tagInterracial LoveSubmission of Judy Liu

Submission of Judy Liu


Judy Liu was the happiest newlywed in the world! She and her husband had just purchased this beautiful home in the heart of suburbia. No more city commute, or large shopping malls. Most of all, she would not have to put up with being pinched, mauled, and leered at by the black gangs on the crowded subways and sidewalks.

Her husband had sent his resume to this small Midwestern college, and by some miracle had been accepted! Best of all, he had received a sizable increase in salary. With his savings and her small inheritance from her parents, they had been able to give a large down payment on this two bedroom home. There was a backyard and plenty of space for her flowers. Their neighbors on one side, were an elderly couple and seemed very nice and friendly. The woman had offered her cuttings from her garden to get her started on her own. She was told the couple on the other side were on an extended vacation to the man's home in Jamaica and were due back next week. That's when the conversation got strange. The woman said, "Be careful of those people. There's something frightening about him. I believe they are why the last couple moved out. That young girl was pregnant, and she had told me her husband wasn't able to get her with child."

"Come on Martha. It's none of our business and you may have misunderstood what she said."

"I know what I heard and I know what I saw. I saw him going in their back door many times when the young husband was at work. You've seen him with his overbearing attitude and lording it over everybody that will talk to him. People are scared of him and avoid him whenever possible. That young husband was scared of him, too." Saying this, she let herself be led back into their home.

Judy was puzzled at her statement and a little uncomfortable at the old lady's attitude. Oh, Well! Nothing was going to ruin her day. Most certainly, no man was coming in her back door. She had too much to do, to worry about what might have been. She almost had everything put away, and should start dinner. Dave would be home in another hour and he was always starved.

Over dinner, Dave made a statement that began her wondering if maybe the lady was right. He said the head of his department was on vacation and would return next week. Judy asked, "Did anyone say where he was from?"

"He's from Jamaica and behind his back, they call him Jamal, the jaguar. When I asked why that name, I was told it was because he would go for the throat of anyone disagreeing with him. He destroyed anyone perceived as an enemy."

"Our neighbor is from Jamaica and will return next week. Did we purchase our home next to your boss?"

"I have no idea, but, God, I hope not!"

Judy had forgotten all about the neighbors being gone, and had finished getting her home in order. She had finally found time to relax, and was sprawled on the sofa watching television. There was a knock on the door, and before she could get up to answer, it opened to admit a tall, dark bronze woman. The woman was smiling as she came into the room. She acted as if they had known each for years and were the best of friends.

"Hi neighbor, my names Patricia, but everyone calls me Pat. Don't get up. I'll just set down here at your feet. Lets get acquainted while Jamal is getting the utilities turned back on. Our house is too hot, until we get the electricity. I knew you were going to be young, but, I didn't know how beautiful you would be. Jamal is going to be happy about that! He just loves beautiful, young women. You're Asian! What an extra added bonus that is! You must tell me all about yourself."

"Why would Jamal care whether I was young and beautiful, or not? I'm married. So, it doesn't make any difference."

"Oh, but, it does. Wait and see. When he received your husband's resume and saw the age of his wife, he threw the rest of the applications in the trash. So you see, your age got your husband hired at the college. We didn't know you were Asian, though. So small, too! You can't weigh a hundred pounds. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-four and I'm Chinese. You're right. I only weigh 97 pounds. Is Jamal my husband's boss at school?

"Oh yes. I thought you knew that already. He pretty much does the hiring and firing in his department. He's very strict at work and the same in his personal life, too. He doesn't like anyone to disagree with him. I do whatever he says and no questions asked. That's why we have been together for six years. That, and the size of his equipment, if you know what I mean." Pat said, with a dreamy smile on her face.

Judy was so shocked at these revelations, she didn't know what to say. What kind of people were these two? She was at a loss of what to say, until Pat told her to begin at the beginning, and tell her about herself.

"Well, I was born and raised in China. I came to the United States four years ago on a student Visa. Dave was teaching at the college when we met. He's ten years older than me, but that is no problem. We're very much in love. We got married when he found out he got this job. I had finished school and was going to have to return to China. Everything worked out perfect. I'm very happy in our marriage."

