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Submissive Tutorial


Tina – like her name, uncomplicated, crisp, slim and uncluttered with celebrity embellishments; just a pretty girl. Her blond hair cut in a page-boy style slightly curling around her cheeks. But what I really want to tell you about is her body. Not an ounce of spare fat, young tanned limbs and a waist that you could almost get your finger tips to touch when you put your hands around her. Her hips curve out a little but her figure is not an hourglass shape, not a voluptuous body. In fact she has the body of a sinuous 19 year old which is understandable as she is just that – a nubile young girl. Luckily hers is just the type of figure that gets my sap rising – an athletic build made for exercise, small to medium size tits, long limbs and tight tummy.

I have known Tina for around 2 years now. As her private maths tutor her parents pay me to give her extra lessons outside university lectures in the hope that she will gain better grades in her exams. It seems to be working but most importantly I have been able to teach her some additional skills which will come in useful in later life.

You see Tina is a natural. In maths she is average but in other areas she is a natural. She is a sweet, compliant, totally submissive girl and in this respect she excels. It is as if she longs to hand over control of her actions to someone else and through that gain some element of freedom. She willingly obeys instructions to the letter without thought, without question, without hesitation and without consideration of the consequence. When she is with me she doesn't object, she just does. Two years is not how long it has taken me to train her to this state, that took only a fraction of the time. You see Tina is not like other women who can be encouraged to role-play certain sex fantasies. Being a slave is what she believes she is. It is not an act with her, it is her life. Sado-masochism is part of her DNA.

Let me tell you of a typical day when Tina comes over to my house for her "lesson". She cycles the mile to my house, leans her bike against the wall at the back of the garage and enters by the kitchen door leaving her bag in the utility room.

"Come here." I command setting the tone of the meeting right from the outset. I am afterall her tutor. She moves over to where I am sitting on the sofa in the living room closes the curtains and as she stretches up I notice how slim and smooth her movements are. Almost coyly she turns around facing me, gives me one of her lascivious smiles and casually unbuttons her jacket removing it carefully and quietly and lays it on the chair by the door. Almost casually and with no sign of self-consciousness she busies herself with removing every last stitch of her clothing until she is completely and gloriously naked. She faces me, her shoulders back, her chin up and she looks expectant and waiting for me to instruct her. She is used to our routine and stands still as I sit there feasting my eyes on her form. Her breasts are small and youthful, none of the large overweight pendulous lumps of flab I detest. Hers are tight and sharp with nipples that stand up proudly. Her waist is impossibly narrow, her stomach flat.

I rise from my chair and as if an invisible signal has been given she raises her hands and clasps them behind her head lifting the short blonde hair up off her neck. The skin of her throat and shoulders are pale and fresh as she stands there statuesque and compliant. She looks straight ahead as I walk behind her admiring the sensuous curves of her body. I slide my hands over her arse, around the hips and slowly up her waist until I am cupping her tits in my hands. The nipples are really hard to touch as I pinch them between my fingers and thumbs.

"Who are you?" I whisper in her ear.

"I am slave." She replies automatically.

"Who am I?" I continue.

"Master" is her simple reply. I am standing in front of her and she is now looking down avoiding my eyes. My cock is almost rock hard and fighting to escape my trousers. I am enjoying the feeling of power of having this delectable girl responding to my orders. Devouring her body with my eyes I ask the ritualistic questions that signal the beginning of each session.

"What is your purpose?" Without a pause and in an almost automated tone she replies,

"To please my master in whatever way he wishes."

I continue, "and what is the use to which you will put your body?" Instantly, as if reciting a catechism she intones,

"My body has two purposes; the first is to give pleasure actively to my master in whatever way he commands. The second purpose of my body is as a piece of fuck-meat for my master – to do with entirely as he chooses. My needs are of no importance and my master's satisfaction is everything."

Every time I hear it I enjoy this confirmation of absolute submission from Tina.

