tagBDSMSubmission Ch. 06

Submission Ch. 06


David woke the next morning and looked down at the sleeping Alanna. God, he'd only known her a day, but from the very first minute he'd seen her at the auction, being looked over by Curtis, he'd had a surge of protective feeling for her. Now he was wondering if he happened to be looking down at the perfect woman for him. Funny, how quickly she was worming her way into his affections. After just one day he wanted nothing more than to stay here in bed with her.

A silly proposition, at any rate, he had a feeling she was going to be much too sore to do everything he wanted. And he'd like to give her some time to get her bearings before he put more demands on that delicious body of hers.

Down boy, he thought at his rampant cock. Obviously that part of his body wasn't so on board with waiting. He could understand why though, she was as beautiful asleep as she was awake, only so much more vulnerable looking. Softly parted lips just waiting to be kissed... or fucked... tousled curls spread over the pillow, soft flesh pressed against his side... and the expression on her face was so peaceful, and still lit with the glow of multiple orgasms. Looking down at that expression he felt a lot of pride, fully justified considering how much pleasure he'd been able to heap upon her last night.

That didn't mean that there wouldn't be some struggles with her of course... but to be honest, he was starting to think that he'd relish them. Having her try to verbally stop him last night and then establishing his dominance over her had been an incredible turn on for him, especially because of the way she'd submitted. She'd given herself over to him completely.

Shit, there went his cock again.

Time to get out of bed and see about getting her some food. Carefully he untangled himself from the sheets and covered her back up before putting on some soft pants and heading downstairs to see what the staff could get them in terms of breakfast.


Alanna awoke to the most delicious smells. She sat up in bed to see her Master entering the room with a tray full of food. She blushed as she realized that her movement had caused the top part of her body to become uncovered, and she pulled at the sheets, bringing them up to cover her naked breasts. Master raised an eyebrow at her, looking amused and she blushed again. Perhaps it was silly to cover herself when he had seen, touched and tasted so much more of her body, but she was unused to being unclothed in front of anyone. Since he didn't say anything, she kept the sheets tucked under her armpits so that she was somewhat covered. Part of her wished she could cover her shoulders more modestly, but then she wouldn't have her hands free to eat.

She shifted under the covers as Master sat on the bed, laying the tray down between them, and winced as the movement made her very aware of just how sore her sacred female parts were. They felt... used. Which they most certainly had been. But the soreness wasn't very painful, just uncomfortable, as though she'd worked out muscles that had never been used before. Which was probably pretty close to the truth.

"Here," Master handed her two small pills and a glass of orange liquid. "This will help with any residual pain that you have."

"Thank you Master," Alanna replied as she took the pills and swallowed them. The liquid was sweet and thick on her tongue, like nothing she'd ever had before. Females on Repiban had been kept on a strict diet, which did not include any liquid to drink other than water, although she'd seen men drinking liquids with color, but she did not know the names of any of them. Her Uncle had had a dark, almost bubbly drink every night with their evening meal.

Master watched her drink and she lowered her eyes shyly, feeling unnerved by his close attention.

"Eat," he told her. "Whatever you like off the tray."

He himself picked up a strawberry, which she recognized. Strawberries were available on Repiban, but they were a restricted food, only meant for special celebrations like weddings and then only eaten by the bride and groom. They were supposed to have some kind of powerful force to them, that would help with the mating ritual, which must be celebrated on the wedding night. Considering that she had already done that, she wasn't sure why Master was serving her strawberries, but she was very curious as to what they tasted like, so she took one. The sweet flavor burst across her tongue, just as lovely as the orange liquid that she'd taken her pills with. After she finished her first strawberry she waited for something to happen - perhaps a renewal of that hunger between her legs? But nothing did. It just made her tongue tingle with happiness at the flavor. Shrugging she began to pick her way around the tray, choosing mostly fruit, because that's what she was familiar with.

