tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSubliminal Obsessions Ch. 03

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 03



She shows me our profits and stuff...and stuff meaning gifts with cash transfers and e-notes sent for who.

I'm floored, literally floored I've never had this much money in my life.

I'm not rich but holy fuck...I can...I just sit and stare and look at the screen.

"What are you going to buy first Nikki?"

"Bills, bills and some savings but the rest...Sarah you're still going to help me right?"

"Sure thing, you good with us filming it? I was thinking we could do this more and deeper with us like a webshow."

"Sure? People will watch this?"

She smiles and nods. "Our fans will watch us getting electrolysis."

"Oh... that's hair zapping right?"

"Yeppers, it's not fun."

"I don't care, I want that."

She chuckles. "I'll call my girl that does it."

"Thanks...wow look at the comments..."

Sarah sits. "Yep, now we answer them, thank them, and ask them suggestions of what to do or buy in your sissification and feminization."


"Involved fans are paying fans."

"Okay...I'm in."

*And Now...

Sarah actually sends me home after we answer comments and asks and we get my paypal set up and money gets wired over. Only so much at a time for my personal use because there's monitoring laws and Sarah is set up for that with her business.

She goes to a box and there's pills, pills in those sealed pod sheets.

"Are you really serious Nicole?"

"Yeah...this...Sarah it's me...like I finally found that click in place part of me."

"Here...blockers, hormones, helper P if you want them."

"Blockers? Helper P?"

"Blockers turn off the guy hormones, helper P is Progesterone it really helps build ass and boob fat."

"How much?"

"Nothing, I have fans that send me them, right down to the brand. Fuck I could be a transition dealer if I wanted to."

I take the pill sheets and she tells me what to take and when and I pop them back.

"A brave new world for a brand new girl right?"

Sarah grins. "Okay I'm done, and I'm going to chill first so drink and a joint before we do our own things."

We have two drinks and smoke a joint and she rolls me another for later and I head across the hall pleasantly stoned.

Still though I've nearly a grand to play with and that goes to my bank account and as much as I want to go nuts I look at my accounts that are there and I pay off some bills and even extra too on them and my credit card I have only one I pay three payments ahead which...god.

I've never been able to do this and still not have to worry about gas and rent and those things.

Never...do you have any idea how that feels?

I literally had a cry over it and that was literally a good thing.

I never grew up rich...hell I didn't even grow up middle classed.

I do some online window shopping and I do order a few things going through a couple of hundred bucks with things like books and movies and TV seasons from Amazon and things and by that time I'm not like stoned anymore so I get my keys and get in my car and take off.

Still femmed up in my wig and everything.

I kinda don't care past it being scary.

I check my make-up and I go just adding my jacket and a ball cap to my sweats and I put the wig into a girl's pony tail and I go out for the first time in my life as Nicole.

It's Sunday so there's not a lot open but I first go to the bank and take out some cash and then I go to Royal Car Care which is a carwash and detailing place where you can do your own car but you can pay the guys there to carwash for you too.

I get them to do that with like everything, wash, polish, steam cleaner the heck out of the thing and clean the inside too and I tell them that I'm going to get one of those Glade air-clips.

I call a cab and I go to Wal-mart because it's open.

I go and I get some underwear just some basic cute panties and a couple of camisoles but just like cotton and comfy things and then some sweats and yoga pants, socks, and a few nice tees and some really cute and nice printed crew shirts that I like there's a butterfly one of tropic prints and there's one with a paris photo print in black and white.

The rest is anti-perspirant, razors, Nair, lotions and like vitamin E cream plus some really basic make-up and some perfume. I get the girl here to recommend a lipstick for me that's super sexy and would fit me.

Then I get some women's multivitamins too as well as soap, shampoo and some assorted junk food, scented candles, air freshener and dryer sheets.

And then I get a cab back to the carwash and I go and use the bathroom and give myself a little spritz of the perfume and carefully do my lipstick and head out.

The guy there's the only one there and he's pretty cute.

An idea pops into my brain making me smile at him and he totals things up and he quotes the price.

I smile at him. "Seeing anyone?"

"Uhm what?"

"Are you seeing anyone."

"Uhm no?"

"Can I take it in trade?"

"Uhm what?"

"Can I suck your cock in trade?"


