tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSubliminal Obsessions Ch. 04

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 04



I open my mouth and pump the last bits out of him and show him and Sarah's sort of become invisible as she recorded all of this.

Alberta's standing and staring from the doorway and I show her too and her wide eyes widen more and then I swallow it.

I rise up to standing and deeply kiss Leon.

"That was perfect, worth all those years working for you."

He's just stunned and I take his pen off the desk and write my number on two of his cards.

I put one in his pocket and sway out stopping at Alberta and kissing her fully on the lips, slipping her my cum flavored tongue...put the card in her bra.

"Anytime you want to slip into a big strap-on cock and fuck me sweetie my number's right there."

She does this muffled whine and shivers like she doesn't know what to do while I'm kissing her and I walk out with Sarah taking the back stairs and swaying out of the place through the working floor.

Getting stares and drawing eyes and I go all the way out to Sarah's car and I look at the camera.

"Now that's how you quit your job."

Sarah cuts the camera and hugs me. "That...that was fucking awesome!"

We burst into laughing and giggles as we pull out to go shopping.

*And Now...

As soon as we get to the stop sign Sarah kisses me.

We slip tongue over tongue before she pulls away. "Yum, god I wanted to suck his cock so bad while taping that. He didn't even know what was going on before you had that dick in your mouth."

I sigh. "Yeah, it was awesome...fuck...so good I love cock, it's literally perfect and just what I needed."

She nods. "I know, I know...That's the whole point of the vids and flashers and stuff because no one loves cock like a sissy girl does and no amount of hypnosis will make you do stuff you don't want."

I nod. "But I so want this, all of this."

"You and me both sister...but whoo fuck girl I don't think any site has someone doing stuff like this."

"You think they'll love it?"

"I think they'll fucking got nuts watching you sissy-quit straight life bullshit by sucking dick and swallowing cum."

I giggle, it felt awesome!

Plus I got to suck cock and get some cum in me which is awesome too.


Like seriously sucking cock makes me super happy.

We pull into the mall together and I swivel my legs out and get out of the car and feel the big buttplug inside of me being pure magic.

It does make me walk like a girl, I can't stop them from swiveling.

One foot in front of another, always, always until you forget you're doing it.

We go to do the banking first and Sarah introduces me to her banking guy Tim and we set things up for her accounts and my accounts in his office with the shades pulled and door locked. Any problems with my look now versus my ID's is settled as I get on my knees with Sarah and we suck his cock.

Heck we cumswap kiss in front on Tim until he's hard again he's got a nice cock...what am I talking about? All cock is nice...He pulls out my plug and rubbers up and fucks my bum really good.

I get off squirting in Sarah's mouth because we can't film this but like who cares.

He gets us our money from his branch and did the stuff with our accounts here and transferred money to my bank too.

My brain is bubbling over with being happy.

I'm rich, well richer than I've ever been with some serious cash in two different banks and several accounts and I've had more cum inside of me and sucked cock again today and been fucked too and now I'm swaying with that big plug in my sissy bottom.

Happy, and not just Sissy happy but free, free of my job, free of all my bills now everything, everything is paid off.

You can't imagine it, how good that feels.

And we start shopping.

Sarah rolls a joint that we smoke right there in the parking lot and we get a few looks but nothing happens. I mean yeah some definite dirty looks but no one narced.

And we pop a tab of Molly and head inside stopping once before we started for a small Red Bull then two really good coffees.

More than the basics too...good clothes, sexy lingerie we want despite us going to post up a shopping lists of things. High end make-up, work out clothes, bed clothes, and everyday clothes like pants, skirts, dresses and jeans, and trying things on.

What's fun is being out and openly trans and sissies with the shop girls.

Some just roll with it knowing Sarah and two adore her because commissions.

But the look on the faces of some of the others as we drop a lot of cash.

There's a part of me that loves that their jealous.

Sarah gets us more fun too.

There's always a few men in the mall that are good looking here and there. She offers money for us to suck their cocks, more money to fuck us.

Us being sissy trans girls or not. Everyone had a willing cock for a hundred dollars.

Yeah we literally blew way, way too much money doing that but shopping for hours and hours and sucking dick.

All that subliminal programming bouncing to an even higher state when you are holding thick, hard cock in your hands and drinking down yummy cum, feeling your brain pinging off with loving cock is right, sucking cock makes you happy, be a girl be happy.

