tagInterracial LoveSubcontinental Scandal Ch. 01

Subcontinental Scandal Ch. 01


Rai laid in Nik's arms as they sat on the couch. It had been a trying week for her in the ER and she needed a lot of love and affection from her man. She literally pressed her face against his warm, masculine chest when a cellphone sung its ringtone.

"Seriously? Better not be work again," she cursed, grabbing it. "Hello?"

Her face turned from pissed to annoyed, a minor difference but not an upgrade. She considered it a lateral move.

"Congratulations, sis. Yes, I am still slaving away at the hospital. No, no young doctors to woo, none that I'm interested in anyways. I'm sure you're happily married for more than the money...I'm not an old maid, I've got a lot of miles left on the odometer. Look, what did you need me for other than to bust my chops about marriage again? Seriously? You are? Yeah, uh...no, my place isn't good right now. Why?"

Rai hesitated a moment, stalling for time. Her eyes met Nik's for a moment. A stroke of genius sparked her mind into creativity.

"Cause I'm busy moving into my new place. I...got married, getting married...Oww, my ear, sis, could you shout any louder?"

Nik looked confused at the marriage comment. Rai could only mouth the word sorry to him, and hope he understood.

"What does he do? School teacher...Mine is bigger than his, sis...I don't know, they call it love. You sound more like mom every day. You can stay over at our place. I'll pick you up at the airport this weekend when you arrive, okay? Bye sis, love you too."

"So when did you and I get married?" Nik asked, sarcastically.

"Sorry, only thing that came to mind. That was my sister."

"I figured that part out when you said sis."

"She is coming for a visit. Acts like a mini-mom, always on my case to find a man to marry. I'm not the marrying type. They just don't get that."

"Apparently you're the eloping type though. Gale and the others have a pool going. They wouldn't let me know our marriage dates though. Personally, I think Gale picked 'over my dead body day', but I never was one for gambling."

"Very funny. This is serious. She is coming this weekend to visit. So, ummm, will you marry me?"

"Aren't you supposed to get on one knee and show me an expensive ring?" he laughed.

"I'm being serious."

"Okay, okay, why not? We live together, technically, so just get us a pair of rings. Maybe its cause I'm not Indian but why is it such a big deal?"

"My family is from New Delhi. It's conservative, like Indian Bible Belt conservative. My folks and I didn't part on good terms. They wanted me to stay in the subcontinent, get married, pop out a dozen kids. I wanted to be a doctor and see the world. We've patched things up a little because a doctor is such a respected position, but every time we talk, the first question is always "when are you getting married?"

"You can't have kids though."

"They don't know that. Don't tell my sister. Yeah, it'll also be a shock when she sees you. My family is traditional."

"Say no more, I get it," Nik commented. "I'll be on my best behaviour in front of the sister for you. Hey, you okay?" Nik asked, noticing Rai's mood changing.

"Yeah, yeah, didn't want to go through another family fight. It is a loop. We talk about the same things, marriage, men, and family. I'm the black sheep."

"How long is she staying for?"

"The weekend, I think. Never said. We don't put a time limit on visits. It is how our family works," Rai answered.

Nik stroked her hair, cradling her in his arms tenderly. The trip obviously bothered her. The normally cool seductress that let nothing faze her, now scowled, annoyed at what should be a happy occasion.

"I'll give the girls a call later. They won't be too pleased to move all their stuff out temporarily but they'll have to deal with it for the time being," he told her.


Nik and Maya waited at the airport for the DelAir flight to unload passengers.

"Best behaviour, I know. I'll follow your lead," Nik commented, before Rai opened her mouth.

"I owe you, Nik."

"We're married, isn't this what married couples do?" he joked.

Rai noticed her sister walk through security, luggage in hand, and waved her over. The sister didn't have the height and stature of Rai, but she had more ample proportions in the bust and ass department. Casual clothing barely contained her curves.

"I'm going to grab a drink from the vending machine," Nik said, slipping away out of sight.

Rai took a deep breath and tried to put on a welcoming smile.

"It's been a long time, sis," Rai said, hugging her.

"A couple years at least. So, where is he? Where is the lucky guy?" the sister asked.

Rai pointed to the tall man standing near the vending machines.

"I don't see him," the sister said. "I must be going blind, Maya, or am I still asleep on the flight. I didn't see you point to a white man, did I?"

"Don't be a bitch, Celina. He is the only guy standing there."

"Mom is going to freak out when she hears this. She'd rather you were an old maid than bed with the enemy."