David was enjoying watching Alanna eat, seeing the emotions and interest running across her face. Obviously the strawberries had meant something special to her, although he wasn't sure what. Watching her lick the juices from a slice of melon off her fingers was getting him hard again. The effect she had on him was ridiculous. Fortunately he'd taken the time to call out of work this morning, he would have to go in this afternoon even though he didn't want to. He'd rather stay here and continue his training with her... but there were things to be done and she would probably need a break. He was sure that she would be sore today, and he didn't want to push her too much when it came to the acts that the Repibans considered perverted. Not yet at least.

"Here," he handed her a pastry. "Try this."

The look on her face as she bit into the sweet cheese danish was both amusing and sad. It was obvious that she'd been sheltered in more than just one way, considering her reaction to the flavorful foods and the orange juice that he'd given her. He was going to enjoy expanding so many of her horizons. Watching her greedily gobble down the pastry and then eye a similar one on the tray made him want to laugh out loud. Considering how much exercise he'd given her last night, a second pastry wasn't going to hurt her any. He picked up it, but instead of handing it to her, this one he fed to her bite by bite. The color in her face told him that his presence was affecting her, although he wasn't entirely sure if it was just embarrassment or something else.

Alanna couldn't believe that Master was feeding her. That was something that was reserved only for the First Wife of the household, to be fed the choicest bits by her husband. Of course, she supposed that since the Demogans practiced 'monogamy' that meant that she was the First Wife. But did that mean that she would also have to indulge him every time he wanted to practice the perversion of mating for pleasure? There were no other wives for him to mate with. She wasn't sure she could handle that, as wonderful as the pleasure last night had been, she was too sore this morning to mate again. The look in his eyes as he brought the wonderful, flaky, creamy food to her lips had that same look of need in it that he'd had last night, and it made her stomach flutter. Knowing exactly what he could do to her, how wonderful he could make her feel, she wondered why her people thought it was such a sin... perhaps they'd been wrong. After all, it was their planet that was gone now, not the Demogans.

Master picked up the tray and set it on a table next to the bed.

"Come," he held out his hand, obviously wanting her to take it. She put her hand in his, feeling some trepidation, and he tugged on it, pulling her from the bed. Reluctantly she let the sheets slide from her naked body, displaying herself in front of him yet again. Sneaking a glance, she could see that his cock, as he called it, was a hard bulge at the front of his pants again, not the softened appendage that it had turned into last night after he'd been satisfied.

He led her through a door opposite the one that they'd entered the bedroom from. There was a toilet and a sink, and another door, which he opened to reveal another room that had a giant depression in the center of it. The opposite side of it sloped up into the wall, with smooth curves and dips, and she could see straps like the ones he'd put on her wrists and ankles last night adorning that side of the room.

"Take care of your business in here - this is your toothbrush," he told her, "and then come into there with me."

And with that he left her standing next to the toilet, door to the bedroom closed but he door to the other room open so that she could watch him step into it and turn a faucet, letting water run into that giant depression in the floor. It was a bathtub!

Realizing that she was staring, Alanna hurried over to the sink and brushed her teeth quickly with the pink toothbrush he had indicated. His was green. Then she sat on the toilet to do her business, and gasped... ow. That stung. All the parts of her body were sore, and going to the bathroom showed her how sore. Carefully she dabbed at herself with the toilet paper, being very gentle with her newly used parts.

David was watching her from the corner of his eye as she did her business, he could tell from the way she bit her lip that her pussy was giving her some discomfort. He would have to be very gentle with her today.

Once she came into the bathing room he helped her down into the tub and handed her a bar of sweet smelling soap. The water in the tub bubbled and frothed, like it was alive.

"I'll be right back."

Alanna sank down into the huge tub, the hot water stung and then soothed her battered parts. In fact... it felt incredible as she let her muscles relax... the water in the tub was moving and it caressed her body. As she made her way over to the side of the tub, she could feel some of the places where the water was shooting out, causing it to move. This kind of decadence was... incredible. At home everyone took turns bathing, the Husband got his bath first and then the water was used by his First Wife, then Second and down on the line to the youngest. Her baths were usually cool and quick and nothing like this at all. It was true that the Demogans lived for decadence and pleasure... but she was starting to feel that she couldn't blame them. Closing her eyes, she rested the back of her head along the lip of the far side of the tub, enjoying the play of the water over her.

