tagGroup SexSubmission to Andre Ch. 01

Submission to Andre Ch. 01


For a Fan's Request:

I was badly in need of a job when I got an interview as a 3D graphics modeler with a medical equipment company. I was late for the interview and the receptionist told me to wait for someone who would conduct an interview. I went to the bathroom, peed, then washed my hands and face. I needed to compose myself; traffic had been a bitch along with a terrific downpour.

I went back out to the reception area and was greeted by a young, slender, black man.

"I'm Andre." He held out his hand.

I shook it, "Paul."

He smiled and said: "Come with me and we'll get started."

I followed him to a cubicle that had a 3D model floating in the monitor. I sat down and began rotating the model with the mouse.

Andre touched my hand and said: "Let me tell you what you need to do with this model before you begin to mess around with it. Number one, you need to look at the exercise sheet in front of you. Two, follow the instructions about what needs to be done, and Three: Complete the exercise as fast as possible. Any questions?"

I shook my head no.

He looked into my eyes with a steady gaze. "All right then, get started, and good luck."

He left the cube and I read the instructions for the test exercise. It was fairly simple and I was able to get through with it in a short time. If it had been any harder I might not have been able to do it. I sat there for a few minutes and then left the cube, looking for Andre.

I found him a couple of cubes over discussing a part on the screen with a young blonde woman.

Andre turned and faced me, "You're finished then, or do you have a problem?"

"No problem, I'm finished."

He headed to the cube that I'd left. "Good, let's see what you've got there."

Sitting down, he began to dissect the model that I'd built on the screen. In a few short minutes he'd picked it apart.

"Ok, Paul, there's a couple of things that you should have done to begin with and a few more that you need to be aware of with this software. You've never worked with this version, have you?"

"No." I couldn't lie, my inexperience was obvious.

"OK," He smiled, "I'm glad you're being honest with me. You obviously have some idea of what you're doing and we are obviously in need of someone to do some design work. Do you want the job?"

I was stunned; he was offering me the job!

"Yes! Yes, I do!" I was elated, I hadn't worked in weeks!

"Start tomorrow?"

"Yes, of course!"


He led me out the back way into the parking lot. I was in front of him on the stairs and hesitated on a landing. He bumped into my arm with his crotch. He had a big, thick hardon and he'd just run into me with it.

"To the left" He directed me.

I went left down another flight of stairs and he ran into me again with his big prick. It kind of freaked me out and I backed away from him.

He smiled and said "Ooops. Sorry."

He led the way down the last flight and pointed down a short corridor, saying: "The parking lot is out those double doors."

As I drove home in the rain I thought about that bizarre situation: This guy had just run into me intentionally with a hardon. A big, thick, black hardon! Maybe did it twice! I felt weird and wondered if I really wanted this job.

It didn't matter what I wanted; I needed this job badly. If the guy who was my lead was a little twisted, what did it matter? What was the worst that could happen?

Little did I know, less could I guess.

The next morning I was there bright and early. Andre met me at the reception desk and showed me to my workstation -- the same cube that I'd used for my test exercise. After taking me around and introducing me to my new workmates, he gave me a file folder and asked me if I could get to work on it right away.

"If you have any problems, let me know."

I worked on it awhile and when he came back to check on my progress he didn't look happy. "Come with me, please." He ordered and I followed him to his office. When we got there he said: "Take a seat." I did.

"I just got out of a management staff meeting and they need a whole shitload of work done like yesterday." He picked up some messages on his desk and began to read through them. "How do you feel about working some O.T.?"

I was stunned, I'd just been hired and now he was asking me to work some overtime? I couldn't say no, I needed this job. "OK, sure, when?"

He smiled then, "Starting tomorrow afternoon, does that work for you?"

I relaxed a little, "Yes, it does."

"Fine, now get back to work, we need everyone to contribute."

I went back to work feeling good. Overtime! I was happy and my wife would be even happier that I was going to be bringing in more money than the good money this job paid.

About an hour later an email alert showed up on my screen. I wondered who would be sending me a message. When I opened the mail queue I saw that it wasn't addressed to me. As I highlighted the message to delete it, a full screen video popped up and began to play: A close-up of young light skinned black man who was sucking on a something. As the shot panned back I could see that it was a large very dark index finger, not his own. The finger's owner was holding the young man's head with the other hand as he sucked away. His eyes were closed.

