tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSubliminal Obsessions Ch. 06

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 06



I kiss his cheek. "Yeah because the guy's pretty awesome attached to that cock so it makes like all the difference."

I use the mirror to clean up my face and do my make-up and there's nothing like putting on lipstick after you sucked a big thick cock and your lips are all sensitive and puffy from all that friction...it gives me good sexy shivers.

I slip out after straightening my outfit and head out in full sway getting looks and I head to my car heading for a good butcher shop with a head full of sexy happy sissy feelings and a mouth that still tastes like Josh's cum.

*And Now...

It doesn't take too long to find a place with good recommendations and I get some liver and three lamb chops and then two good New York strip steaks and while I'm not a cook there's some things I can do.

Then off to the grocery store for a bag of those mini potatoes and a package of mushrooms, steak spice, dates, pepper corns, a big sweet onion, fresh carrots and some peas and greenbeans.

Seriously it's nice to just buy and not worry about things.

Then I get a frozen chocolate lava cake that I just pop in the oven like on the box and I head to the liquor store that's attached and get a six pack of guinness and a pint of good bourbon and some Bailey's Irish cream.

I drive home and get out my pan and a pot and get the potatoes going and the pan gets the liver after I chop it up a little. I don't like liver, I'm not cooking the liver as something to eat but something my grandfather used to do and that's use it to brown the pan, get that strong, strong flavor into the pan.

He'd do that for making hamburger and gravy sometimes.

Me I'm making pan gravy.

Once that's going I put some of the beer and bourbon in a pot and the steak spice and the dates and add a little vinegar and just let it go and simmer.

Once the liver's done in I have the two steaks seasoned with salt and pepper and the lamb chops go in first just to sear and I want that flavor from the lamb in the pan too and the fat.

I set my little table then drain the potatoes skin on and then I put on the veggies as the potatoes are still really hot. I toss a dish towel over them to keep the heat longer.

Once the lamb chops are done I put them covered in the oven to rest.

Josh arrives ringing my doorbell and he inhales sharply and I smile and we kiss and he brought flowers and some wine.


He nods. "Sure."

I use my beer mugs for a change and get us each a can of the guinness and I pour out some shots of the bourbon.

Josh looks amused and takes a couple shots before taking his beer and coming into the kitchen.

"Smells great."

"Steak with mushrooms and onions, potatoes, carrots, peas and green beans with homemade steak gravy."

"Sounds amazing Nicole."

"And we have drinks and dessert too."

"Wow what's the occasion?"



"Stay the night, have some fun, relax, fuck me a lot."

"This is a booty call?"

"A date night with lots of sex then?"

He smiles. "You definitely are awesome Nikki and thanks for this afternoon."

I put the steaks of and they sizzle hard and I take a drink and kiss him.

"Good, I want to be awesome Josh. I want to be someone that you want to hang with and just plain like just as much as you want to fuck."

We kiss again and I take out the lamb chops offer them up as I take one. "Appetizer?"

"Oh hell yeah."

I eat mine as I chop the onion and mushrooms and then drain the veggies and then use my stick blender to buzz the beer, date, steak spice sauce and then toss in some peppercorns.

I flip the steaks.

Let them go and when I figure they're done just enough they go on the lamb plate and go into the oven covered then the last bit is the onions and mushrooms in the steak frying pan and using them to lift all the brown bits off the pan and just as they're cooked I pour in the steak spice sauce in mostly and scrape the bottom of my pan until I see clean metal.

It's ready...Plate the steak and lots of potatoes next to it the the veggies in order like the restaurants do and then the steak sauce/beer/peppercorn gravy with the onions and mushrooms over that.

Wow I mean most of this was just kind of winging it but I'm really proud of this.

It gets better as we sit and have another shot and another guinness as we eat together and the look on his face is so priceless.

"Good God Nikki this is good."

"Food tastes better when other people cook it."

He grins. "Double that when you're a chef, no one wants to cook for you and they're scared of getting critiqued. Anytime that anyone cooks for me it's a treat. This, this is amazing and right in the things I love."

"Meat and potatoes goes over pretty good usually."

He gives me this long look. "No...good steak nice and medium with a dark beer peppercorn steak gravy with mushrooms and onions...that's seriously amazing."

"Thanks, I worked a few diners when I was younger so some time doing a little bit of everything including chicken fried steaks with pepper gravy I just stole from that with stuff my grandfather did and some other ideas."

"It's damned good. Thank you." He smiles at me eating another heaped forkful after that."

We finish dessert and I do the dishes and Josh offers to help and that's cool.

"So dessert now or later?" I ask him.

"Later, you definitely now."

"Oh...not too full?"

"Nicole that meal was boner inducing."

I blush and laugh and Josh steps forward and kisses me and it's still so very odd and different and I'm not used to kissing a lot and then there's this whole deal of kissing a man. A real man and actually being kissed which is really nice.

And not just girly, sissy nice but in that I like men now, I likely always did but was like just in denial or something but it's been a long time since I had anyone to kiss like this and definitely this is filling in that hole.

We kiss all the way to my room and then we're taking our clothes off and he undoes my bra and the inserts get taken off.

"Sorry I'm so flat but I'm working on that."

"Your fine Nicole as you are, just beautiful."

I smile and then slip out of everything else and blush, I mean this is different than other times this is more personal right?

It all changes when I see his cock.

My brain goes to cock mode.

... Be a sissy...a sweet sissy, swallow, cock, worship cock, you're not a man, you are a sissy, you are a sissy, you are a sissy, suck cock, be happy, suck cock, empty your mind, keep watching, suck cock, be happy, drink cum, be happy, swallow semen be proud, suck cock, be happy...

