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Stupid Weak Men


I have been used, abused, hurt and angered... but that was before. Now I have realized the power I possess and will no longer tolerate pain -- unless I inflict it. Many men have caused me pain of one kind or another. Now that bitterness has consumed my heart and my mind, bitterness has become my very essence, none shall cause me pain.

I have removed myself from love; I have discovered raw sex and enjoy it as purely a nice feeling -- for me. My lovers don't necessarily enjoy the feelings I give them, but who cares, they are men and are only for my enjoyment.

I shall share with you my latest adventure, you may not enjoy this tale -- you may love it, you may even masturbate to it. I could care less what you do, since I am not enjoying the feeling you are free to do what you want.

My latest adventure was with the weaker sex -- male. He thought he had charmed his way into my bedroom. I had in fact lured him into a trap of his own creation. We started down the boring path of normalcy, after all I can't instill fear too quickly or they run away.

After several moments of kissing and acting coy I began to feel the heat within myself rising. I became more aggressive and opened his jeans. Reaching inside I felt his semi-hard cock, it was smooth and warm in my hand. As I wrapped my fingers around its shaft I felt it harden. The more it hardened, the more powerful I felt. If I can make this happen with a simple touch, imagine what I can do when I truly try. He voluntarily removed his pants and underwear exposing himself for my pleasure. I stroked his now fully rigid cock waiting to feel the slippery pre-cum ooze from the head. As soon as I felt that I knew it was time. I lowered my mouth to his cock, making sure my hot breath covered it before my lips did. I licked it from end to end, side to side and top to bottom. He writhed under my tongue and tried to move himself so that he could slide his cock into my mouth on his terms. My grasp tightened until he moaned in pain and looked at me with surprise in his face. I told him in no uncertain terms that I would suck his cock on my terms and in my own time, and that he should lay perfectly still or I would stop. My power was growing and the bitterness was taking over my very soul. I knew forcing him to lay still was torture, but I had far more in mind for him.

I resumed licking. He obeyed me and remained perfectly still as my tongue danced over his entire length and girth. Finally I licked the head and tasted the sweet clear pre-cum he was now dripping. I engulfed his cock with my mouth and sucked hard, pulling it into my mouth. He moaned as if I had bitten him -- such weakness is pathetic. I sucked him for a few moments, but soon became bored. I decided that tenderness no longer had a place in this session. I placed my middle finger against his anus and buried it without warning. He jumped, and started a feeble protest. I bit slightly into his cock, feeling my teeth sink into his tender flesh. He yelped and remained still and silent. I worked my finger in and out of his ass more as an act of domination than anything else. I grew tired of that and inserted another finger. He squirmed but made no effort to resist me. He reached between my legs and rubbed through my jeans, unaware that he was completely missing the mark. I chuckled at his attempts to turn me on. I was far more excited by his obedience than his fingers.

Once his balls had tightened and I knew that he was close to orgasm I removed his cock from my mouth and smiled wickedly at him. I excused myself saying I needed to use the bathroom and change into something more suitable. He smiled at me and told me to hurry back. Had he known what I had in store for him he would not have wanted me to hurry.

Once in the bathroom I removed my clothing and rubbed my soaking pussy. I knew he was waiting, and I knew he would continue to do so. I moved my fingers over my clit bringing the familiar feelings to myself. I slipped a finger inside myself and continued to stimulate my clit. These were the feelings no man would be able to produce. I brought myself to a small orgasm simply to relieve the pressure of involuntary celibacy. I removed my gear from the cabinet and donned it. A black latex corset, which allowed my breasts the exposure they would need, a rather large black strap on dildo, secured by latex panties and thigh high patent leather boots with spiked heels. I covered myself with a black full length robe and walked back out to the waiting victim.

He made some stupid noise when I returned to him, I suppose showing his approval. He was propped up on his elbows and looking as if he were about to devour me. Little did he know he was right. In one fluid motion I opened my robe and grabbed his hair, ensuring he would not get the chance to get away. With the head of my cock positioned only inches from his mouth I smiled at him. I believe it was a smile, although his face didn't reflect that. I moved it in closer to his lips until the tip touched them. Surprisingly, he opened his mouth of his own accord. I rather hoped I would have to force it in, but this was acceptable. He allowed only a few inches in before he attempted to block me from deeper penetration. Foolish man, I pulled his head forward and rammed my cock in at the same time causing him to gag. He looked at me as if expecting mercy. Silly boy, I drove harder until my cock was as deep as I wanted it to go. He stopped gagging once he resigned himself to the fact that I was going to control him. I forced him to suck my latex cock for a brief period of time, amused that he was struggling so hard doing something men routinely expect from women.

Once I grew bored of watching him struggle for breath I pulled his head lower to the bed and instructed him to get on all fours. He again considered resisting, I could see it in his eyes, but reconsidered and did as I commanded. I smeared a slight amount of lubrication around his ass, more as a formality than anything else, and rested the tip of my large black cock against his asshole. I pondered exactly what entry to use and finally settled on taking him violently. In this situation I decided a generous amount of lubrication was in order, after all I didn't want to injure him. I applied globs of it to him then without thought rammed my cock in his ass. He cried out as I forced all of my cock into him. He complained about the pain at first. I drove it deeper into him them smacked his ass hard with my hand; more whining ensued so I grasped his precious balls and squeezed slightly. He howled yet again. I squeezed harder and rammed my cock deeper in his ass at the same time. Finally I managed to bury my entire length in him. I released his balls and remained still as he whimpered under my power and rage. Another slight orgasm ran through my body as I watched him shiver under me.

I no longer cared what he felt, how he felt or what he wanted -- I was only concerned with my desire. I desired to fuck him hard and fast. Again without warning I pumped my huge latex cock in and out of his ass. My ears were deaf to his protests; my eyes were glued to the sight of my rage sliding forcefully in and out of his asshole. I grabbed his hips and forced him back to me fucking him harder. His moans were no longer moans of pain, he was enjoying my domination. As I fucked him I continually smacked his ass until it blazed with my hand print. The force and power allowed me yet another orgasm. I grew physically tired of fucking my new bitch and decided I would allow him his release.

I made him roll onto his back while I remained buried inside his ass. It was comedic to watch him try so hard not to allow my cock to slip out when moments ago he was so determined not to let it in. I started stroking his cock again, feeling it grow harder in my hand than it was before. The thick shaft felt like steel. I never gave consideration to pressure or rhythm; I was simply jerking his cock. Apparently that was all it took, he tensed and groaned.

Knowing his ejaculation was imminent I angled his cock toward his face. The first few shots hit him exactly as I had planned, near his mouth. The remainder was in a line from the tip of his cock to his throat with a nice coating on my fingers. I placed my cum covered fingers on his lips and waited for his tongue to clean them. He knew what I expected and licked and sucked them clean. I pushed the cum from his face to his mouth and made him lick that up as well. He seemed to enjoy it so I continued scooping and feeding until I could get no more.

I removed my cock unceremoniously from his ass and dismissed him from my service. He asked to stay for a while but I would have none of it. I told him to leave and enjoy the way his ass felt, that the pain there tomorrow was my brand and that I owned him. Surprisingly, he complied and begged to stay longer. Stupid weak men...

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