tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSubmission of Sandra

Submission of Sandra


Sandra hurried up stairs, embarrassed at having been seen by her son's friends in her nightgown. The fact that both Richard and Dennis were 18, just like her son Jake, did little to ease her humiliation.

Sandra had not realized that Jake had brought them home with him. When she heard noise downstairs she realized that Jake had returned home from his night out and she went downstairs to see how he was. When she walked into the kitchen and found his buddies standing there, ogling her in her flimsy nightgown, she mumbled something to her son and then retreated to her bedroom.

Standing before the mirror in her room she looked herself over to see just what Richard and Dennis had seen. She was fully clothed, but the thin material did show the outline of her ample, braless, 34DD breasts and her nipples poked through too much for her liking.

Sandra was an attractive 41-year-old woman with medium length brown hair, blue eyes and a firm 34-26-36 body that she kept in shape with regular exercise. Most people mistook her for being in her mid-thirties and were shocked to learn that she had an 18-year-old son.

Jake's father had divorced her ten years ago and she had spent most of the past decade working and raising her son. She rarely dated, and had not been with a man sexually in nearly seven years. Sandra spent much of her free time volunteering at church with the youth group, which is where Jake had met Richard and Dennis.

Dennis was okay, but Sandra considered Richard to be a bad influence on her son. She had heard rumors of his prowess that this tall, rugged, tattooed young man with long black hair had with many of the girls in the youth group and at school. She hoped that with graduation quickly approaching that Jake and Richard would soon be going their separate ways. Sandra was also never comfortable with the way the young man gawked at her.

Sandra was surprised to discover that her right had was rubbing her crotch. She had noticed putting it there. She smirked, thinking that despite her embarrassment, the obvious reaction of her son's friend's faces showed that she was still attractive. She didn't mind the fact that she might have caused them both to get hard. As she thought more about this she continued rubbing between her legs. Soon she made her way to her bed and pulled her nightgown off. Sandra was horny and needed to do something about it. Seven years without a man had given her time to become creative.

It wasn't that men weren't interested in her; it was just that Sandra had decided after a series of bad relationships that she was not going to sleep with anyone again until she was married, or at least in a serious enough relationship where marriage was probable.

She plopped down on her bed and began running her clit, while using her left hand to play with her breasts.

Downstairs Jake and Richard had gone down to Jake's basement room. Knowing that they were going to smoke pot, Dennis had already left. After a few bong hits Jake decided that it was time for bed. He was also tired of hearing some of Richard's comments about how hot his mom had looked. When Jake began to doze off, Richard told his friend that he would see himself out.

Richard went upstairs and decided to take a leak before leaving. Ignoring the bathroom on that level, he went upstairs to use the bathroom there, intending on jacking off in Sandra's bathroom, and possibly stealing a pair of her panties or something in the process. When he saw her bedroom door open and the light on he carefully approached her room. Peeking inside he was astonished at what he saw.

Richard quickly pulled his smart phone from his pocket and set it to video and began recording Jake's mother masturbating on the bed. He could feel his cock swelling as he watched Sandra rub her pussy and play with her tits. After a few moments he dared to move a little closer into the doorway to get an even better view.

Sandra's eyes were closed as she played with herself, feeling her climax nearing. Not knowing that she was putting on a show for Richard as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. She arched her back, moaning softly as the moment neared. Then her legs stretched outward and she now used both hands to finger herself and rub her swollen clit. Sandra came, doing her best not to make too much noise as she did so. Then she opened her eyes and froze at the sight of Richard standing in the doorway holding his cell phone facing her, she did not have to guess at what he was doing with it.

"What the hell are you doing up here?" She asked in alarm. Sandra crossed her legs and used her arms to hide her tits as Richard stepped into the room. "You better give me that phone and let me delete that video." She said.

Richard was horny and was growing braver by the moment. "I think I'm going to show this to everyone in the youth group."

Sandra's eyes went wide. "You wouldn't dare. Give me that phone and get the hell out of here."

"But Sandra, you met me downstairs and invited me up to your room and told me to record you. You wanted me up here with you." Richard accused.

"I did no such thing." Sandra objected,

Richard was undoing his pants as he approached the bed, "But that's what I'm going to say if you tell anyone about this."

Seeing Richard's pants and boxer shorts fall to the floor, and the sight of his eight-inch throbbing cock, frightened Sandra. "Get out of here." She insisted as Richard jumped on the bed with her. She tried to fight him off as he wrestled her down and groped her tits. "Don't you dare touch me."

"I'm going to do more than touch you." Richard promised, "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you."

"No, you can't do that." Sandra protested.

"You can always yell and let Jake come up and catch us. Of course, I'm going to tell him the same thing that I'll tell everyone else, that you seduced me."

Sandra was panicking. Richard was intent on raping her and threatening to make it look like she hit on him. The video of her masturbating would no doubt help his argument. She knew that there was no way that she could let Jake or anyone else know about this, so it was up to her alone to stop this. But try as she might, she was no match for the stronger young man on top of her.

