tagBDSMSubmission Ch. 12

Submission Ch. 12


Alanna didn't have much time to ponder ways to be bad. The very next day, first thing in the morning, her Master tested her boundaries in a way she had never expected. Putting her on her hands and knees on the bed, he had ordered her to be still, and then he began kissing her all the way down her back, his hands running over her breasts, his teeth finally nibbling at the meaty part of her buttocks, while she shivered and moaned feverishly. Staying still without the restraints was so much harder but she wanted to please him. The tongue sliding through the wet lips of her pussy, teasing her, was a nice reward for that determination.

Then his mouth moved higher, and his tongue probed the small crinkled hole where she defecated. Alanna's body shot forward, away from her Master, so that she was completely flat on the bed, her cheeks clenched tightly together with her hands covering the crack. She was so shocked she couldn't even find words. Although she let out a yelp when Master's hand came down hard on the back of her thigh.

"Get back into position Alanna."

Looking at him over her shoulder, she could see that he was completely serious. For a moment she wondered if he had put his tongue there by accident, but Master never did anything that wasn't deliberate. She was too afraid to get back up again. What if he did it again? The expression on his face darkened and she quaked inside.

"Get. Up. Alanna." Each word was carefully enunciated and promised retribution if she didn't obey. But she couldn't. She couldn't make her muscles move.

Master let out a long sigh of air. "Why not Alanna?"

He was asking her?

"I'm afraid."

"What are you afraid of?" The tone in his voice lightened a little bit, becoming more gentle. The hand on her thigh caressed her. Master cared about her, he didn't want her to be afraid.

"That you'll do it again."

"Do what?"

She blushed deep red. "Put your tongue... there."

"Why are you afraid of that? Did it hurt?"

"Noooooooo." The word dragged out of her with reluctance.

"So why are you afraid?"

Why was she afraid? Something buried from her old life stirred... some long suppressed memory. Two men... there had been two men on Repiban. And they had been punished horribly. She shuddered.


"Only perverts do things to that hole," she said. Her voice dripped with the same disgust she'd heard her Uncle's third wife use when she whispered about it. The sudden storm in her Master's eyes told her it was the wrong answer. Biting her lip, Alanna felt her heart sink as he pulled out the ball gag.

"You are going to wear this, because you just called me a pervert," he told her, fitting it over her head. Alanna groaned. She hadn't meant him... but yes, that's exactly what she had done. "Some people might call me that and it would mean nothing, just an indifferent observation. You called me that with disgust and made it an insult. Put your hands next to your head." Alanna obeyed, quivering a little and wondering what he was going to do between her buttocks now, but he didn't touch her at all. He stood next to her arms crossed, and she looked up at him, hoping that he could see the regret and apology in her eyes.

Taking her hands, Master held them above her head and put cuffs on them. Then he cuffed her ankles together and pulled her over his shoulder. No blindfold though. Was she finally going to see the inside of the locked room?

They walked right past its door, leaving Alanna to squirm. She caught a couple glimpses of the staff as Master strode through the house, her body bouncing over his shoulder. Completely thrown off, her mind raced with possibilities, not having a clue about what her Master was going to do was both scary and exciting. Her pussy was soaked. Wondering if he was going to touch that delicate, forbidden hole again made her clench her stomach. Not it had not hurt. In some ways it had felt kind of good. But she couldn't get it out of her mind that it was the wrongest of the wrong things that she could do.

When Master took her into the television room she was surprised. He put her belly down on the ottoman, facing the television. Like all the rooms in the house, this room had a container full of restraints and other implements to be used on her. Master secured her wrists to the front of the ottoman before uncuffing her ankles so that he could spread her legs apart and tie her thighs to the other and. The feeling of cool air on her butt cheeks made her anxious. She'd never thought that anyone would touch her there - would even want to - and so hadn't cared before when it had been exposed. After all, Master had always been after her female parts. Now, even when she clenched her cheeks, the position that Master had put her in prevented her from being able to cover herself.

In this position, Master gave her five firm spanks on each cheek, which had her moaning as it brought a pleasant heat to her flesh. But she still couldn't shake her anxiety or fear, although those emotions did lessen in the face of her arousal.

