tagLoving WivesSubmissive Sandi

Submissive Sandi

byTony King©

The following story is based on an e-mail I received from a reader. She described in some detail all the things she used to get up to with her first husband and asked that I write a short story.

Sandi, this is for you...

* * * * *

At 32, Sandi's a good deal younger than me. She's a real good looker but a little on the short side standing at about 5'2". Although she's got a small frame it has the advantage of making her boobs look even bigger and when she wears one of those sheer tops, her enormous nipples stick out like bottle tops. When it comes to sex she's a total slut and just loves to be dominated, especially as I found out, by older men.

When we first met I thought she was taking the piss, after all, what would a young chick like this see in a man 15 years older than her. It soon became clear that it was the age thing that turned her on, she just loved being completely dominated and used by an older man. This was fine by me, I've always enjoyed kinky sex and to find a young good looking chick that was prepared to fulfil my fantasy's was out of this world.

We started dating and the sex was great but what really turned her on was when I threatened to show her off to other men. This would normally happen as I was either fingering her pussy or sliding my cock up her hungry cunt. "I'm going to dress you like a real whore and make you strip off in front some dirty old wino. Let him pull on those big nipples, maybe slap your arse a bit, you'd like that wouldn't you slut." "Oh yesssss," she'd murmur in my ear grinding her cunt up to meet me. "Yeah, maybe I'll let him feel that nice smooth cunt of yours, let him see how wet it gets. Hmm, I can watch him poke his grimy fingers up your wet hole, make you scream a bit as you cum on his hand." The more degrading I made it sound the more she responded. Her nipples would grow hard and her pussy would open the flood gate. It was three months after we were married that I decided to put her to the test.

I called her from work. "Hi sweetheart, fancy a special night out?" "Hmmm, sounds good, what sort of special night you got in mind?" "Well now, I want you to listen real careful OK?" "Sure hon, fire away." "I want you to do something for me. First I want you to dress for the part, wear those nice black 6" heels I bought you last week, the little red mini skirt and the black see blouse, no bra and no panties. Make sure you put lots of nice makeup on. Then, meet me at the park at 8:30. Bring the RV. As you get out the RV, follow the path to the men's toilet block, I'll be waiting just round the back, you got all that?" "What, you're kidding me right? You want me to go out dressed like that?" "Sandi, don't fucking argue with me, just do it." I hung up. It was 2 hours before the rendezvous and I hoped she would be intrigued enough to do as I asked.

The park was well known as a meeting place for couples and men looking for a little adventure. On a couple of occasions in the past I had been approached by men in the toilet asking if I'd like to help them fuck there wives. They would tend to hang around outside and follow you in. The wife was usually sitting half dressed in a car or RV back on the parking lot.

I had something even more daring in mind for Sandi.

I got a cab to the park arriving at 8:15 and waited in the shadows at the back of the toilet block. It was early yet so not too many people were about. The streetlight illuminated the entrance to the toilets but left the rest in deep shadow. From where I stood I had a clear view of the car park. 8:40 came and just as I was beginning to think she had bottled out I saw her pull in. She parked up and cautiously stepped from the vehicle. She was dressed exactly as instructed.

To get to the toilet block meant walking along a well lit path. She looked like a real whore on her high heels and with the light behind her I could clearly see her nipples poking through the thin material. As she made her way towards my position I jumped out behind her and placed my hand over her mouth. In a disguised voice I said, "Not a word bitch, understand?" She nodded. Keeping one hand round her mouth I ran my other hand over her nipples, pulling them roughly through the flimsy material. "Dressed like a whore and ready for fucking are we?" "Y-y-yes," she stammered, "Tony, is that you?" It suddenly struck me that she wasn't even sure if it was me running my hands all over her or some total stranger. I kept quite and ran my hand down under her short skirt to her cunt. It was dripping wet. I grabbed her smooth cunt mound and roughly caressed it in the palm of my hand before sliding my fingers up and down her crack. As soon as I made contact with her clit her legs gave way and she had the most intense orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided I turned her to face me. "Oh thank God, it is you." "Would it have made any difference, you hadn't a clue who was touching you up but you still came." The little bitch just looked me in the eyes as she started to undo my fly. "Ut ut, not yet," I said pulling away, "I've got other plans for you." I led her round the front of the block and into the men's toilet. "What are you doing, I can't go in there, what if a man comes in?" "Sweetheart, that's the whole idea." Reluctantly she followed me in. All the lights had been vandalised but once my eyes became accustomed, the streetlight made it easy to see. There was a long urinal running the length of one wall, a row of four cubicles on the other and two wash basins in the middle. The place stank of piss.

