tongue invading Thea's mouth, leaving Thea to massaged it with her own.

Sara was amused at seeing this. Nyssa always had to be the top. Even on the rare occasions she and/or Felicity were able to talk her into bottoming she still tried to take control, and it was adorable watching Thea trying to take that from her only to be put in her place.

Adorable, and extremely hot. Which only helped Sara look at Thea in a way she never had before. Well, there may have been the occasional glance when she first returned to Starling city, as five years later after last seeing each other Thea had changed from a pretty teenager to a beautiful young woman.

However she had always felt out of bounds. Besides, Thea had Rory while Sara struggled to keep her eyes off of Felicity.

It was hard to take her eyes off two beautiful women kissing, but Sara just about managed it to check in on the only source of light in her world.

Then she couldn't help but smile, because Felicity had the same look of embarrassed lust she'd had during the first few threesomes with Nyssa, which was just so cute.

It was also a encouraging sign that Felicity would ultimately be all right with this, although not as much as the nerdy girl turning to her and giving her a bashful smile.

Sara returned it with a happy one of her own before turning back to her other girlfriend and her soon to be new lover, confident as she could be that Felicity wasn't freaking out.

She turned just in time to see Nyssa break the kiss and look expectantly at Thea. The younger woman gasped breathlessly, but after a few long seconds smiled wickedly at the older woman.

Nyssa smiled back, turned Thea around in her arms and wordlessly pushed her towards Sara. Taking the hint Sara moved forward and extended her arms to grab Thea, the youngest vigilante in their group smiling again before practically running into the Canary's arms.

Thea then kissed Sara roughly, only to quickly learn that like Nyssa before her Sara would only accept a gentle kiss, at least for now, the blonde thrilled that the brunette quickly submitted to her like she had Nyssa.

Part of her, a very big part actually, wanted to kiss Thea just as roughly as Thea apparently wanted her too, but they had all night and Sara had no intention of rushing it.

So she waited several minutes before pushing her tongue into Thea's mouth, and even when she did it wasn't that long before Sara broke the kiss and repeated what Nyssa had just done, making sure to give Thea a little time to recover before passing her back to Nyssa.

She didn't always, Nyssa moving in closer so that she and Sara could pass Thea around like the little toy the younger girl had confessed she wanted to be, and to delight there wasn't even a hint of complaining from Thea. Or Felicity for that matter.

Turning her attention to their other girlfriend Nyssa asked, "Would you like a turn sweetie?"

Which of course made Felicity blush adorably, "I'm, I'm fine. Just keep going. Please?"

Nyssa smiled at Felicity and then pulled Thea in for another deep kiss, she and Sara sharing the 20 year old for a few more minutes before she pushed her back and ordered her, "Strip for us."

Thea hesitated, but only because she was deciding how best to do this. She had practised stripping in front of the mirror many times, and while her practiced routine had been a big hit with Roy he was a guy and therefore really easy to please.

This, this was different. This was three experienced women, who probably wouldn't be as impressed as one horny boy.

More to the point while she had practised taking off skirts, dresses and jeans in a sexy way she hadn't done the same with her super suit, which was meant more to mirror her brother's attire than look sexy, so not only would trying to remove it sexily be difficult but it would also be kind of icky.

So she went with her first instinct and practically ripped the costume off of herself, practical and unsexy underwear and all, as quickly as she could.

Once the younger brunette was awkwardly standing naked in front of her Nyssa ordered, "On your knees."

Sara opened her mouth to protest, but before she could Thea fell to her knees, causing her to change tactics, "Nyssa, let's not be too rough with the kid, okay?"

"Oh, I don't think she minds, do you Thea?" Nyssa smiled wickedly, slowly advancing on her pray and then walking around her.

"No." Thea nodded, leaning into the touch as Nyssa rewarded her by gently stroking her hair, "Do whatever you want with me."

"Awww, isn't that sweet?" Nyssa grinned.

Ignoring her girlfriend Sara firmly told her friend, "Thea, if you ever want us to slow things down, or even stop, just tell us. I promise we won't be mad. Okay?"

"Okay." Thea nodded, happy to be given an out even if she didn't want it.

"Good, now that's settled..." Nyssa smiled, "Thea, have you ever eaten pussy before?"

Thea blushed as she replied truthfully, "No?"

Nyssa smiled knowingly, "Would you like to eat Sara's?"

"More than anything." Thea admitted softly.

