tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 03

Submissive's Journey 03


My mind was in a whirl.

There I stood, without a stitch of clothing. My arms were stretched high above my head; the chain from my shackles looped over the hook on the wall. The key to the shackles was still well out of my reach. Helpless, defenseless, and Susan standing so close I could feel her breath on my body! I was deeply embarrassed to be caught in this situation – deeply ashamed. Yet I was also amazingly aroused! The fact that Susan did not immediately release me transformed her in my mind into a potential tormentor. It was as if my fantasy was coming true!

Even though my body instinctively had cringed from her touch, slamming me back against the wall, I also desperately wanted her to touch me again. But I was too ashamed to say that. Instead, I pleaded with her to get the key and release me. The more I pleaded, the bigger her smile seemed to get. At this point she was becoming aware of the power she had over me. I began to realize that she truly enjoyed that power!

This was quickly confirmed as she moved her hand to my other breast, and began to trace lazy circles around it. My entire attention was focused on the contact of that finger with my skin! Nerve endings that I never knew I possessed seemed to explode with pleasure! A strange moaning escaped me. My eyes widened – pleading – but for what? For her to stop? For her to do more? My thoughts were so conflicted that I did not know what I wanted. But it was obvious that what I wanted was not important. I was helpless. Susan was in charge.

My mouth went dry and I began trembling as she stepped directly in front of me. Her other hand rose to claim my other breast. And both hands began what was at first a gentle, tenuous exploration. Susan's eyes locked with mine as her hands explored my defenseless breasts. Her touch, tentative at first, gradually became bolder as she saw how my body responded. My traitorous nipples reacted. Swelling, engorging with hot blood. Becoming so sensitive that their aching almost made me scream with need!

When her fingers, in their explorations, whispered against my throbbing nipples, my knees buckled, causing me to sag and dangle from the chains. Susan seemed amused by this. She smiled as the frequency of her fingers bumping against my nipples increased.

She grinned broadly as her fingertips gathered up my areolae, pinching the sensitive tissues gently against the sides of my nipples, and beginning a soft squeezing, tugging, rolling action! Still hanging by my arms, knees weak underneath me, I heard my voice moaning a long drawn out 'Nooooooooooooo!' sound. But I don't know truly if I was talking to Susan or if I was talking to my own body; because, without warning, before I could do anything to stop it, my body began writhing in orgasm!

A wave of shame swept over me as my pussy began pumping! Spurt after spurt of fluids ran down my thighs, some of them striking Susan's legs since she was standing so close! As I hung, humiliated, I heard laughter bubbling from Susan's throat. She released my nipples and stepped back slightly.

"You naughty girl!" she said. "Did you just come solely from my hands toying with your nipples?"

I knew this was a rhetorical question. I doubted that I could have answered anyway; I was still gasping for air.

"I never knew you were such a horny little slut! That was the first time I've ever seen another woman cum! That was certainly worth seeing again." Once again her hands reached out toward me!

But this time her hands moved lower!

Involuntarily, I closed my eyes and I could not stifle a shriek. My arms jerked at the shackles, making a jingling sound. In the darkness behind my eyelids I awaited the contact of those hands with my most intimate places. But Susan, ever the tormentor, touched my belly instead. Her hands were soft and warm. As they glided over my skin my eyes flew open again, looking into her face.

But she was not looking into my eyes, her eyes were focused on her hands as they explored my lower torso. The contact was exquisite! I moaned and groaned, and alternately sagged in my chains, and then stood on tiptoe. I squirmed. Again I had no idea if I was trying to escape her hands, or if I was offering different parts of my body to her hands. Actually, I was probably not really thinking. I was feeling!

Finally I felt her hands slowly moving downward. Their journey probably only took a minute or so, but it felt like an eternity! They reached my mound. I jerked, I wriggled, I pleaded. Susan seem to spend an inordinate amount of time savoring the contact of her hands on my smooth skin there.

