tagLesbian SexSubmissive Ch. 01

Submissive Ch. 01


Submissive I-Seducing Mrs. Johnson

Carol Johnson walked across the stage carrying some of the props they were using in the senior class play. The performances were in two weeks and the rehearsals were already in high gear. Most of the cast and crew had already left for the evening, leaving Carol and a handful of others to do the final cleanup. Among those who stayed were her daughter, Kristin, and Kristin’s best friend, Becky.

Carol Johnson had been widowed for 10 years. During that time, she had raised a son and a daughter, while working full time as Human Resources Manager for a local business. Robert, her son, was 20 and a sophomore at a college across the state. Kristin was 18 and a senior at the local high school. Raising two teenagers and maintaining a full time job had been quite an effort, but despite her busy schedule, she had always found time to support her children’s activities. Helping out this year’s play was one of the ways she supported her daughter.

“Mrs. Johnson, could you help me run through the scene I’m having trouble with?”

Carol turned to see Becky standing behind her. “Of course, Becky,” she said. “Let me just tell Kristin to have a seat until we’re through.”

“If it’s okay with you, I really need a lot of help. I’m sure Billy would be happy to give her a ride home.” Billy, being one of the neighbors kids, was well known to Carol.

“Sure. That would be fine,” Carol said.

“I’ll go tell them,” Becky said, “and I’ll meet you in the production conference room.” Carol took the final few things back to the prop room and locked them up before heading to the room.

The Conference room was a good-sized room, the focal point of which was a large conference table and chairs. Carol sat down in one of the chairs and waited. After a bit, Becky arrived. “Sorry it took so long. I made sure everyone else was gone and double-checked the locks.”

“Okay. Let’s get started,” Carol said. The scene Becky needed help with was one that culminated with her kissing the male lead.

“I don’t really feel attracted to him,” Becky explained. “It’s hard enough to kiss someone in front of people, let alone someone you’re not attracted to.”

“I know what you mean. Would it help to run through the scene a few times?” Carol asked.

“It couldn’t hurt.”

Carol stood up and leaned against the conference table. In the scene, the boy would be leaning against the kitchen counter. The conference table served as a good substitute. They ran through the scene from the beginning. When they reached the kiss, Becky leaned up against the table beside Mrs. Johnson, leaned in and kissed her lightly and quickly on the lips.

“Come on, Becky. You can do better than that,” Carol said. “Here, let me show you.”

She switched places with Becky, leaned in and kissed her. Her kiss was longer and more active than Becky’s, but still not a romantic kiss. “See. You can have a kiss between people that looks real, yet is still antiseptic. Okay? You try.”

For some reason, it didn’t seem at all strange to Carol that a 40 year old woman should be teaching an 18 year old girl how to kiss.

They switched places again. This time, when she leaned in, Becky wrapped her arms around the older woman and brought her already open lips to Carol’s. Carol, surprised by the aggressiveness of the move, instinctively opened her mouth to accept the younger woman’s tongue. She felt the rising and falling of the other woman’s breasts as they pressed against her own.

The intensity of the kiss had caught Carol off guard. She hadn’t been with anyone in the 10 years since her husband died, and her body was reminding her of what she’d been missing. Someone was kissing her passionately, holding her tightly, and her body liked it.

When they broke the kiss, Carol looked at Becky. “Wow,” she said. “That was much better. Maybe to good. Next time, try not to be quite that passionate.”

“Okay,” Becky said. “How about this?”

Before Carol could react, she felt Becky’s left arm around her back and her right hand on her ribs, just below the left breast. She felt herself opening her mouth to accept the tongue, offering no resistance. She felt her tongue dancing with Becky’s, like it had a mind of its own. She knew she should break off the kiss, but she couldn’t find the strength to tear herself away. She closed her eyes, enjoying the lingering kiss on her lips.

When Becky finally broke off the kiss, Carol was in a daze. “Was that better?” she heard Becky ask. All she could do was nod her head. While her body was reacting passionately to Becky’s kisses, her mind was turning to mush. She knew she leave now, that she shouldn’t be allowing a student less then half her age do this to her. Especially her daughter’s best friend. But somehow, none of that mattered

Then she felt Becky leaning in again, again wrapping her arms around her, and holding her tight. This time, however, Becky paused, gazing deeply into the older woman’s eyes, watching as Carol opened her lips, waiting. Slowly, Becky leaned closer until, at last, their lips met.

