tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 07

Submissive's Journey 07


A major turning point in my life occurred when Susan purchased the speculum. (I am not going to attempt to relate my stories in chronological order – I am writing things down as they occur to me.)

As perhaps you can tell from some of my earlier stories, Susan was fascinated with my cunt. Mine was the first that she had ever seen up close. I know from what she told me that she had examined her own with mirrors, but there is only so much you can see from that distance.

Here I was, her pet, her toy, her plaything – and my body was hers to enjoy in any manner she desired. Over this period of time she had spent seemingly hours looking at my labia, clitoris, vaginal opening, anal opening – even my urethral opening, also known as my pee hole.

Some of those times I was bound, spreadeagled. Other times I was unbound, my hands free to hold myself open for her inspection. Many times she had inserted her fingers into my vaginal tunnel, stretching them apart to open me even farther. So it really came as no surprise to me when she appeared one day triumphantly holding up a speculum.

"Finally" she exclaimed, "I'm going to get a proper view of your cervix." Her enthusiasm made me both giggle and blush. But the thought of her having such an intimate view of my innermost recesses excited me. I felt my very sensitive labia starting to engorge (of course I wore no panties under my skirt – I seldom do these days) and the familiar sensation of the first drops of pussy juices forming at the edge of my slit.

But Susan was getting very good at teasing and tormenting me. She did not immediately demand that I spread myself open for her. She merely dropped the speculum back into the bag that she had pulled it from, and set it aside. She had me simmering in low-grade excitement for hours. She placed the bag with the speculum in a prominent location so that I would see it over and over as I moved around inside our house.

Moreover, if it looked like my attention was losing its focus about what was to come, she would casually drop a word like 'speculum', or 'cervix', or 'examination' into our conversation. And I saw the gleam that would come into her eyes as such words made me shiver and squirm. What a delicious agony of waiting. But I had my household chores to do, and that helped me get through the day. While I was washing the dishes, I thought I heard Susan in the other room talking on her cell phone, but I thought nothing of it at that time.

The day dragged on.

I found myself looking at the clock, and looking at the bag that contained the speculum. Sometimes my mouth went dry with nervousness; sometimes I was almost drooling with anticipation. But Susan is in charge – she is my Mistress – I could not demand that she examine my cunt; my job was to wait and obey.

Finally my agony of waiting seemed to be at an end. "Come into the bedroom, girl," Susan ordered me. "Strip off your clothing, but do it slowly. I want to see your body come into view very gradually. I want you to anticipate this fully."

What a devil she can be. I wanted to rip off my clothes and leap onto the bed. Instead, I did a very slow sensual striptease for her, undulating my body, turning as I undressed so she could admire my torso from several angles. I could tell by the look on her face and a light in her eyes that I was doing a good job, and this made me smile.

Finally, I stood naked for her inspection, grateful that my body was clean and smoothly shaven. My nipples were proudly fully erect. My labia were engorged and ached slightly in their puffiness. I wanted to touch myself, but I knew that I better not unless given permission by Susan. She pulled back the bed covers, saying, "Get on the sheet, face up."

She placed a small pillow under my buttocks which had the effect of raising my pelvis upward. She also put a couple of towels under me for obvious reasons. Pulling out the ropes that were already attached to each of the four bedposts, she lovingly secured my wrists and my ankles, drawing me into the familiar spreadeagled position. She even positioned a couple of floor lamps so that their beams fell onto my now prominently displayed cunt. Fetching the bag, she drew out the speculum and climbed onto the bed between my outstretched knees, also carrying a small but powerful flashlight.

"I wonder if I should lubricate this," she considered, examining the speculum. I had to laugh. My pussy was oozing so freely that I knew I would lubricate it instantly. Her laughter blended with mine, and she bent over and kissed my inner thigh; perhaps my reward for being so patient. Then I felt her fingers take hold of and separate my labia, and I knew that my vaginal opening was now in clear view.

I could not stop the quiver of anticipation that ran through me. I was grateful that the ropes were holding me firmly in place. Within moments, I felt the coolness of the speculum touch my opening, and felt it slowly slide inward. It slipped easily with barely any tugging. My pussy juices were doing an excellent job of lubrication. In moments it was fully seated within me, and Susan worked the mechanism to open its jaws.