The view expanded some more without showing the other mans' face. The light skinned fellow was sitting between the others' legs and they were both naked. He was stroking a thick black cock that looked like it belonged in a porno flick.

He was obviously enjoying himself as he worked that monster into full stiffness.

I was getting nervous with this very inappropriate video playing on my computer, on my first day of work! The cube was arranged so that I faced the doorway, but I still shouldn't be watching porn on the company's time.

Onscreen the handsome young man had quit sucking the finger and was now rubbing the purple head on his face. The color contrast between the two men was very exciting and added to the intensity of the scene. He licked the now hard shaft and head of what must have a ten or eleven inch cock. Some precum glistened on his cheek as he took that trophy in his mouth, no easy task. His eyes opened slightly and he had a faraway look in them while he took as much of that meat as he could down his throat.

The other man's dark hands were stroking his face, ears and neck as he put the deep throat on that black beast of a cock.

My own cock was so hard a cat couldn't scratch it as I reluctantly hit the Delete button.

I secured my computer and went to the bathroom, really glad that there was no one in the corridor to see my hardon. I took the first stall and pulled my cock out. God, I was HARD! It was almost painful! I hadn't been this turned on in a long time. I sat down on the toilet seat and slowly squeezed my prick. I reached inside my shirt and massaged my nipple, thinking about the look on that guy's face. Within a couple of minutes I was shooting a load into the toilet. Whew! It took a few more minutes to compose myself, wash up and get back to work.

I made sure that I sent the contents of the Deleted file into the waste bin. I wondered who would send me stuff like that? There was a bogus address; it might have been spam. I had better be careful, it was only my first half-day at work and already I was watching gay porn and jacking off in the head.

A few minutes before noon another email arrived. I carefully opened and read it. Vonya, the cute blonde woman in the next cube was inviting me to lunch to a lunch counter down the street. We were joined by Megan from accounting. As we walked back to office after we ate, she told me that there had been some personnel issues in my department and if anyone sexually harassed me to report it to her, as she was the acting personnel director until they hired a new one. Vonya spoke up: "We're sure that an inappropriate relationship was taking place between the previous personnel director and Andre."

"What?" I wasn't sure where this was going.

Megan said: "They were having some sort of after hours relationship and it went bad. There were some words and a small scene in Maya's office. Sean, the other guy, resigned."

"Oh." I was a little puzzled. Maya Rodriguez was the vice-president of engineering, Andre's boss.

Vonya took over: "Whatever was going on between them was sort of sick and twisted, Maya wouldn't even talk about it with us. She just had a staff meeting and reiterated the company policy on sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, all of that. She looked at Andre more than once to make a point during the meeting."

Jeez, this was getting really complicated. And the day was only half over.

I thanked them for the heads up and we entered the office building.

I saw Andre in the hall as I walked back to my desk and asked him a question about the software. He'd seen me come in with Vonya and Megan so I had to assume that he knew what they'd told me. Then again, I could play dumb if he asked me anything. After all, they only told me what had happened, not any of the ugly, juicy stuff.

He listened to my question and replied, "I have a reference book that you can look at whenever you need to. It's on my shelf."

He led the way into his office, pulled a book out and handed it to me. "Here, this should answer your questions and provide some examples."

"Thank you, I appreciate it."

"No problem, that's what I'm here for." He smiled.

The rest of the day was uneventful but I kept thinking about that video and why that anonymous email would come to me. I was really turned on thinking about that handsome young guy giving the other one a blowjob. I'd never been turned on by that kind of stuff before but something about the look on that guy's face sucking for all he was worth got to me.

When I got home I started dinner and MaryJane, MJ for short, arrived a few minutes later and helped me with the last few items. As she put the casserole dish in the microwave she said, "That's really great, babe, they want you to work some overtime, and right away, too! We could sure use the money!" She hugged me. I hugged her back and we kissed. She pressed herself up against me and ran her hand down my back to grip my butt. Her lips were parted and I touched my tongue to hers.

"Mmmmmmmmm." She frenched me back. My hand was cupping her fine, round butt cheek. MJ is round, firm and fully packed. She's five feet tall and somewhere around a hundred pounds give or take of voluptuous womanhood. We'd been married for a couple of years now and our sex life was better than ever. Her red hair and green eyes captivated me when we first met and still had that affect on me, years later.