By now, Carol’s eyes were closed and her head was spinning. She knew they were no longer rehearsing, she doubted if they ever really were. She also knew she liked what the girl was doing to her, and she wanted her to continue.

Carol felt herself reaching out to return Becky’s embrace. She felt herself running her fingers through her hair. She felt herself arching her back, pressing their bodies together. She felt Becky’s hand cover her left breast. She felt her squeezing it, rubbing it, and pinching it. And she felt her body surrendering.

Becky released the kiss, but continued to hold Carol tight. When she finally released her tit, Carol heard herself moan. When she felt the hand slowly easing the zipper of her fleece sweater down, she gasped slightly. She opened her eyes, looking at her would be conqueror. But she offered no resistance. The young woman was going to take her, and she was going to let her.

After her top had been completely unzipped, Carol felt the hand return to her chest, playing alternately with each bra encased tit. She arched her head back, closing her eyes, as she felt the hand move under her bra, directly caressing the soft skin of her breast.

Becky removed her hand from the bra and took hold of the fleece. Carol sat obediently as the young temptress eased the collar back over her shoulders and partially down her arms. She stopped there, leaving the older woman’s arms still in the fleece’s sleeves, with the body of the fleece connecting the arms behind her back. Becky then took hold of her shoulders and gently lowered her to the table so she lay on her fleece, effectively pinning her own arms down.

Carol lay on the table as Becky sat above her, eyeing her, her upper body clad in bra only. She felt excited. She felt alive. She felt very, very horny. She watched silently as Becky produced a pair of scissors from somewhere unseen. She watched as she lowered the scissors to her bra, cutting first between the cups, and then cutting each shoulder strap. After discarding the scissors, Becky reached for the useless bra and began pulling it out from under her. Carol felt herself arching her back to help.

Becky stood up and looked down on the woman laid out beneath her. She reached for Carol’s pants. With painstaking slowness, Becky first unbuckled the belt, and then unsnapped and unzipped her jeans.

Carol bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as she felt hands touch her sides, sliding first upwards until they reached the sides of her breasts, and then down until they reached the top of her jeans. She moaned as the thumbs hooked her jeans and began to slide them over her hips, taking her panties with them and exposing her pussy to the girl. She felt Becky slide the pants down her legs slowly, like she had all the time in the world, until they reached her shoes. She felt one shoe being slid off, then the other. Then she felt the pants go.

There she was, a 40 year old woman, lying naked on the table, calves and feet dangling over the edge, arms trapped within her fleece and unable to move, as an 18 year old girl, her daughter’s best friend, stood above her, fully dressed. She could feel her juices flowing, she was so hot.

“You have a beautiful body, Mrs. Johnson,” Becky said, breaking the long silence. “You must work hard to keep it that way.” Putting her hands on her knees, she spread them wide, allowing her a nice view of her pussy. “And your pussy looks good enough to eat.” She pushed her knees back together and moved around the table until she was next to Carol’s breasts. “But we’ll get to that later,” she smiled.

Reaching out, she took the naked breasts before her in hand and massaged them, pushing them together, mashing them into her body. She grabbed her nipples between her fingers and pulled on them until Carol was moaning continually, squirming on the table.

While she continued to play with Carol tits, Becky commented “you sure were easy tonight, Mrs. Johnson. Are you a slut or something?”

Carol tried to focus on what she said, but was distracted by the fondling of her breasts. “No,” she managed to say, shaking her head.

“Did you say no?” Becky asked. “Are you disagreeing with me?”

Carol shook her head violently. “No. I mean yes. I mean no. I don’t know.” She cried out, confused.

Becky reached back and dipped her finger into Carol’s pussy, rubbing it around her pussy lips. Carol moaned, arching her pelvis to allow easier access. Becky withdrew the pussy soaked finger, bringing it back to Carol’s mouth. “Suck this off,” she demanded.

Mrs. Johnson looked first at Becky, and then at the finger before her. Tentatively, she opened her mouth and leaned up towards the finger. She took the finger in her mouth and sucked off her pussy juices. Looking back at Becky, she realized how much she enjoyed being controlled by the younger woman. It had always been Carol’s nature to be submissive, to give in to people. That made it tough on her as a single mom, and as a businesswoman. But now, she could feel all the false fronts shattering, as she surrendered herself to the young woman above her.