I led her to the urinal and made her hold my cock while I took a piss. She had great fun splashing it round, making patterns on the stainless steel. When she finished I pushed her up against the wash basin and undid the blouse exposing her tits. "TONY! Not here, what if someone comes in." She tried to push me off but I was much too strong and in no time had completely removed her top. She really loves nipple abuse and before she could protest further I grabbed both nipples and pulled them hard, tweaking them in my fingers as they stretched out. "Oh you bastard, that's so good." I slapped her tits before pulling hard on her nipples again. "You want to stay here until some one comes in?" "Ummm, no, come on lets go home and fuck." I twisted harder, alternating between slapping her tits and abusing the sensitive nipples. "C'mon my little slut, I thought you liked the idea of other men seeing you like this."

I took one nipple in my mouth and bit down hard, she loves this and it always makes her cum. I still had a nipple in my other hand and was now fingering her cunt with my free hand. Between bites I asked her again, "well, do you want to stay here until some one comes in, maybe we can let him join in," she was so close to coming, "tell me, yes or no." "Ohhh yesssss," she hissed in my ear coming all over my fingers. She was now perched on the basin, both tits on show and her legs spread wide, I stood back to admire the view. "Take your skirt off," I commanded and without a seconds delay she removed the short mini and threw it over to me. "OK, now I'm going to wait outside while you stay in here," "but what if some one comes in?" "That's your problem."

I hid in the bushes a few yards from the entrance and waited. It seemed like a life time but was only a few minutes before a guy came along. My heart leapt into my mouth as he entered the toilets. I waited a minute and followed him in, imagining Sandi, completely naked except for the heels, standing near the urinal with his cock in her mouth. My own cock was bursting to get out at the thought. Boy, was I disappointed.

The crafty bitch had hid in one of the cubicles. I waited until the man left. "OK, you can come out now." Her heels made a click clack on the concrete as she opened the door and stood there shaking. I pulled her roughly by the nipples bringing her out into the open. "Bottled out huh, well ne..." I didn't get time to finish the sentence. Two men came into the toilet and stopped dead in their tracks. "Fuck me, is that what I think it is," the nearest one said peering through the gloom. "What's going on, are you alright Mam," his partner said a little too aggressively for my liking. "She's fine, we're just having a bit of fun, aren't we dear," "y-y-y-yes, fine, really, we ere, we were ere just playing around a bit."

The two men were both about mid thirties and with Sandi backing me Mr aggression calmed down. They both moved closer and were looking Sandi up and down, her naked from clearly visible in the gloom. "Why don't you join us, there's plenty here for all of us and she does like to play, don't you sweetheart." Although it was mid summer I could feel her body trembling as I stood behind her exposing her naked body to these two strangers. Reaching round in front, I pulled on her nipples again. "She really loves this," Sandi closed her eyes and moaned, "You feel her cunt, you'll soon see." The guy nearest to us stepped forward and reached out to her cunt mound. "Hey, she's shaven," he said turning to his friend. He continued to feel her up while I pulled her tits about. Sandi laid her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes, moans of pleasure escaping her lips as our fingers worked on the most intimate parts of her body. The other guy moved in and I let him take over tweaking her nipples. I whispered in her ear, "Do you like it?" "Oh yes," "you want more? Shall I let them fuck you?" I didn't need to ask twice. For the third time that night she came on some ones fingers, her legs buckling and a string of obscenities streaming from her mouth. "Oh Fuck! I need some cock, fuck me you bastards, now!"

They bent her forward and as one guy grabbed her hips and forced his cock up her dripping cunt, his friend held her head and raped her mouth. There was no finesse, just pure sexual lust. All three of them were groaning and it wasn't long before the guy in her mouth exploded. He held her head hard down on his cock as spurt after spurt filled her throat. "Oh Yeah, suck it you fucking whore," he said milking the last drops into her willing mouth. His friend wasn't far behind and with a roar he too filled her with spunk. We left the two startled guys standing in the toilet as I steered a naked and spunk filled Sandi back towards the RV.

My mind was reeling with the thought of what had just happened and the fact that she was now walking totally naked under the street lights back towards the camper. Anyone looking would get a clear view of her body complete with glistening cunt and thighs. "That was incredible, now it's my turn," I said walking slightly behind her admiring the view. We were no more than ten feet away when I saw him, an old boy clutching a bottle in a brown paper bag swaying along near to the RV. His clothes said he wasn't a tramp, just some ones husband or father who liked his liquor. Sandi had seen him too and was busy trying to snatch her clothes back. I simply held them above my head at arms length. "Tony, quick, give me my clothes before he sees us." He was now just five feet away, taking a healthy swig from the bottle. "Tony, please..." Too late. The old boy stopped in his tracks and looked, first at Sandi and then at me. It was as though his pickled brain couldn't quite register what he was seeing.

