tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 01

Submissive's Journey 01


It started out so innocently.

I was in one of those "store for lovers" places, looking for a naughty game for my friend Arianna's bachelorette party, when I saw the handcuffs. On a whim, I bought them, along with the game. But I didn't take them to the party, shoving them into one of my drawers, instead. A few days later, I ran across them sitting in the drawer, and, being alone in the house – my housemate was out on errands – I idly snapped them onto my wrists. Feeling my hands restricted in this way, a primal feeling unexpectedly rippled through me. My body temperature seemed to rise, and I got a very tingly feeling. But it seemed that something was not quite right, so I removed the cuffs.

Feeling very naughty about the plan that was forming in my mind, and a bit scared, I hurried down the stairs. Proceeding to our kitchen, I placed the key to the handcuffs on the counter, and returned to my room. Trembling now as I considered what I was about to do, I stripped to my bra and panties, and placed my hands behind my back and again snapped the cuffs closed over my wrists. A hot flash swept through my body. My nipples stiffened, and poked hard against my bra, forming firm peaks. My thighs clamped together, and began moving subtly back and forth, massaging the tissues trapped between them. I had seldom felt this aroused before! My hands trapped behind me, I stepped to one of my bedposts and began rubbing my front against it. Before I knew it, I was cumming hard! My knees almost buckled under me as I came, drenching my panties. I awkwardly climbed onto the bed and laid face down and began humping my pillow! My arms strained against the wrists restraints as I brought myself to a second climax!

When I regained my senses, I realized that I needed to retrieve the key, which was still downstairs. Moving quickly down the stairs, careful to keep my balance in this awkward arm position, I reached the kitchen. I had to back up to the counter, feeling for the key behind me. Just as I found it, I heard my housemate's car enter the long driveway to our house! I sprinted back to my room, clutching the key behind me. Heart racing, there were more awkward moments as I had to get the key inserted in the cuffs by touch, but just as one sprang open, I heard the door to our house open.

My housemate called out "Hello!", as she entered.

"Hi, Susan!" I called back in greeting. "I'll be down in a few minutes." Quickly I hid the cuffs, replaced my now sodden panties with fresh dry ones, and dressed again. I opened my window slightly, and propped my pillow by it, trying to dry my pillow, and flush my sex scent from both it and the air in my room. I tried to act normal and nonchalant, and hoped that my face was not still too flushed as I went downstairs.

But now I was hooked. I cuffed myself again and again, my imagination running wild with various imagined situations. Luckily, my housemate had a rather regular routine, so I had a very good idea when she would be leaving the house, and when she would be returning. Her work even required her to travel for several days at a time – times when I would have the house all to myself.

During these intervals, I would spend hours indulging myself. Sometimes I would be cuffed to my bedposts, or the refrigerator handle, or pipes in the bathroom, or the basement. I would fantasize about being a captive, held against my will. I would imagine myself being subjected to bizarre sexual rituals by my captors (by now, I usually cuffed myself completely nude) and the orgasms these mind games produced always amazed me! I started thinking up "challenges" for myself, such as freezing the key in a large block of ice, preventing myself from "escaping" for long hours, as I waited for the ice to melt.

One time, being very bold, I placed the key in our mailbox, all the way down at the end of our long driveway. Then I returned to the house, stripped, and cuffed my hands behind my back. Now I was trapped until dark, and I would have to creep naked down the driveway under cover of darkness to retrieve the key!

Throughout the day, I examined myself in our full length mirror often. Staring back at me was a petite brunette, face flushed with excitement. With her arms cuffed behind her, her breasts, smallish perhaps but succulent, were forced to jut forward into a prominence that just might inspire lust in her 'captors', whoever they were. My excitement made my pussy lips peek below my brown pubic curls. I blush to admit I kept tilting my pelvis to get a better view of them in that mirror.

As the hours passed, I let my imagination have free rein, simmering at various levels of arousal. When my excitement would reach the boiling point, I would walk down into our basement. I had mounted a dildo on a chair seat, and, straddling it, could ride it to orgasm. Luckily, the chair was an old one; it got quite soaked that day.

When it grew dark outside. I started out down the driveway, my skin alive as the night air caressed it. I had to duck behind a bush as a passing car's headlights swept down our street! When I finally reached the mailbox, I found I had miscalculated – my bound hands could not reach inside it for the key! Try as I might, and fumbling backwards, it was impossible to position my hands right!

Heart thumping, cold sweat pouring out of me now as I thought about my predicament – neighbors walked their dogs at night! – I began panicking. I desperately began bumping my body against the mailbox, and finally jarred it enough that I saw the key fall out of it onto the ground, glinting in the dim moonlight. Dropping down, I rolled onto it, grabbed it and scraped myself a bit getting back to my feet. I scampered up the driveway and into the house before taking the time to remove the cuffs! Then I congratulated myself on winning a close one!

By now I had a collection of both high quality cuffs, and also arm and leg shackles. The latter had lengths of chain between their metal loops, so I had a little freedom of movement in both my arms and legs as I wore them. I could shuffle around the house, but never take a full step. I began imagining how difficult it might be to complete a circuit around the outside of my house, wearing these. And in my growing boldness, I even imagined that I might make the attempt in daylight!

But before I could put that plan, if it was a plan, into effect, something else intervened... something I never was fully prepared for... (continued in part 2)

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