Disclaimer: All characters depicted are at least 21 years of age.


"Extra credit, huh?" You smirk, your fingers gripping your thick cock and whacking the head against my lips. I fidget, spreading my legs unconsciously. My dress rides up and exposes my pale thighs.

I nod, my mouth parting, and I press my tongue out against your cock. You slap the head against my tongue and I hear you laugh softly.

"You handed your paper in late. That's an automatic fail."

"Please-'' I push myself forwards, nuzzling my face against your cock, "I can't fail, Sir."

"I don't think you understand just how much you will need to do to make up enough credit to pass, girl."

I frown, tears filling my eyes, "I'll do anything, please, Sir. Anything at all," I sniffle quietly, "I can't fail, Sir, please-"

Your voice cuts me off. "Show me what you can do with your mouth, and we'll see if we can get you an F at least."

I smile, my lips parting even more, wrapping around your thick head, my tongue swirls around the tip and I groan softly, my mouth vibrating against your flesh. Pushing my face down a little more, I take two inches into my mouth and suck hard. I groan, and lap at the underside of your cock, my tongue focusing on your shaft as I massage the tip of your cock with the roof of my mouth.

"You can take more than that."

I gasp around you, pushing down even more, half your length in my mouth and my lips stretched so widely around you. I try to smile, my eyes rising up to look at you. I moan again and wiggle my face, sinking another inch down your shaft.

"More, slut. Or do you want to fail?"

My pleas are muffled around your cock as I nuzzle my face against you, slipping lower down your length. The corners of your mouth curve into a smile and I suckle harder. I rise up and down on your cock. You're so thick, and my cheeks begin to ache. Pulling back until just the tip is inside my mouth, I swirl my tongue around your defined head, pressing my tongue against every ridge. I trace a vein in your shaft, working the tip of my tongue down to the base of your cock. Looking up at you, my face buried beneath your dick, you laugh and my cheeks redden with embarrassment.

"You look good with my cock on your face, maybe I'll keep you after all."

I whimper ashamedly, nuzzling my face against the base of your cock. My breath catches and I messily splutter against your balls, saliva dribbles down over them and I rush to catch the excess with my tongue, trying my hardest not to make a mess.

"Lower," you command, and I look up in confusion, my mouth pressed against your balls.

There isn't anywhere else that I can go. "Move your mouth down, lower." My brows furrow and I move lower, my nose nudging against you as my tongue slips over your balls, and beneath. I tongue the underside and slip my head down even more, closer to your asshole and then it suddenly dawns on me. I hear your laugh as the realisation plays out across my face.

"Oh, you do understand then," you say condescendingly as you watch my face sink beyond view. As you feel my tongue press against your asshole you moan, pushing towards my warm, wet mouth as I lap at your hole. My cheeks flush even redder and I close my eyes tight as I lick. Your fingers reach into my hair and for a moment I'm smothered by you as you press my face into your ass. Unable to breathe, I shake my head and sloppily try to suck in air, covering your ass in saliva. You suddenly pull my face forwards, smearing my spit all over my face as you bring me up.

"Please-" I whimper, gasping.

"Please what, whore?" You chuckle and lean down to spit over my face. I feel the warm liquid dribble down my cheek and I close my eyes tight to stop my tears from falling. I hear you laugh again, and your hand comes down to slap my cheek lightly.

"Sir-" I beg, my body shaking.

"You've barely earned your F, are you really going to quit now?"

I shake my head, opening my eyes. My mascara has smeared and my lipstick has long since been smudged. "I can't fail, please Sir," I beg, biting my lower lip nervously.

You smirk and tap the desk beside you. I blink and look up, watching as you push your papers aside.

"Hop up onto the desk and spread your legs. Let's see what you have to offer."

I flinch, rising up shakily. I push my ass against the edge of the desk and sit back, my thighs parting. You take a seat in your chair and move between my spread legs. I feel your fingers reach out and stroke the outline of my pussy. You murmur approval.

"Oh, a bare cunt. What a good girl you are." You laugh, and your fingers stroke over each full lip. Your fingertip presses the material into the gap between them and my wetness soaks in. You laugh comes louder. "Your cunt is betraying you, little girl." You poke the material and it turns slick beneath your touch. The pad of your index finger finds my sensitive clit and you start to move in tiny circles around it. Even with the material between your skin and mine, the sensation becomes unbearable within moments. My clit is so sensitive and it aches.

