tagBDSMSubmissive Serena Gives In At Last

Submissive Serena Gives In At Last


Serena can't hide her submissive side any more

Since her second marriage Serena had managed to suppress her submissive and exhibitionist tendencies, after all they were the reasons her first marriage failed. She was determined that this time she would control her urges and not put her marriage under any unneccesary pressure. Everything was going well until new neighbours moved in next door. Alan and Jane were very nice and so was their 18 year old son Robert - he was too nice and I immediately started fancying him.

The summer was unusually hot and I spent quite a lot of time topping up my tan in the garden. The problem was, so was Robert and the more I saw of him the more my exhibitionist tendencies came out and I have to admit that whenever I saw him there I was more than happy to make sure he saw plenty of me.

Although I have a very good sex life with Mike, I would prefer it if he was much more dominant, I would often go indoors after chatting to Robert and make myself cum either with my fingers or one of my many toys.

A few weeks ago my car was in for a service and I took the bus to the shops. I quickly finished my shopping and was waiting for the bus. I lit up a cigarette even though I had been trying to cut down. Suddenly a car stopped alongside and a voice called out and asked if I wanted a lift. I bent down and looked through the window and saw it was Robert. I quickly dropped my cigarette and jumped in beside him.

We drove off and I thanked him for stopping. He said it was no trouble and then said, 'You didn't have a chance to finish your cigarette, light one up now.'

'No, it's OK,' I replied.

He then surprised me when he said, 'I said light up a cigarette now, but put some fresh lipstick on first.'

I did as he said and found my lipstick in my handbag, pulled down the sun visor and looking in the mirror put more lipstick on. Then I took out a cigarette, put it between my lips, lit it and took a deep inhale.

He then pulled into a layby and said, 'Now let me watch you smoking your cigarette.'

Although I should have refused I liked being told what to do.

Robert unclipped his seatbelt and faced me. I took a deep inhale and then exhaled a plume of white smoke out through my pink lips.

He then said, 'When you inhale next, open your mouth so I can see the smoke in your mouth.'

I did exactly as he said and after keeping the smoke in my mouth I exhaled it all.

Robert said, 'That was very sexy, it reminded me of a mouthful of my cum.'

I have to admit that his dirty talk was turning me on. I soon finished my cigarette and he carried on driving me home. As we drove he asked whether I always wore the same light red lipstick and I told him I did.

He said, 'I'm going to buy you some dark red slutty lipstick.'

We arrived back home and as I went to get of the car he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, 'I'm going to fuck you.'

I was shocked. I said, 'I am old enough to be your mother.'

He replied, 'So when I'm fucking you shall I call you mummy.'

I didn't reply but I was very aroused and I felt myself getting damp between the legs.

I went indoors by myself and made myself a coffee. All the time I kept hearing those words, 'I am going to fuck you.'

This is a terrible thing to admit but I wanted him to. I also have to admit that within an hour of getting home I was masturbating thinking about him fucking me. But I didn't just want to be fucked, I wanted to be dominated and used and abused.

When Mike wanted sex that night I imagined it was Robert lying between my legs and licking my pussy and I had an absolutely enormous orgasm.

Over the next few days I looked out for Robert but there was no sign of him and I was rather disappointed. However one morning I checked my email and there was one from him. It read:

Hi Mummy I'm sure you remember what I said to you a few days ago. Tomorrow you must take the boys to school as usual and come straight round here afterwards. How many times have you ever cum in one day because tomorrow you will not be able to remember after I have finished with you. I will be by myself. Do not worry about what to wear as I will be supplying all your clothing. Keep the whole day clear and I'll make sure you are back to pick the boys up from school. Rob xxx

I immediately wrote back to him asking if we could meet today as I just couldn't wait until tomorrow. He replied by saying that he still needed to buy a couple of items so it would have to be tomorrow. He finished by saying, 'I can assure you it will be worth waiting.'

I was so excited and horny. I loved being told what to do and not asked if I wanted to. I don't know how I got through the day as my mind was everywhere just trying to imagine what he had in mind. I also phoned a friend and told her I was going to be out all day and if I wasn't back by school time could she collect the boys for me.