I slip around to his side of things and he doesn't stop me and I turn my ball cap around like a tomboy and I sink to my knees and reach out and unbelt him and open his fly and pull out his cock.

He's just average but I literally don't care as my mind goes full sissy and I'm salivating as soon as the cock's in my hand and even though he's not hard all the way I take it into my mouth eagerly.

"Mmmmm...yummy...! Mmmm...cock...beautiful..."

I'm so happy!

So fucking happy with a cock in my mouth and my brain just running with how perfect this is and how right that this is and how much I was made for this right here.

...Sissy. slut, bimbo, be a girl, be calm, be happy, suck cock, be happy, get fucked ne happy, sissy, slut, bimbo, live for men, live for cock, be happy, be a girl, be calm, be happy, sissy, slut, have sissygasms, be a girl, have fun, suck cock, be happy, go deeper, be happy, bimbo, sissy, be happy, be pretty, be happy, be pretty, be happy, have sissygasms, go deeper...



...Be a girl, be calm, be happy...

...Suck cock, be happy...

...Suck cock, be happy...

You know when you bliss over, go eyes fluttering almost rolling back, half-lidded with pleasure as your mind goes not just black but happy, warm, fuzzy, fulfilled?

That's what sucking cock is doing to me...that's what tasting the thick, hot flood of musky-not-musky, salty-sweet, umami does to me as he explodes into my mouth and the slimy in a thick good way covers the inside of my mouth and coats my tongue.

I stroke the last bits of it out onto my tongue mouth open so he can see that before I savor it and swallow.

I giggle as he hits the cash button and pops the drawer back in and gives my my receipt.

"Mmmm...that was perfect." I purr getting back up to my feet. "I might just have to become a regular."

He's nodding and staring at me and I walk to my car trying to sway there and get in and pull out and drive off.

My brain is still in this...fuck that was good...I feel better, I wasn't feeling bad before but this...this I feel just better like the world just got better for me sucking dick.

My last stop is the pizza place down the street and I get a small nine inch works and the same size but extra cheese and sauce with a pepperoni. That goes in the fridge when I get home and I settle in watching TV with the works before going to bed.

What's better than going to bed with a tummy full of cum and pizza?

I spend the rest of the night either sleeping or putting things away.

When morning comes around there's a knock on my door and I get up and stagger sleepwalk and answer it and see Sarah there with some coffee from Starbucks and she passes me one and I sip and move to let her in the coffee being pretty strong.

She comes in. "What's up?"

"I was sleeping then was going to get ready to go to work."

"You can quit now y'know right?"


"Yeah, Look Nikki you're going full time right?"

I nod then drink some more coffee.

"I've been doing this awhile hon, you don't have to work for others anymore."

"Wouldn't I be working for you?"

"Sorts but I can and will set you up like me so you can do your own blogging and cam work. We can work together."

"How long have you been doing this, I mean there was lots of money from the other night but it's going to taper off."

Sarah nods. "Four years, and it's not going to taper off when we're doing different stuff and heck the older stuff is still making me money."

"Four years? Why are you still here?"

"Decent rent, decent sized apartment, trans friendly landlord and super plus I'm saving up for other stuff too."

We stop and look at each other and I nod. "Okay then but I have an idea."

"Oh what?"

"If we're documenting this I want to go full Nikki today and quit as Nicole all dressed up and coming out and freaking out folks there. I think the reactions might be good blogging TV? Is it called TV?"

Sarah grins. "Well for today call in sick we've shopping and blogging to do."

I call in sick and Brett the foreman bitches and I just hang up after I tell him.

That itself felt good.

Seriously usually they try and hem and haw and guilt trip you into coming in.

Sarah says. "C'mon let's go get set up and you ready."

I nod and take my coffee and we go across the hall to her place and we go online pretty fast with Sarah getting the camera's ready.

We roll a joint and get a buzz on and as she's working I sit and zone out and drink my coffee and watch the feminization videos for a half an hour as she gets things going.

It's different this time.

I've sucked cock now, I know what that feels like, tastes like, how amazing that is.

I've been fucked, I've had hot, hard, real cock inside of me and I know the bliss of that too.

So all of that with those videos it hits stronger, I go deeper until Sarah wakes me.

There's a look in her eyes...yeah she knows.

She kisses me and it's very sweet and sissy lesbianonic as she pulls me over to the computer desk.