He staggered towards Sandi looking her up and down. "Haven't had a woman for years," he suddenly said, looking from Sandi to me, "not one like this anyhow." He reached out and brushed his fingers over her left tit. She just stood there, I'm not sure whether she was in shock or just resigned to the fact that there was nothing she could do. "Shlees a fine looking woman," the drunk slurred, now running his hand over both tits. I unlocked the RV and threw Sandi's clothes inside. "Why don't we get a little more comfortable," I suggested, steering Sandi towards the door. "Tony, please, not him, oh God please." As she stepped up into the RV the old boy was right behind, this time running his hands all over her arse. As she reached the top step he slapped her hard across one cheek. She yelped but didn't move. He slapped her again on the other cheek. Again she yelped but stayed put.

Now I know she loves it rough and adores having her arse slapped, but to stand naked in the open doorway of an RV in a public parking lot while some old drunk slaps you about, this was too much. I ushered them both inside and closed the door. The old boy was still slapping her cheeks as she moved into the lounge area and she fell face down on the sofa. Red marks were forming on her arse cheeks but even more amazing was the amount of pussy juice mixed with fresh spunk running down her thighs. "Hey," said the old boy holding his sticky hand up, "some body been here already!" With each slap Sandi was moaning louder and louder. Taking this as a sign of consent, he eventually put the bottle down and started to finger her cunt, still slapping her with the other hand. "Yessss, yessss, oh yessssssssssssss."

Her whole body shook as he brought her to orgasm. He stopped slapping her and simply rammed three fingers into her wet hole as her arse lifted off the sofa. He small frail body looked like it was suspended on his fingers buried in her cunt. She moaned and thrashed about for what seemed like ages before settling flat on her stomach. "Are you alright?" I asked her, "you kidding me, that was fucking incredible," she replied, a big grin across her flushed face. "Get on your knees you little whore, I'm going to fuck your brains out."

Sandi moved onto all fours giving me easy access to her dripping cunt. As I slid my cock up her I was totally amazed to see her undoing the old boys fly and fishing his cock out. Without a single hesitation she took it into her mouth and started to suck like mad. Our drunken friend just laid back and shut his eyes. "Yeah, go on slut, suck his old cock, make him cum in your whores mouth." The whole evening had turned me on so much, my poor brain was on erotic overload and I was already on the verge of coming. The thought of my naked wife being fucked at both ends by two guys in a public toilet and then letting this drunken down and out finger her cunt and slap her arse was too much to take. Ramming my cock up her as deep as possible I shot what felt like gallons of warm sticky cum up her well used hole. It seemed to go on forever as I watched her suck the guys cock. Eventually my limp cock plopped out, followed by globs of white gooey spunk.

Sandi was still sucking the guy's cock and making purring noises in the back of her throat. As I sat back I saw for the first time just how big this guy was. She'd taken most of his prick down her throat but was struggling on the last three to four inches. I could see why, he was so thick. As she pulled back at least ten inches of stiff cock sprung free. Sandi jumped up and straddled his cock. "Gotta have this in my cunt," she said, an expression of pure lust on her pretty face. She sat astride him facing towards me and I watched as she lowered her dripping pussy over this guy's large cock and slowly sat down on it. When it was fully home she had such a look of triumph on her face. "Oh god, he's so big." I stood in front of her and offered my slimy juice covered cock to her mouth. She sucked me completely in and started giving me the best tongue wash I'd ever had, all the time riding his oversized prick.

"Oh man you look like such a slut, riding some drunken old man, I bet you really love his big prick don't you slut." "Yeah, it feels so good," she replied, releasing my now growing cock for a minute. I forced my cock back into her mouth and reached down for her nipples. As I pulled and twisted Sandi just came and came, grinding her cunt down hard on his prick while deep throating me to another mind blowing orgasm. There was no way I was going to cum again so I settled down and watched the show. The old boy was holding her hips, helping her to ride up and down on his large cock. It wasn't long before he was making her speed up eventually holding her tight he shot his load inside her.

I saw the old boy down the steps making sure he had his bottle and then drove us home. Sandi was completely shagged out so I carried her from the RV to the bedroom. I took her heels off and placed her naked well used body under the covers. "Well my little fuck slut, did you enjoy your special evening?" I asked curling up beside her, "hmmmmmmm, you'll have to surprise me more often."

And I did...

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