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Stupid Question


Okay, I had to be alluring, enticing, sensitive, careful and a bit bold. But it wasn't as simple as that. It never is.

I was rooming with L, someone with whom I was having a casual relationship. Um... OK he was a good kisser, I'll give him that. But he didn't make me moist. Which was a shame because he was a good kisser. Life sucks sometimes.

But his best friend, V did. When he was around my panties were soaked. Which I figured meant that I wanted to fuck his brains out. I was only 24 year old, and already Tango was slowly taking over. To the point that I didn't care that I might potentially be breaking up a friendship of several years. But of course I wasn't thinking with my brain...

V was an attractive man, of average height and weight. He had the most beautiful head of silky hair and I could practically feel it running through my fingers. I love a man with a great head of hair. So, looking back, I can acknowledge that his hair was a small part of what drew me to him. But not entirely; not by a long shot.

V and I worked together at the same company, but in different departments. My department was situated hugging the windows of the side of the building facing the employee parking lot. I got in a half hour before he did and thus was able to prepare myself for his arrival. Each day I sat forward in my chair to get a better look. If I could have taken out a pair of binoculars I probably would have. Hell, I could practically taste the popcorn as I watched V walk into the building every morning.

And here's the thing: he always wore this fucking brown leather coat that just did it for me. I don't know why; the coat wasn't stylish at all and it was probably at least a couple of years old. Worn. An after-thought. A lazy-man's coat. But it totally made me want to jump him the minute he got in the door. I wanted him in that stupid brown coat. I wanted him to give it to me HARD on top of that stupid brown coat.

Totally the high-light of my day. Which kind of sucked because who wants the best moment of the day to come at 8:00am? It's all downhill from there.

Every morning for a month I watched V walk down that fucking path from the parking lot to the building, in that coat And each day I wanted him more and more.

In one of those weird coincidences that happen only in Danielle Steele novels, he turned out to be my roommate's best friend. The roommate with whom I was having sporadic sex. Oy vey. This was not going to be easy. But I was up for the challenge. Tango had a plan.

L, V, and I went out one Friday night to Muldoon's, a bar in Down City Providence. I kinda sorta had the feeling that V might be into me, too.

But if i'd learned anything in life, one must never assume.

Luck was on my side. Actually, I nudged it a little bit, by pointing out to L all the lovely ladies alone at the bar. L agreed, and quickly picked up a Brown student. Or a RISD student. Or a J& W student. Frankly, I didn't care at all who this girl was. Post haste to our apartment, please!

We arrived at L's and my apartment, and L and nameless chick began making out on the sofa. V and I walked into the kitchen to give the lovebirds' privacy.

It was late and V was calling it a night and going home. It never occurred to me that he had a house but I guess he lived somewhere; we all do. My mind was obviously racing. Because he was putting on THE COAT. And I still wasn't totally sure whether or not he was into me

It was now or never.

And here is where Tango truly and utterly became Tango.

In the hallway that led to the backdoor, I pushed V against the wall where the garbage was kept and began to...do things to him. I felt that V was not entirely comfortable with what was going on. But I didn't know whether it was because of his friendship with L or because he was being pushed into a huge smelly garbage pail. I probably cared more than he did about the garbage, simply because I didn't want the garbage to damage the coat in any way. I had plans for that coat.

Sensing his vacillation, I went in for the kill.

"I'm not really tired yet," I said. "Would you like to take a ride?"

Ride. That word has so many denotations and connotations and I wanted to do all of them to V and with V. And suddenly V seemed quite up to it.

We got into V's car and drove to a dark, deserted baseball field, right down the road from the apartment. He looked at me and I at him.

And I realized that I would need to make the first move if I wanted anything to happen.

I looked at him - at that beautiful hair shining in the glow of the lights of the baseball field, and the brown leather of his coat only inches away from me. Poor V. He never had a chance.

"V", I said turning towards him and placing my hand on his swelling crotch. "Are you against oral sex on the first date"?

Now, I dare any female to say that to ANY man and have a different outcome than what happened next.

'Um...ah..." V began to say. But I had already opened his coat, wrapped it around me, unzipped his fly, taken out his growing cock and put it in my mouth.

"My God", he said as I sucked him dry.

And I had a thought. We women could fucking rule the world if we wanted to.

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