tagBDSMSub Unexpectedly Meets her Dom

Sub Unexpectedly Meets her Dom


They'd been talking to each other for a few months by this point. Exchanging emails back and forth to one other, they'd soon learnt about one another's kinks, fantasies, desires and fetishes. Of course, this wasn't all they'd talked about. They weren't solely driven by sex. They had also learnt about one another's hobbies. What interests they had. Their favourite music. What type of films they enjoyed. At one point, Sam had even travelled to Greece, and that sent them onto the topic of Greek food, and their passion for tropical dishes.

It was safe to say they both knew as much about each other than a couple would ever need to know. However, no matter how much information they'd shared, it was never, could never and would never be enough to prepare them for what they had experienced that very first day.


Sam walked through the door of her local gym at 9 that Saturday morning. She always came at this time. Barely anyone was there and so she could work out without her paranoid conscience convincing her that everyone was watching and laughing at her inability to use the machinery correctly. She headed straight for the changing rooms, stuffed her belongings into a locker and made her way onto the gym floor. She had her usual gear on; tight black thigh shorts, a white crop top and those silver and blue running shoes.

She had to wear this stuff. Once Sam got onto a

treadmill and ran her usual length, she'd fall off dripping in her own sweat and would probably collapse if she was wearing anything thicker.

Stepping onto the thin, rotating material, Sam set her usual run; 20 minutes at sped 8.5 and began her workout.

Two minutes had gone by and Sam was deep in concentration. By this time, a few more members had arrived and she was one in six people on the gym floor. Focused intently on her breathing, she'd breathe in deeply, hold it and then breathe out. She had to do this. Sam loved to work out, but she was notoriously prone to suffering from the commonly hated 'stitch'. The only way to avoid these was by concentrating on your breathing, and working out regularly.

Sam had just taken in another breath when she heard the door open once again. This was unusual for an early Saturday morning; not many members usually turned up this early. Frowning, Sam ignored her growing paranoia and returned her concentration to her breathing.

The 19 minute mark was nearing and Sam pressed her finger onto the plus sign to increase the speed. She could feel her pace begin to pick up and at 12.5, Sam felt like the road runner from the looney tunes and could feel the sweat dripping down her forehead. This minute always felt like it went on forever, and it was the only time she eyed the timer on the machine, praying for the seconds to go by at the rate of a millisecond. She slammed onto the stop button at 20 minutes and watched as her galloping legs slowed down over the decelerating material at her feet.

If she wasn't so exhausted, Sam would have noticed him. If she wasn't drying her face, Sam would have seen him. But she didn't. And just as Sam stepped off the machine, she slammed straight into the gentlemen walking her way.

Both crashing head on, they fell into a heap on the floor. He had tried to stop them both from falling, but with Sam's weight on top of him, it was impossible, and they'd both dropped to the cold, metal floor with a lurid thud.

With him flat on his back, Sam was lying across him, her chest to his and her towel draped across his face.

If they were in any other situation, say, on the street or in a restaurant, Sam would have been mortified. She would try to hide her embarrassment, apologise and immediately get off.

But this time, all she could do was try to hide her amusement. She couldn't believe what she had done. All these years Sam had arrived early to avoid seeing other members, and here she was lying flat across a clearly muscled man, his face covered in her sweat drenched towel and her face pressed into his pec's. Biting her lip to supress her laugh, she crawled off of him.

"I'm so sorry," she implored, still slightly out of breath from her run.

Just as she went to grab the towel off of his face, his hand swooped up and grabbed onto it.

"It okay, don't –"

As he removed the towel, his eyes widened and he froze.

So did Sam.

And her teeth removed her lip. She didn't need to bite them. Hell, she didn't even need to hold back her irrepressible laugh. No laugh was threatening to come out. If anything, a cry of embarrassment would have been more appropriate. Her eyes widened, and her mouth grew parched. Her heart had stopped. The hairs on the back of her neck stood like sharp, deathly icicles. She no longer felt hot from her work out. Sam felt cold. Shiver after shiver ran through her body. It traced her spine and travelled all the way down to her toes. She sat perfectly still, staring straight into his eyes. It was as if she was in a trance; her eyes locked onto his and wouldn't dislodge.

