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I *noticed* Altair. Oh yes, I did. I didn't know what was wrong with me, noticing him, a man, in the way I did, those sharp cheekbones, long legs, that straight back, and the way the curly hair fell across his eyes. Those blue-gray eyes, that saw through everything, that seemed to see right through me when he looked at me with his cool gaze. That brain! He put everyone I knew to shame.

The first time he caught my eye I put it down to the heat of the moment and fascination with Altair's power. After all, hadn't I just seen him cast a shield powerful enough to deflect an iron bull's charge? We killed it together, mage and warrior, but the charge that had flung me off my feet to land dazed, thirty feet away, simply bounced off Altair's magic shield. Altair looked like something frightening and alien then, his hair flying in the breeze, hands up, maintaining the shield, teeth gritted. I could feel the power coming off him in waves. We had no mages in our family, and no mages on my isle. Ever. In two hundred and fifty years of history. I'd never seen such a thing. People were always a little afraid and timid of mages, but I wanted to see more. I wanted to learn more.

The second time I caught myself looking at Altair too long and with too much feeling was the time Altair cast a whirlpool portal on the water. How did he do this? By walking on the water himself. I stared in fascination and some awe as Altair drew patterns on the water, and then easily levitated himself onto the deck. Even in the middle of the raging maelstrom, Altair's expression never changed. A cold fish, that one.

It wasn't like Altair did anything to encourage my interest. He was brusque and rude and standoffish and sometimes I felt I would like to do nothing better than to bring him down a notch. It was impossible, however – he never bent enough to get a lever in.

I could no longer deny my fascination, however, when Altair turned a golem that had been attacking us. Actually made it turn around and attack its owners. I hadn't even known people could do that.

I'd never had so much interest in another man, and in time I could no longer deny that I felt strongly about Altair, loved the *idea* of Altair. But I told myself it was the power that made my mouth go dry. I craved that power with a hunger. But it was platonic. I just was platonically fascinated with him. That happened all the time. Right? I knew I liked women, after all. I certainly had no other thoughts about him.

Still, I thought my feelings were hidden from Altair, or more likely, ignored. I mean, he knew I admired him, but that meant next to nothing – that was normal and I knew Altair thought of it as his due. He expected it, in a way. That and fear, which was the most common reaction to him, but I felt very little fear. Just a little.

But one day it all came to a head. It was after a major battle at the keep, and I, who had been warring in the courtyard, had seen yet another demonstration of Altair's power. Our enemy Miriam Laurentis had attacked the keep in three waves. First had been skeletons, rising from their very own graves. The fight had gone for some time, but eventually Altair, casting from his tower, had imbued all of the skeletons with an ethereal pale glow which helped to find them and locate them, and, about ten minutes after that, had detonated them, one after another. Then, she had begun to cast lightning bolts. Guided, huge lightning bolts, which came down one after another and struck people, killing them. I had gotten myself and my personal guard undercover. We were weary already from the skeleton fight, but there was no way to fight lightning bolts.

But she had only killed three people when Altair retaliated. The next lightning bolt came down, actually stopped around eighteen feet off the ground, and then turned at a right angle and zoomed off. The next one, same thing. He did it six times before she finally decided there was no further point in this exercise.

Lastly, she cast Shades to attack people and draw out their souls. We fought, but it was clear we had no way of killing them except with magical weapons, and only a handful of my men had one. My own sword was enchanted, but I could not be everywhere. At this, Altair left his tower. Standing on the parapet, casting spells, he was an impressive figure, dark and mysterious, the wind billowing his robes around him. He not only halted the Shades but also forced them to return the souls they had taken that day.

And now the battle was over. I knew there was no way we would have triumphed without him. We might have fought the skeletons and even the Shades but we'd have been destroyed at the lightning bolts. I had bathed and changed and directed what needed to be done for tonight, but I was exhausted. Almost too exhausted to sleep, I decided to go up and see Altair and see what damage had been wrought on his tower. As an afterthought I grabbed a bottle of the brandy I knew he liked.

I knocked on the door to the tower I had let Altair have the use of as long as he served me. "Enter," came Altair's smooth baritone.

I plodded up the stairs. Normally I would take these two at a time, but today I was far too tired. Behind him, the door shut gently and locked.