Master's hands cupped her buttocks.

"This is my ass, Alanna." Fingers drifted over her moist nether lips. "Just like this is my pussy. This pussy pleases me greatly." Alanna shivered, loving hear him say that. "Your ass is going to learn how to please me greatly too." A wet finger trailed up her center, circling the tiny crinkles, and Alanna automatically tried to jerk away and clench her cheeks again, but Master's restraints kept her from doing either. Of course, that also meant that it kept her from being punished.

David had been rather surprised at her vehement reaction. The Repibans were so restrictive in what they told their females about sex and so insistent on only having sex for procreation, that he had expected confusion and trepidation, not fear and rejection. Her disgust when she'd insinuated he was a pervert had hurt his feelings, even though he tried to tell himself that probably wasn't how she meant it. And that she probably had no real idea what she was talking about. But it still stung; he'd been doing everything he could to make sex a pleasant and wonderful experience for her. He'd hoped that they'd gotten to a position where she'd trusted him, but now he had to go back to restraining her to give her the freedom to enjoy this. Not that he didn't love restraining her, but he was even more turned on by having her hold positions without restraint, knowing that his words and his domination over her was all that was keeping her from moving, not rope or cuffs.

Turning on the television, he put it to one of the special channels, this one focusing on anal sex. Alanna's body wriggled and she made noises as the giant picture of a woman's anus being impaled by a cock appeared on the screen. David ignored her wriggling and returned to his previous activity of licking her pussy. This time he had put a finger vibrator on, and he buzzed it over her clit. Teaching her to become aroused when sucking his cock was working very well... he only used the clit vibe on her about half of the time now and she was always wet after giving him head, whether or not she had the vibe on. Eventually he'd leave it off entirely. The same technique could be used to accustom her to anal sex.

So he pleasured her orally, his tongue taking long, seductive dips between her folds, and with the finger vibe teasing her while she watched the screen, getting a thorough education in exactly why her Master had put her tongue against the hole in her ass and what else he was going to want to do with it. Alanna was horrified, but - as usual - the knowledge that this act existed aroused her curiosity as much as her Master was arousing her body. What would it feel like? Did it hurt? Some of the women said it "hurt so good" so Alanna thought it must hurt some... but she had already started to learn that some types of pain felt very good indeed. Master's thumbs dug into the flesh of her butt, which was just barely sore from the spanking, and she moved her hips up and down against him, feeling torn between being engrossed in the scenes playing out in front of her and the feel of her Master's tongue slipping in and out of her and the buzzing against her pussy.

When his tongue moved upwards this time, flicking against her crinkled hole, she automatically flexed her muscles, but this time it didn't do anything to keep her Master away. The vibrations that hummed against her clit made it impossible for her to keep her muscles tensed for long, and she slowly relaxed as Master continued to run the vibrator over her sensitive pussy, his tongue lapping at the forbidden hole. Forbidden to Repibans, perhaps, but she was seeing how little Demagons apparently cared about that. Since the restraints kept her in place, and she had no choice, Alanna finally gave in to her Master's tongue, finding that she actually enjoyed the feeling of him licking there. It felt strange, but good. She could feel his tongue probing at the tight hole, pushing against it, and that made her shiver. Master pressed the vibrator directly against her clit and she cried out into the gag, pleasure reverberating through her.

He could feel when Alanna gave in to him, submitting to his will. Yes, it was easier when she was in restraints... but eventually he would be able to do whatever he wanted to her and she would need nothing more than his orders. He looked forward to that. For now it was enough that she'd pushed past her fear and disgust and was beginning to enjoy herself, to see that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that he was going to make her feel good. Which is why he hadn't really punished her. Those slaps to the ass had turned her on more than anything, and he hadn't done nearly enough to make a real impression on her. She liked spanking too much for that.

Picking up a small bottle of lube, he flicked open the top with his thumb, pulling his mouth away from her so that he could see what he was doing. The sweet rosebud of her ass was shiny and wet with his saliva, an untouched cavern of delight caught between the trembling mounds of her butt cheeks. He managed to grease his pinky without getting the lube everywhere and then pressed it to the entrance of Alanna's ass. She screeched into her gag, obviously not expecting it. Patiently he let the tip of his pinky rest on the rim, gently circling it, as he ran the vibrator past her clit, over and over again. When she began humping the vibrator, her muscles relaxed, her ass was pressing up against his finger, and he began to sink it into her.