"Hey you all out there welcome back and we have a treat for you today. Nicole's taking her first big steps in being a dedicated sissy. Nicole?"

I say. "I'm quitting my boy job. I'm going to like get all femmed up and you're going to see that and I'm going to be counting on the kindness of you all to help me be the best sissy I can be."

Sarah does this thing and there's this anime/hentai thing where girls are getting themselves filled with fluid until their crying to have it come out of them.

Then camera's and all she takes me to the bathroom to get me cleaned up...out.

She has the same thing as before as she pulls my panties aside and the cock nozzle head gets slipped inside me.


Sarah says. "No lube, it won't flop out that way because it's too slick."

Then she starts squeezing the thing, pumping the water and cleaner into me.

"Oh...oh...fuck...it's warm...warm...like cum...like gallons of cum flooding me!"

Sarah keeps pumping. "That's it, that's it fill that sissy hole, fill that sissy pussy, get clean, get sexy, fill up with liquid like you're preggers."

"I...aaaah...aaaah ff..fuck it's full, full!...too much...I...aaah it hurts...!"

Sarah guides me over the toilet. "Hold it Nikki, hold it..." she starts massaging my stomach until I start feeling these cramps.

"Ow...ow...it's cramping Sarah, it's cramping!"

She sits me down and I release going hard as possible and spurt in the air.

"Aaaaah cummies, clean, clean cummies!!"

Then we do that again.

And she shows me after getting wiped how to get the wig off with the solvent and then my make-up off and then the hot cold shave getting as close as possible.

We do it as a tutorial and then I shower.

It's so very weird showering in front of the camera and sudsing up and all with Sarah telling me where to wash and how. We do a definite bit on soaping my hole until I'm blowing bubbles like the whole creampie thing.

We even promoted the body wash and shampoo we used for the other sissy girls and talk me about how good it feels with getting moisturized and my skin's smooth and how I've never had neither as a guy. Sarah's more technical about it and the benefits in your head of being sexy-clean how to get into your own head like this and we do that again with the lotion which is actually Johnson's baby lotion. Because most folks like baby powder and guys like girls that smell good like that.

"Dirty innocence is key to being a sissy, every guy likes that illusion as he fucks us." Sarah says.

Them speaking of fucking.

She fingers me with lube until she has me gasping and edging towards a sissygasm and then she puts her strap-on into me.

"You're going to learn how to start sissy walking today Nikki and than means a butt plug and why just lube you up with fingering when you can get fucked right?"

"Mmmmm...hmmm...yes...oh...oh fuck yes..."

"Sissies always prefer getting fucked."

"I love getting fucked...Oh Sarah I love getting spread...feeling all that length sliding in and out of me..mmm...me..."

"Talk more Nikki, be vocal, tell that cock how much you love him...pitch your voice, higher, higher...lighter...more soft breath, less through the chest."

"I...aaah!...Aaaah!...Ooooh cock!...cock...fuck...fuck meeee!"

I sissygasm hard and grip the counter breathing hard.

Sarah says. "Perfect, perfect you should always be fucked until you sissy before you plug, it's a hundred times better...and here's the plug."

It's big and it's sort of pink-violet and she lubes it and shoves it into me after putting a camera on the bathroom shelf. "Look at it Nikki, look into the camera let them see your sissy face."

"Aaaaaaaah...ooooh...oh ff...fuck...fuck...it's so big!"

It is big and even as fucked as I just got it hurt as it stretched me so very, very wide and there was this so surprising sensation as it pops through to that narrow part.

"Oh...oh...fuck...that feels nice."

Sarah grins and she has me hold the camera while she bends over showing the base of her own plug.

"Sissy girls love butt plugs, they fill us up, they make us feel so very, very sway as we walk...and yeah babies Sway is a feeling."

She grins at the camera. "Now until Nikki gets a proper little tiny sissy clitty we're showing her how to tuck and gaff."


There is something just so sissy, so unmanning about shoving your balls back up inside of your body.

And there's a lot of how to, video close ups and Sarah talking about gaff's versus tape.

As I slowly slip on the lacy hot pink cheeky cut panties and they settle in snug my heart does this happy beat.

It looks perfect...I look.

I'm hairless and semi-skinny and well obviously flat and my hair's well short for a girl but I'm.

I'm Nicole and not Mark.

I feel better.

...Be a girl, be happy...

I feel happy.