I withdraw my fingers from where they have wandered between her legs and note with satisfaction that she is already wet and hot. I lie down on the sofa and she immediately comes over to stand beside me. With a smile I order her to take out my cock and suck me. Her young fingers undo my belt and trousers and before long my trousers and pants are off and her head is bobbing up and down on my cock. Her hands are cool as she grasps my root and seems intent on chocking herself on me. One hand is tight around my cock the other is dragging its nails across the underside of my balls. Just to make life easy I slip off my shirt so that I too am now naked.

My slave knows my penchant for gratification that ensures her humiliation and as if she is eager for it she gently guides me up onto the sofa where she gently handles me into a kneeling position all the time caressing my legs, back, thighs and stroking my cock and balls. There she manoeuvres me into a very comfortable kneeling position with her kneeling behind me. One hand reaches between my legs to take my cock firmly in hand and starts stroking it rhythmically. The other plays over my arse cheeks flicking a finger into my anus hole but not staying there for long. After reaching around me the other hand joins the one already pumping my cock. A few delightful minutes later she releases both hands and there is an exquisite pause as I wait for her to start the first act of her humiliation. It is as if she herself wants to savour the humiliation she is about to begin.

Both of her strong young hands pull apart my arse cheeks and I feel her face move forward until I can feel her breath on my skin. Then she pushes her face forward and I feel her tongue flicker around my hole. As if to deepen the act of humiliation she asks, "master, may I fuck your arse with my tongue?"

It amuses me to think what she would do if I answered "no" but I cannot. She has become an expert rimming my arsehole and actually pushes her face right in to my crack in her attempts to probe her tongue in to my hole. She licks, probes, stretches me and seems intent on using her tongue as a tool to bring me to orgasm. I let her try.

A 19 year old submissive blonde girl with a body to die for is tonguing my arse (expertly I should add) and her parents are grateful to me for the time I spend with her. The girl herself is in ecstasy and this is just the start of our evening. I enjoy her humiliation and know that at the end of the evening she will genuinely have done so too.

Before I explode and shoot my load without some receptacle to capture it I command her to stop. She obeys immediately and we move on to the next act of the evening. For this she arranges herself on a low coffee table. The table was bought in Thailand where I lived for some years. It is strong, made from rosewood and beautifully carved with curved legs and decorated inlay. On the top of the table is a toughened glass sheet.

As Tina lies on her back on this she feels the thrill of the cold surface in contact with her skin. Her skin only comes into contact at her shoulders and arse as her back is arched leaving a gap between it and the glass. Her buttocks are so firm they seem not to be flattened by her weight and I admire their firmness. The table is exactly the right size so that her buttocks and shoulders are at opposite edges of the surface. Her knees are bent at one end with her ankles almost tucked under her touching the table legs. Her legs are spread open giving me a delicious view of her pussy and the pink slash of her cunt. At the other edge of the table top her head falls back over the end exposing an expanse of fresh throat and slightly bony collar bones. Her arms are outstretched with the palms of the hands turned upwards and the whole picture is one of a pure, innocent girl offering herself as a human sacrifice to me, the priest. I can just imagine standing over her with a ceremonial dagger ready to plunge it into her body and the blood gushing out. I am glad that I have a camcorder capturing this whole scene.

My receptacle is ready. I take up my position kneeling above the head of my slave. She makes a mistake in reaching out for me and I withdraw a little to show her my displeasure. While I wait I reach out and run my hands over her body. Her breasts are firm and I grab them in both hands and squeeze, moulding them a little. She moans. I slide my hands up to her throat and encircle it, squeezing it and throttling her briefly. I notice that she starts to become very excited by this, her breasts rising and falling with her quickened breathing and I contemplate what it would be like to strangle her to death. I fantasise about all the perverted things I could do with her corpse, what unspeakable things I could do and then put them out of my mind. Why limit myself with a few unrepeatable acts when I can do as much, again and again with her alive anyway?

My hands slide down Tina's body, over her stomach and my fingers probe into her pussy. It is warm and positively wet. I perceive a slight uplift from her hips as she tries to rub herself against my fingers. Her hips start to move slightly and I feel her eagerness start to build. As I notice this her hands move from their outstretched position where she looked like a crucified offering and she reaches above herself and grips my buttocks from behind to pull me in to her. I hear her whimper, "Master....use me.....please..."