Not unexpectedly she squirmed and made small sounds of protest into her gag, but there was no indication she was truly uncomfortable physically - although perhaps a bit mentally. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, and even though she was making negatory noises, that didn't stop her from humping. In fact, her own movements were contributing to the penetration as much as his were. Once past the tightly guarded entrance, his pinky sank in fairly easily. Her virgin hole was tight and hot, gripping him wonderfully as she tried to push him back out. He wiggled his finger inside of her and enjoyed the spasms and groaning it caused in reaction.

Gently, he began to move his finger back and forth inside of her, increasing the intensity of the vibrator.

Alanna was mortified at her body's reactions, her inability to slow down the building orgasm as the vibrator's speed kicked up. Even though Master had something in her ass, it didn't feel wrong... it felt full. Strange. Perhaps a bit uncomfortable, but mostly just because it was strange. It wasn't supposed to feel good... but it didn't seem to be stopping her oncoming rise of pleasure. In fact, the sensation was contributing to it. She moaned and bore down on the finger inside of her, but it just kept pushing back in. And feeling better and better every time it did. It felt huge inside of her, filling her in a way that she had no experience with.

The speed of the vibrator went up another notch, and Alanna shuddered. There was no holding back her orgasm anymore, it built and crowned and then swept through her, like a wave onto the beach, rolling over any resistance in its path. The convulsions of her asshole increased the wonderful sensations, the fullness in her belly made her even gushier as she came. Master's tongue licked up the juices from her pussy as she rocked back and forth, her own body contributing to the finger-fucking her tight backdoor.

When the orgasm was over, Alanna blushed heatedly, feeling incredibly embarrassed by the fact that Master was still penetrating that tiny hole. It didn't hurt, but it seemed quite embarrassing to have him in there. He rubbed his finger in and out a few more times before taking it out completely and Alanna relaxed with a sigh of relief. That relief didn't last long though, as something hard and slim and insistent nosed its way into her backside. It stretched her open, just a little more than Master had before, and then her asshole closed over it, gripping it tightly inside of her. When she flexed her muscles, trying to shove it back out, it just rocked back and forth inside of her.

"That's a butt plug, Alanna, and you're going to keep it inside of you until I take it out," Master said. There wasn't a hint of flexibility in his voice as he began to undo the straps around her thighs and then the ones on her wrists. The gag came off last and then he helped her off the ottoman and to her knees."

"May I ask a question, Master?" She tried not to look, but ended up peeking at his expression anyway.

"Yes, Alanna."

"What if I have to go to the bathroom?"

David wondered if she knew how adorable she looked, fidgeting back and forth, her hands twitching as they yearned to reach around to her backside and remove the offending toy. "Then you will let me know and I will take it out while you go to the bathroom. Now. We will finish our morning here, rather than the bedroom."

Sliding the waistband of his pajama pants down, David put his hands on Alanna's head as she leaned forward to take him in her mouth.


Alanna's embarrassment every time she had to ask to go to the bathroom was one of the cutest things David had ever seen. Normally too curious and spirited to squirm, she was like a little girl whenever she had to ask him to take the plug out. Her face would blush beet red and she'd shift from foot to foot. Originally he'd meant to only keep the plug in for an hour or so for the first couple days, but she was so cute that he found himself re-lubing it and keeping it in her for longer and longer periods of time. Even after several days of this she wasn't quite used to it. On Monday he'd instructed Ms. Bliss to take it out of her before lunch. Alanna had begged him not to leave her in it for the morning, and he had to give her a rather hard spanking before she would stop and accept his decree.

Having Ms. Bliss help her take it out was even more embarrassing, although the woman didn't seem to think there was anything unusual about it. Alanna behaved better for her than she did for her Master, mostly out of abject mortification, it was easier to pretend that nothing was going on. With her Master, she couldn't help but be aware.