Richard forced his ways between Sandra's legs and pressed his cock up inside of her. Sandra nearly screamed when she felt his member invading her pussy. She had not let a man do this to her in seven years, now one of her son's friends was forcing her to have sex.

Richard thrust his cock up into Sandra's wet pussy. He began fucking her and he lowered his head, going back and forth licking and sucking her hard nipples. Sandra continued to struggle, but was unable to do anything to stop him.

Eyeing her jiggling tits, Richard decided to try something different. Something that none of the smaller busted girls he had been with had been able to do. He pulled his cock out of Sandra's pussy and jumped up to straddle her body. Richard placed his dick, which was covered with Sandra's juices, between her tits and used his hands to squeeze them together as he fucked her breasts.

Sandra was humiliated at how Richard was treating her. She was happy to have him out of her pussy, but this was not much better. Still, she would rather have him cum this way than inside of her.

Richard fucked Sandra's orbs, enjoying the sensation as he pressed her tits together around his hard cock. He could feel his balls tightening and knew that he was going to cum soon. As his released neared, Richard let go of Sandra's tits and grabbed her hair in his hands. He pulled her face closer and shoved his cock into her open mouth.

Sandra was not expecting this. She was not a stranger to oral sex, but it was something that she never really liked. She did this for her husband a few times, but only sucked one other man's cock before. And she never permitted them to cum in her mouth. Hearing Richard's grunts she realized that he was intent upon doing that to her.

Sandra tried to pull free but his hands held her head in place as he fucked her mouth. Richard moaned and his pace quickened, and Sandra felt the first drop of cum hit her tongue. It was followed by blast after blast of warm, salty, semen that struck the back of her throat and coated her tongue as Richard came in her mouth. Sandra was forced to swallow it as he continued poking her mouth, enjoying how he was using her as his own personal fuck toy.

When Richard pulled out of her mouth Sandra lay there staring up at him. She was humiliated beyond belief that this man, who was a friend of her son, had done this to her. All she wanted was for him to leave.

Richard began to move down the bed. Sandra believed that he was going to leave her alone, but then she panicked anew as she felt his head drop between her legs. When his tongue caressed her pussy lips she flinched. "Stop it, leave me alone." She insisted.

"Not until I make you cum." Richard told her.

She tried to fight him off, but he grabbed her wrists in his hands and held them tight as be began licking her clit. Sandra rolled her head back and forth, trying to ignore what he was doing to her. She could still taste his cum in her mouth and feel him between her tits, but that was nothing compared to this. Knowing that she had already climaxed once so recently made her aware that he would have little trouble making her cum again, still, she tried to resist as long as she could, but Richard knew what he was doing, and it was not long before Sandra could feel her body betraying her.

Richard worked Sandra's clit with his tongue, enjoying the way the older woman responded to him as he licked her. He knew that it would not be long before she came for him. He could feel his cock growing hard in anticipation of fucking her again as soon as he made her cum.

Sandra gave up resisting. It was just too damn hard. Her body was going to orgasm so she permitted it to happen. Her hips bucked up and down as she came. But as her orgasm subsided, the licking did not. Richard was still licking her. Sandra's oversensitive pussy could not take it. "Please stop." She mumbled as she felt another orgasm growing. Richard continued, and Sandra's eyes rolled back in her head as she climaxed again. She was breathing heavily but still managed to gasp a plea for Richard to stop. He did so only long enough to say, "Tell me to fuck you and I'll stop." Then he returned to licking her pussy.

Sandra came again, this time more powerful than before. Her stomach ached and she could not take the sensitivity torture being inflicted upon her by these forced orgasms any longer, yet she still managed to resist asking him to fuck her. So Richard continued.

The fourth orgasm under his tongue was the straw that broke the camel's back. Sandra could take it no longer. "Please, fuck me, do anything as long as you stop licking me."

Richard was thrilled to realize that he had broken Sandra's will. He jumped up between her legs and began fucking her immediately. Her pussy clasped his thick cock as he invaded her, pumping in and out for quite awhile.

Sandra came again as Richard fucked her. She involuntarily wrapped her arms around him as she orgasmed, unable to do anything else. When she heard Richard moan and realized that he was about to cum she said, "Please pull out of me. Don't cum inside me." But Richard ignored her. He began fucking her harder and faster, feeling his cum rising in him and wanting nothing less than to feel his cock release in this woman's cunt.

"Oh yes." He declared just as his cock exploded. Sandra could feel his jism shooting inside of her, and at that same moment she climaxed again.

Richard fucked Sandra until his cock was going soft. Only then did he pull out and get up off of the bed. Sandra lay in a daze, trying to comprehend what had happened.

Richard dressed and then held the cell phone up and took a few pictures of the worn out and well fucked Sandra.

"What are you going to do with those?" She asked.

Richard smiled, "Watch them over and over," He answered, "they will make sure that you never tell anyone about this. But don't worry, I won't tell anyone either. And as soon as Jake goes off to college I can start spending most of my nights over here fucking the hell out of you every night."

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