"Then beg for it." Nyssa pushed, "Beg for the privilege of eating Sara's pussy. Mmmmm, and trust me it is a privilege. As I and Felicity know so well."

Felicity blushed at Nyssa's words, and the way Nyssa looked at her, but not as much as when Thea began to shamelessly begged, "Please can I eat Sara's pussy. I want it so bad. Please Sara, let me eat your pussy. Please? Please allow me the privilege of pleasing you with my tongue. I, I don't really know how, but I'll figure it out. I promise. Or you can tell me what you like. Or Nyssa can. Whatever, I don't care, I just want to eat your pussy. Please Sara, please let me eat you out. Let me lick you, then Nyssa, then Felicity, mmmmmm, I want to lick you all! I want to lick all your pussies and be your little pussy eating lesbian slut."

There was a long moment of silence and then Sara smirked, "Well, since you asked so nicely."

With that Sara started slowly stripping off her clothes, easily putting Thea to shame. To be fair while Thea's outfit was designed to be more practical than sexy Sara's was exactly the opposite, which was understandable.

If Thea had tits like that she'd definitely be using them as weapons, both on the people she fought and tried to seduce. Same went for that booty.

Well, Thea thought she had a pretty good butt, even though it wasn't in the same league as Sara's, Thea very much hoping she would get to play with those assets sometime in the future.

And if she had to do a good job at eating Sara's pussy to get that privilege then she would do so happily, Thea thought as she struggled not to drool as Sara removed the last of her clothing.

For a few seconds Sara stood there in all her glory, allowing Thea to admire it before raising an eyebrow and smirking, "Well, don't you want what you begged for?"

"Right, sorry, it's just... you're so beautiful." Thea blushed, quickly shuffling forward.

"Awww, thanks sweetie." Sara smiled.

When she reached her destination Thea bit her lip, then deciding to push her luck looked up at Sara and asked, "Can I play with your tits a little first?"

Sara smiled again, "Of course."

Then Sara bent down and Thea reached up to eagerly grabbed two handfuls of the other girl's boobs, for the first time touching another woman intimately. Touching Sara Lance intimately, that fact along with the action itself causing Thea's heart to hammer in her chest.

It certainly didn't calm down as she did her best to do what she liked, caressing both breasts for a few long seconds with her hands before taking one nipple into her mouth and gently sucking on it.

This got a encouraging little gasp out of Sara so Thea did the same to the other nipple, except this time she also swirled her tongue around it before she began to suck it.

Over and over again Thea went back and forth between those nipples, sometimes kissing the flesh around them and other times going straight for them, but always licking and sucking them eagerly.

And even though the position wasn't particularly comfortable for either of them Sara allowed her to do this for quite a while before straightening up and gently guiding Thea's face in between her legs.

Once she was back at her ultimate destination Thea hesitated only for a brief second because of pure nervousness before leaning forward, closing her eyes and sticking out her tongue while silently praying she would do a good job. She never even thought she wouldn't like it, and the second Sara's flavour hit her taste-buds she was proven right.

Sara let out another little gasp of pleasure as Thea's nervous but eager tongue pressed against the bottom of her pussy and then slowly slid all the way up to the top before then repeating the process, squeezing more gasps out of Sara.

Soon after she began moaning and occasionally swearing in pleasure too, partly to encourage the nervous pussy licker, and partly because Thea wasn't at all bad for her first time.

Plus this was still Oliver's little sister, and a girl only just out of her teens, so having her on her knees in front of Sara and slowly but eagerly licking her cunt was beyond intoxicating.

And wrong. Not that Sara really felt bad for Oli given their complicated history, but given that history this still felt wrong, which was one of the reasons it felt so good.

Soon Sara was closing her eyes because she just couldn't cope with the intensity of looking down and seeing little Thea Queen in between her legs. It was also part of a reaction which also included tilting her head back and letting out an extra loud moan as for the first time Thea cautiously lingered on her clit.

She had been gently hitting it with pretty much every stroke of her tongue, but after such a positive reaction Thea went after it with a vengeance, not just rapidly licking it but wrapping her lips around it and sucking it. Leaving Sara with a choice. Even if she could let Thea keep going and cum quickly, SHE could stop her and draw this out a little bit.

It was a tough choice, but ultimately Sara opened her eyes, reached down, grabbed a firm hold of Thea's hair and gently pushed her downwards while telling her, "Not so fast sweetie. There's no rush."

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