Becky looked at her. “So, you are a slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“From now on, you are to address me as Mistress when you talk to me. Do you understand?”

Becky hesitated, looking into her lover’s eyes.

“If you’d rather, I can stop right now and you can leave. Is that what you want?” Carol asked.

“No, Mistress.” She answered immediately.

“Once again, then. Are you a slut?

“Yes, Mistress” Carol answered. “I am a slut.”

“Very good, slut,” Becky smiled, patting her face lightly like she would pet her dog. “You learn quickly. Now for your reward,” Becky said.

Reaching down, Becky took hold of her slut’s tits, fondling them, as Mrs. Johnson began to squirm. Carol watched as Becky lowered her mouth to her tits. She closed her eyes and heard moaning noises emanating from her mouth as she felt teeth nibbling on first one breast, then the other. She felt the right hand release her breast and begin to wander slowly over her body, stopping to tease her belly button, tracing the curve of her hips, drawing finger nails slowly up the insides of her thighs. Instinctively, she spread her legs wide, allowing better access to her already wet pussy.

At last, she felt the fingers reach her clit, gently stroking her love button, sending shivers throughout her body. Almost immediately, she felt her orgasm come crashing down on her. "Oh yes, Mistress” she screamed. “I’m cuming.” It was an orgasm like she’d never felt before. It rocked her from the tips of her toes to the very ends of her hair, the entrapment of her arms making it all the more powerful.

Slowly, she regained her sense of where she was. With her breathing still labored, she opened her eyes. She saw Becky sitting next to her in one of the conference chairs.

“I’ve never seen anyone come so quick or so hard, slut,” Becky said to her. “You must really like what I’m doing to you.”

“Oh yes, Mistress.”

Becky leaned forward. “Let me practice that kiss one more time,” she grinned. Carol felt their lips lock together, followed by Becky’s tongue dancing with hers. Without the use of her arms, it was easy for her Mistress to tease her, kissing for a bit, then withdrawing, leaving Carol with an open mouth and a wanting tongue. Then kissing some more.

In a very short time, Carol again felt herself squirming on the table, the sexual tension once again building inside her. Becky stood up and moved to the end of the table by her feet, effectively withdrawing all human contact from her slut. Desperate for her touch, Carol moaned.

She didn’t have to wait long as she felt the other woman grab hold of her ankles, raising her legs perpendicular to the table, and spreading them wide. “Yes, you have a very pretty pussy indeed, slut,” she said.

Carol looked up at her Mistress. She was totally helpless; her arms a prisoner in her own fleece, and her womanhood spread wide open. She watched as her Mistress examined her prize. “Would you like me to kiss it?”

“Yes, Mistress. Please kiss my pussy.”

She watched as Becky lowered her head towards her pussy. Electricity shot through her body as she felt a woman’s kiss on her pussy for the first time since high school. She moaned, shaking her head from side to side as Becky kissed her clit slowly and sensuously, before driving her tongue into her dripping cunt. She arched her hips upward to make herself more available to the younger woman.

And then she gasped in despair as her Mistress withdrew her tongue from her and stood up, lowering her feet so they rested on the edge of the table, her knees in the air.

“I think you’re being selfish, slut,” Becky said to her Mrs. Johnson. “I think it’s time for you to pleasure me. You’d like that, wouldn’t you slut?”

Carol quickly perked up. “Yes, Mistress, I’d love to pleasure you.” She hesitated momentarily. “But how can I pleasure you if I can’t move my arms?” she asked.

“You won’t need your arms,” she said. She began unbuttoning her blouse, pausing at the last button before removing the blouse. She unbuckled her jeans and slid them over her hips, leaving her panties on.

Carol watched anxiously as the young beauty undressed before her. She wanted desperately to help her, to caress her body, to fondle her beautiful, young breasts. She watched Becky reach behind herself, unhook her bra, and then slowly let it fall to the floor. Then she turned her back to her slut, and removed her panties, bending at the waist so that her ass and pussy were clearly visible,

Standing up, Becky turned to face her slut. Now they were both naked. Becky’s tits were larger then Carol’s, but equally firm. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, and she was tan all over. She reached for her breasts, and massaged them in front of Carol. “Do you like my tits, slut?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress. They are lovely.” Then she got brave. “My I kiss them, Mistress?” she asked tentatively.