"Is Dave Chinese, too?"

"He's Chinese, but, he was born in the USA."

"You speak perfect English for someone that has only been here for four years.Have you ever had an American boyfriend"

"I have studied English since I was in the first grade. No, I have never had an American boyfriend and frankly, I never wanted one."

"Never say never. You don't know what tomorrow may bring. Well, I must be running along. Jamal should have the electric on by now. I can't wait to tell him the good news. He's going to be so happy, I'll be fucked extra hard tonight!" With that, she jumped up and headed for the door. At the door, she turned and asked, "I almost forgot. Do you shave your bush?"

"My bush? What are you talking about?"

"Your pussy! Do you shave your pussy?"

"MY GOD! How can you ask a stranger something like that? It's none of your business!

"Okay, if that's the way you are going to be. I'll tell you now, so you know. Dave is going to be in for a very rough day tomorrow. Every-time something unpleasant happens at home, Dave will pay for it. I want us to be good friends and Jamal wants the same thing. He doesn't like an independent, stubborn woman." She closed the door behind her as she left.

Judy was so upset the rest of the day, she couldn't think straight. She hadn't been friendly with many American girls, but was sure they were not like Pat. What was she going to do? They had invested all their money in this house. Dave had left his old job and had no place to go. How could she be the cause of him being tormented day after day? Was she going to have to apologize to Pat and answer her personal questions? How much more personal would they get? Would she have to be friendly with the overbearing Jamal? She hadn't even met him, and already hated him. She couldn't tell Dave! Given time, she would work something out, so Dave didn't didn't suffer. For now, she would just see what happened next.

The next day, Pat burst inside the door and plopped down on the sofa, as if nothing had ever happened. Judy had just showered and was in her robe. She just had it wrapped around her, and not buttoned.

"Hi Judy! We are going to be best friends. I just know it! We only need you to get over some slight hangups and everything will be wonderful from then on. I must tell you, Jamal was very unhappy you had been impolite and not answered my question. He wanted to come over and give you a good spanking, but I talked him out of it. I told him you would be more co-operative today. Today, you don't need to answer. Just open your robe and I can see for myself."

"Spanking? He can't spank me! No man is ever going to spank me!"

"There you go again, saying never. What do you think is happening to your dear husband today? Think he is having a good day?"

Judy was silent for a moment, not knowing what to do or say. She slowly stood up and opened her robe, letting Pat see her most private parts. She just stood there, holding her robe open and embarrassed to death.

"My God! You have a beautiful body. Except for the small tuft of hairs around your pussy, there's not a hair on your body. Your breasts are like two ripe oranges. Jamal doesn't like a shaved pussy, but he does like it closely trimmed. You don't even have to trim yours. I have to do that tedious job every week. Jamal is going to love your body! I know it! He is already getting impatient for you to be gotten ready."

"What do you mean? What does it matter what I do, or don't do? Get ready? For what? You sound as if I have no choice in anything. Are you and him out of your minds?"

"Why, get you ready to fuck him. He likes his women to be willing and eager for his long fuck pole. It doesn't matter what you say, you will still end up getting fucked. You can deny all you want, but sooner or later, you are going to be a slave to his giant, black cock. Why be stubborn about it?"

Judy couldn't believe what she was hearing! Who were these people that couldn't take no for an answer? Could she call the police? They hadn't actually done anything, yet. She would have to tell Dave. She couldn't handle this by herself.

"Pat reached out and touched Judy's pussy mound. Before she could jump back, Pat was clenching the short hairs. She was pulling Judy toward her mouth. Judy tried resisting, but it hurt too bad. When her pussy was only inches from her mouth, Pat released the hair and grabbed her around her firm ass. She pulled Judy forward, as she fell over backwards. Judy had no choice but go with her. A leg was on each side of Pat's head, and this gave her the opportunity to get her tongue inside Judy's small cunt. Judy couldn't get any leverage to get away, and all the time Pat was licking and sucking her pussy. Judy knew she was getting wet. As sudden and embarrassing as it was, it did feel good. With Pat holding her, she really had no choice, but, to enjoy. She was beginning to moan from the feelings shooting through her young body. Pat was sucking on her clit as if it was a small dick. Judy was going crazy with no other thought but the orgasm building in her belly! She was there! "Oh God! Oh God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Keep licking! Don't stop yet!" Judy saw stars as her orgasm shot through her from head to toe. She collapsed on the sofa and Pat slid from under her.