"You're soaking not washing."

Oops, her eyes popped open to see her Master standing on the far side, his hands on his hips, but he didn't actually look angry.

"I'm sorry Master," she said, sitting up. The frothy top of the water hid the view of her body, although it made her breasts wobble, their creamy tops revealed and the rosy nipples hidden. She reached for the bar of soap that she had left on the side of the tub.

"Stop," he stepped down into the tub with her. "Since you haven't started yet, it can wait."

With a bubble of trepidation, she realized that he was hard again. Oh no, was he going to go through the mating ritual with her again? It had felt so wonderful last night, but she knew she was still sore even though the hot water had soothed it somewhat.

Instead Master lifted her up to part of the far side of the tub, where all the straps were, and sat her gently at the edge. He fasted a strap around her waist, holding her in place so that she couldn't slide down, and then put two straps around each of her thighs, holding them splayed. Alanna trembled, she was now spread open, like a decoration on the wall and her Master's gaze steady on her exposed parts. She wanted to cover herself with her hands, but he took those and strapped them down too. The edge of her seat was just enough to hold her up without the straps, but if she moved too much they would keep her in place.

She bit her lip to keep from begging. This was her Master and if he wanted to mate with her again then she must accept it and hope that it did not hurt too much.

But, even though his hard cock was bobbing in front of him, he turned away from her and pumped a foamy substance into his hand, which he spread on top of the covering hair of her privates. Was he washing her? Then he took some kind of tool in his hand and turned back to her.

"Keep very still," he murmured. Laying the tool at the top of her hairline, he very gently began scraping at her delicate skin. Alanna was confused until she saw that her hair was coming away with each scrape of the tool.

For a moment she opened her mouth to protest and then she bit down on her lip again. She had learned last night that protesting would do nothing, even if what Master wanted was strange and embarrassing for her, and her jaw was almost as sore as her female parts. If she could keep from being gagged again, she would.

David was very pleased with his slave. Even though he could tell that she wasn't happy about him shaving her, by the tension in her body and the soft sound she made before cutting it off, she was letting him do what he wanted. And she'd obviously learned her lesson about speaking out of turn.

Slowly he bared her mound to him, enjoying the slow and intimate act of shaving her for himself. The gentle touches he gave her were also obviously turning her on, and he enjoyed watching her wetness slowly growing as he removed all of her hair. Eventually he would take her to have it removed permanently, but doing it for the first time was pure pleasure for him. He enjoyed shaving women, and he had given the tub this design for many reasons, including to make shaving easy. The straps held her in place exactly as he'd hoped, displaying and presenting her body to him.

Finally her mound was entirely smooth, a soft shell cradling the succulent pink interior. Putting down the razor, David leaned over and kissed the tip of each of her nipples, enjoying the soft moan his lips elicited. It was nice to hear her unhindered pleasure again. Then he kissed down her belly and enjoyed her gasp as his tongue drew patterns over her newly smoothed skin.

Alanna couldn't believe how different Master's mouth felt on her body without the modest covering of her hair. Her skin tingled and her breasts heaved as she squirmed against the straps that were holding her down. The surface behind her was hard, but she barely noticed as his tongue slipped into her soft folds. The sensations were so much more intense than they had been last night. She could feel each swipe of his tongue, circling, drawing patterns across her open flesh.

Sweet juices coated David's tongue and mouth and he knelt down into the water of the bath to make his activities easier on his back. Below the water he fisted his cock, the warm swirling in the tub making his masturbation feel even more pleasurable. Alanna's pussy was even more beautiful and tasty without its hair, and he could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying the new feelings he was giving her. Gently he sucked and nibbled every millimeter of each of her folds, drawing them into his mouth one at a time, and sliding his tongue up her very center between each of them.

