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"There are many ways to stimulate a pierced clit."

Satina had read that once, in a magazine somewhere. The article had been written by a submissive with thick rings in her clit, pussy lips, nipples -- even the end of her tongue. No elaboration on what some of those "ways" might have been. But the statement had entered Satina's mind, like a wind-blown seed entering a little crack in the dirt, and took root in fertile soil. More and more, Satina found herself compelled to explore the idea, nurture that tiny seed, coax it to grow and bloom, with the help of her hypnotic Mistress, MzDominica.

On the cross-town bus, Satina rode to her mid-afternoon appointment with MzDominica. She sat in one of the wide, sideways seats, facing the people in the opposite seat across the aisle. As usual, her legs were crossed, showing off everything she had between her platform sandals and her leather mini-skirt. The black leather contrasted with the creme-colored satin blouse that almost -- but not quite -- matched the color of her long blonde hair.

Satina liked to show off her legs, so firm and a little muscular -- a direct benefit of her little obsession. With a little brass weight dangling from the ring in her clit, every step Satina took caused the weight to swing a little bit -- especially if she wasn't wearing any panties. Walking, taking slow, easy strides, stimulated her constantly. But it was nothing compared to when she climbed stairs, when the little pear-shaped weight swung forward and back, forward and back, and repeatedly "slapped" between her pussy lips. Often, Satina would spend much of her lunch hour, climbing stairs. The exercise was good for her -- made her trimmer, her legs like a dancer's. Up the stairs always felt better than down. The thrust of the little brass pear between her dripping labia always felt like one more swing, one more wobble of her clit, would send her over the edge into orgasm.

On the bus, Satina clenched her thighs together, just a little bit, daydreaming about the stairs and the brass weight. Funny, how she could never actually see the weight, except when she was in deep trance. But she could always feel it there, swinging back and forth, wiggling her clit, gently tugging on it all the time, stretching it a little.

Like the time MzDominica had taken her to the "pony farm." Satina hadn't known what to expect, and was surprised to find that she was to be the pony. Outfitted with a bit in her teeth, blinders on either side of her head, and wearing nothing but a harness made of leather straps, Satina was trained to pull a small cart, with her Mistress holding the reins. Little bells were attached to her nipples and to the ring in her clit. They shook and jingled with every step Satina-pony took. With a quick flick of the reins and a click of Her tongue, MzDominica signaled her to begin trotting. Jingle-jingle-jingle, the silver bell between Satina's legs suddenly became her entire world, all conscious thought focused on the tug-tug-tug on her clitty, while she mindlessly responded to every tug of the reins, every click of her Mistress' tongue, every flick of the little whip, turning left, turning right, straight ahead down the country road, jingle-jingle-jingle, tug-tug-tug. Satina's panting had more to do with that little bell than the exertion of pulling the cart. Step-step-step, tug-tug-tug -- suddenly, Satina felt a pull on the reins, and her Mistress' Voice say, "Whoa!" She stood still, facing forward, able only to see straight ahead because of the blinders, while she heard Dominica get out of the cart, heard Her boots crunch on the gravel road as she walked, step by step, along Satina's left side, until She was finally in front, facing Satina, holding the little pony whip. Dominica's Eyes gazed deep into hers, and Satina heard her Mistress say, "Lock you knees so you don't fall down. Now... cum!"

On the bus, Satina squirmed a little, not quite sure where she was for a moment. She looked around casually, noticing the men staring at her and trying to hide it. Satina loved having that power over them -- that they wanted to gaze at her openly, but didn't dare! Then she noticed the little old lady across the aisle, holding a book and pretending to read it -- but Satina could see her eyes flick up from the book every once in a while, and trail up Satina's legs. She saw the woman's eyes flick back and forth. Apparently deciding no one was looking, the woman quickly took her left hand off the book, squeezed her breast, and returned her hand to the book. Then, as if realizing something, her eyes left the book, looked up, and she found herself staring straight into Satina's eyes. Caught! The old lady's lips curled into a strange, lop-sided smile -- pixyish and challenging at the same time. Then she returned to her book. "Naughty granny," Satina thought!

Satina's stop had arrived. She rose from her seat, deliberately not tugging down her mini-skirt, and slinked catlike to the bus door. Let 'em all have a good look, and ache for her. Even the naughty granny. Satina found herself echoing the secret smile.

She straightened her skirt just as she stepped off the bus, then began walking toward the building where MzDominica had Her office. The mini and the platform sandals made Satina's legs seem to go on forever, and she could tell a lot of men -- and women -- found themselves distracted from their afternoon errands, for just a moment, as she passed them on the sidewalk. The height of the sandals made her stride just that little bit longer and slower, the perfect cadence for that little brass weight swinging back and forth, tugging on her hard, aching clit.