I had to pop out for a bit of shopping and was so horny I left my knickers off. I loved it as I drove home with a hand between my legs. When I got back there was a small parcel waiting for me. I quickly opened it up and saw a lipliner pencil, a deep red lipstick and a sparkly lipgloss. The message that was with it read: To enhance your cock sucking lips. Hope you like the taste of cum as tomorrow I am going to cum all over your lips.

I went indoors and straight to the bathroom mirror. I outlined my lips with the pencil making sure I exaggerated the shape and then coated my lips with the deep red lipstick and gave it a couple of minutes to dry and then coated my lips with the sparkly lip gloss. I admired myself in the mirror and did indeed imagine my lips covered in Robert's cum. I got a cigarette and went into the garden for a smoke. I faced next door hoping that Robert was in there. I put on a sexy smoking show although I didn't see him.

My mind was all over the place during the day and had trouble thinking about anything except for tomorrow. My pussy was soaking wet all day. In the evening while watching TV I got a text message, it read: Go outside for a cigarette and don't forget the lipstick.

Mike was engrossed in a tv programme and I said, 'I'm just going outside for a cigarette.'

Before that I went into the bathroom and put on the deep red lipstick again and then went into the garden and lit the cigarette.

I stood facing next door and suddenly Rob appeared. Neither of us said a word but I smoked as sexily as I could making sure I had my mouth open which showed a mouthful of thick white smoke which I knew he liked. I finished the cigarette and he said, 'I'm going to fuck you tomorrow.'

I merely smiled and nodded and went back indoors. I went to the bathroom and removed the lipstick before going back to Mike.

I slept badly as my mind was working overtime and my pussy was almost dripping in anticipation. Mike went off to work and I took the boys to school. They were quite early and I told them my watch was fast. I drove back home trembling in anticipation of what was going to happen. My nipples were hard and my pussy very wet. I was extremely aroused.

I parked the car in my drive and went straight next door. As I went to ring the bell, Robert opened the door and let me in. He grabbed hold of me and kissed me passionately on the lips. I responded by opening my mouth and my tongue darted into his mouth. After several minutes Robert broke away and said, 'We needn't rush, we have got all day.'

'First, you are going to watch yourself cum,' he said.

He took my hand and led me up to his bedroom. There was a double bed in it, a dressing table, an armchair and a full length mirror.

He said, 'I hope you have bought the lipstick.'

'Of course,' I replied.

I stood in front of him and he started undressing me. I reached for his shirt to unbutton it and he said, 'I'll tell you when you can do that.'

I loved being told what to do. I wanted to be his slut and under his control.

He finished undressing and threw my clothes on the bed. My nipples were hard and my pussy very very wet. I could definitely smell my pussy juices. I wondered what he was going to dress me in. I just knew it would be very slutty.

He told me to sit down at the dressing table and put the lipstick on very thickly.

I took the lip pencil out outlined my lips, exaggerating the shape quite a bit. Then I coated my lips liberally, making sure they were totally covered. I waited for a moment or so and then applied several coats of the sparkling lipgloss. I was trembling with sexual excitement as I finished. I desperately wanted to kiss him - to snog the face off him.

He pulled the armchair in front of the full length mirror and said, 'Sit down and drape your legs over the arms of the chair.'

It was a very unladylike position but in reality I really didn't want to feel ladylike.

Then he got a silk scarf and tied my hands to my legs so I couldn't move. I felt so wonderfully vulnerable and could see my pussy's moistness glistening in the mirror. Then he found a small nipple pump and fitted it tight over one of my nipples and started pumping it. I was already quite hard but suddenly they were getting much harder and larger. Of course this was making me even hornier and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

He finished with that nipple and took the pump off. I was amazed at the size of and loved the look and feel of it. He then did exactly the same with the other nipple. When he was happy with the size of them he reached for the lip pencil and drew a large circle round the aureola and then coated them thickly with the lipstick and finally covered them in the lipgloss. I couldn't believe how good they looked and felt. Then he surprised me and got a couple of clothes pegs and put one on each enlarged nipple.