What a sensation! The feeling of being stretched;... the cool air entering me;... being the center of attention, the focus of Susan's world at that moment;... thrilled me in a manner difficult to describe. She clicked on her flashlight and peered into my very core. For a few minutes there was silence. The only sounds I could hear were the sounds of our breathing, and of my heart pounding in my chest. I was just starting to fear that Susan's silence might indicate disgust or disappointment when she said, "It is so lovely – lovelier than I imagined. So smooth, so inviting. It makes me want to reach in and stroke it. I wish you could see this. Oh, maybe you can."

After saying this, she went to fetch her camera. Returning, she moved in close and took several pictures. With this digital camera she was immediately able to show me the images holding the camera close to my face. Ordinarily, I might not have been so excited about seeing a cervix – any cervix – but Susan's enthusiasm was contagious. While I was admiring her handiwork our doorbell rang! I am sure my heart and my breathing stopped for an instant. Neither of us had heard a car drive up. There was no time to untie me, so Susan drew the bed covers over me, and went to the front door, closing the bedroom door behind her.

I heard the front door open and close, and I heard something of a mumbled conversation from our front room, but I could not distinguish either words or voices. There I was, tied naked and vulnerable on the bed. It was not a very opportune time for company. I waited there apprehensively for some little time, my mind starting to wander. I must have missed the sound of the visitor leaving, because Susan returned to the bedroom.

"Who was that, Miss?" I asked politely. But Susan, wearing an enigmatic expression, did not answer. She merely walked to the dresser and pulled out a blindfold. Before I could protest, she slipped it over my head and I was plunged into darkness! She pulled the covers back off of my body, exposing me fully again. I could feel the heat of the light beams from the floor lamps striking my still elevated pelvis. And I heard Susan walk to the bedroom door and call out, "Come on in."

I gasped loudly; but I thought she was teasing me again. And then I heard the footsteps. Someone else WAS present! I felt the bed sag as not one but two bodies climbed onto it. Trapped in my personal darkness, I cried out, "Who is here?"

"Be quiet, girl," was the only reply that Susan gave.

Then I heard the click of a flashlight and Susan comment, "See what I mean? Lovely." And I knew that some stranger was staring into my vaginal tunnel at Susan's invitation. I was mortified! I felt the heat of a flush of embarrassment start at my face, creep down my neck, and cascade to the tops of my breasts, which were also fully on display.

Concentrating, I became aware of warm breath on each of my inner thighs as two faces bent closer to my pussy. There was nothing I could do about it. The ropes held me firmly. And, as I stated earlier, I am Susan's toy, her plaything; subject to her whims. Gradually, as my shock of surprise dissipated, I fell into a state of acceptance – of submission. I fully trusted Susan; I knew she would not let harm come to me. I knew that my body is lovely, at least in Susan's eyes, and perhaps she was sharing something she treasures (me) with a trusted friend; I hoped this was the case.

I heard a whisper I could not make out, and heard Susan answer, "I don't know, but it would be interesting to find out. I'll play with her clit; you caress her breasts."

I gulped hard and almost swallowed my tongue. The stranger was going to play with my breasts? Was this another of Susan's teasing jokes? But then I felt her hands gently tugging at my clit hood and softly stroking along its shaft – and ANOTHER pair of hands softly gliding over my now very sensitive breasts!

I jerked in the ropes. I could not help myself. Being on display was one thing. Being touched by a stranger took my embarrassment to an entirely higher level. I almost choked out a protest, but then remembered that I had been commanded to remain silent. Regaining some semblance of control, I submitted passively to the caresses.

But my passivity did not last long. How could I remain passive with four hands teasing me in such delightful ways? Susan, of course, knew exactly what to do with my clit to quickly arouse me. And the stranger certainly seemed to know how to give pleasure to a woman by means of breast play.

I could not tell if the hands were those of a male or female, laying there in the darkness of the blindfold. But he or she trailed fingertips in swirling patterns all over my sensitive flesh. This had the effect of making my areolae crinkle joyously. Next the fingertips explored what seemed to be every little nook and cranny created by those crinkles, maddeningly avoiding my throbbing nipples. When it seemed that I was about to scream my need for my poor nipples to receive attention, the gentle fingers finally closed upon them, tugging at them with a gentle rolling action. That did it! The orgasm that had been building within me suddenly burst forth like a volcanic eruption! I thrashed as well as I could, bound in the ropes, and felt four hands holding my hips steady on the pillow. Feeling the extra pair of hands on me during my peak triggered something innate, prolonging my orgasm.

"Wow! Look at that. Watch what her cervix is doing." Susan commented.