I am ready. My cock is standing like a post in front of me and I position it between her lips. She shuffles her position and angles her head back a little more to offer a clear line for my cock to enter her mouth. With her pulling my hips towards her my cock slides gently into mouth. She sucks me in as I penetrate her. When I feel my cock touching the back of her throat we both pause. She stops pulling me in towards her, I hold my thrust while I look at the beautifully erotic sight. My cock is three quarters buried in her mouth and aching to explode.

She is breathing deeply through her nose and preparing for the next assault. I re-position my hips slightly so that I am reaching lower on her body with my hands. Tina relaxes her throat and seems to be concentrating on almost disabling her gagging reflex. With a slow, firm push of my hips I feel my cock penetrating her throat which grips my prick like a tight glove. I am proud of my slave. She has mastered the art of deep throating me and I savour the feel of my cock being buried in her oral cunt. My balls are rubbing against her nose and face and the humiliation of this position is a joy.

It is time to use my slave. I dispense with any notion that I am performing erotic foreplay. My thrusts turn very physical almost vicious as I am now intent on using and abusing this piece of fuck-meat. Each thrust makes her body shake and the tautness of her flesh further excites me. I am now being brutal with no thought for my slave – as it should be. She knows I am master and she is here for my pleasure only. My climax builds and I feel the hot stream of sperm rising ready to shoot. As it does so I ram my cock inside her and hold it still as I pump jets of cum down her throat. She is starting to gag but I hold firm as the waves flow again and again.

After a while I allow my receding cock to discharge some cum into her mouth and then I withdraw completely wiping the stickiness of my sperm and her saliva on the sides of her face and drying it finally with a handful of her hair. She swallows a few times clearing up the sticky mess in her mouth before saying, "Thank you Master. I hope I pleased you. May I continue to serve you in some way?" I instruct her to stay where she is while I take some close ups with the video camera. Her face is delightful, the juice from her pussy is dripping down the inside of her thighs and her nipples are standing up so sharply that I feel my cock stirring again already.

"Master, please do not stop. I am yours to do with as you wish and I gladly give all of my body to you. I have a cunt that is wet and ready to service your beautiful cock. My skills in anal sex are improving and I wish to show you what I can do. If you would prefer to tie me up, suspend me from the beam and whip me I would be honoured. I am your slave. Please use me."

She gets up from the table and goes to the sideboard on the other side of the room. From a drawer she brings out a blindfold, some thick bright red cord and a dog collar. She comes over to where I am sitting on the sofa and kneels in front of me offering the items to me in the palms of her hands. She says nothing. I ignore her. She waits like a dog hoping her master will take her for a walk.

The whipping will have to wait until we have a more leisurely session although I am sorry not to see her hanging by her wrists from the beam in the cellar, long limbs stretched tight, skin covered in goose-bumps from the cold, ankles tied to rings in the floor, legs spread and her wrist straps just high enough so that she is stretched just off the ground. I recall how delectable she looked in this position last winter, gagged and blindfolded, her nipples crossed with angry red stripes from where the tips of my whip had curved around her back and under her armpits. Each not-so-light slash of my whip extracting a low, erotic moan of pleasure and pain only slightly muffled by her ball gag. One day soon my slave; one day soon when the marks from my whip will not be exposed by your summer clothes (or lack of them).

Cunt or arse, that is the decision; not which but which first. Why not both at the same time?

My mind is made up. "Prepare yourself on the big table," I tell her. She leaves me with the gag and blindfold, gets up and turning her back to me goes out of the room. She walks with her head held high, her shoulders back and a slight sway in her stride. What man would not admire such a statuesque figure. I wait a few moments once she has passed out through the door into the dining room. Then I get up and follow her into the next room.

The room is in semi darkness with only a few small table lamps in the corners. In the centre is a solid wooden refectory table with no chairs around it. The table has solid square legs, a thick and very heavy wood surface and a naked girl tied to it.

What I haven't mentioned before now is that until a couple of years ago when puberty started to take a hold, Tina used to be a moderately good gymnast. As you can imagine this involves being agile and flexible. Clearly she has not lost much of her ability in this respect as the position in which she was now lying was incredible.

