Stuffed In Her Ass


"I can't believe it," Kathy gasped. "My God Christine... how can you cum like that? Kathy was looking right at Kitten asking how she could do such a naughty thing. "It's so big in there."

Bob was all but beside himself seeing his wife acting like this. He wanted a slut for a wife and she was well on her way to becoming exactly that.

Kathy removed her finger and backed off. I went to Christine asking, can you stand up?" Carefully I helped Christine to her feet. She was a bit wobbly after just having an orgasm and with her ass so full.

"Okay Christine. I guess we need to empty that ass, huh?"

"Yes.. please," she managed to answer.

"Here's what you do. Just squat and force that cucumber out of your ass. We're going to watch. In fact, let me video tape it so we can watch it over and over how you acted like such a filthy slut tonight."

Up to this point it was pretty humiliating for Kitten. But now the blindfold was off and she was the only one naked in the room. She knew that our neighbors watched the whole thing of stuffing her ass with the cucumber. And she thought how utterly perverted they must think she is. But now... squat... force it out...? It was like shitting in public. What a disgusting and embarrassing thing to do. She looked over at Bob and Kathy. I could tell from her expression that she was devastated to have to do this.

Completely humiliated, she placed her hands on side of her asscheeks and squatted right in the middle of the floor. I had the camera focused on her ass getting a close up of her asshole. "What do you think Bob," I asked? "Doesn't she have a great ass?" As we watched, first her anal hole began heaving as if trying to open. It was like Kitten was taking a dump right on the living room floor. "That's it Christine," I urged her on. "Show daddy how you empty that cute little ass." She relaxed her rear end and spread her cheeks some more. Her asshole began opening and stretched wider and wider. For a moment it was gaping and all we could see was darkness inside. Then suddenly the tip of the cucumber appeared. She was expelling it. Her anal hole began spreading wider and wider until the full thickness of the vegetable emerged and had her anal ring straining. "Oh God daddy... help....," she cried out. "It's too big."

Kathy was gasping out in amazement. "Oh Christine... My God... Your ass... Ohh Fuck!..." I think Kathy finally realized how nasty Christine could be. Everything she was told, she was now seeing for herself.

"Look at the slut asshole," Kathy continued. You are a filthy fuckin' bitch, aren't you? You really like shoving stuff up your ass?"

Christine had to be humiliated beyond belief that our female neighbor was analyzing her so crudely. But it was the truth.

"Good girl, Kitten," I commented zooming in on her asshole. "Looks like Kathy loves your full ass. Now she knows what a filthy disgusting whore you are."

The cucumber started sliding faster. It was coming out with little effort now. Then in an instant it just dropped from her hole. It took a moment for Christine's ass to close back up since her anus had been stretched so wide. And I had a tremendous shot of her tight anal chute gaping open.

Kitten dropped to her knees on the floor, then just sprawled out. She was exhausted. I picked the cucumber up. It was slimy from the lube and it smelled pretty nasty. I placed it on Christine's chest between her breasts. "Look at that, you filthy slut. That was in your ass." I stood up over her and started stroking my cock. Christine was watching. So were Bob and Kathy. I motioned to Bob to join in. Seconds later he was on the other side of Christine jerking his hard dick. "I'm going to cum..., all over you, slut. And so is Bob." I kept stroking my cock faster and faster. Bob was doing the same on the opposite side.

"Ohhhhh fuck," I moaned out. I aimed my cock down toward Christine. Cum started shooting out. My aim was perfect. The first spurt hit right in her face. "There you go cumslut," I yelled just to humiliate her more. Then another thick glob burst from my cock and landed on her cheek. After that the rest just dribbled out splattering on her face and neck. No sooner had I finished and Bob began cumming. He jerked out a couple huge streams of sperm jetting right into her face. She was covered in white creamy cock juice.

When we both were drained I knelt next to Christine and knocked the cucumber off her chest. She was just lying there looking at me. "You're a filthy little girl, do you know that?" She smiled. "Thank you daddy." Then she looked at Bob and Kathy. She didn't know what to say. Bob took care of melting away Christine's embarrassment by asking, "will you teach Kathy to be a slut too?"



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