"Oh, please... please don't do that," I plead, my hips bucking against you.

You prod my swollen clit, "Why is that, whore?" I feel your fingertip press a little harder.

"It's sensitive," I gasp, "it's-"

Your fingers part and pinch my nub and I scream. I look at you and your mouth is curved into a grin.

"I think we should have a look," you say, your finger hooking underneath the edge of my panties and tugging them aside. As you uncover my bare cunt, you moan in approval. I'm slick with my wetness.

"Oh," I moan, my head tilting back as your finger presses against my clit once again, skin on skin.

"Hold your legs apart, slut."

I reach for my knees and pull my legs apart, holding them wide. My cunt is exposed, glistening in the light. My dress bunched up around my waist, my sopping panties pulled aside.

Your hand comes crashing down against my flesh and I wince, I yelp loudly and my legs come together. Shuddering, tears fill my eyes and I look down at you.

You're laughing.

"If you take 10 of those, perhaps I'll give you an E?" You laugh a little harder, and I shake my head in panic. "Fine, five more slaps. I'm being nice, slut. You should be grateful."

I nod, desperate to pass your course; I spread my legs again. My wet pussy is tinged pink and I know after 5 more it's going to be red.

"Are you going to count for me? Show me what an intelligent girl you are?"

"Y-yes, Sir."

"And are you going to thank me like a good girl?"

I bite my lip, trembling.

"Well, whore? Or shall I kick you out and fail you instead?"

I gasp, "Yes, yes, I'll thank you, Sir."

You nod, and my grip tightens on my legs. I close my eyes and wait. After a few moments, your hand comes down suddenly against my pussy and I scream out.

"One... one... thank you..."

Your fingers stroke over my warm mound and they come back and crash down against me again.

I yelp, my legs coming together as I spit out, "Two... t-thank you, Sir."

"One more and you're over halfway to that E. I'm being so good to you, aren't I?"

I nod tearfully, and you bring your hand back. It hovers mid-air and you wait. I shudder, my legs shaking. Your palm slaps against my pussy and I groan. My skin feels raw and each hit feels harder than the last.

"Three, thank you, Sir."

You smile, rubbing my pussy softly. I shake, trembling harder. You pull your hand back and slap my pussy once again. You felt the ache in your palm, so you know how bad it must have hurt me. I gasp, my body shuddering, I suck in air noisily. My pussy is drenched and sticky, warm and tender.

"Fuck... four... four, Sir."

I whimper, my fingers digging into the back of my thighs.

"What do you say, cunt?" Your finger flicks my swollen clit.

I cry out in pain. "Thank you! Thank you," I plead.

"Hmm," you murmur, poking my clit. "Are you ready for the last one?"

Nodding, I push my hips forward, pushing my exposed pussy up for one last slap. My lips are dark pink, full and fleshy. My clit is swollen and vulnerable. There is no refuge between my lips, and every slap catches the tender nerve.

"Ask me, whore."

"A-ask you?" I stutter, I blink in confusion.

You nod, gesturing towards my pussy.

I groan, hesitating. "Umm... please... please will you slap... will you slap me again?" My cheeks redden as bright as you've made my pussy, and I turn my head away.

"E for effort," you laugh, and bring your palm down hard against my cunt. My clit bears the brunt of the slap and I scream. My thighs come together tightly and I shake. My toes curl and my pussy throbs.

"F-five... five..." I gasp, "t-thank you, S-Sir."

You smile. Your hand moves away, your palm slick with my arousal which you press against your rock hard cock. I shudder and try to compose myself. My pussy feels red raw.

"Is that good enough for you?" You smile, stroking your cock slowly. I'm unsure whether you're referring to the grade or your cock.

I choose a safe answer. "I want more, please."

You laugh. Your grip tightens around your shaft as you eyes scan over my body. My legs are trembling and my pussy is slick, aching in more ways than one. I pant softly. I feel your hands slowly slide over my exposed thighs, and you guide them down, my feet returning to the ground. Your hands slip into mine, carefully helping me to stand.

You part your legs, sinking back in your chair. I stand between your legs and look at you.

My legs remain slightly parted, my dress slipping down and covering my tortured pussy.

"Have I done something wrong?" I whimper softly. My fingers grip yours in need.