"Altair!" I called, entering the main room – and then I stopped. The main room of Altair's tower was a mess. Books and papers were strewn everywhere. The couch was overturned. His enchantment table was on his side. And in the middle of this, sat Altair, on the floor, more relaxed than I had ever seen him. He was actually slouched, and there was blood on his forehead, but he looked content.

"Altair, what happened? You're hurt."

"She decided a direct attack was in order," he said, gesturing to his cabinet, which was ripped open, the door off its hinges. "She sent a Death Knight."

"To your armoire?"

"Yes." He arched an eyebrow and looked at me. "Is there something wrong with that?"

I laughed. "No, it was just surprising. Of all things to attack through. Here, let me take a look at that wound."

"It will be fine," but he allowed me to look at it, and bandage it up. It wasn't bad, but scalp wounds did tend to bleed a lot.

"Here, I've brought some brandy. I figured we could have a little celebration."

"Oh?" said he. "Shouldn't you be celebrating with your own people?"

I clicked my tongue in mild annoyance. "I will celebrate with them. I just wanted to check on you first. Believe it or not, I like talking to you. I always learn things. "I poured out two shots of the brandy.

"Here, it's the stuff you like."

"Indeed. Thank you." Sometimes he could be excessively polite, that one.

We sat and drank for a few moments, in silence. I spoke first.

"That was pretty amazing, what you did down there. Deflecting those spells and all."


"Yes. It is, quite frankly, amazing, watching you deflect her spells. She must be furious."

He laughed in his customary way – just a short, sharp retort.

"What's so funny?"

"You. Everyone tells you to stay away from me. Even the Mage's Guild. They all warn you about me. And here you still are."

"I know. I can't help it. It's foolish and probably stupid-"

"-It is."

I should have been hurt, but I was used to his abruptness. "Well, I can go if you like."

Silence stretched between us for a long moment, and I was just deciding he wasn't in the mood to chat, and was going to leave, when he spoke.


"Why what? Why will I leave? I believe the last time I was in here, you told me I was 'casting a shadow'. I can tell when I'm not wanted." This last with sarcasm.

"No. Why do you stay? Why do you insist on talking to me?"

"Oh." I sat back and thought. "I don't know. I like spending time with you. It's fascinating."

"Ah yes. You are...intrigued...by my idiosyncrasies."

I felt my skin grow hot. Was I blushing? I was 26, I didn't blush. But it was the way he'd said it. His voice was silky smooth and slightly amused, and very knowing. He'd noticed me watching him...? I glanced up and found he was looking directly at me, those cold eyes, now blue, now gray, meeting my own. Our gaze held for a long moment. I felt his gaze penetrate my skull, and as always, perhaps more than ever, I felt all of my secrets were revealed to him. I felt heat down the back of my neck.

I felt I needed to say something. "Well...I...I guess so. It's more fascination, really. I mean, you do such amazing things...the magic, and the power," I stuttered to a halt, realizing I was babbling. There was silence for a long moment, and then Altair moved to within a few inches of me, holding my gaze steady. Try as I might, I could not look away.

There was a look in his eyes that had never been there before. It still had the same quality of detached interest as always, but there was also a sort of direct intensity and knowing to the gaze that was new.

"You really admire me, don't you?"

"Uh..." I breathed out softly. My whole body was tense. I didn't know what to say.

"You think I haven't noticed? You think I've been that blind? I, who notice everything? Even I am human, Acastus." I felt a little fear grow in me.

" I don't mean anything by it."

"Oh? Pity. I do." And before I knew what to do, before I knew how to react, his mouth was on mine.

I inhaled sharply as I felt those thin lips on my own, surprisingly warm for who he was, and his hand moved to my head, gripping it tightly. He wasn't gentle as he forced my mouth open, and I felt his tongue penetrate my mouth. It was silky, and wet, and warm...

I yanked my head away. "Altair!"

"Acastus." First time since I had known him I saw passion in his eyes, and a fire lit deep inside of them. And I was afraid there was a corresponding flame in my eyes, too. But I still tried to deny it.

I was breathless and unsure. "But...we're both men."

He looked at me impatiently. "Does that really mean anything to you? When you look at me, is that the first thing that comes to mind?"

