tagBDSMSubmission Time Again

Submission Time Again


It started, as usual, with me on my knees, waiting. The door opened and my Mistress stood there, though I couldn't see her because of the blindfold I had been instructed to wear, along with my ankle and wrist restraints. She ordered me onto all fours and retrieved her whip from the bedside table, where it lay next to all the other items that I had carefully laid out prior to the session commencing.

Mistress reminded me of our last session, where for the first time ever she had failed to come. She was not happy about it and told me in no uncertain terms that I had better perform supremely well this time or I would be facing some form of chastity which would last at her discretion. As she pondered how she might keep me locked up for one, two or maybe even three months I felt my cock harden beneath her foot. Why should the thought of not being allowed to cum for so long make me so horny?

Then Mistress decided to administer 13 lashes of the whip to my cold backside. It stung a bit, but at least her aim was good this time and she didn't catch my balls. Once I had counted out the lashes, Mistress pulled me up onto my knees and ordered me to worship her feet. I willingly obeyed, kissing her feet and circling her toes with my tongue before taking each one into my mouth in turn and sucking on them.

Satisfied, after several minutes of attention, Mistress ordered me to stand and led me (still blindfolded) to the bed. She ordered me to get on the bed, but instead of laying on my back as was the norm, Mistress told me to get on my hands and knees. This was new. Now I was confused.

Mistress attached my wrists to the bedposts and told me that she wasn't in the mood for messing about today. Then I felt the dildo pushed into my ass. As I got used to the sensation .I heard her sliding the strap-on up her legs and tightening the belts at her sides. She climbed onto the bed, the dildo was pulled from me and the strap-on took it's place almost immediately. I buried my head in the pillow as she fucked me, the initial shock giving way to a new fear, that if she wasn't careful I was going to cum barely fifteen minutes into the hour.

As I was thinking about warning her of my impending problem, I felt the strap-on pulled out and she quickly released my arms and pushed me back up onto my knees. She moved in front of me and shoved the silicone cock into my mouth and fucked my face. I love it when she does that. (So far Mistress has only used the smaller of the two dildo's that came with the strap-on, but I'm sure that eventually she will make me take the larger one. That scares me a little, but at the same time, it makes my cock rock-hard just thinking about it. I know it will feel so much better filling my mouth too).

Mistress removed my blindfold and told me to look up at her beautiful face as she fucked my mouth. She paused briefly to press her foot against my cock, squashing it into the PVC sheet. She asked me who owns my cock, balls, ass and mouth. I told her that she did. She smiled.

Now I was tied to all four bedposts, on my back with my gorgeous Mistress standing over me. She slid her glass dildo into her soaking pussy and then into my mouth, then she sat on my face and rubbed her wet cunt over me, filling my nostrils with her beautiful scent. Then she stood up, turned to face my feet and pulled her ass cheeks apart with her hands, she knows how much I adore her ass. She bent forward and began using her long nails on my cock and balls, telling me how she loved to see my cock a nice deep shade of red. Then she attached the clothes pegs to my nipples and left me alone for a few minutes.

When she came back she pulled the pegs off and I winced as I felt the blood rush back. Then, as she released my wrists, she told me that I was to go down on her and that I better make her cum this time or there would be trouble. I love to eat my Mistress' pussy and I was more than keen to make amends for last time. As I licked her clit I pushed my first two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, adding my ring finger as she got closer. Then, once it was nicely lubricated, I moved it down between her cheeks and slid it gently into her asshole. I stepped up the speed of my tongue and soon she was coming hard. Mistress grabbed my head and told me 'enough'. She ordered me to lick first my fingers and then the sheet, making sure that I didn't leave a drop of her gorgeous juices wasted. I willingly complied.

Once the sheet was cleaned, I was told to lay on my back and Mistress secured my wrists and ankles once more. She stood over me again and sat on my face once again, this time urging me to fuck her ass with my tongue as she scratched and pumped my cock. I eagerly plunged my tongue into her asshole, knowing full well that for this treat I would be expected to eat my own cum when my Mistress finally permitted me to empty my aching balls.

Mistress pumped my cock harder and finally gave me the permission I had been waiting for, almost too late, as I could already feel the cum rising along my shaft. She squeezed every last drop out of my straining cock and then wiped her fingers in the crack of her ass. I licked the white cream from around her asshole, knowing that this would probably be the closest I would ever get to a proper 'anal cream pie', and then she fed the rest of my cum to me with her fingers.

As I lay there I heard her say 'End of session' and half opened my eyes to see my gorgeous, sexy wife smiling at me. I am a very lucky man.

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