You shake your head. "I like your face like this." One hand pulls from mine and your fingers gently stroke my cheek, tear stained and coated in dried spittle. Your thumb brushes over the black streaks under my eye, and your moan catches me by surprise. You smile at me, your other hand letting go of mine as you grip the hem of my dress, tugging it up and uncovering my body. My panties are still pulled aside from my spanking. You expose the rest of my flesh, tugging my dress over my head and discarding it.

I gasp, and my nipples harden beneath my thin lace bra. "Sir?" I tremble nervously. Your fingers reach behind my back and unclasp my bra. Your body presses against mine and you trap me in your arms.

"Lets have a look at you, girl." You smirk, and the bra falls away. You look up at me mischievously and then lean in, capturing a nipple in your mouth. You suck and lick at my sensitive flesh, and my legs shake. It hardens even more between your lips, and my tender pussy throbs.

"Ohhh... fu-fuck," I moan. Your teeth clamp down around my nipple and I cry out.

You chuckle, chewing on my nipple teasingly. You pull your face back and stretch my flesh, letting my nipple slip from between your teeth, bouncing back into place.

"You like that, don't you?"

I nod before I can stop myself. I gasp in fright, shame coursing through my body. You smile and reach for my other nipple, tugging and playing with it between your teeth. I feel your tongue flicker over my flesh. My body arches against you as you release my nipple with a sharp bite. My hand flies up to clutch at the tender nub, rubbing it softly between my fingertips.

"What else do you have to offer?" you ask me, raising an eyebrow as you relax back into your chair, pushing your pants down further. Your legs spread, and you gesture down towards your cock.

"I... I..."

"Suck," you command. I slip back to my knees.

My lips part, and within seconds your length is back inside my warm mouth. You groan in pleasure and I smile around you, moaning softly. I nuzzle my face down onto your shaft, struggling to keep my eyes up, focusing on your face. A tender fingertip tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear, and it's a contrasting gesture from you. I freeze for a moment, wondering what you will do next. Your lips curve into a smile. You nod for me to continue as I begin to fidget, my stomach flipping at the gesture. You brush the pad of your thumb over my cheek as your smile widens. I push down further, eager to please you. I hear another groan, my eyes flickering closed as I savour the moment.

"That's it... that's it. What a good little cocksucker you are."

I shiver as your cock presses against the back of my throat. I blink, swallowing. Your hand moves to the back of my head and presses down hard, trapping my face on your length. I struggle. My fingers push against your thighs, but you're far too strong.

"I'm not done with you yet," you tease. Your other hand moves towards my nose, pinching it shut.

I fight against you even harder, choking around your shaft. It's only seconds, but it feels like minutes. My eyes cloud over as I struggle from the absence of oxygen. Sucking desperately for air.

Then you push your fingers into my hair, let go of my nose and tug me from your cock. I gasp in short, sharp breaths. My shoulders shake, and you force my head back to look up at you. The hand that held my nose comes and slaps my cheek softly.

"Si-" I stutter raspily.

"What? Did you not like that?" You laugh, and before I can reply your hand is forcing my head back down onto your shaft. You use my mouth for a few strokes, moaning as my throat convulses around you. Your fingers slide through my hair, to the back of my neck, stroking against my skin. I pull my head back. Saliva sloppily dribbles from my lips as I take a couple of deep breaths.

"Ple-please," I begin.

"Please, what? Please can I have some more, Sir?" You smile as your hand traces patterns softly over my shoulders.

My eyes glaze over with desire and I nod minutely.

"Tell me. I want to hear you say it."

"I want more," I whisper.

"I can't hear you."

"More. I want more," I say louder, looking up at you. My saliva hang from my chin, and a thick strand swinging gently. Your finger reaches for the droplet of spit. You curl the glistening liquid around your finger and bring it to my mouth. I lick your finger clean.

You sigh softly. "Bend over the desk for me, slut."

I press my fingers against your thighs as I stand, turning nervously, You slap one of my tits lightly as I turn, and it shakes.

"Let's see. What is deserving of a D?"

I press my body against the desk, pushing my ass back and spreading my legs. My panties, the only scrap of material on my body, are pointless now. You lean forward and rub my round ass, gripping my flesh and watching it tremble beneath your touch.

"I think you like being spanked." Your hand draws back and playfully slaps my ass. I gasp in response.

"Y-yes, Sir."

"It makes you wet?"

"Yes, S-Sir." My voice breaks as you slap my ass again.