"You see? Yesterday, you would have said that would never happen. Never say never. Next time, maybe, you will lick my pussy. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? I'll see you. I'll tell Jamal what a hot little slut you really are. After today, Dave will have a much better day tomorrow. Your training is going along just fine. Right on schedule, if I do say so myself. You do know, I have to tell Jamal everything we say or do, don't you?"

"You mean you are going to tell your husband what you just did?"

"Or course, and also how hot you were for my tongue. He'll love it. But, you did say some pretty nasty things before that. He doesn't like to be called crazy. Don't bother getting up, I'll let myself out. See you tomorrow!"

Judy couldn't believe what had happened. What had come over her? Had she been raped by another woman? Was that even possible? There was nobody to talk to, except her husband, and she certainly couldn't tell him about this. She needed advice and nowhere to get it. She showered again and waited for Dave to get home. She didn't even feel like preparing dinner. They would have to be satisfied with cold cuts. When Dave walked through the door, she knew something very bad had happened today. He was so dejected, he was almost crying. "My God Honey! What's wrong? What has happened to you?"

"I have been humiliated by Jamal all day. He called me to his office several times, telling me what a worthless teacher I am, and how sorry he is for hiring me. He used much stronger language than that, but, I don't feel like repeating all he said. This has been the worst day of my life, and all I want to do is shower and go to bed. I'm totally exhausted."

After hearing this, Judy couldn't say anything about her problems. All she could do was try and reassure her loving husband. "Tomorrow will be better. I know it will! Yesterday, his wife and I had words and she told Jamal. I saw her today and apologized. I think he was taking his anger at me, out on you. I'll make certain not to anger her again. Honey, please forgive me. I didn't know what happened at home would carry over into your work."

"It couldn't be all your fault. Let's just forget it, and see what happens tomorrow. I can always quit and look for another job."

"All our money is tied up in this place. It would take months to sell. You must believe things will be better. Go lie down and relax. I'll be up later."

The next day, Judy was puttering around in the kitchen, when she heard the front door open. Her first thought was that Pat sure never knocked. Her next thought was to start locking the door. She went into the living room and met a large black man coming toward the kitchen. Just as she started to scream, he said, "Shut Up! I'm Jamal from next door! You don't say I'm crazy! You treat my wife with respect! I'm here to teach you a lesson in manners!" He grabbed her by the arm and practically threw her to the floor. He straddled her shoulders, facing her feet. He pulled her skirt above her waist and jerked her panties down around her ankles. "You scream all you want, but you are going to get the ass spanking of your life!" As he said this, he brought his palm down on her naked ass.

It had happened so fast, Judy didn't know what was going on, until the pain in her butt, registered on her brain. Then, she screamed! Again and again! He was going to kill her! He was never going to stop! He kept slapping her ass, over and over! The pain was on her ass, but, also reaching up into her pussy and into her belly! She was going to die! She couldn't scream anymore. Nothing came out but sobbing whimpers.

Jamal finally got off her, and pulled her to the sofa. "That was a sample of what will happen, if you don't do like my wife says. You're lucky you let her eat your pussy, or it would be much worse. Tell that wimp husband of yours, and I'll do the same to him." With this, he stalked out the door.

Judy lay on the sofa as if she was dead. She couldn't move a muscle. She must have dozed off, for when she awoke, there was a soothing lotion being applied to her butt. She looked behind her and there was Pat, smiling, as usual.

"Never say never. That's my motto. You'll be sore for a day or two, but okay. It could have been worse. Think of what it would feel like, if he had been hitting those beautiful breasts. That would be real pain."

"Please, help me upstairs to bed. I don't think I can walk by myself."

After putting Judy to bed, Pat got her assurance she would use the lotion again whenever the pain began. It had a painkiller in it and would work wonders on a sore ass. By the time Dave was due home, Judy was able to get around without limping. She didn't want to cause more trouble than they already had. Dave never noticed anything wrong, and was in a much better state of mind. They ordered pizza, and set talking in front of the television. She still needed a soft place to sit.