After that we head out to the kitchen and Sarah loads some video up and then gets ready for more.

"Now after Nicole's hair is dry we're doing her wig."

I hold up this nice wig. "Today I'm going brunette, I want to be different and I've never had dark hair before."

We glue the wig on going careful with the tutorial and then we get my into gel inserts and a matching bra to my panties and heels.

"Sissies love heels they shape our asses, they shape our walk, we learn how to sway with them. And as we do this we might as well learn how to get used to moving with boobs and hair, there's an art to moving with hair." Sarah tells the camera.

"But first we get some breakfast. I know starving yourself thin is tempting but fuck no, you'll never get that so soft skin and body, we need the fat girls, we want the fat for our boobs and ass."

Sarah lectures as she makes shakes. Vitamins that are good for hair and skin, keratin and soy milk vitamin powder and stuff from a workout store formulated for women and it's flavored with nuked sweet potato, applesauce and cinnamon.

Then there's the pill vitamins with the thinks like vitamin E and D plus Collagen pills too. All good for us as sissies. I learn that the stuff like soy doesn't have hormones in it but helps us process them...oh and we take those too on camera.

It doesn't taste bad either if you like that whole pumpkin spice thing then you can do this shake.

Sarah says. "Next learning Sway, learning how to walk, sway, strut so that you're graceful and sexy, that your sissy ass makes men hard, so hard that they'll want to fuck us and fill us and let loose those creamy spery loads in us over all those regular girls."

Sarah records that and puts it on an MP-3 player for me to listen to with other things.

And it is lessons...walking over and over and over...books on our heads like those old tales and how to place your feet as you walk a line one foot in front of the other.

God, that feels...the huge plug in me making me move in a whole new way, a whole better, sexier way.

Then using her step climber machine each step with the plug getting more and more ingrained.

I repeat the things in my ears.

"Sway, sway, sway...make them hard...feel sexy...be a girl, be happy, be a girl, be happy, sway then they'll want to fuck me, sway and I'll get cock, sway and they'll fuck me. I want them to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I love cock, be happy, be a girl, sway, sway, sway...This is how I move, this makes me feel right, makes me feel right, makes me feel right, this is Sway, sway, sway, sway..."

Not a fast workout, not getting sweaty but getting trained, getting this feeling ingrained, deeper, deeper, hypnotized into me.

I love it that I'm not ever going to move differently in time, that I won't even think about walking with a cock hardening sway.

Another shake for lunch and then getting dressed.

More lotion just a little bit of smelling nice and then stockings and them a short soft grey pencil skirt that hugs my ass and is stretchy tight and then a nice blouse, satin that feels so great on my skin it's a nice light blue too and them make-up.

It usually goes on before clothes in a lot of cases in case you get it on your clothes but we use tissue bibs Sarah has in a box and this is more lessons...learning how to do it all.

Doing my lip-stick, lip-paint and sealer makes me want to suck cock really bad.

Loving my faux nails and the glossy red gel-paint.

Then it's getting a purse as a gift from her and putting my things in it and Sarah driving me to work after lunch.

Driving or riding was another taped lesson and getting in and out of the car with the sit and slide swivel in and out of the car.

God...she's with me taping it as I walk through the front doors to work swaying and drawing looks and heads.

Oh...oh I can feel eyes on my ass.

Oh...I'm not even thinking about walking, just doing it!

I feel amazing!

I head in then up the stairs to Leon's office.

I walk, sway past Alberta his secretary. She's kinda a bitch, actually she is a bitch. One of those office assholes that looked down on us at the working floor.

She doesn't look pleased at me at all and says. "You can't go it there miss...Miss...Miss...Hey! You can't go in there!"

I ignore her and Sarah moves in her way and is recording her and says. "You really want to be on camera?"

She panics and backs off. I do a twirl at the office door. "Don't worry Bertie I'm just here a second I'm going to quit."

"Quit? Quit? Who the hell are you I don't recognize you?"

I do a sexy smile and raise an eyebrow at the camera.

Then I slip inside to Leon's office.

He's a big guy, one of those bears that went from working down on the floor to the office over the years and he's still pretty muscled.

"Hey Leon."

He looks at me. "Miss?"

"Nicole...I used to be Mark."

He does a double take. "Mark? Holy fuck, what's going on?"

"I came to quit."

"Quit? Why?"

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