You murmur in approval. I hear you stand and then I feel your hard, wet cock against my ass. Your hand reaches for something, resting within its case, a few inches beyond my face. I blink, my eyes focusing on the implement within your hands. I swallow nervously as the metal glints in the light.

"No- what- what are you doing?" I shiver, trembling. My body shakes. The letter opener disappears from view, and your empty hand presses between my shoulder blades.

"Stay still."

I feel the cold metal against my hip and try my best not to shake. I feel the letter opener slip beneath the material of my panties and I feel the material loosen as you cut them away from me. You return the tool and I release the breath I didn't realise I'd been holding. Your foot pushes against mine, spreading my legs even further. Trapped between you and the desk, I feel so vulnerable. I feel your cock slide against my ass, prodding my flesh.

"You respond so beautifully. Has anyone ever told you that?"

I murmur, biting my lip. The sensations that you have unearthed frighten and excite me.

"No, they haven't."

"You should be told that more often." Your fingers slip between my legs and slide over my sopping slit, still red hot from the earlier spanking. Two thick fingers massage my slippery clit, the pads pressing at my hole. I groan, my hips unconsciously grinding against you.

"Please," I beg.

You smirk, and then the fingers are gone. I whimper.

"Taste," you command as you push the two wet fingers over my lips, smearing my wetness inside and over my tongue. I lap at your fingers obediently. Two fingers curl into the corner of my mouth, while you position your cock head against the entrance of my cunt, teasing my soaked hole.

"Sir," I beg again, desperately.

You push the tip of your cock into my pussy and you groan. I'm so warm and wet and tight. You take a deep breath and then thrust your length into me hard, filling my hole in one sharp stroke.

I cry out, shaking violently. My body freezes, shudders. I don't know what to think or feel, consumed with the feeling of your cock filling my sensitive hole, my poor pussy aching so badly. You're so thick and full and hard. So very, very hard.

"That's it," you reassure. You pull back just a fraction and my pussy clenches around you in response. You chuckle and slowly begin to stroke your cock in and out of my cunt.

"God, you're... God..." I stutter incoherently.

"There are no gods here, little girl," you chuckle. Your two fingers slip from my mouth and come to rest against my throat as you lean over me. I swallow against your palm.

"You're..." I try again; my eyes roll as you push your length fully into me once more..

"I'm what?" You thrust hard.

I gasp, unable to speak.

You laugh, pulling your cock almost entirely out of me. "Does that help?"

I shake my head. "No, no... please... stop... don't..." My hips wriggle, pushing back against you as much as I can, bouncing my ass desperately. "Please, Sir... please, don't stop."

"I like when you beg. I should make you beg more often." You work your cock back into my cunt. My sloppy hole squelches as you fill me. My thighs are slick with my arousal, my pussy a leaking mess around your hard cock. Your fingers twitch against my throat.

"Please, please... Sir... fuck me, Sir."

"You're pathetic, you know that?"

I nod.

"Look at you, working your cunt onto my cock, begging me. Begging for extra credit. Whoring yourself out for a grade."

I bite my lip, trembling against you.

You push your cock roughly into me, thrusting harder and faster. The hand at my throat presses down a little harder.

"Yes... yes, Sir," I murmur, tears of shame filling my eyes.

"Do you want to finish up with a D?"

I shake my head, my chest constricts. "No, please Sir. I've done everything you've asked."

You ram your cock inside me again, three long, deep strokes. I shudder.

"Sir, please, please don't..."

"That's what you deserve, slut." You slap my ass hard and your other hand tightens around my throat. My pussy clenches around you and your fingers flex against my neck.

I splutter, and something inside me changes. I work my ass hard, bouncing back against you. I wriggle my hips and circle my ass, working my hole on your thick cock. My sloppy cunt is so loud and so wet.

"Filthy cunt, aren't you?" You hand comes crashing down against my ass. Over and over until my body starts to still. I shudder, my senses overwhelmed. My ass burns, and my cunt aches, my throat convulses. I pulse around you. My pussy massages your length. Your fingers stroke my neck.

My words come out as whimpers. You slide from my pussy. Your fingers toy with my panties, the scrap of material you'd previously cut from me and cast aside. I suddenly feel you pressing the material against my lips.

"Open. You're going to need these," you whisper against my ear. Your chest presses against my back. Your hand slips from my throat, and my lips close over the soaked material.

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