tagBDSMSubmissive to Her Mistress Ch. 01

Submissive to Her Mistress Ch. 01


Jill is such a beautiful and obedient slut. Gorgeous red hair and green eyes make her so instantly attractive to anyone who sees her. She could have any man she wants but it’s her desire to be dominated by a woman that brought her to me.

We make a lovely contrast, a beautiful redhead with a dark and mysterious brunette. My hair is shorter then her long flowing locks of fiery red. My eyes are the most distinctive feature of my face piercing and powerful the reddish brown hue states clearly the power I know I have. My lips are shapely with a perfect cupid’s bow for my upper and a full succulent lower lip. I am dressed for business in a sexy but not overstated black suit jacket and short dark skirt that allows my legs full range of motion as I walk in my high heels. As I walk periodically the timing is just right for my jacket to swing back at the same moment my skirt lifts giving an observant passerby a fleeting glimpse of my garter. Of course that is all the clothing I have beneath my skirt.

The silk shirt beneath my jacket slips gently across my small but sensitive nipple as I walk my large breasts fill the front of my jacket leaving most women envious and men drooling at the thought of caressing my 40DD’s.

Jill’s outfit is less business like with a distinctive edge of sluttiness that quietly says “I like to fuck.” But it is still passable in the business world…just barely. Her silk button-down shirt, a beautiful hue of green to match her eyes and offset her hair is unbuttoned just one button too low allowing a good view of her equally large breasts. Her nipples are very long and erect and create a less the subtle impression on the front of her shirt.

It’s our first time meeting outside of our usual destination, my place. It is our first time together publicly that is. I pick her up to take her out to lunch for some quick play that will keep her throbbing the rest of the day.

Picking her up for lunch at her office we hug like old college friends and put her arm in my arm as we walk to the nicest Italian restaurant.


The restaurant is quite boisterous and busy. It’s a typical classy hardwood walled bistro.

The Maitre’D is handsome, tall and very polite. He quickly gets us arranged at the table I had called and requested earlier that day.

As we are led to the rear of the restaurant we see our table off near a quiet corner away from everyone. It has a long white tablecloth so no one can see as I lift your skirt to see if my bitch is in heat for me yet. I can’t wait to touch you and kiss your beautiful full lips. I bring you a beautiful gold choker to wear...stylish and beautiful no one need know that it’s your collar...to show you are mine a small golden heart with MM inscribed in it people will think its the mark of the designer...well in truth I guess it would be.

We seat ourselves. I pull you closer to me and whisper in your ear how lovely you look in your collar...how much I want to eat your pussy for lunch and make you cum...I run my fingers along the edges of your stockings...no pantyhose on our lunch dates...I slip my fingers in your underwear...mmmmmmmmm so wet and ready...I circle your clit..."look at me bitch...show me your desire to please your mistress..."

The smoldering look in your eyes is enough to make my pussy throb and a nice deep pinch of your swollen lips makes you moan..."shhhhhhh quiet baby...if you are too loud people will be jealous...do what I do my beautiful slutgirl....put your fingers on my pussy and stroke my clit..." From far away we look like two friends whispering and leaning close sharing an extra delicious bunch of gossip rather then exchanging orgasms.

The waiter is so handsome. He walks up but first clears his throat...I order for us both without even looking at him. Not that he even realized his eyes are glued to the scene of the two hot women finger fucking each other. Who knows if he even got our order...the strain in his pants makes me believe that he missed it.

"Make me cum bitch and I just might let you suck the waiters cock for his tip..." He hears this and smiles. He repeats our order back… he did get it...guess he'd like a good tip...mmmmmm time with my tasty slut.. He reluctantly leaves to place our order. There is a screen near our table without asking he pulls it so that our table is now hidden from most of the restaurant. The clearest view of us is now from the kitchen. But only if you are actually trying to see in…I can see his head in the doorway of the kitchen leaning far so he won’t miss the action.

“He’s gonna get one hell of a tip isn’t he slut…” I kiss your lips…nibbling hard on your bottom lip till you wince. I thrust my finger deep in your juicy cunt. My hand works slowly to build your orgasm. Your hand mirrors my own driving my orgasm too.

“Since we have some unexpected privacy…get your ass under this table and start eating me for lunch while we wait…”

“Oh yes mistress…”

“Before you go baby give me your hand…” I take your hand and suck my juices from your fingers…I offer you my fingers and you taste yourself …I finish cleaning your hand… “as you suck my clit and eat my pussy be sure to finger yourself well my little slutgirl I wouldn’t want your pussy to dry-out and get cold.”