I cried out in pain as they pinched my nipples tightly. They hurt so much but soon the pain subsided and then I started feeling pleasure. He kept flicking a peg which then caused some more pain. I was in heaven and really wanted to cum, indeed I thought I was going to cum without him touching me.

Robert then picked up a large black dildo and eased it slowly into my pussy. I was so wet that it slipped in so easily. I thought, oh wonderful he's going to make me cum, but he wasn't ready for that yet. He pushed the dildo all the way in and left it there and went and got my cigarettes and at the same time undressed. He stood in front of me with a huge hard on. God did I want that cock inside me.

He put the cigarette between my lips and lit it. I inhaled deeply and as he took it out of my mouth I opened my mouth and showed him a mouthful of white smoke. I then pursed my lips and blew a long plume of smoke through my deep red lips. His erect cock was only inches from my face and it seemed to twitch and grow with every inhale of the cigarette. This continued until I had finished the cigarette and he stubbed it out.

He then slowly withdrew the dildo and put it down. I desperately hoped he was going to put his cock inside me but I was to be disappointed.

He slid a finger inside me and said, 'Does mummy want her little boy to finger fuck her?'

I nodded and he said, 'Ask me then.'

'Oh please Robert, mummy really needs to cum, please finger fuck me and make mummy cum.'

He slowly withdrew his finger and then plunged it all the way in again. Slowly at first but gradually speeded up and then he took his finger all the way out put it in my mouth and said, 'Lick your little boy's finger, lick all mummy cunt juices off.'

I sucked and licked his finger. I adore the taste of my juices. He then put his finger back in me and slowly finger fucked me again.

I wanted more and said, 'Oh please fuck me, please make me cum, mummy needs to cum.'

Robert reached for a vibrator now and switched it on and held it against my cunt lips. Oh god I was in heaven, he continued finger fucking me as he held the vibrator against my clit. I watched in the mirror as my cunt lips parted, as he slipped another finger in me. I was in heaven and I new I was going to cum soon. He reached up and flicked the pegs that were still on my erect nipples. This only heightened the pleasure I was getting. He carried on flicking the pegs while his other hand held the vibrator against my clit. I knew I was almost cumming.

I loved the sight in the mirror as I looked at my face full of pleasure. My cunt lips were soaking wet and I could clearly see the moisture. Then my orgasm hit me as my body throbbed and an enormous amount of pleasure ran through my body. Robert held the vibrator against my clit as my orgasm just seemed to go on and on and on. Just as it seemed to be subsiding he exterted more pressure against my clit and I came again. I thought that was it but he just carried on making me cum and cum.

Eventually he put the vibrator down and I breathed a sigh of relief as I couldn't take any more, but he knelt in front of me and started licking my saturated pussy. He was so gentle that the pleasure overcame the soreness and I was getting excited again. He was gradually building me up to another orgasm. I so wanted to put my hands behind his head and pull him to me but I was powerless.

Then he stopped, stood up and eased his huge erect cock into me. Now that did make me groan with pleasure. He pushed it all the way in. It was so large I thought I was going to cum straight away as he slowly started fucking me. He leaned forward and kissed me on my red lips. I could taste my pussy juices on his lips and tongue.

He was now fucking me quite frantically and I wanted him to cum inside me even though I was aware of the consequences. He was giving me so much pleasure that if he made me pregnant it was worth it.

My orgasm was soon upon me. How I managed to cum again I'll never know. What I do know is that it was sensational and I hadn't finished cumming before I felt spurt after spurt of his young hot cum splatter my insides.

Robert collapsed down on top of me and recovered. I wanted him to untie me so I could cuddle and hold him but he hadn't finished with me yet.

After a short while recovering Robert stood beside me. My pussy was leaking his spunk and I could feel it dribbling down my legs. His cock was already hard again and only inches from my mouth. I turned my head and parted my lips and he moved forward and put it in my mouth.

He said, 'I've fucked your cunt and now I'm going to fuck your mouth.'