It was Him.

They both started into each other's eyes. It was as if no one else was in the room apart from just them two. Other members were staring at them, wondering if they were okay, but Sam was oblivious to them. She was paying no attention to anyone else but him.

Quickly catching her breath, she didn't realise she'd held it. Her hand moved to her mouth, and crawling back, Sam leaned down on her hand before standing up. Suddenly conscious of her posture and appearance, she looked down and did a one over. She didn't want to see him. Not here. Not now. She was covered in sweat, wearing gym gear, her hair tied back and her cheeks bright red. She looked awful.


She looked back up quickly, blushing from the sound of her name in his voice and looked everywhere but his eyes.

"I had no idea..."

"Me neither," she whispered in reply back.

An overpowering wash of embarrassment suddenly took over her. Her eyes where everywhere but his. The floor, the walls, the machinery, even some of the other members. She couldn't look at him. What they'd talked about online. She'd called him a submissive and he'd threatened to spank her on their first meet. She'd told him he was old and much too old to see her, and he'd told her he wouldn't forget it. That he'd remember, despite his age, and punish her on their first meet.

Now Sam stood in front of him, vulnerable, weak, wearing barely any clothes, and just imagining him pull her over his knee or throw her over the weight bench. No, he couldn't do it here....no. She had to go, she had to get out of here.

"I'm sorry," Sam muttered and spun around, quickly walking away. She had to get away from him. She couldn't stand to be any closer to him. Sam felt demeaned just imagining what he'd said her. Almost running to her changing rooms, she was about to push open the door before a strong grip wrapped around her upper arm.


Sam spun around and found him standing behind her, his grip still on her arm.

"Don't run away from me..."

She took a deep breath and let the door close against her hand. Her eyes now fixed on his; she couldn't look anywhere else. He was standing right in front of her. His proximity was so close Sam could feel the warmth radiating from his body, and it immediately sent a cold chill down

her still gripped arm.

"I ... I didn't want to meet like this..."

He took a deep breath and his chin lifted. With his eyes still on hers, they narrowed and sent a piercing look through hers. Sam's heart rate started to increase.

"Like this? Lying flat across my chest, your face pressed to my pec's and your chest against mine?"

He continued to stare. "I don't think I can imagine a better way to meet, if you ask me."

Sam's lips pursed and her eyes too narrowed.

"I wasn't asking you." She had to get out of here.

His eyes darkened and he drew his face nearer until his lips where at her ear.

"Don't think I have forgotten my promise. I have an exceptional memory, Samantha. I told you I wanted to spank you, and that promise still remains. I respect we're in a gym, and so the place isn't very appropriate. But I will assure you now, if you continue to use that tone with me, I will drag you to that weight bench to your left and throw you across my lap. Do you understand?"

Sam exhaled through her nose and looked around the floor. A few members were staring at her, but most had gotten back to their work out. Gosh, this was so demeaning.

"I said, do you understand me?" He reiterated through gritted teeth and tightened his grip around Sam's arm.

Sam gulped. "Yes...yes." She nodded head and pursed her lips. What had she gotten herself into?

"Good girl." He let go of her arm. "Now, I need to work out, but I don't want you going anywhere. I want you to stay on the gym floor and workout until I am finished. And don't rest. I want you exhausted when we leave. Stay in my line of sight, I want to keep an eye on you."

Sam couldn't believe what she was hearing. Would she really go through with this? If she backed out now, there would be no going back. But if she said yes, there would only be going forward. She felt indecisive. She didn't know what to do. Now was the time. Sam had to make the decision here and now.

Sam went to open her lips to protest but his brow rose, his head cocked.

She swallowed and shut her mouth.

"Okay...," she nodded, and watched him as he turned and strode away.

He wasn't lying when he said he was a boxer. She could tell just from his posture he'd undergone years of training. As he walked, he arms swayed from side to side, showing off his amazingly big biceps, and his broad back rippled underneath his shirt. He carried his lean, muscled body off with easy grace, and Sam bit her lip as she watched him. He was so big. She could imagine his arms around her; crushing her to his chest. She would feel safe...secure...content. But at the same time, vulnerable...helpless...and powerless. The list of feelings was endless, and such a conflicting set of emotions sent Sam into an erotic reverie, only to be distracted with a click of two fingers.