In fact, despite her discomfort and humiliation from the plug, Alanna was rather enjoying herself. She was being given plenty of opportunities to be bad and it wasn't even an effort because she truly didn't like the plug, no matter how good it was starting to feel. The constant movement of it inside of her was distracting, the amusement on her Master's face when she wriggled was mortifying, and there was still some part of her that thought it was dirty and wrong. Of course, that last part was a little exciting too. And she knew very well that her orgasms had become much more intense during the times when she and Master would complete the mating ritual while the plug was still inside of her. The one time he'd reached behind her and inserted his fingers instead, she'd gone wild.

But that was just during the mating ritual. Having the plug inside of her had nothing to do with the mating ritual and it was embarrassing. Every time she blushed it would send a flush of heat through her whole body, all the way down to her core and she would end up wet.

Their new morning ritual started with Alanna over her Master's lap as he inserted the plug into her. Then he'd swipe his fingers up her pussy to check and see if she was wet - she always was. Having it inserted turned her on. Keeping it in aroused her even more. After that came the spanking, because she usually protested, begged or squirmed a lot when he was putting it in. David indulged her penchant for morning spankings mostly because he could tell that in some ways it truly did help her; mentally she was still having issues with the plug, even though her body enjoyed it. If she had been play-acting he would have given her an actual punishment.

After a week and a half, David decided she was ready for the larger plug. Alanna couldn't see it, but she could certainly feel the difference. She cried out, begging and trying to squirm away. Master's hand was firm across her back and he delivered several short, sharp slaps to her open pussy lips. The stinging heat flowed through her, making her gush with desire. Once the plug was firmly wedged between her cheeks, Alanna immediately lifted her ass for the spanking, panting with excitement.

That's when David realized that he'd been too indulgent with her. Little slave was trying to force his hand, so to speak.

She cried out in disappointment and protest when he picked her up off his lap. Yes, this was something that needed to be rectified immediately. David pushed the ball gag into her mouth, and secured it behind her head before ordering her to lie down on the bed. The defiant movements of Alanna's body were both arousing and infuriating. She obviously didn't feel the need to hide her resentment that he wasn't doing as she expected.

Taking firm control of himself, David put two pillows under her hips, careful that they wouldn't touch the top of her pussy mound, and one under her head to keep her comfortable. Then he spread her out in an X-shape and used straps and cuffs to restrain her in that position.

"Do you know why I'm doing this Alanna?" he asked. She shook her head a looked at him, pretty cheeks puffed out around the gag, brown curls falling in her eyes. God she was beautiful. "Because you're trying to take control from me. You're being bad on purpose and still resisting the plug because you like being punished. Well this is a punishment that you aren't going to like as much. From now on you are going to take the plug without complaint. You are going to accept whatever punishment I choose to give you. And you are going to stop trying to deserve a spanking. I will give them to you when I feel like it, not because you're trying to get one. I'm disappointed in you Alanna."

Alanna slumped. It was true. She hadn't been trying to be good or to please her Master, she'd been having too much fun pleasing herself. Instead of leaving it in his hands, she'd been purposefully trying to push him around, in her own way. Hearing that she'd disappointed him with her bad behavior was punishment enough, she felt like crying and begging for forgiveness, but of course she couldn't because he'd put the gag in. Which was probably the point. Although even if he did forgive her, she'd likely still be punished.


Something much harder and more unforgiving than Master's hand came down on the soft flesh of her upturned ass. Alanna screamed and twisted her head around. Master was standing behind her with a wooden paddle in his hand, which came whooshing down again.


Another shriek, although not a scream this time now that she knew what to expect. Master was right, she wasn't enjoying this punishment nearly as much. It was still making her pussy leak, but her buttocks were already aching. Another blow, this one caught the edge of the plug and it shoved into her. Alanna clenched, her back arching at the double whammy. She shimmied and wriggled as hit after hit came down on her increasingly tender ass, tears rolling down her cheeks even while her pussy started leaking down onto the bed below her. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire. She was so involved in her shame, her guilt and sadness at her Master's disapproval, the burning pain in her ass, that she didn't even notice when he started to give her breaks between blows.

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