tagGay MaleSubmissive Ch. 01

Submissive Ch. 01


I stepped up to the front door of the guys house. I said I wouldn't meet him but obviously things didn't go according to plan. I knocked loudly, to assure he would here. The door opened and there he stood. He was wearing nothing, and I was soon to join him. I stepped through the door and he pushed my head down shoving a video camera in my face.

"You see this slut!?" he said threateningly. "She's gonna get pounded, I'm gonna fuck her ass so hard the cum will shoot out of her mouth!" He was speaking to the camera as if I weren't in the room. "Strip bitch!" he commanded as I got to my feet and undressed myself. He forced me back to my knees and pushed his semi-erect cock in my face. "Suck it! Go on you dirty whore!" I grabbed his cock whilst keeping my eye on the camera, seductively staring it down. I took the head of his cock in my mouth, but I didn't pull the foreskin back.

I started tonguing his piss slit and massaging his balls and his dick started growing. I pulled back his foreskin and licked the underside of his cock slowly, not looking away from the camera. "Hmm, you're a hot little slut aren't ya!" he said. I hummed on his cock head appreciatively as it grew in my mouth. I licked the underside of his cock again, feeling the hard meat swell in my hand. His cock had grown to about 8 inches in size, his cock head thick and bulging. He grabbed his cock and rested the heavy rod on my face. I could smell his aching cock.

I took it into my mouth and tasted his glans, it was sweet but salty. I sucked on it as he moaned and groaned, which I started doing shortly after. He put the camera closer to me and I started bobbing my head up and down on his thick rod. He grabbed the back of my head forcing his now even thicker cock down my tight throat, the head of his stiff cock grazing the roof of my mouth. Then suddenly he pushed his now 11 inch hard cock down my throat and left it there. My cock was so stiff now, it felt like my cock was in place of his and I'd feel closer and closer to blowing my load every time his dick slipped on my wet throat.

He pushed harder then start to fuck my face, pushing harder and harder as my saliva built up on his thick meat. I started choking on his massive tool, which I was embarrassed about because I was being filmed. Then suddenly he pulled his cock from my throat. "Enjoy that did you slut!? Good thing your spit is all over my cock now 'cause I just remembered I don't have any lube." he said menacingly. He threw me to the floor and bent me over then held the head of his cock just at my entrance.

He started fucking me in between my ass cheeks, just rubbing the underside of his cock on my hole, then suddenly he pushed all of his cock up my ass. I felt like I was gonna die, and my cock throbbed massively. My ass was soon being pounded by his massive tool, ripping my anus apart on camera. "You love it slut!" he shouted. I moaned loudly as his cock ripped my insides apart. He took his cock out and started stabbing it quickly into my hole.

"Oh my god!" I shouted in pain as he pounded me harder and deeper. Then he threw me onto his sofa and held me on top of his huge body. I squirmed but he managed to get his cock up my ass and I gave in. I started riding his cock hard. He took the camera and started filming my ass as I leaned forward giving the camera a better view of his huge cock ripping me ass apart.

He turned me over, and pulled apart my ass cheeks to reveal my gaping hole to the camera, he spat in it and turned me onto my back, pulled my legs up and started humping away. I could feel his even more swollen cock head pulsing against my prostate. This drove me wild as I came so hard that my cum splattered all over my face and in my mouth. Gushing sweet liquid all in my mouth. Then he let out a loud moan and started cumming all in my mouth, then on ass cheeks before filling my mouth with his juice. He then pushed his cock into my full mouth then proceeded to fuck my throat again pushing the cum down my throat. He then held my nose and my head and pumped the life out of my head, my cock still gushing cum. I passed out, but when I woke up, I was tied up and naked...

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