tagFetishSubman and Condiment Girl Ch. 02

Subman and Condiment Girl Ch. 02


Sometimes your eyes bother me. Not so much bother, more like the intensity is a bit frightening. I never know what you're thinking or planning next. All I know is that when I see you, my heart stops and I can't breathe.

I wouldn't ever tell you that, even though your arms are wrapped around me and I feel your breath on the back of my neck. If I turn to look at you, as I often enjoy doing, I know I'll wake you enough for you to let me go and I'm just not ready to do that yet. I love the way your arms fit perfectly around me; how safe and complete I feel when I'm with you. Again, here are words I'll never say.

After the first time we were together, my heart broke when you left. Because I knew that, no matter how good we were together, you were going back to her. But you surprised me when you came down two weeks later, telling me that you just had to see me again. Yes, you were still with her. Yes, you still wanted me. And yes, when the weekend was over, you'd drive away and who knows when you'd be back. But I tried not to think too much on your departure and focus more on you being here now.

I met you at the skate park again, where you were a slave to a concrete master. As the words formed in my head, I had to stifle a giggle. You, a slave to anyone? I thought not. It was more like I was a slave to the way you made me feel and I'd do anything to keep that up.

"Hello, lady," you said to me as I climbed out of my car.

"Hey, yourself. I wish you would have told me sooner that you were going to be here," I admitted.

"But if I had told you, then it wouldn't be as much of a pleasant surprise as it is right now, right?"

I thought on it for a minute before reluctantly agreeing with you. I told you to go skate, that I wouldn't mind hanging out here for a while and soaking up my daily dose of Vitamin D.

I sat on the cool concrete, reveling in how it felt against my overheated skin. It's amazing the reaction you have over me. One look from you and my skin heats, my breath catches in my throat, and all I can think is, Take me.

As I watched you, I remembered the last time you were here. The way your hands felt on me, your mouth, how good it felt to finally be that close to you. My mind began to fantasize all the different things I wanted to do with you. I wanted to know what it would be like for you to tie my hands above my hand and slowly, torturously make love to me. I wanted to know the ecstasy of feeling your teeth graze over my skin. I wanted to hear you sigh out my name like it was a prayer.

I was so caught up in my thoughts of you that I didn't even notice you were intently watching me from across the park. When I finally floated back down to reality, my eyes met yours and I began to blush. I didn't think I had broadcast my thoughts but you had a knowing smile on your face as if I had.

The sun soon began to set and the breeze had a chill to it. I knew it was getting late and I didn't want you to drive home so I offered a spot in our house for the night. You accepted just as I knew you would and the thought of you being in my house, in such close proximity to me, put butterflies in my stomach.

I spent the next 15 minutes, mentally preparing myself to be around you and not do anything but all I could see was you in my bed. I nearly drove off the road while imagining all the things we'd be able to do there. My underwear was becoming noticeably damp and I turned on my stereo to try and get my mind off of you. Sadly, it did not work. The song that I had associated with you, "Never Surrender" by Skillet, began to play and although I sang along to it, I still saw you in my mind.

The last beats played out as I pulled into the driveway. I directed you to park on the street by the lawn and mentally counted to 10 while I walked up to the house. I opened the door and as I quietly dismissed the baby-sitter, you walked in behind me. I told you to make yourself comfortable while I got my son ready for bed. As soon as he was in his own bed and on his way to Sleepy Land for the night, I walked back into the living room to see you stretched out, asleep on the couch. I grabbed the blanket I had just folded earlier that day and covered you up so you wouldn't get cold. When I started to clean up the mess in front of me, you woke up. I bent over to pick up one of the many toys that was scattered across the floor and you silently walked up behind me. Grabbing me around my hips, I jumped in surprise and I heard you chuckle.

"That was so mean!" I hissed at you, trying my hardest to give you my stern look without laughing at your smiling face.