Dave said, "Jamal never came to school until late morning. He acted as if yesterday never happened. He was friendly and complimented me on the job I was doing. I can't believe the difference in the man. Try and stay away from his wife as much as possible, if she makes you angry."

"Everything will be okay now. She and I have come to an understanding and are becoming friends. I'll make sure to watch what I say or do. There will be no more trouble from me."

Like clockwork the next day, the door opened, and in bounced Pat. Judy had given up on the idea of locking the door. Judy's ass was barely sore this morning, but Pat insisted on seeing for herself. Judy lay on her stomach while Pat applied a body lotion. Several times, Pat inserted her fingers into Judy's pussy. Judy was getting wet and Pat knew it. Pat said, "Let's go to your bed. Today is lesson two."

Without a word, Judy let her lead them to bed that had only been shared with her husband. Judy removed her robe and lay down, not knowing what was going to happen next. Pat stood next to the bed and removed her clothes. She was taller than Judy and her breasts bigger. She had a body like an amazon goddess. It never excited Judy, but it never repelled her, either. She just didn't know what to expect.

She found out in the next moment, when pat said, "Now, it's your turn to eat my pussy. I know you have never done this before, so we'll do a 69. You eat me at the same time I'm eating you. Just do to me what I'm doing to you. Understand? Lay on your back and I will straddle your face. That way, I can bend my back and reach your pussy at the same time."

Judy said, "Please don't make me do this. I know what will happen if I don't, but, please don't make me."

Pat whispered, "Believe me, if I had any choice, I wouldn't. I have no more choice than you do. I have to do what Jamal says." Saying this, she lowered her pussy over Judy's face. She reached for Judy's thighs and lifted the small pussy to her mouth and experienced tongue. At the first touch, Judy groaned with pleasure. Pat lowered her pussy until it was touching Judy's mouth.

When Pat's tongue licked Judy's clit, Judy did the same thing to Pat. She was expecting a revolting smell or taste, but there was neither. She was trying to remember what she was supposed to do, but the feelings coursing through her body, made it hard to remember. She began licking and sucking on Pat's pussy, as if she had been doing it all her life. The better Pat made her feel, the more animated she became. Pat was grinding her pussy into Judy's face, and moaning into her own pussy. Judy felt her body getting hotter and hotter. It seemed to be traveling up her legs and toward the tongue in her pussy. She felt as if she was going to explode. When she did, the explosion was centered in her pussy. She screamed into Pat's pussy, but, at the same time, her tongue was going like a piston. Pat began screaming herself and almost smothered Judy by pressing her pussy into her face.

Pat squirmed around, until they were face to face. She took Judy's face in her hands, and licked the juice from around her mouth. Judy was so overcome with feelings, she did the same for Pat. There were no feelings of revulsion, just contentment and satisfaction. They lay cuddled against each other for several minutes, until Pat stirred and said, "That was lesson two. Tomorrow, Jamal will be home and we will have lesson three."

"Please, have mercy on me. I have done what you wanted, but don't let him enter our relationship. I love my husband. He's all I have in the world. Please, don't take my life away from me."

"But, honey, you must understand something. Jamal is my life. Everything I have done was at his instruction. I can no more say no to him, than I can stop breathing. You were his before we even met you for the first time. Can't you understand that? Do you believe in fate? Believe that you are fated to become Jamal's Asian, fuck slave. He has the biggest cock I have ever seen on a man. Once you get a taste, you'll want more. After he has fucked you, you won't be able to sleep for thinking about the next time. In a while, you will do anything and everything he says. You will live and breathe only to be with him and worship his black cock. Now, tomorrow, come to our place at ten a.m. He wants you to do that, so later you cannot say you were raped. You can never say afterward, you were forced. Don't worry. Tomorrow, you will only kiss and lick his monster. You must get comfortable with the size of it, so you won't be so scared and tighten up when you are finally fucked. You could be seriously injured, if you are not ready. Well, I've given you enough to think about. See ya tomorrow."

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