tagIncest/TabooSubmissive Ch. 04

Submissive Ch. 04


Submissive IV-Robert's Home

It was Friday afternoon and Carol Johnson was heading home. She’d been looking forward to this weekend for several weeks now. Her daughter’s senior class play was this weekend, one show tomorrow night and one show Sunday afternoon. Although putting on the play itself was quite exciting, the hard work and time commitment leading up to it had been very demanding, not only for Kristin, who had a supporting role in the play, but for Carol as well. Carol had volunteered to help out with the production and had been to rehearsals six nights a week for the last three weeks.

Rehearsals had also marked the re-birth of Carol’s sexuality, including the immergence of a submissive, bi-sexual side she’d never exhibited before. It had started two weeks ago when Carol was taken by her daughter’s best friend, Becky, after rehearsal one night. It had culminated earlier this week when she had submitted to Billy, another high school senior in the play. In between, she had been taken by her own daughter and become her lover.

Yes, the hectic schedule associated with the last three weeks would not be missed. But the new elements of her sexuality that had emerged on account of the play would be a part of her life forever.

But equally important, tonight her son was coming home from college for the weekend. Robert was in his second year of college and attended a university across the state. She hadn’t seen her oldest child since Christmas break, nearly two months ago. His homecoming meant a temporary change in the sleeping arrangements that she and her daughter had come to enjoy, but it was only for one weekend. Her new lifestyle was not something she planned on sharing with her son.

* * *

As she pulled into her driveway at about 5:30, she noticed that Robert’s car was already there. She hurried into the house and found him sitting in the living room with Kristin.

“Hi, baby,” she greeted him. He rose from his seat and they gave each other a warm hug. “How was your trip?”

“It was fine, mom. How have things been with you?”

“Hectic,” she replied. “But things should slow down after the weekend. I’m so glad you could make it back for your sister’s play.”

“Aw, Mom. You know I’d never miss little sister’s dramatic debut,” he grinned.

“You guys sit down and talk while I go change. I’ll be right back,” Carol said.

She returned in a few minutes, wearing a powder blue jogging outfit, with no shoes or socks. She noticed that Robert had pulled kitchen chair into the living room and was sitting on that. “Is something wrong, honey?” she asked. “Why are you sitting in that chair?”

“I’m fine, mom. This chair just feels good after two half hours in the car.”

“Okay,” Carol answered, taking a seat on the sofa. “Where’s Kristin?”

“She went to her room for a minute. She should be right back.”

It was several minutes before Kristin returned. She moved directly to the sofa and sat down right next to her mom. So close, in fact, that the thighs were pressed against each other. Such closeness in the presence of Robert made Carol very uneasy. She wanted to move over, but she was already at the end of the couch, and she didn’t dare draw attention to her nervousness by moving to a different seat.

Kristin and Robert were talking together as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Gradually, Carol began to relax and enter into the conversation. And then, she felt Kristin’s hand on her thigh, and she gasped audibly.

“Are you okay, mom?” Robert asked.

“Is something wrong, mom?” Kristin chirped in, squeezing her mom’s thigh and rubbing her hand up and down her thigh.

Carol was barely able to control her shaking. “I’m fine,” she said. “Just a little gas, that’s all.” What was wrong with Kristin, she wondered. What was she trying to do? But when she looked at Robert, he acted like nothing unusual was happening. Maybe she was just over reacting, she thought to herself.

But still, she couldn’t get her mind off of Kristin’s hand moving slowly back and forth on her thigh as she talked to Robert. And she realized that it felt good. And that it was turning her on.

And then, Kristin leaned over, wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her hard. Instinctively, Carol opened her mouth in response to the kiss. The kiss was short, but powerful, and left Carol dazed and confused.

“Kristin,” she stammered, “what are you doing?”

“Shut up, slut,” she responded, slapping her face firmly with her open hand. “Stand up,” she demanded.

Carol just sat there, stunned, unable to look at her son. She stared at her daughter as her emotions were in turmoil. Her newly discovered submissive side desperately needed to obey her mistress. Her logical mind screamed no, this was too much.