Her moans and gasps were sweet music to his ears, as he pumped his cock. Knowing how sore she was, this was the best way he could make sure they both enjoyed themselves right now.

Alanna's soreness was soothed even more by Master's tongue than it had been by the bath, the pleasure mounting between her legs. From this position she could easily see down, past her heaving breasts, to his blonde hair and his mouth as he pleasured her. Some dim part of her wondered what benefit it was to him to use his mouth on her like this, but mostly she was too enraptured in the sensations filling her body to pay attention to questions like that.

Undulating against the tub, her wrists pulled at their confinement. She wanted to put her hands on his head, twine her fingers in his air, pulled his mouth against her... oh God what was she thinking? Her thoughts were dangerous, perverted... but it felt so heavenly, how could this be wrong?

When his mouth clamped down on her clit, Alanna's thoughts were chased away by the mounting need that she recognized from last night, as if all the feeling in her body was imploding into her core, ready to burst out again. Her hips thrust up and down, and now she recognized her movements for what they were, recognized the rhythm with which Master had mated with her last night. The memories filled her mind, the way that he had felt inside of her, on top of her, and as his tongue flicked against that most sensitive part of her body, she cried out loudly with blissful completion as the ecstasy rolled through her yet again.

David's hand moved harder on his cock as Alanna writhed in orgasm in front of her, held tight against the tilted wall by the straps, her juices sweet and heavy as she cried out. It was a beautiful sound as it echoed off the tiled walls. Part of him wanted to keep her in the bathroom all day. He rolled her clit around with his tongue, sucking hard, just to hear her make it again.

She sobbed with the pleasure that Master gave her, body straining against her restraints as it became overwhelming. Like last night, there was nothing she could do to slow him or to release the pressure that he put on her, she could only take whatever he wanted to give her.

He released the suction over her and licked her gently, allowing the wave of pleasure to subside, her body quivering with the amount of intense new sensations it had felt over the last 18 hours. It didn't seem possible that he could give her any more. The muscles inside of her felt sore again too, even though he hadn't penetrated her.

Master rose up out of the water, it dripped down his body and for just a moment she wondered what it would be like to have her mouth on his body, licking off each droplet as it ran down his skin. A slave for barely 24 hours and she was already losing all the virtues of her upbringing. This man was completely undoing her.

Then her eyes focused on where his hand was, clasped tightly around his cock. Her mouth made a small 'o' as he moved his hand up and down the length of it. Glancing up, she was almost frightened to see the intense gaze he had as he looked down at her. Was he going to mate with her again? Her body was so sore... so tired...

But he just stood there, moving his hand back and forth, squeezing and pumping. She recognized that it was the same tempo that she was becoming more and more familiar with, and as his hand moved faster and he let out a moan, she felt like moaning too. Watching him, being unable to reach out and touch him and indulge her curiosity, was its own kind of pleasurable torture.

Then his head fell back, his hand moving hard and fast, and Alanna gasped as something white and warm came shooting out of his body and landed on her stomach. His head came back down, eyes staring focused on the liquid that was now dripping down her stomach, hand still moving, as another jet of white cream came out and landed on her splayed sex. Several spurts followed, one after another, as Master made the same sounds he had last night when they were mating.

His hand slowed, stroking more gently, and then stopped. Alanna stared at the white stuff on her. Was this her Master's seed? Was this the stuff she had heard of that created the miracle of life?

"Master?" she asked, her voice small.

"Yes Alanna? You may speak."

"What is that?"

"This is what happens when I orgasm, this is my cum."

He put his fingers to her soft folds and rubbed. Alanna's hips jerked as a small wave of pleasure went through her, his fingers slippery in their combined juices as he rubbed his semen into her pussy.

Then he pulled his hand away and lifted his fingers to her lips.


His voice was so strong, so sure and confident, that her lips parted automatically and his fingers pushed into her mouth. As soon as she realized what had happened her eyes widened, and she tried to pull away but there was nowhere to go.

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