Entering the office building, Satina heard her Mistress' Voice in her head, commanding her to try to resist, just the little bit that she could. She walked across the lobby to the elevator and pressed the "up" button. Hmm... slow today. It was a full minute before the elevator arrived. The doors opened, and Satina walked toward the elevator, ready to enter, ready to ride up to Dominica's floor instead of taking the stairs. She got closer and closer to the doors, but seemed to be slowing down with every step, her mind getting hazier with every moment. Just as she got to the doors, so that one more step would take her inside, she quietly stopped, deep in trance, seemingly unable to remember what the elevator was for. Satina turned, and walked toward the entrance to the stairs.

As she began climbing the stairs, Satina began to wake up a little bit from her trance. "Good thing I always get here early, with plenty of time before my appointment," she thought. The little brass weight, that she could never see, began swinging as she started up the first flight of stairs. Swaying back and forth, slapping gently against her labia -- already dripping wet from her daydreams -- the little brass pear tugged at Satina's clit, while her mind became warm and fuzzy again. "Just to the top of this flight," the weight seemed to promise, "and one more tug there will make you cum." Satina climbed, the weight swinging, the little air drafts up the stairwell caressing her skin. She climbed, as everything became hazy. She climbed, like a robot, the little weight swinging. She climbed, losing track of the flights of stairs. The little slap... slap... slap... of the weight matching the step... step... step... of her legs, the drip... drip... drip... of her pussy.

Somehow, Satina left the stairwell at just the right floor, and walked down the hallway to the office. She wasn't really aware of the sign on the door, "MzDominica, Erotic Hypnosis," as she turned the doorknob and entered the reception room. As always, she had arrived just at the right time for her appointment, already in a trance, ready for more conditioning from her Mistress.

The receptionist recognized her. She pressed a button on a little console on the desk, waited a moment, and a green light lit up. The receptionist stood up, gently took Satina by the arm, and guided her down a short hallway to a golden colored door. She knocked on the door, heard Dominica's Voice say "Enter," and opened the door. After guiding Satina through, she looked at MzDominica, who nodded. Then she backed out and closed the door.

Dominica was seated in a big, leather chair, dressed in a conservative business suit, her feet in open-toed shoes with four-inch heels. She looked at her slave, Satina, who stood just inside the doorway, her face blank, her eyes void of expression -- trembling with lust and unable to think what to do next.

"Good afternoon, Satina," Dominica said. She watched as the slave's trembling increased, her jaw became slack. "Satinaaaaa!" More trembling. "You must answer Mistress! I said good afternoon!"

Somehow, Satina managed to find the words. "Good afternoon, Mistress. I am at Your beck and call."

"That's correct, Satina. You are. And you're here for more clitty training, aren't you? Say yes."

"Yes," Satina replied, hardly aware that she was speaking. Little trails of juices were dripping down her thighs, visible below the leather mini-skirt.

"Good. I have something special for you today. I always have something special for you, don't I? Say yes."

"Yes," Satina replied. The trembling was now so intense, the slave could hardly stand.

"Drop to your knees, Satina. Crawl over here and kiss your Mistress' feet."

Satina gently dropped to the floor, on her hands and knees, and crawled the short distance to where Dominica was seated. She began to kiss the tips of Dominica's toes, one by one, starting with the right big toe and moving outward to the right little toe, then back to the left big toe and moving outward again. When she reached the left little toe, Dominica said, "Stop. Now, Satina, stand up, and go lie down on the big chair."

Moving like she was under water, Satina stood, and walked over to a big recliner, one that looked almost like a dentist's chair, though there were no instruments or lights attached. She sat onto the edge, then turned a little, lifted her legs, and lay down, arms at her sides on the arm rests.

"Good, Satina," MzDominica said. "Now, I want you to lift your skirt, so your pussy is exposed. And spread your legs, just a little, but keep your legs straight." Satina did as she was told, lifting her buttocks a little, so she could hike the leather mini-skirt up to her waist. MzDominica rose and walked over next to the recliner, where She could speak close to her slave's ear.

"Good girl," Dominica's Voice, almost a whisper, seemed to enter the slave's mind like telepathy. "Satina! Satinaaaa! I want you to go deeper for Me, now. Deep, deep trance, and let Me guide you through something new." Satina's trembling continued, but it became quieter, somehow, as her breathing became deeper and more regular. "That's right... Deeper... and deeper... You cannot move. Your arms cannot move. Your legs cannot move. Your pussy is on fire now, I know -- but even your hips cannot move. You are frozen, like a statue. This is very, very important, Satina. You cannot move. You are frozen. Say it."

"I am frozen," Satina replied, in a voice even quieter than her Mistress'.

"Good, Satina. You are frozen. Now, I want you to open your eyes and look up at the top of the shelf. Right near the ceiling. What do you see there?"

It took a moment for recognition to work its way through Satina's blank consciousness, but finally she was able to answer, "Speakers."

"That's right," Dominica replied, "speakers. They're attached to my stereo. There are different kinds of speakers, did you know that? Some speakers for the very high frequencies, like piccolos, and some speakers for the medium frequencies, like trombones."

Satina had no idea where this was going. She could barely think what a stereo was for, she was so blank. All that mattered was what her Mistress' Voice told her.