“Did you hear me, slut?” Kristin repeated firmly.

“Yes, mistress,” Carol responded automatically. Logical or not, she was under her daughter’s spell. It seemed that, once again, the needs of her body outweighed the needs of her mind. She rose obediently and stood in front of the sofa.

Kristin rose also, and stepped to the center of the room. “Come her, slut.”

Without thought, Carol moved to obey. “Turn and face Robert,” Kristin commanded. “And don’t take your eyes off of him.”

For a moment, Carol froze. Then, reluctantly, she turned to Robert and looked him in the eyes. She could feel all sense of pride and self-respect melting away as she stood before him.

She felt Kristin place her hands on her shoulders as she stepped behind her. She felt the hands of her lover, her mistress, as they gently massaged her shoulders. Carol gasped as her daughter’s hands found her breasts, caressing them through her top, pulling her body back until she pressed against her daughter’s tits.

She gasped again as she felt Kristin reach for the zipper of her sweat shirt. Automatically, her hands moved to stop her. For a moment, neither woman moved or spoke. At last, Kristin spoke. “I really don’t want to punish you, slut. But if I have to, I will. The choice is yours.”

Carol hesitated one more second, before easing her hands back to her sides. “I’m sorry, mistress,” she said, still not taking her eyes off Robert. “Please forgive me.”

Her daughter leaned in and kissed her gently on the ear. “There, there. Don’t worry, slut. Kristin’s going to take real good care of you tonight. Just relax now.” Carol did relax, a little. She felt her sweatshirt zipper being slowly lowered, finally reaching the bottom and releasing. She felt Kristin’s hands on her shoulders as they slowly eased the garment off her shoulders and down her arms. She saw it landing in the corner as she stood before her son in her bra.

She felt Kristin’s hands on her back, releasing the clasp that secured her bra, and sliding the bra quickly off her shoulders, and throwing it to Robert. Carol felt her body shaking as she stood there, tits fully exposed, before her son. She stared at him, searching for some sign of understanding, but his face was blank.

Before she could fully digest what had already happened, she felt her sweatpants and panties sliding quickly over her hips, until they lay in a pile at her feet. Reacting automatically when Kristin lightly tapped her leg, she stepped obediently out of the pants.

She felt Kristin stand up behind her and wrap her arms around her stomach. “What do you think of my slut, big brother?”

“She’s absolutely gorgeous, sis,” Robert said, a smile finally emerging on his face. “She doesn’t seem to always obey quite as quickly as she should, but she certainly is a beautiful creature.”

As Carol stood there, she felt a certain pride in her appearance. After all, how many 40 year olds could get comments like that from a 20 year old? She felt her nipples stiffen as she stood before him, awaiting her mistresses next instructions.

“It looks like you’re getting to her, Robert. Look at her nipples stand up.” She reached between her mother’s legs and dipped her fingers into her pussy. Carol gasped. “And look at this. She’s soaking wet,” she said as she held her fingers to her mother’s lips.

Without any urging, Carol took the fingers in her mouth and sucked her own juices off of them. After hearing Robert’s comments of a few minutes before, she was determined to be an obedient slut and make her son proud.

Her body began to tingle as she felt Kristin’s hand wandering over her body, stopping once they reached her breasts. She moaned as her daughter squeezed her full mounds, and pinched and pulled on her nipples. She searched her son’s eyes again for signs of approval as Kristin moved one hand down to her pussy.

She squirmed as her daughter’s fingers entered her pussy, and shivered as she was engulfed in her arms. She felt her pleasure mounting as Kristin continued caressing her tits with one hand while pumping her pussy with the other.

And then Kristin stopped. Carol almost collapsed in shock as the pleasure was abruptly halted. “On the floor, slut,” Kristin commanded. “Lie on your back, with your pussy towards your son, and show him how you masturbate. Now, slut,” she ordered.

There was no hesitation, and no doubt. Carol dropped swiftly to the floor and assumed the appropriate position.