"Hello, I live in the New World. Are you all naïve that I wouldn't meet a white guy? I'm not going to argue with you in the airport. Let me introduce you to him. He is a sweet and caring guy."

"A lot of sweet and caring guys in India, Maya. Rich guys too. Double slumming it."

Maya tried not to roll her eyes in frustration, leading Celina over to meet Nik.

"Hunny, this is my sister, Celina. Sis, this is my husband, Nik."

Hand out for a shake, Celina noticed the ring on his finger. Small, unimpressive, and beneath her station in life.

"What does she see in him? A pretty boy smile and some muscles? Lots of guys in India with those," Celina thought.

"Charmed. Grab my bags, would you? Those muscles aren't for show, are they?" she commanded, arrogantly like a princess to a servant.

"Sis, carry your own bags. He is my husband, not yours," Rai chided her, defending her territory.

"Guess all those muscles are for show," Celina commented, annoyed, carrying her luggage out of the airport.

"She doesn't like me, does she?" Nik asked.

"You're the wrong color. Don't worry, once the visit is over I'll make it up to you any way you can think of," she flirted, kissing him gently.

"Hello? Can you two hurry it up?"

"Youngest sister," Rai said.


They arrived at Nik's home, also now known as their pretend marriage home.

"This is all you can afford on a doctor's salary? I thought American doctors were loaded?" Celina commented, appraising the home.

"It is Nik's home, actually. He had it before we met."

"That explains it."

Nik took all the insults and barbs with good cheer and diplomacy. This was real life, not the internet. Situational awareness gets overlooked often during internet relationship debates. Some, no doubt, would call him a cuck for not stamping his authority immediately, and telling his new sister-in-law to fuck off and hit the bricks at the first insult. But this situation wasn't about him. He took the jabs for Rai to keep the peace.

"Neighbourhood doesn't look that poor at least," Celina observed. "Did you tokenize my sister? Your name is Nik, wasn't it?"

"That's me, and I don't get what you mean by tokenize."

"She the only Indian on the block?"

"Maybe. I don't pry into my neighbour's private lives."

"Sis, just get inside and relax. If you didn't want to be around white people, you should have stayed in India. Why did you come, the real reason?" Rai asked.

"I'll tell you after dinner. I need a bath. Where are the facilities?"

"Here, I'll show you," Nik said, grabbing a bag to carry inside.

Rai scowled, reaching her diplomatic limit with Celina. Nik did a quick tour, showing Celina the upstairs.

"There is your bedroom during the stay, and right down the hall over there is the bathroom. Maya will bring some fresh towels for you."

"How did my dear sister meet you? You're not a doctor. How does she meet a school teacher?"

"I'll let Maya answer that question. I don't know what your problem is with me but we happen to be family now. I've got nothing against you."

"Whatever, I'll call you if I need you," she haughtily replied, back turned as she walked to the bathroom.

Nik walked downstairs, noticing a scowl on Rai's face as she waited for him. She grabbed his arm, leading him into the living room for more privacy.

"I could slap the piss out of her. I don't get why she bothered to fly all this way here."

"Relax, okay? She'll be gone in a few days. She is a cunt but my students have called me worse. I know your favor will more than make up for her attitude."

"How did I get so lucky to find you?" she asked, finally smiling and wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders.

"Gang warfare," he joked, kissing her lips lightly.

"I'll go and make dinner. She'll be expecting traditional Indian cuisine."

"What does her husband do?" Nik asked.

"Some rich, big shot. I focused on my residency, not her sex life, so I don't know how they met. He is loaded, handsome, and she gets to live like a queen. Mom and dad are infatuated with him, like the son they never had."

"You never talked about your family, ever," Nik mentioned. "I won't pry. You can tell me if you think it is important enough, when the time is right."

Rai nodded before kissing him.

"Go and relax, hunny. Let your wife do the cooking, okay?" she smiled, dragging a slow finger across his chin.


The threesome sat around the tiny dinner table. Celina looked annoyed, disgusted at eating like a peasant. Rai had changed into traditional clothing, wearing a respectable saree, and not the slutted up versions she bought for her enjoyment with Nik.

"What kind of work do you do, Celina?" Nik asked.

"Work? I don't work. Hubby pays all the bills. I relax all day like a woman should," she replied.

"Okay, what do you do relaxing around all day? Tanning?"

"I read fashion magazines and watch my figure. I have to look my best to be on hubby's arm. He needs to show me off at business functions. It is hard work."