Turning her gaze up, she met his eyes and Sam's mind immediately fell back to equilibrium. With a cock of his head, Sam's feet started to move, and before she knew it, Sam was following Gary with such ease, she was shocked at how her subconscious had taken the lead and made the decision for her.

She walked quietly behind him, conscious of others stares and sat down on the mats as he made his way to the shelving of weights. Watching him pick up two 10lb weights, his eyes met hers in the mirror and she quickly looked down.

Concentrating on her own routine, she tucked her feet under a metal pole and got to work on her first set of 50 stomach crunches.

After an hour and a half and making sure to be in his line of sight, Sam had completed another 20 minutes run on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the cross trainer, time on the rowing machine and another set of crunches. It was safe to say Sam was thoroughly exhausted as she stumbled into the changing rooms when he'd disappeared into his.

Crawling to the lockers, she pulled out her gym bag and practically fell into the showers. The water felt incredible on her body, and she turned it from hot to cold to cool herself. She wasn't hot from her workout. In fact, she'd barely broke a sweat. Unable to concentrate, Sam has spent the entire time staring at him. She could barely remember her work out, only his body as his lifted those ridiculously heavy weights which Sam had once tried to pick up, but almost dropped onto her toes. Sam was hot from just staring at him. Dirty thoughts raced through her mind as those arms rippled underneath those weights, and those cold, deathly eyes stared into the mirror as he focused on what he was doing. She imagined herself getting picked up like those weights. She imagined herself being the focus of those dark, cold eyes. Sam had had to look away at some point, if she'd continued to stare, she'd probably climax without needing to touch herself...

Washing herself, Sam left the shower and dressed herself in record time. She didn't want to leave him waiting long, he had already promised her a punishment, and after this morning, Sam didn't want to test it any further. The personal trainers and fellow members did not need a pre-morning show of her getting thrown across his lap. Sam threw her bag over her shoulder and walked out of the changing rooms.

He was waiting by the entrance, leaning back against the glass with one foot rested at the side of his other knee. He looked so tasty she could have eaten him right there. She could have pulled his bag from his grasp, tore off his clothes and kissed every inch of his body. Taking a deep breath, she walked trepidatiously over to him and met his eyes as she stood in front of him.

"You were quick...good girl." Sam's stomach fluttered and she was performing cartwheels secretly in her mind. He stared into her eyes.

"I want to make the most of meeting you today. Would you allow me to take you out for lunch?"

Sam's lips parted and a frown creased her brow.

Looking around the gym floor, her stomach dropped as she remembered she was meeting her friend later on that afternoon.

"I'm meeting friend at 2."

"That's okay. It is only 11 now. We're both suitably dressed, and I can promise we won't spend longer than 3 hours."

A discreet smirk played across Sam's lips and she looked down. Was she really going to do this? Go out with this man? They'd talked for so long online, but never had she envisaged meeting up with him this soon. What if they did something she'd regret? Sam's indecisive mind played over like a broken record, and was only paused when he opened his mouth again.

"Don't overthink this Samantha."

Sam looked up quickly and found his staring down

at her intently. She swallowed and felt her stomach turning. Nodding, she smiled.

"Yes, okay..."

A small smile quickly spread across his face, but all too soon as it appeared, it disappeared, and grabbing her hand, he pulled her out of the gym entrance. Making his way to his car, he paused and turned around.

"I understand you might be apprehensive about getting into my car. Would you like to drive yourself and we meet there?"

A smile spread across Sam's face. His respect and care for her filled her heart, and she could feel her skin warm from just the sound of his voice. For a Dom, he was controlling and persistent, but also caring and thoughtful. Could he be any more perfect? She may have felt vulnerable under his strong, lean build, but she also felt safe and secure. She knew he wouldn't do anything she really didn't want to, and that made her just want him even more.

"Yes, thank you. I'll meet you there. Where are we going?"