In spite of my vulnerable position, a strange thought flashed into my mind: gratitude that I had remembered to shave yesterday. What if Susan's hands had encountered stubble? A fresh wave of embarrassment crossed my mind at the thought. As if it was not humiliating enough, having her discover my secret fetish! All of these thoughts flew from my mind as I felt her hands separate slightly and travel down across my groin crease and along my inner thighs. I was still wet from that orgasm and I knew her fingers were passing through my cum juices.

I suddenly became aware of the power of my scent, hot and spicy, perfuming the air around us both. But there was nothing I could do about it. The contact of her hands was keeping me simmering. Even though I could not see them, from the feelings that I was receiving from between my thighs, I was sure that my labia were in motion. Filling once again with hot blood, twisting, unfolding; opening like flower petals on a warm sunny day.

Susan next bent down, then knelt, apparently to get a better view. Without thinking, I closed my thighs together, blocking her view. Looking down, I saw an expression of... anger?... frustration?... on her face.

Looking up at me she commanded: "Get those legs apart!" When I hesitated, her hand shot out quickly and her open palm cracked across one of my ass cheeks! I gasped from the sudden shock, and quickly separated my legs. Not only did this return the view that Susan wished, it also confirmed the power she had over me at this point. As this fact sunk home, I shuddered, wondering what she would do with this power.

But this thought stream soon left my mind as I felt Susan's fingers briefly glide over my squirming labia! She brought her hands out where I could see them, and her fingers glistened with my fresh juices. She held her hand up, turning it this way and that, seemingly fascinated by what was coating her fingers. She touched thumb and finger together and then slowly pulled them apart watching a sticky thread stretch between them. She brought the glistening fingers closer to her nose and sniffed delicately. I wanted to melt into the wall behind me! What if she found my scent repugnant? I would die of shame!

But then my eyes widened as I saw her tongue emerge from her lips and tentatively touch her finger! After a brief lick, the tongue withdrew into her mouth, and my entire universe came to a halt, watching her evaluate my taste! My heart began beating again when I heard a sound from her it sounded like humming. Still making this sound, she deliberately placed each finger, one after the other, into her lovely red lips and sucked them clean!

"Very good," she said. "Different from my own, of course. But quite tasty all the same." Then she got a strange smile on her face, and continued: "Maybe you will get to compare the tastes sometime soon." My heart thudded in my chest as the reality of what she meant by that remark sank into my consciousness!

But I had very little time to dwell on that thought. Susan again reached for me. I felt her fingers brush my labia in a maddening fashion. Just when I was about to shriek with frustrated anticipation, they entered me! Seemingly electric shocks ran from my pussy through my breasts straight to my brain! I yanked at my chains – I could not help myself! Her sensuous fingers explored, poked, teased.

All the while I heard myself moaning, groaning, while I twisted in my chains. I had never felt such sensations before; my own fingers never felt like this! I closed my eyes to better focus on the sensations. I lost track of time. It might have been seconds, it might have been minutes, I don't really know. I do know that I kept my thighs obediently apart. I do know that my arms and wrists ached as I pulled on the chains, muscles straining. It felt like Susan's fingers were everywhere inside me. Curling and uncurling along my vaginal walls, and being copiously anointed by my slick juices.

I noticed that subconsciously I had been pulling myself up with the chains, and then lowering myself again. This up-and-down action helped Susan's fingers move in and out along my vaginal tunnel! I felt another orgasm building – a ball of hot energy forming in my core, and expanding! It reached the intensity where I normally cum, but to my surprise it kept building! And building! And building! I am not sure how rational I was at this point. I think I must have been howling and pleading, begging for release!

Then either Susan's hand movements or my hip movements caused one of her knuckles to gently nudge my swollen clit! I shrieked! I bucked! A massive orgasm overwhelmed me; its intensity was so great that I slipped into unconsciousness! My last sight before the darkness claimed me was seeing the spray from my cunt striking Susan's face – a face registering a mixture of pleasure and surprise! (continued in part 4)

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