"Maya, weren't you telling me about your surgery schedule last week?"

"Please, not at the dinner table," Celina interrupted. "I don't need the mental image while I'm eating. I'm sure you do a fine job stitching people up, sis."

"How are mom and dad?" Rai asked.

"They are fine. They send their love. They wanted to know who the lucky guy was...I don't think they'll be too pleased to find out about this."

"Please, can you not insult my husband in front of him. We get it. The family and you want me to marry an Indian guy. Too late. Move on, okay?"

"I'm just saying, you could have found a man worthy of you, Maya. School teachers are fine if you were born in the lower class. Mom and dad wants us to marry up, not down."

Nik quietly ate his food. Rai turned out to be an excellent cook. He focused on the delicious flavors and spices, and left the sisters to engage in the family catfight.

"You never did learn manners, Celina. I didn't marry down. I married up. I'm lucky to have him," Rai said, defending him.

"Nik, how much do you make a year?" Celina asked.

"Uh, less than what Maya makes, that is for sure. The school counted all my years overseas in Japan though, or I'd be at the bottom of the pay scale," he answered. "Babe, this is delicious. You outdid yourself. Keep making the rice like this every night," he complimented her, and also slipped out of the crosshairs.

"Thank you, baby," Rai smiled.

"She makes more than you. Don't you feel emasculated your wife brings home more cash than you do?"

"Seriously, Celina? What kind of bullshit question is that?" Rai questioned.

"I read about it. Husbands who make less than their spouse are more likely to commit domestic abuse because of feelings of inadequacy and emasculation. I'm only looking out for you. I don't want you beaten."

Celina's entire tone sounded refined but arrogant, like a court darling who never met a day of toil or trouble. Rai opened her mouth but Nik beat her to the punch.

"I'm proud Maya makes more money than I do. She works hard for it, and I hope she keeps getting raises. Any man should be proud, not emasculated, to be married to a successful and ambitious woman. I want an equal, not deadweight."

Rai smiled, both for the support but also the veiled jab he took against Celina. The younger sister huffed, and shut up, eating in silence for the rest of the meal.


After dinner, Celina excused herself to go rest, leaving the cleaning to Rai. Nik helped out, listening for twenty minutes to Rai bitch about her sister. Once they finished, the pair headed up to their room. Door left open a crack, Rai immediately grabbed onto Nik's shirt, attempting to pull it off.

"Fuck me," she said.


"You heard me," she commanded, pushing Nik onto the bed. "Fuck me, White Rajah. I want my cunt of a sister to hear pleasure the Kama Sutra doesn't teach."

She hopped on top, kissing Nik passionately. Their hands fondled and groped each other's body. Nik grabbed some of her long hair, sternly pulling her in cheek-to-cheek.

"That your wish, bitch? I'll colonize your holes. You'll scream so loud your sister can't help but hear it in the spare bedroom. I'll fuck you in ways that'll make you disowned by your family. Is that what you want, Maya?" he said.

"Shut up and do it. Be my White Rajah and use me like a palace slut," she moaned, quickly reaching down to pull his cock free from its confines.

Nik spit on her face then licked it up lewdly with the tip of his tongue. It immediately streaked her makeup, slutifying her. On the surface this type of sex didn't appear out of the ordinary between them. Kink, slurs, raceplay, nothing they'd blush at. But the tone in Rai's voice and the passion in her eyes told a different story.

Nik's palm caressed Rai's face, roughly, and then the crack of a slap broke the sound barrier. He landed a barrage of pleasure inducing slaps on her cheek. Each strike made her moan, and made her cunt lips tremble in anticipation for their turn.

"I'm going to make your sister jealous of you, Maya. I'll make her wish she was you. Her mind won't forget about this night, so when she goes back home to India and gets fucked by her husband, she'll be thinking of you. Where is my White Rajah? Where is my colonizer to use me like the bitch Indian women were bred to be used as? Where is my Union Jack to wrap myself up in?"

Rai kissed and bit into Nik's strong, masculine jawline as he spoke delightful, enticing words. Her fingers wrapped around the impressive cock, stroking it off, teasing him, before she would consume it in her lusty throat.

"I'll fuck you so hard she'll feel it. Her husband will never measure up anymore. No matter how rich he is, how handsome he is, or how big he is, she'll only remember the pleasure on your face as you're used like Indian women should be used. You're my bitch wife, Maya. You're my fucksleeve doctor, Rai. You're as forceful and vivacious as the niggers, and as mouthy and whorish as the chink and spic."