I clamped my lips tight round his cock and could taste my own cum on his cock. He moved it back and forwards in and out of my mouth. Soon he had set up a steady fucking action but this time my lipstick coated lips were acting as a cunt. I felt it getting harder and knew I was soon going to get a mouthful of teenage cum.

I sensed it was going to happen and I sucked harder and soon got a huge mouthful of hot cum. He quickly took his cock out and said, 'Part your lips I want to see my cum dribbling out over your red coated lips.'

I did as he said and loved the feel as my red lips were soon covered in his lovely cum. I used my tongue to clean my lips and take his cum back into my mouth before I swallowed it all.

Robert then untied me and we both collapsed on the bed and recovered. I lit a cigarette and put on a sexy smoking display for him.

I suspected that it was all over now for the day but I was wrong.

Robert said, 'Right, now I'm going to dress you and we're going out for lunch.

I said, 'I need to shower first.'

'Oh no,' he replied, 'I want you to smell all cummy for me like the slut you are.'

Robert said, 'Tidy up your lipstick first.'

I did as he said and then he handed me a red suspender belt which I happily fixed round my waist and then a pair of black sheer seemed stockings. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled them up my legs making sure the seems were straight.

Then he handed a red totally open bra which was really just a couple of straps. I admired myself in the mirror and thought how sexy I looked even though I had had enough sex for a while.

Then Robert gave me a pair of red high heel shoes with a 5 or 6 inch heel. Amazingly they were my size, how did he know?

High heel shoes always do something for me and amazingly I was getting damp again. Then he came over to me and I wasn't sure what he was holding.

He said, 'I've got a vibrating butterfly strap on for you to wear, let me put it on for you.'

He held the pink butterfly against my pussy and reached round my back and fixed a strap and then fixed a strap round each of my legs. Then he tightened the straps up and I felt the butterfly get tighter against my pussy. He then took hold of the controller and switched it on very slighty. Immediately I loved the feel as it throbbed against my ever wetting pussy. Unfortunately he quickly turned it off again.

Then he handed me a white silk blouse and finally a very short black skirt which barely covered my stocking tops.

'Wow,' he said, what a wonderful sexy slut, now lets go out so I can show my slut off.'

We got in his car and as I sat down my skirt slid up showing my stocking tops. I felt wonderfully slutty.

As we drove into town I saw lorry drivers looking down at me and I loved exhibiting myself to them. Robert turned the vibrator on and I automatically opened my legs as the butterfly buzzed against my clit. I was getting very very aroused and then he turned it off again. He was teasing me. We reached town and Robert parked the car. I got out and tidied my skirt up as much as I could.

As we walked to the hotel bar I was aware of almost every man and even some women turning round as I walked past them. We went into the bar and Robert led me to a stool at the bar. He helped me up onto it and my skirt rode up again. I was very aware of it and I loved the way I was exhibiting myself.

Robert ordered two glasses of white wine and said, 'Cross your legs.'

I did as he said and I could feel my skirt going up so high.

Robert said, 'Everyone is looking at my sexy slut, every single man in here wants to fuck you.'

He still had the vibrator controller and he flicked the switch on. I felt it instantly rubbing against my clit. I was getting very wet and aroused and I knew I would have to cum soon. I told Robert and we went and sat down at a table. He then turned the vibrator up and even though we were in the middle of a crowded bar somehow I managed to keep quiet as a huge orgasm throbbed through my body.

I was sure that several people in the bar realised what was happening as when I looked up lots of people were staring at me.

We had almost finished our drinks when a well dressed man came up to us and said, 'My wife and I have been watching you very closely and we wondered whether you would both like to come up to our room as we are staying in the hotel.

Chapter 2

I need help with this next chapter. Of course they go up to their room but it could be you and your wife or your girlfriend, sister, neice, auntie, mother, secretary or neighbour or it could be a woman inviting them up to her room with her cuckold husband who is made to watch them or your boyfriend, nephew, uncle, brother, father, boss. You decide.

Whoever gives me the best ideas I will write the next chapter around them.

Alternatively if you fancy writing the next chapter for me, let me know.

Don't forget to include your email address when you reply.

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