I broke the kiss and nibbled on her ear lobe. She whispered "Yes, baby, oh yeah." She slowly humped my leg. I was stroking the crack of her ass and could feel the heat from her pussy. I nuzzled her neck and tasted her skin. She started to pant and pulled me to the floor. We kissed deeply as I played with her tit. She had undone her slacks and was working on my belt and zipper to get at my thickening cock. I slid my hand down the front of her slacks and stroked her pussy lips through the panties. She rocked her hips back and forth on my hand and moaned.

The microwave chirped three times and we both laughed.

"Dinner is ready." She smiled.

"I've changed my mind, I want to eat you out." I joked.

"That's ready too." She wasn't joking or smiling, her eyes sparkled, her breathing was deep, her voice husky with lust. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as I slid a finger into her cunt for an answer. I teased her cunt lips with light slow strokes that I knew would drive her crazy. Her grip on my cock was tightening and her thumb circled around and around the head. I pulled her sweater up, undid her bra and sucked on her nipple. It was hard and the same dark pink color of her lips. She was panting and groaning, screaming at me: "I need to fuck, Uhhh! That's really good, fuck me baby, fuck me now, FUCK ME NOW!!!"

I pulled my finger out of her cunt, sniffed and licked it. "Mmmm, pussy done just right, my favorite."

She made a noise and dove mouthfirst onto my cock giving it a deepthroat facefuck. I shifted around and tongued her pussy, licking and teasing the lips, tasting the clit, then licking the lips some more. She was facefucking my cock with a vengeance, moaning and groaning as she ground her hips into my face. Her fingers were stroking my balls and asshole.

She was really into it; sucking me and fingering me like a pro. I tongued her clit hard with long strokes. She was getting ready to cum, I knew. The image of that light skinned black guy wrapping his lips around that thick black cock suddenly came to mind and my balls tightened up. I started spurting a major load into her mouth, down her throat, thinking about that him sucking that nasty shaft. She started to orgasm and I worked that clit harder. She'd wrapped her legs around my head, bucking, grunting and squirming as she came.

We both lay there on the kitchen floor, breathing hard, spent. A few minutes later, she took my limp dick and ran her thumb from base to tip, squeezing out the last few drops of cum. She licked them off and asked: "That was great! What's for desert?"

"How about hot cock in your jellyroll?"

"Sounds yummy, how long it gonna take to fix?"

"About as long as it takes to get you into the bedroom and out of those clothes."

She rolled off me saying, "I don't know if I can wait that long." Then she sprang to her feet and raced to the bedroom yelling, "Last one in bed has to wash the sheets!"

I slowly walked to the bedroom thinking about that video and those two guys. I never saw the one's guy's face but he was getting all the action. Just thinking about it made me stroke myself. I was half-hard when I entered the room. MJ was lying there in a black thong and made an appreciative noise when she saw the swelling purple head of my prick. "Yummy. Is that for me?" She smirked.

I kept stroking it and smirked back. "You bet."

She reached up and wrapped her hand around it. "Ooooooo my favorite color," she licked the head, "and flavor, too!"

As I watched her tease and squeeze me rigid again, I was reminded of the light-skinned guy, I got even harder.

I fucked and sucked MJ silly that night.

The next morning we had a short intense fuck session. I was just finishing my shower when she popped into the bathroom to kiss me before she left for work.

We traded some tongue for a minute. "Mmmmmm, you taste good. Bring that tongue home to me, I'll need some more later. Goodbye, I love you."

I turned off the shower and replied "I love you."

I finished toweling off and started to get dressed when the phone rang. It was MJ: "Hi, I forgot to tell you that I'm running the VirusScan on the computer so you might not want to use it. When I checked the email this morning there was some weird message like the spammers use that just started playing. I deleted it so everything should be ok."

Whoa! Weird message? "What kind of message?" I was curious.

"It was a guy giving a blowjob to someone with a really big dick." She giggled and went on: "It was pretty hot, the one guy was really into it."

This couldn't be a coincidence, unless it really WAS a coincidence. I played dumb. "It was two guys sucking each other off?"

"No, it was two black guys and one was sucking the other's dick. Pretty hot stuff."

"No address?"

"Just some gibberish like the spam mailers use, I deleted it as a precaution."

"After you watched it!" I joked.

She laughed, "Well of course! I might have picked up some new techniques!"

"Yeah, like you need any lessons."

"You never know, see you later lover."


to be continued...

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