"And some speakers," Dominica continued, "for very low frequencies -- for the bass notes. Those are called 'woofers.' And there are even special speakers for deeper sounds. Deeper... and deeper... and deeper..." Satina dropped even further into blank, receptive trance. "Those are called 'sub-woofers.' And I have one of those speakers on my shelf."

Satina floated in a blank haze, the ache still building in her pussy, her clit begging to be played with -- but she was unable to move. Even to pump her hips in the empty air, which never gave her any relief, but at least allowed her to express her lust. Frozen.

"Now, we're going to play with your clit, Satina. As a little girl, you must have played with a paper cup telephone. Remember? Two little paper cups, and a string. You attach the string to the cups, each person takes a cup, and you back away from each other until the string is tight. When one person talks into a cup, the string carries the vibration to the other cup, and the other person can hear it."

Even blank as she was, Satina realized what was next, almost as soon as Dominica said it.

"I am going to attach a string now, Satina. One end to my sub-woofer, and the other end to the ring in your clit. Remember, you are frozen. You cannot move. The string needs to be tight -- and we don't want you pulling on it TOO hard!" Satina could feel a light vibration in her clit as MzDominica ran the end of a string through the ring, pulled it through, then gently tied it in place. She couldn't quite see what her Mistress was doing at the other end, where the speaker was, but soon Dominica backed away, and she could see the long string extending from between her legs, up to the speaker.

Dominica held up a little remote control, and said, "Now we're going to have some fun!" She pressed a few buttons, and music began to play from the speakers. Dominica would watch Her slave's reactions for a while, then change to a different selection.

Some tracks didn't have that much bass, and Satina lay there -- still shaking, but obviously not much stimulated. Other tracks had an immense effect. Some songs by Madonna, and by Michael Jackson, carried a THUMP... THUMP... THUMP... back beat that had Satina's clit visibly vibrating with every note, and soon had her voice making little grunting sounds. Dominica changed the track again... and again... and again... The movie soundtrack from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was a surprise. Those long, slow glides from the cello resonated through Satina's clit, as if the bow were sliding between her legs, over and over, and her throat began to make little squealing sounds, somewhere between a whimper and... almost singing. Dominica let that track play its full length, watching as Satina's body became more and more rigid. Then She stopped the playback, and leaned closely to Satina's ear, whispering something, and commanding Satina, "You will forget these instructions until the time comes. Then you will obey, and THEN you will remember. Now sleep."

Satina found herself walking out of the stairwell at the ground floor, back in the lobby of the office building. She was still achingly horny, and was so wet between her legs she felt like she'd walked through a lawn sprinkler. Remembering what she'd just gone through in MzDominica's office with the stereo, she was becoming so desperate to cum that she wanted to walk back up the stairs and beg for release. But some compulsion made her continue walking through the lobby, to the exit, and outside. She stood in the doorway for a moment, unsure what to do next. Then, finally, she decided to walk to the bus stop, so she could ride home.

So focused on the ache between her legs, Satina didn't even notice her usual head-turning effect on passers-by. All she wanted to do was get home, where she could pull out a vibrator or something, maybe call MzDominica and beg for permission to cum that way. Even the usual swinging and slapping of the invisible weight on her clit only reminded her how much she wanted to cum, needed to cum, NOW -- not later, not soon, NOW!!!

Satina sat on the bench to wait for the bus, legs crossed, thighs tight against her pussy. Behind her, people walked along the sidewalk in both directions, talking, sometimes singing. In front of her, cars and trucks drove, waiting for the traffic light, then rushing away as new cars arrived, took their place, and whizzed by. She was barely aware of them. Her mind was on the aching clit between her legs, her squirming thighs rubbing it over and over, but not enough, not the right way.

Something caught her attention. A sound. She wasn't sure what -- it was almost like the noise of construction work taking place somewhere down the street. Satina looked up, but couldn't see anything. The traffic light changed again, and the cars slowed down and stopped, leaving directly in front of her, a car full of teen-aged boys, the windows all rolled up. The sound was coming from there. They had a stereo. With BIG bass speakers -- and with the windows closed, all you could hear of the music was the THUMMMMM... THUMMMM... THUMMMM... of the bass track, over and over again. Satina was frozen. She could not move. THUMMM... THUMMM... THUMMMM... went right to her clit. Her mind went deep into trance, as her clit went THUMMM... THUMMM... THUMMM... with the music. Closer... closer... closer...

Satina came. THUMMM... Hard. THUMMM... Strong. THUMMMM... Deep. THUMMMMM... Unable to move, unable to think. Just CUMMM.... CUMMM... CUMMMM... Over and over and over.

Suddenly, Satina realized the light had changed. The car with the powerful stereo had moved on, and she could hear the thummming in the distance, again sounding like construction noises. She also realized what MzDominica's commands to her had been, the instructions she could suddenly remember. The best part was, Dominica had told her she would react like this EVERY time she heard a car stereo with powerful bass notes!

She checked her watch. Her bus wasn't due for another ten minutes. Satina found herself checking the traffic, listening for another car, for more noises that sounded like construction, for more music to stimulate her clit.

Oh, it was going to be a GREAT ride home!

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