The table has several fixing points discretely located around the legs, top and bottom and a few more along the footrest along the floor. Tina has tied her wrists with the flat red chord and attached the chords to two of these fixing points at the top of the legs on the long side of the table. This means that she is lying face down on the hard surface, her tits and face pressed down into its cold surface. Her athleticism is evident from the position of her legs because she has, before clipping her wrists into the fixing points, attached her red ankle straps into one fixing point at the top of one table leg and her other into the one on the opposite end of the long side of the table. She is spread in a fantastic splits position, face down, with the edge of the table just below her belly button and just above her pussy. With her legs spread out at one hundred and eighty degrees, her arms and legs immobilised, she is presenting herself in probably the most vulnerable position it is possible to achieve.

She speaks quietly to me, "Eat me master. Lick me, bite me. Hurt me." I dip my fingers into her cunt, pull them out and lick her fresh juice off them. As I walk around the table I trail my finger tips along the underside of the soft flesh of her inner thigh, down the back of her calf to her elegant ankle. At the head of the table I place the video camera on the tripod, direct it towards the victim on the slab and continue around the side until I stand in the middle of the long side facing Tina. Her head is down into the table top.

Reaching forward I grab a large handful of her blonde hair and sharply wrench her head up and back. I can sense this hurts her but she keeps her eyes away from meeting mine like she has been trained. It is not considered appropriate for a slave to look directly at her master. Holding her head up at an uncomfortable angle I bend forward and whispered in her ear, "My cock feels in need of a victim to rip open. Your tight little cunt is to become that victim. I will screw my prick into you so hard you will beg me to stop. Your pussy will bleed with the treatment it is to receive. Prepare to be used my little slave."

I let go of her hair. Her head falls forwards back on to the table and her hair swishes over my now solid cock (courtesy of those little blue pills - I'm sure there are thousands of women around the country blessing their invention). And so to business.

I move more quickly now back to the other side of the table with my cock in hand and position myself behind Tina's delicious backside. I crouch down and put my face in her crotch feeling her juices on my chin. I prize open her buttocks and push my tongue into her seeking the vulnerable pink slash of her cunt lips. In deeper I push my face seeking to give my tongue a chance to locate the button of her clitoris. My slave who is immobilised by her bonds manages to push her hips backwards to meet me. I am enjoying the fact that I can probe with my tongue, fingers or anything to hand. As I think this I remember the empty champagne bottle in the cupboard behind me and reach out with one hand and retrieve it. The foil around the neck has been removed since it was last used and I unceremoniously shove a few fingers up Tina's cunt to prepare it. I find she is well prepared and I therefore substitute the bottle for my fingers. I hear an involuntary groan from the other side of the table as I twist it into her dripping cunt. As I do this I insert a finger up to the knuckle into her pert little arse hole. I now move bottle and finger in time together, in, twist, out, in further, twist, out. Her hips are moving more now, my slave's breathing becoming more urgent.

"Fuck me master! Fuck me with your beautiful cock! Rip my cunt open! Hurt me, please!" The bottle is now going into her body much further than it would seem possible afterall she is only a 19 year old. Maybe all those lessons I have given her have made her ultra flexible. Maybe she just likes to be hurt and this is the pain she likes. I remove the bottle and position myself at her gates of heaven. My cock has no problem slipping into her warm wetness. I grab her hips and start thrusting. Our timing is perfect, as I thrust she pushes back and my balls slap up against her and my cock buries deep into her.

"Hurt me master. Hurt meeeee!" she repeats over and over again. I continue pounding shaking the table and her young body. Her buttocks are not wobbling but the firm judder as each thrust strikes home excites me even more. I dig my nails into her as I hold higher up on her waist. I slap her buttocks, I claw at her back, I hold under her buttocks and lift and pull her apart I make sure I rub my cock into her clit. She is my fuck-meat and I treat her like a piece of flesh with which to wank myself off. My cock starts to spasm and she moans as it discharges a stream of hot cum inside her cunt. I thrust and hold still savouring the delicious orgasm and not being able to move as my cock is incredibly sensitive to any movement. Eventually I withdraw leaving my slave there with cum dribbling out of her cunt and onto the floor.

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