"No...no, it isn't." I hung his head. "But it's wrong. I mean, we're not supposed to..."

"Yes, because I obey rules all the time." He rolled his eyes and I thought again how smoky they were. "Besides, I know how to handle this. Acastus?"


"Shut. Up." And his mouth covered mine again, demanding and hot, and I hesitantly responded. Altair kissed me, still not gently, until I just couldn't fight anymore.

His hands entered my hair, silky soft and blond, so different from his own dark curly hair, and I slowly began to give in. My mind was in a frenzy. What if someone caught us? What would they say? What would they think? What was I doing with a man's mouth on my own, anyway? But all thoughts slowly began to scatter under Altair's expert kisses.

And expert they were. Tender for a moment, his warm mouth brushed over my lips, my mustache, my beard. Altair was clean-shaven to the point of obsessive ness and that smooth skin against mine was so enticing. My breath was coming in short gasps. I felt Altair shift his body and soon that long lanky body was pressing against me, and I could feel that he was hard, and I could feel his need.

"Do you not think I'm human, Acastus? Simply because I never show weakness?" He was biting the hollow of my neck now, as I moaned. Did I moan? Did I mean to moan?

"I see the way you look at me. I see the hunger in your eyes that you don't even acknowledge to yourself." He was pushing me back now, until I was lying on the floor, in the mess of papers and I somehow couldn't fight him. If I wanted to, I was strong enough to push him off me without effort. I was going to do just that. I was. In a minute.

I was now flat on my back and Altair climbed on top of me, and his mouth sought mine out again. He gave no quarter and gave me no time to think about it. He bit my bottom lip, pulling at it, and just then I felt him shift until I felt his hard cock directly against my own. Which was hard as a rock, I realized for the first time.

Our cocks rubbed together with maddening friction through the layers of cloth and it lit me aflame, I tell you. I don't know if it was the physical aspect or finally the realization and acceptance that Altair made me hard, Altair made me want him, to possess him or to be possessed by him, but either way, I finally understood it wasn't platonic. My hands came up of their own accord and clutched his head and tried to pull him even closer. Our teeth knocked together – when had I ever been so clumsy? – as I grabbed two handfuls of his curly hair.

"I know what you want, Acastus, and I am going to give it to you in every manner you can dream of," he growled to me. Awkwardly he began to take off his shirt, and I helped him, half tearing it.

In a few minutes we were both divested of our shirts, and he sat up, straddling me, looking down at me. I looked up at him, unsure. I couldn't help but admire his beautiful body. He was lithe and slim, without an inch of fat anywhere; it was all tight muscle and smooth skin. I was on the other hand much bigger, probably stronger in the long run. Still, I saw his eyes flick over my body admiringly and I was pleased.

"Still nervous, are we, Acastus?"

I swallowed. "Very."

"Hmm. Shall I make it easier for you?" He made a gesture with his fingers, and suddenly I was pinned to the floor. I tried to move my arms but could not.


"Oh yes. Now you don't have to think about it at all." He slid down my body, making sure to grind his hips against my erect cock as he went by, making me yelp and arch my back helplessly. "This tells me you haven't abated in your interest at all."

His eyes never left mine and I too could not look away as he undid my pants, slowly and deliberately. I tried to struggle but in truth I was even more turned on, being held down just by magic.

I felt his slim hand slip inside the opening to my breeches and go right past the undershorts I was wearing. When I first felt his dexterous fingers on me I positively moaned. He wrapped them around me, and began to work me, in slow, sharp jerks.

"Isn't this what you wanted, Acastus? Master Altair, at your service, serving you?" His voice had dropped to a low cadence, matching his strokes. I shut my eyes desperately. "Didn't you dream of this?"

I found my voice somewhere. "Of course I did, Altair. I never knew."

"Mmm," he chuckled. "I'll tell you what else you wanted. But first..." and he slipped his other hand inside my pants, too, cupping my balls, which had drawn up tight against my body in anticipation and desire. "Open your eyes and look at me," he commanded, and I obeyed.

His blue eyes never left my own and I could not look away either. The whole thing had taken on a dream-like quality for me. I felt his fingers slipping over the sensitive glans, down the length of me, gripping me, then back up to the tip.