Her hands wandered over her body as she squirmed on the floor. Her left hand grabbed her tits, squeezing them, massaging them, and pulling on them. Her right hand shot to her pussy, digging deep into her folds, and pumping in and out as if the safety of the world depended on her orgasm.

As aroused as she was, she knew she wouldn’t last long. She felt the pleasure wave building within her. She tried to keep her eyes on Robert, but they closed on their own accord as her orgasm hit, leaving her withering and squirming on the floor while her fully clothed son and daughter looked on.

With her chest still gasping for air, she slowly regained some sense of where she was. Opening her eyes, she immediately searched out Robert’s eyes, searching for some sign of approval, or at least understanding. She found his eyes, along with a big smile on his face.

Her reverie was broken by Kristin’s voice. “That was very nice, slut. Did you enjoy masturbating for you son?”

“Yes, mistress, I enjoyed it very much,” she answered, her eyes glued to Robert’s.

“I think Robert would like to play with your titties, don’t you?” Kristin asked.

“Yes, mistress,” she answered quickly. “May I let him, mistress?” she asked hopefully.

“Of course you may.”

Slowly, Carol rolled to her knees and got to her feet. She walked to where her son sat in the straight back, armless kitchen chair. Straddling his legs, she lowered herself slowly onto his lap. She reached her hands out and ran them slowly through his hair, before leaning over and pressing her lips to his. His lips responded eagerly, and their tongues met in a miniature dance of love.

While their tongues did their special dance, she felt his hands grab her tits. She moaned with pleasure, pressing her lips harder against his, and pushing her breasts further into his grasp. He responded, squeezing and massaging her breasts. He released his lips from hers, and moved them towards her breasts. She pulled him to her quickly, pulling his hair as his mouth assaulted her tits, first one, and then the other.

Feeling her excitement building once more, Carol released his hair, and reached towards her love button. With her left hand, she pulled back her hood to reveal her swollen clit, and began stroking it passionately with her right. She felt his tongue circling her nipples as she felt the pleasure building in her womb. She felt him bite her nipples as another orgasm wracked her body.

He released his mouth and supported her with his hands as she collapsed forward onto him. He wrapped his arms around her softly, stroking her hair and her back, as she lay against him, gasping for air.

He held her like that for several minutes, each of them satisfied to let the moment last.
“Slut,” Kristin said, breaking the silence.

Carol responded slowly and with a gentle push from Robert. “Yes, mistress,” she answered at last.

“Isn’t it time that you relieved your poor son of his pent up anxiety?” she asked.

Carol instantly perked up. “Yes mistress.”

“I think a blow job would be in order, if that’s alright with your son,” she responded.

All eyes looked to Robert. “Yes,” he said pensively. “I think a blow job would be perfect.”

Without getting off Robert’s lap, Carol began unbuttoning her son’s shirt. It went slowly, as her hands were shaking with anticipation. When she finally got the shirt unbuttoned, she pushed it over his shoulders, and off of first one arm, and then the other, before finally discarding it in the corner.

Regaining some composure, she ran her fingertips gently over his chest. “I haven’t touched this chest since I used to bathe you,” she said quietly to him. Leaning over, she circled his chest with her tongue, before biting softly on his nipples.

She rose from his lap and stood before him. Taking his hands in hers, she pulled him to his feet. Quickly, she reached for his belt, undid it, and unsnapped his snap. She dropped to her knees before him, and slowly lowered his pants down his legs.

She gasped when she saw him. Eight inches long he stood, and so thick she wasn’t sure if she could get her mouth around it. She stroked it lovingly as he stepped out of his pants.

She felt Kristin’s hands on her head. “It’s beautiful, don’t you think?”

“Oh my yes,” she answered. “It’s absolutely gorgeous.” She looked up at Robert, and then back to his dick. Reaching her tongue out, she gently circled the eye of his monster, taking just the head into her mouth. She bobbed on his tip a few times, before withdrawing and running her tongue up and down his length. She stroked him firmly with her hand, as he met her strokes with little thrusts of his own. She returned the tip to her lips and took him in again. This time, however, she didn’t stop with just the tip. Straining, she took his width into her mouth, determined not to fail her son. Slowly, she finally took as much of him as she could, and began bobbing her head on his tool.