"Yeah, it was mean. But it was funny as hell," you muttered, laughing while you said it. I couldn't help it so I laughed right along with you. As the laughter started to die down, your hand framed my face and you leaned down to kiss me. I sighed into your kiss and pressed my body closer.

After a few moments, you pulled away and smiled my very favorite smile at me.

"If you want, I know of a more comfortable place than the couch for you to sleep tonight. Although, I can't guarantee either one of us will get any sleep," I said, as I grabbed you by the hand and began to lead you down the hall.

You went along behind me as I opened the door to my bedroom, revealing my most secret place.

"You should feel special," I said, breaking the nervous silence. "No other person, besides the guys who set up the bed, has ever been in here. And what's even better is that you're the first person to share my bed. "

I sat down on the edge of the bed, watching you walk toward me. I held out my hand to you and as you sat on the edge, you gently guided me down. Lying down beside me, you sat up on your elbow and put one arm over my waist, your hand gently flirting with the hem of my shirt. You leaned down to kiss me and my arms twined around your neck. My body began to curve towards yours, my legs wrapping themselves around yours. I bit your lip and heard you groan while one hand snaked up my shirt, grabbing my breast. I moaned and arched against your touch while your mouth trailed along my jaw, down my neck and to my collarbone.

We separated long enough to remove our shirts and you placed your body on top of mine. The warmth of your skin on mine caused me to shiver and press closer to you. You growled and practically ripped my bra off my body. Your mouth moved faster over my body as you nibbled and kissed your way from my neck to my chest.

With my mind otherwise preoccupied with the sensations your mouth was arousing, one hand crept to my jeans to undo the buttons and slowly drag them down. Determined not to let you have all the fun, I stood up and let my pants fall to the floor. I pushed you back onto the bed and straddled your waist, wearing only my gray pinstripe boyshorts. I leaned down to kiss you softly while raking my nails up and down your chest. I bit your lip again as my hands moved through your hair. Sliding down your body, I removed your jeans and then your boxers. I smiled at you from between your legs and took you in my mouth. You groaned and I ran my tongue along your length. Placing my hands on the tops of your legs, I let my mouth entertain your cock and trailed my fingernails down your thighs. The added sensation must have been driving you crazy because the next thing I knew, you threw me on my back, held my arms above my head and kissed me like you'd never see me again.

"I have a couple pairs of handcuffs in the drawer on my nightstand that I bought the last time you were here," I said, huskily. You climbed off of me with a parting kiss before you cuffed me to my bed. An evil grin split over your face as you positioned yourself above me. Your hands stroked my hair, and then pulled hard enough to jerk my head back to look directly at you. You kissed me hard and bit my lip, causing me to moan out your name. Your hands caressed my breasts and teased my nipples while you bit my neck almost hard enough to draw blood.

My legs began to quiver and my hips tried to move against your body. You stopped biting my neck and began to lick and nibble your way down my body to where my legs met; teasing me to a state of arousal I'd never been before. With my hands above my head, I was helpless to the sensation of your mouth on my body. As your tongue wreaked havoc on me, you inserted one, then two fingers into me. I whimpered and sobbed your name again.

"Please... I can't take it anymore... I just want to feel you inside me...," I said, mustering all the strength I had. With my flavor still on your tongue, you kissed me and I tasted myself. You positioned your body between my legs and I felt the tip of your cock at my opening.

Moving my hips forward, I took you in a little but you decided to tease me a little more and pulled yourself away. I sighed and pouted up at you until finally, I felt the glorious sensation of you filling me to the brink. You moved your body slow at first but my hips thrust against yours, demanding a faster pace. You slammed your body into mine and I was oblivious to everything but you. As I felt myself falling over the edge, I wrapped my legs around your waist, holding you inside me so you could feel it, too.

Knowing how much you enjoyed finishing naturally inside me, I told you to come and as you did, your body fell on mine, exhausted. After we finally regained some of the feeling in our bodies, I asked for you to take the cuffs off. Holding me tight to your body, we slept until the sun began to stream in and we went on with our separate lives.

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