Nik felt her grip tighten. Her jerk-off technique literally jerked, as an orgasm ripped through every inch of her body, leaving goose bumps along sun kissed skin.

"You can't have a kid but that'll not stop me from trying to breed you daily. Your weakness is your strength. No pill. No worrying about safe days. I can grab your hair at will and use you. Your cunt sister can't do that, and she knows it. She has the burden of popping out kids for her hubby. You get to enjoy your life stress free and full of fun. Deep down, I think she is jealous of you."

"Fuck me, Rajah. Shove it inside me," she whispered through moans. "I need your white, colonizer cock inside me. I need it badly like I've never needed my husband before."

Nik slipped out from underneath her, but still held her hair the entire time. Face pushed into the bed, her ass went up immediately. Down came the saree bottoms. Top clothed, bottom naked, he liked the contrast. Maya shook her butt, happily and eagerly inviting him to pierce inside the taboo veil. She tempered herself to yell and scream like a pornstar banshee, wanting and needing to show up her sister. She'd be the perfect Kama Sutra whore for her husband.

"FUCK!" she screamed out, legitimately, as he went inside her ass raw. "Fuck me, you didn't say you'd fuck my ass, Rajah," she gasped out.

He ignored her, focusing on shoving as many dry inches down the erotic cavern as possible. Each centimeter stretched the cavern shaft open, bit by bit, making her moan out and cry in pleasure.

"Welcome to the Empire, bitch. This is the first time I get to fuck you as your husband," he commented.

The marriage, while legally fake, wasn't emotionally fake. Two people can't live and fuck together for over a year, in a harem, without an emotional connection bonding them together. A legal loophole no one ever questions. What is the difference between polygamy and living with five unmarried women? Nothing, except a piece of paper.

Fingernails dug into the pillow and sheets. Rai felt his cock open up her asshole wide, mercilessly taming the wild. Slow thrusts pushed in farther and farther, going deep until he hit a wall and couldn't push any further.

"Right there, just keep fucking me right there. Short thrusts, Rajah, please," she asked, biting her lip in pleasure.

He did as asked. The cockhead poked an erogenous zone. Rai squealed and moaned, loud and proud, knowing eventually her sister would hear their marital bliss.

Celina poked her head out the spare bedroom. The passion echoed into the hallway. The master bedroom's door allowed a beam of light to slice the hallway's darkness.

"Why are they doing it so loud?" she mumbled.

In a simple night gown, Celina crept to the door, eyeing marital bliss inside. Nik and Maya fucked passionately, uncaring about her hearing anything.

"In the morning you're going to wake me up with a blowjob, bitch. Your throat is going to taste paradise and a delicious meal before you make us breakfast."

"Yes, Rajah, of course," she moaned.

"Why does she call him that?" Celina thought. "He must be making her say it. My poor sister."

"I'll suck you off good. My throat will be your cock's second home. I'll drink your cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Rajah. Doctor uniform or traditional saree, won't matter. I'll dress up any way that'll keep this cock hard."

Nik pulled out to shift into a different position. The long, thick slab of meat flopped around for Celina to gaze upon. Her husband's cock had length but she had to admit Nik's had a girth advantage. It looked like it'd gape her open from the first thrust.

"Dammit, Maya, why'd he have to be so big and muscular too? Are you slumming it cause his cock is gigantic?" Celina mused.

Nik manhandled Rai, twisting and turning her at whim, roughly, and without regard to her wants and needs, except one. She wanted to be treated like a traditional wife, a whore, a colonized piece of subcontinental pussy, and so he treated her like one. Each and every moment he felt her body spasm and quake on the verge of orgasm, he pulled out and switched the position. The look of wanton need, mixed with sexual frustration, gave his cock a jolt of renewed vigor each and every time. With one hand around her neck, he spoke to her commandingly.

"You don't get to orgasm yet, Punjabi bitch, not until I've had all my fun with you. Your cunt of a sister can watch me treat you like the proper wife. I'll fill your womb with my white baby. Won't that make the family proud of you?"

He leaned in closer, for her ears only. Nik didn't know if Celina listened in on the conversation, but he pretended she did just in case.

"I know you're barren but I don't care. We'll pretend you can carry my child to show-up your sister. I could tell all day this is what you want. Oldest sister turned into the youngest, trying to be the good family daughter but can't because she wanted to sail the stars."

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