“Oh yes, mom,” she heard him moan. “That’s right, just like that. Suck it, baby, suck it.”

She increased her efforts, excited by his words of encouragement, as he grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth. She felt like she would gag, but, somehow, she persisted, determined to please Robert. And then she felt him tense and shoot his warm semen into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, but it dept cuming, eventually dripping out the side of her mouth and running down her cheeks.

And then he stopped. Slowly, she released him and he eased down into the chair. Their eyes met and he smiled at her. “That was amazing, mom.” he said. “Simply amazing.”

She smiled at her son, rose to her feet, and turned to her daughter, who was sitting on the sofa, still fully dressed. She held out her arms invitingly to her and smiled.

Kristin rose quickly and crossed the short distance to her mother. They immediately fell into each other’s arms, locking their lips together in a long, passionate kiss. Withdrawing her lips at last, Kristin licked Roberts cum off her mom’s, cheeks and chin, and returned her lips to Carols, with Robert’s cum included. They kissed some more, before Carol finally broke their embrace, pulling Kristin’s T-shirt swiftly over her head.

Carol gently caressed her daughter’s bra-less breasts, bending over and nibbling on her stiff nipples. She felt Kristin’s hands running through her hair, and heard her moaning words of encouragement. Without wasting any time, Carol reached down and slid Kristin’s sweatpants over her firm fanny and down her legs. Needing no further prompting, Kristin kicked the pants aside, leaving a naked mother and daughter wrapped in a tender embrace, hands gently exploring each others body’s, lips locked in a passionate kiss, and their naked son/brother looking on.

The action before him was clearly getting to Robert. Like most men, it was Robert’s fantasy to watch two women making love, but when the two women were his mother and sister, it was almost too much to bear. Despite having shot his load only minutes before from his mom’s blow job, he could already feel the excitement returning to his cock.

As he watched, the two women eased down to their knees without releasing their embrace. After a moment, his mom pushed Kristin gently to the floor, her head towards him. Swiftly, Carol straddled Kristin’s face with her legs, while she buried her own face in her daughter’s pussy.

Robert watched intently, gently stroking his cock, while the two women went at each other. He watched as they withered on the floor, moaning as their pleasure mounted. He couldn’t take his eyes off his mother’s pussy, pointed right at him, sitting just beneath her dark hole, and framed by her gorgeous checks.

Finally, he dropped to his knees behind his mother’s ass. He grabbed her ass cheeks as Kristin assaulted her pussy from below. As he positioned his cock at her entrance, he could feel his sister’s tongue moving back and forth between his tool and Carol’s dripping pussy.

And then he eased his cock into his mother’s pussy. She momentarily abandoned Kristin’s pussy, raising her head and turning back to look at her son. She smiled at him, a glassy look in her eyes, before turning back to her daughter’s treasure. Grabbing her by both hips, Robert began pumping his member in and out, Gaining more momentum with each thrust. Soon, Carol abandoned any pretence of eating Kristin’s cunt, and rocked her body in concert with his thrusts.

Soon, they were both moaning loudly, slamming into each other, with Kristin trying to lick or suck any body part that came into range, while her hands were thrusting madly in and out of her own pussy. And then the orgasms came. First was Carol, her body shaking wildly as she moaned in pleasure. Then Kristin grabbed hold of her mom’s waist and pulled her down on her as her orgasm washed over her body. And finally Robert, thrusting his cock into his mother’s pussy as she lay atop her daughter, as he tried to squeeze out every drop of semen he could.

And then they were all spent, lying on the floor, a tangled mass of humanity gasping for air. As they gathered their senses, they began to unwind from each other, choosing instead to snuggle together, Robert in the middle, flanked by his two ladies.

“So,” Carol said after a while, looking first at Robert, and then at Kristin. “Am I to gather that you two were intimately acquainted before tonight?” But she was smiling as she said it, and she was still smiling later, when they told her about their first sexual encounter the previous Thanksgiving.

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