“Yes, slut, I think I’d like that,” she said, bringing a smile to Carol’s face. Standing next to the table, Becky bent over, lowering her beautiful, full breasts towards Mrs. Johnson’s mouth. Carol raised her head, straining to reach the treats dangling before her, but Becky kept them just out of her reach.

“Please, Mistress” Carol pleaded, now hot with desire for the young breasts before her. “Please let me suck on you breasts.”

Again Becky lowered her breasts, but this time all the way to Carol’s mouth. Carol went for the tit before her like a mad woman, licking it, kissing it, nibbling on the nipple, chasing the dangling orb like a woman possessed.

Becky stood up, removing the treat from her slut’s mouth. “Now I have another treat for my horny little slut.” She lifted one knee onto the conference table, and then the other. Carefully, she swung her right knee over Carol’s head, positioning her pussy directly over Mrs. Johnson’s mouth, leaving the naked body of her slut stretched out behind her.

Slowly, she lowered herself to Carol’s mouth, so that the only thing her slut could see was her pussy, tummy, tits, and face. Carol, needing no encouragement, dove right into the pussy before her, licking her clit, nibbling on her pussy lips, digging her tongue deeply into her Mistress’ cunt, desperate to please her. She could feel her lover reacting to her attentions, as she moaned softly, gyrating her hips above her.

Suddenly, Carol froze. She felt the touch of hands on her knees, yet she could see Becky’s hands above her, massaging her own tits. With panic stricken eyes, she looked up at her.

“Relax my little slut. Relax and enjoy it. She won’t do you any harm.”

As her Mistress smiled reassuringly at her, she tried to relax. She could tell by the touch of the hands as they slid down the inside of her thighs, that it was indeed a woman’s touch. That she could not see her new lover only added to the intensity of her feelings.

As the hands neared her womanhood, Carol tried to maintain her attention on her Mistress’ pussy. As two fingers entered her pussy, she nibbled on the clit before her. Looking up, she could see her Mistress clutching at her own breasts as she shook her head with pleasure.

Then the fingers left her pussy and moved to her dark hole, where first one finger probed into it’s depths, in and out, round and round, gradually loosening the tight entrance. As the second finger joined the first, Carol stuck her tongue into Becky’s pussy, licking her, trying to please her Mistress.

Then her unknown lover’s tongue entered her pussy, lapping up her flowing juices. The fingers began pumping in and out of her ass, while the tongue licked at her pussy. Then her mouth moved to surround her love button and joined with the fingers to attack the very depths of Carol’s soul.

Somehow, Carol managed to continue eating her Mistress while her unknown lover was devouring her. She was rewarded when she heard Becky cry out, her body shaking wildly as her orgasm washed over her. At nearly the same instant, Mrs. Johnson felt her own orgasm explode within her. She shook wildly, but the strange lover kept up her assault. She felt herself coming again. She couldn’t take it any more.

“Please, no more,” she gasped as she released her Mistress’ pussy. Her unknown lover stopped, and slowly removed her fingers from inside her. As she felt Becky beginning to relax above her, her unknown lover moved her head from between her legs and gently kissed her stomach and belly button, drawing trails over her abs with her tongue.

Eventually, her unknown lover lifted her head from her belly. Carol felt fingers touch her thighs lightly, and then they were gone.

She heard soft footsteps moving away from her, and then heard the door open and close, and then silence.

Becky lifted her leg over Carol’s head and knelt on the table beside her. Reaching down, she rolled her onto one side and freed her arm from the fleece. Rolling her back and then to her other side, she released the other arm. Then she laid her back as she had been, tossing the fleece to the floor.

Without saying a word, Becky laid down on the table beside Carol. For a while they just lay there quietly. Finally, Mrs. Johnson rolled over and kissed Becky lightly on the lips. “It’s time to go, sweetie,” she said. “Up you go.”

They got to their feet and began collecting their discarded clothing. “Who was she?” Carol finally asked.

Becky looked at the older woman and shook her head. “You’ll learn the answer to that question soon, but not tonight.”

They dressed in silence, each one watching the other. Quickly, they cleaned up the room, and left, walking to the parking lot together.

Before they got into their cars, Becky looked at Mrs. Johnson. “Slut,” she said.

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