There's watching the videos and then there's sucking real cock with all that going though my head and this is even better because I like Josh. I really honestly like him and his cock is the cock my mouth is the most familiar with.

That taste, texture, feel is heavenly.

Bliss, calm, slutty, deep, deep bliss.

My mind and all that life long bullshit just fades off into the background as cock...Josh's big thick hard meaty cock takes me over.

I can't help it.

I don't want too either.

I'm being trained, made to believe so deeply that sucking cock, being a girl, being a sissy makes me happy.

I know I keep saying it but how many of us get too feel happy, even if it's built and hypnotic and subliminal?

Who care's why we're happy, it's rare enough.

God, just God... Josh's cock is amazing and perfect and hefty.

I love the power of it even not thrusting, the weight and how that feels in my hands, in my mouth and it's so real and that fucking turns me on so much my clitty is leaking a lot.

I purse my lips around his cock getting as much surface area there plus force as I can.

I love, love the friction burn on my lips. It's something we don't do as people that much so we can feel it so much more as our lips get exposed to gliding wrapped tight over saliva glistening cock.

And they get more sensitive too.

I love the texture, the girth, the veins there that I will feel pulsing inside of my body soon.

Josh gasps as I pinch my thigh to distract me from the gag reflex and bury my nose in his pubic hair and take him down my throat.

I breathe in his scent and relax, get used to it, let my brain flood, just flood with all the programmed stuff and let it take over until long, hot, thick cock filling my mouth, going down my throats is the best of things.

I feel it too, getting better and better as I surrender to the programming, the videos and those subliminal flashers and I hit this top...peak sissy...as it just pops as true and real in my brain and the change sorts of like takes over as I get suddenly very, very hard then I squirt from it.

I gurgle laugh and moan around Josh's cock and I feel him quiver.

"Oh, oh fuck Nicole..."

I start doing that more...a hummer...breath in through my nose and hum.

My body, my throat vibrating as I make the moaning humming tones sending my vibrations into Josh's big fat cock.

"Fuck...Nicole, Nikki..."

I slowly move and keep humming and moaning...little strokes that keep him still mostly in my throats but motion...I clench my throat like trying to swallow getting tighter.

Slowly bobbing my head.

Stroking Josh off with my body, humming around him humming and buzzing like a sex toy making my humming pitch more moan like with highs and lows like this is the best thing ever, best thing ever, best thing ever, I'm a slutty sissy sex toy, I'm a slutty sissy sex toy, I'm a slutty sissy sex toy.

Josh starts moving with my, fingers through my hair, and fucking me, ficking my face and moaning and groaning as he's doing that and getting closer and I'm getting high from it, I swear I'm getting high from it.

I'm a slutty sissy sex toy...his cock hits the back of my throat as he's fucking my face this over and over nudging each tip before slipping further down.

I pretend the nudge that impact is passing throat me to my brainstem and that with each impact he's fucking my brain...a single message over and over pounding into me, brainwashing me... Cock!









And then Josh screams...literally lets out this deep primal raw cry of lust and he's gushing cum into me, blasting thick, sticky ropes of it against the back of my throats blasting, hot, slick...feeling it in my head after this like he's cumming on my brain and part of me shorts out.

I don't know what to even call the orgasm I just had but I came...sissy orgasmed for sure but damned more and different again...I swear my leg twitched or something.

It's actually an effort to pull off his cock and suck it clean and when I have it all I rest my forehead on his pelvic bone and pant, shiver...drool.

I can't fucking think.

Wow...oh wow...

I close my eyes and I'm getting face fucked.

Cock!...seared into my brain like a flashback.

I start to giggle when I catch my breath.

Oh this is awesome, this is so perfect.

I stroke Josh hard again and he shock gasped when I started that and I guide him by his cock onto my bed and we kiss more and more as I get him ready and we smile at each other and laugh and gasp because of each other as he fills me, stretches me with that big thick, hot hard, native cock of his.

Missionary, really it sounds just so boring but no...oh so very not boring as my legs wrap around Josh's waist. As he fills me so perfectly and does things that make me gasp and cry.

Holding my waist and guiding himself through me.

Sometimes using that sheer hot fucking strength of his to lift my ass off the bed and just hold me up as he sinks in with stroke after stroke...sinking deeper inside of me that way and putting a whole other pressure on my sissy spot.

God hanging a sissy orgasm like that feels amazing.

Feeling Josh cum in me like that feels like his cum is seeping down into me deeper than ever.

The sweet thought of that even being a real thing makes me pleasure sob.

Sometimes it's just gentle...fucking me to slow sissy orgasms.

And there's sometimes where his hands are on my pre-boob chest and skin...fat...moves and he uses those big hands to push my my little titties into existence and sucks on them.

Treats me like they're real, treats me like they're beautiful and that I am...

I love cock, I love sucking dick, love getting fucked and love men.

But this, this is the big turning point because this, this as hot and as intense as it because it settled into lovemaking and being made love to by this amazing guy that honestly could have all the pussy he ever wants and he's with me.

With me making love to me and it's so much more than sex to me right now.

And honestly.

Really fucking honestly after Josh fills me with his third load and we end up spooning and he wraps those big muscled arms around me and pulls me in tight and close.

"That...that was amazing Nikki, just...just amazing...you're amazing."

Honestly I'm happy and not just happy but liking myself happy.

I drift into an exhausted nap, feeling so...different because actually liking myself was never a thing that's ever really hit me before.

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