"Gusto's, Heswall." His eyes lit up with knowing, and a small smile lifted his lips.

Sam blushed. To say she was flattered by the restaurant of his choice would be an understatement. Sam was thrilled. He'd remembered this minor detail from one of their very first conversations, and that meant more than anything to Sam.

"I'll see you there."

Getting into her car, Sam pulled out of her space and followed behind him. She knew where she was going, and she knew he knew. But Sam also knew that he wouldn't want her driving in front. Although, the thought of racing him and pissing him off was just as intriguing, Sam knew not to.

They entered the Clatterbridge roundabout and exited on the Heswall/Brimstage turn. The road here was pretty straight and just plain countryside. Farm and farm they drove past, and he was driving quite slow....Sam put her foot down and drove up close behind him, hoping he'd get the hint. But rather than speed up, he braked slightly and slowed down even more, looking up into his mirror. The deathly stare he gave Sam caused her smile to vanish and she immediately lifted her foot up off the gas. Pulling back, she left a wider gap between them and lowered her speed to his sluggish 40pmh. It was the national speed limit, why was he driving so slowly?

After a few minutes, Sam's patience was starting to run out, and pressing her foot back down, she sped up. He looked back into his mirror at her, and looking behind herself, Sam checked that the road was clear before darting into the right lane. Speeding up to 80 mph and overtaking him in a few seconds, Sam chuckled to herself at his face as she drove past. If a look could kill, she'd have crashed by now. Sam quickly turned back into their lane in front of him and sped off. She couldn't stand slow drivers.

At 60 mph, the national speed limit let Sam speed ahead, and she was now out of his sight. Shaking her head, she could only imagine his reaction when they finally reached Gusto's and she smirked in anticipation. This is what Sam lived for. She loved to annoy people. Testing their patience gave Sam that pleasure, and was one of the things that made Sam a submissive. In men, she would secretly fantasise at them exploding on her, pushing her to the wall, or bending her over a desk, and punishing her. She couldn't help these fantasies. They would evade her mind at almost every spare minute of the day, and she'd find herself getting hot from just thinking about it. She would test their patience, pick on them, tease them, and wait until they snapped and exploded on her. She loved it.

Slowing down at the roundabout, she checked for other cars, but it was empty and so quickly drove across. She went to put her foot down as she entered her exit but stopped as a car from the exit to her right sped across the roundabout in an anti-clockwise fashion and overtook her. Before she had time to realise who it was, the car stopped in front of her and she slammed on her breaks. Too shocked to move, Sam's hands remained gripping the wheel and her foot remained firmly planted against the brake.

Her heart stopped as the driver's door opened and he stepped out. The look of sheer fury and rage on his face sent Sam's mind spiralling; this wasn't exactly the reaction she was expecting. Maybe anger and irritation, but not rage. He was *really* pissed off.

He came round to Sam's door and swung it open. Without giving her time to react, he reached over, unbuckled her belt and yanked her out. Slamming her door shut, he pushed her against the glass with his hands gripping both her wrists to the door.


Sam's knees buckled under his glare and she flinched at the sheer pitch of his voice. If anyone was anywhere nearby, she wouldn't be

surprised if they flinched themselves. He was clearly pissed...beyond pissed. It was as if he couldn't control himself. His face was bright red, and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. He was like a steam

train personified...all she waited for was the steam to fume out of his ears.



Sam's heart dropped. He was worried for her safety.

And she felt stupid.

"It was just....a joke. I didn't mean-" But she was

cut off.

"A joke?" He questioned rhetorically. His voice was a menacing whisper. "A joke?! Samantha...you calling me a submissive is a joke. You teasing me about my age is a joke. Speeding at 80 mph and almost hitting my car is NO JOKE."

Sam had never felt so chastised in her like. Here she was getting scolded like an errant child, and for the first time ever, she felt humiliated.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?!"

Sam looked down. She couldn't look at him. Worry. Anger. Fear. Rage. His eyes held to many emotions for her to handle.

"I'm sorry," she whispered under his gaze. Sam was looking down to his feet whilst he still held her wrists to the car door.

"Oh...you will be."

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