Dimly I was aware that this is why they had driven me to a climax. To watch what occurs in my vaginal tunnel as I cum. I probably gave quite a performance. This seemed to be one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced, brought on by these unfamiliar circumstances and the state of submission that I had entered, allowing me to relinquish all control, and just FEEL.

After some period of time – I have no idea how long, being lost in my sensations – I heard Susan say, "Well, I guess the show is over." I felt the jaws of the speculum closing, and felt it being slipped out of me. Someone's hands gently patted my labia closed once again.

Susan's face must have come close to my head because I heard her whisper in my ear, "I'm going to remove the blindfold." I closed my eyes tightly because I knew the glare from the lamps after being so long in the darkness could be painful. But my mind was full of wonder about the stranger. Would he or she still be in the room? I had not heard anyone leave, but as my body gently rippled with aftershocks I was not really focused that well on my surroundings.

The blindfold slipped off my head. I opened my eyelids a tiny bit letting the light flood in, gradually getting accustomed to the brightness. I finally felt I could open my eyes fully, and I scanned the room looking for the stranger, a bit uncertain if I really wanted to know who now had such intimate knowledge of my body. My eyes came to rest on and focused on the face of – Barbara?

OMG! It WAS Barbara! I knew her. In fact I had secretly lusted after her for quite some time. Every time I saw her my heart beat a little faster. She was so darn cute, with a devastating smile, twinkling blue eyes, short blonde hair and lovely curves outlined magnificently by clothing that seemed to cling to her in adoration. I had no idea that Susan knew her.

And here she was in our bedroom, grinning down at me. Grinning down at my... my... OMG!... my completely naked body tied spreadeagled on the sheets! I blushed bright scarlet. One of her hands absentmindedly pushed an errant strand of her hair back in place and I further realized it was her hands that had toyed with my breasts so wonderfully. I blushed even brighter, if that is possible, and stammered, "Hello, Barbara."

This caused both Barbara and Susan to burst into laughter. After a moment, I could not stop myself from joining their laughter.

After we all quieted down, and they wiped the laughter tears from their eyes (I could not, of course, tied as I was), Susan untied me and said, "Rest here a few minutes and get the circulation back in your hands and feet. Then join us in the front room."

My voice may have quavered slightly as I asked quietly, "Naked, Miss?"

"Did I tell you to dress?" she snapped.

"No, Miss, you did not," I replied quietly, my voice pitched to a very respectful tone.

"Then you have your answer," she stated and she and Barbara left the room.

I massaged my hands and my feet, gathering my composure. After a few minutes I padded into the front room and saw Susan and Barbara sitting on the sofa. Hesitating only a moment I walked closer to Susan and knelt at her feet, my hands behind me, my eyes lowered, as I had been taught. This was the first time that I knelt submissively at the feet of my Mistress in the presence of others. In my heart, I felt that this would probably not be the last time.

"See how well her training is going?" Susan asked Barbara.

I almost choked in surprise. Barbara knew Susan was training me? Susan, ever alert to the emotions of her submissive, reacted to my expression of surprise, even though I had verbalized no question. "Yes, girl. I discuss your training with Barbara quite often. She has been fascinated to hear how well you are coming along, and what an obedient girl you are turning out to be. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity to give her a firsthand look."

"And what an eye-full it was," giggled Barbara. "You are even more luscious looking than I imagined."

Suddenly I realized why in the past when I spoke with Barbara she had that special twinkle in her eyes. She was privy to my interactions with Susan, and delighting in her knowledge. In response to her praise, I replied, "Thank you Barbara."

Susan reached out and lifted my chin with a gentle hand, staring into my eyes and said, "I think you had better say 'Thank you Miss'."

My eyes must have widened, because Susan nodded and confirmed, "Yes I have decided to share you with Barbara. You now have two Mistresses. I'm curious. How do you feel about this?"

I did not have to ponder. I did not have to hesitate. I loved Susan, and I was hers. We both knew this. But I also had room in my heart for Barbara, and I was so happy that she and Susan were such close friends. I knew that I would love serving them both. "Oh Miss! I cannot fully tell you how joyous this makes me. Thank you, Miss!"

"Barbara, slip off your shoe," Susan told her. As Barbara did so Susan said, "Okay girl. You may kiss the foot of your new Mistress."

Lowering myself to my belly brought my face close to Barbara's foot. I took her foot carefully in both hands and raised it slightly as I lowered my lips. As I pressed my lips to Barbara's foot a feeling of ecstasy swept through me, and I almost swooned. This was the beginning of my service to the two women that I love most in the entire world.

(continued in part 8)

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