Having more cum inside you than food.

Getting fucked...and good goddess it's perfect too be cause we switch guys so two cocks to suck each time, two big, perfect, hard manly cocks pounding away.

I can feel my Mark, my guy self all that either drowning with cum as I swallow or getting fucked right out of me.

It's a miracle when all the guy that was me stuff is squirting away.

In my head there's the videos and subliminals going off saying...

Sissy. slut, bimbo, be a girl, be calm, be happy, suck cock, be happy, get fucked be happy, sissy, slut, bimbo, live for men, live for cock, be happy, be a girl, be calm, be happy, sissy, slut, have sissygasms, be a girl, have fun, suck cock, be happy, go deeper, be happy, bimbo, sissy, be happy, be pretty, be happy, be pretty, be happy, have sissygasms, go deeper...

I love cock.

I love knowing this is the real truth.

This...this is why Sarah would be away like before.

And we leave cards or well Sarah does. I leave my e-mail and numbers. "In case you want a sissy girl to suck them with love. Coo as you fuck my tight bottom."

And every guy takes them.

Y'know any guy that isn't into a hot piece of ass and a hungry cock sucking mouth is lying pretty much.

We buy not just all the girly stuff either but groceries, like anything we want and booze too like good quality stuff too.

And other new things furniture like a love seat and a couple of nice chairs and a nice coffee table a living room wall mounted television. Other stuff for my room like a really new TV for there and a really good computer along with all the stuff for my own sissy cam girl work.

Yeah, I'm going to do my own stuff along with Sarah's project and it is Sarah's idea.

We need a delivery truck from the computer and furniture store.

It's mostly my stuff so these two pretty big muscled dudes move things in and set things up and I give them my old stuff and after a long debate of hiring them for more fucking I tip them really good just so they'll think well of me.

Yeah shallow as fuck but I'm a new sissy trannie girl.

Making good impressions and friends is literally life saving.

Sarah brings me to her places and we crash there after we film us having a bubble bath, her sucking my dick, and her slowly removing the huge buttplug from me and fingering and soaping my gaping bum before the stretch wore off.

We even set it up to watch and film us sleeping together just to see how that trends in like subscribers.

I'll admit it I'm exhausted but I'm changed and changing.

I dream, dream these vivid real dreams of the cocks that I'd sucked all day. Had fucking me today.

How much I liked it.

No how much I loved it.

I want more too.

Not just the cocks but the subliminals.

I can be better, get a better happy, love rush from cocks I know it.

I mean Sarah still plays those all the time too.

I want to be a sissy, I want to be a happy bimbo, I need to go deeper.

I wake to Sarah smoking another joint and we share a kiss-toke together and we drink some more energy drinks.

That Rockstar fruit punch is actually pretty tasty.

And we have that and a shake and take our hormones too all on camera and then we do more training...more walking, more bending over and picking things up and more of Sarah heating her big strapon in some hot water and fucking my sissy bottom until I squirt and again until I sissy.

Then the buttplug again with her fucking me with it until I get vocal then she settles it in.

Then more walking and femmy training for another hour and then we go over to my place.

And we get into wigs and lingerie and start filming us setting up my place on my stuff as the intro to "Living Nikki."

Part of all of that is just opening up to the folks out there as I talk with Sarah about my shitty family and how good this makes me feel but also how secure I finally feel, how good it is to be both who I really am and being out of debt.

The entire conversation is also with Sarah helping me through femmy voice lessons.

We order some Chinese from the expensive place in town and the delivery guy is Chinese and kind of hawt.

Sarah pays him to stay and let us suck his cock which was not the little stereotype thing and as we do all of that she gets him to teach us in Chinese to say. "Can I sock your cock. May I suck your cock. I love your cock. Your cum tastes good."

And all in voice lesson voice.

Of course it's recorded too for the whole exotic video market.

And by that time it's late and Sarah leaves and I film my make-up removal and my moisturising and I find the videos I want for my computer and show it on the camera... All in femmy voice.

"I'm loading sissy bimbo videos for tonight and I'm going for the ones with the better audio subliminal things and I'm going to start sleeping to these along with the voice and make-up tutorial stuff and hopefully that'll just start programming into me like those language tapes and things."

"Subscribe, donate, check out my wishlist registry and leave comments and suggestions."

I blow them all a kiss and turn everything on and slip into bed and just let it all sink in me.

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