You are beneath the table in a heartbeat your lips teasing and sucking my pussy lips like you would my mouth.

“Ohhhhhh fuck yes you are such a good pussybitch…eat me baby.”

You sneak your arms beneath my thighs pulling my pussy closer so you can reach deeper with your tongue. My hand is in your hair pulling your head riding your mouth to my orgasm…its when your wrap your lips around my clit and suck it like a cock that I begin to peak but its when your fingers slip in deep and caress my G Spot that I lose control and buck and spasm wildly for you.

“Ohhhhh Ohhhh YES!!! You fucking bitch yes you are making me cum so fucking hard YESSSSSSSS.”

I cum over and over each orgasm slipping into another until I have to push you away… Somehow our food came and I never noticed…I laugh and pull you back up “….mmmm baby you are so good to your mistress…” I kiss you deeply tasting my juices in your kiss. “Oh baby you taste so good…”

The waiter appears before us asking how our meal is…I wink and say, “ask my bitch she’s the only one who’s eaten…heheheh…” He turns to you…and you smile, “…Mistress would you like to watch me tip our waiter now?”

“Not just yet my little whore I think I will eat first then you may please yourself on the waiter’s cock…,”turning to the man beside the table his cock stiff and the outline visible in his trousers, “...waiter pack up our food to go please…two separate lunches to go…thank you.”

Before he’s even left I have slipped beneath the table pulling your flimsy panties down. “From now on my beautiful bitch whenever we lunch I want you unhindered and open for my pleasure…wear a dress or skirt …no more underwear or I will severely punish you.” I pinch your pussy lips to emphasize my point. Pulling them roughly apart I see just how wet and glistening your pussy has become. Your clit is so red and swollen begging for me to chew on your sensitive petaled flesh.

“Oh baby you taste so good….so ready for your mistress…”

Your lovely little button of pleasure so stiff and ready for me I engulf it with the warmth of my mouth and suck hard…pressing down and massaging it with my tongue. I feel your juices flowing over my fingers as I slip first two then three inside you. You are finding it harder and harder to control your voice.

I pause briefly to say, “If our waiter comes back you are to pull him to you and take out his cock and make him cum as quickly and as hard as you can…Bring that fucker to his very knees bitch…the faster you make him cum the faster you get to cum. Do not cum before him or I will be greatly displeased. And I will not touch your pussy again for several lunches.”

“Yes mistress…” you groan and buck for me.

“Oh baby you have such a tasty pussy…do not fuck this up…I will beat your ass if you cum to soon.”

The waiter returns with our food…He doesn’t even have the chance to say anything as you rip into his trousers and release his cock…so hard already guess he’s ready for his tip. He nearly yelps as you throw your mouth deeply over his cock sucking furiously. He begs for you to slow…complaining that he’s too close and will cum too soon, which of course is precisely what you need because your own orgasm is too close already.

I fuck you harder with my fingers wiggling and stroking your g-spot. I almost want you to fuck up just to see how penitent you’d be afterwards. But almost is not the same as do…I slow so you can make the boy cum first. And by the sound of it…that won’t be long…

I hear him over and over crying out, “Oh my god…oh my god…oh my gooooooood…YESSSSSSSSSSSSS”

“He came…heheheh…good girl.” I think to myself.

I suck your clit and stroke you deeper and harder fucking you in the rhythm of your hips…I know you are going to squirt for me the build up was so long. “Cum for me baby…”You hear me under the table and cry out in the sheer relief of finally releasing all that you had been holding back. As you cum I bite your clit and suck hard until I feel your juices hitting my face filling my hand dripping down your ass. I pat your obedient pussy and climb back up …the waiter is still recovering on his knees one hand on the table head down panting.

“Good girl…looks like you broke him…heheh.” I wink at you, “…kiss me… taste what a lovely bitch you are…”You kiss me like a thirsty man in the desert -completely consumed. You clean my face of all your juices. And comb your fingers through my hair making me more presentable so I don’t have to leave you to straighten up in the mirror of the ladies room. I do the same for you. We do a make-up touch-up at our table then get up, leaving our waiter still on his knees but a nice tip with our check… grabbing our now bag lunches arm in arm we head for the door.

I tip the Maitre’d, “See you tomorrow James…the service here is fabulous!!”

I walk you back to your office and subtly pat your ass as you turn and head for the building.

“Lunch tomorrow right, Mistress?”

“Yes…pick you up at 12:30.”

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