"Altair, you are driving me crazy," I whispered. He smirked at me and began to up his pressure and his speed. I didn't think I would be able to hold out much longer. I tried to move and realized he was no longer holding me to the floor, and I half sat up, enough to reach his mouth with my own.

He met me back without hesitation, and even while we kissed, he never stopped doing what he was doing. His hands felt wonderful, and I felt myself begin to lose control. It had been so long, with the battles and everything; I hadn't even stopped for a woman at any point, though I could have.

But still...I rebelled at the thought that he could have me so easily. Was I that easy? I pushed him away. "Stop," I protested, though it was weak and I knew it was a lie. I didn't want him to stop.

He only gave me a smug look. "Still resisting. Is that the case?" In one fluid moment, he stood, in front of me, and cast a spell. I felt my body go immobile again. I struggled. I was a very strong man and could not move at all.

"I can see what you want. You don't want gentleness. You want me to dominate you." He crooked a finger, and I felt myself arch, forced to move from a sitting position to kneeling in front of him. His hands went to his pants, as I watched, unbuttoning them and then slowly letting them slide down his body. He was erect, fully, not inches from my face. His penis had a slight curve to it that I'd never seen before. Not that I had looked at too many naked, erect men.

"Now you will listen to me." He stepped out of his pants smoothly and walked right up to me. I would have had to lean back slightly to avoid him, but I found I could not move at all, and was less than an inch away from him. His hand snaked out and caught a handful of my hair and I grunted.

"Open your mouth, Acastus, or I'll open it for you."

I shut it tight and looked up at him.

He smirked again in evident pleasure at my resistance, and I felt my heart beat faster. "Very well." He flicked his hand again and I felt my jaw go slack. The man totally controlled me with magic, and I felt my cock surge again with arousal. I was lost in a sea of lust.

"If I feel your teeth even once, there'll be hell to pay." And without further adieu, he forced his cock forward, into my mouth.

I'd never had a cock in my mouth before, and now I didn't seem to have much choice in it. His hands were in my hair, both of them now, gripping two handfuls, and while he began gently, I guessed I wouldn't have much time to acclimate myself. I tried to relax...seeing I suddenly had control of my mouth again...and he helped me by tilting my head back. I looked up into those stormy eyes and I saw something almost akin to affection and fondness, before he narrowed his eyes and began to move faster.

He held my head almost gently and his eyes bore into my own as he plunged into my mouth over and over again, using me. Slowly, unexpectedly, I saw him begin to do something I'd never seen before - lose control. His eyes softened and began to glaze over, and I felt his control of my own body loosen. I reached down and gripped my own erect cock; it was almost painful as I began to jerk myself in time to his thrusts.

He tasted salty and sweet at the same time, the length of him going in and out of my mouth, but what nearly drove me wild was the look in his eyes, the look of mastery and control and submission, all at the same time. I was long since under his spell, but I was reaching the end of my endurance.

Without warning he grabbed my head and pulled it all the way down the length of me, until my forehead was touching his belly. He held me there for a full second and then I felt him spurt into me, groaning. I was totally not expecting it and nearly choked. A man's come, in my mouth! If I wanted to breathe there was no place for it to go but for me to swallow it, and I did, desperately, scrabbling at him, until he finally let me go, sliding out of my mouth. I coughed, and some of it came out, and I knew it was on my face and on my chin. I looked up at him, panting, dirty, covered in his come.

"You look good," he murmured, and knelt with me. Again there was that surprising tenderness as he leaned forward and kissed me, without hesitation, tasting his own come on my mouth, his tongue sliding inside, tasting me, and his hand wrapped around my cock. It took one, two, three pumps, and I lost all control. I came, shaking, and moaning, all over his hands and probably all over his belly and legs, crying out into his mouth.

He kissed my mouth gently and sat back on his haunches. I realized I'd never even fully taken my pants off; they were just down around my knees. All in all I probably made a rather undignified sight, half-dressed, mouth freshly fucked, leaning over onto my hands, and hair askew...and I knew I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I found I couldn't look him in the eyes, and he chuckled. "And now, Acastus, you are mine. Are you not? Answer me now and call me Master when you do!" This last was said sharply and he put his hand on my chin and raised my head.

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