tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 09

Submissive's Journey 09


What woman in her right mind dislikes shopping?

None, that I am aware of. Therefore you can understand my elation when my Mistresses announced that we were all going to go clothes shopping! I rushed, practically romped through my chores, eager to set out on this adventure. I should have known that there would be a catch, a twist. After all, I was dealing with two devilishly erotic females who were constantly reveling in their developing power over me.

My first inkling came when I was told how to dress for the shopping trip. Susan informed me, "Use this blouse, and this skirt. No bra, and no panties, girl." The lack of underwear was only to be expected, I guessed. I put on the silky blouse that I was given, along with that rather conservative skirt, since it came to about mid thigh.

"Leave the two top blouse buttons undone," Barbara added. "Here are the shoes to wear. When you are dressed, check your appearance until we call you."

Looking in the mirror, I looked slightly slutty, so I felt a smidgen of apprehension about walking around in public like this. Thankfully, the heels on the shoes I was given were not too high. They placed my calf muscles into a slight state of contraction, showing my calves to advantage. I hesitate to complement myself, but I thought I looked pretty damn hot.

I was summoned to our front room, where I met my Mistresses. Both were wearing enigmatic smiles and holding things behind their backs. Barbara produced from behind her back what was obviously a butt plug, although it looked a bit strange. She lubricated it carefully as she ordered, "Raise the back of your skirt and bend over."

I did not hesitate. Submitting to the whims of my Mistresses thrilled me more and more, each time I did it. As I obeyed, I felt her lubed finger prodding my anal sphincter with the cool lubricant. She placed the tip of the plug at my opening, and start to press. The plug slid inward rather easily with minimum twisting, but I still gasped as I felt its shaft enter and fill me. As I was still getting accustomed to the sensation, I heard a tearing, ripping sound. I glanced up and saw Susan tearing a piece of tape from a roll. She then moved behind me, and I felt the tape attach from one of my ass cheeks to the other, firmly anchoring the butt plug into place.

My internal muscles must have protested slightly, because I felt them cramp and try to push the intruder out. But luckily, the tape held it fast, and it did not budge. I was pretty certain that if I had pushed it out, I would have been punished.

"Straighten up now, and lean back slightly. Raise the front hem of your skirt," Susan commanded.

As I complied, I also instinctively tilted my pelvis back, offering my naked pussy to her, since it was obvious to me that that is what she wished. My emotions come so easily to my face now. I am sure that both of my Mistresses saw a blend of surprise and apprehension as Susan started lubing the egg shaped piece of plastic that she was now holding. This device I knew. It was a remote controlled vibrator shaped like an egg. Therefore, I was not surprised as Susan parted my labia and pressed the egg smoothly up into my cunt. I felt it lodge into place, coming to rest against the butt plug, with only a thin wall of tissue between them. The feeling of fullness was amazing!

"Now, we can't risk that falling out in public either, can we?" opined Susan, as I heard another ripping sound, this time from the tape now in Barbara's hands. Swifter than I could think about it, the tape was placed across my labia, sealing the egg into my vagina. The surprise did not prevent me from noticing that my wonderful, caring Mistress was making certain not to seal the region of my pee hole, probably in case I found it necessary to urinate during this trip. "Okay girl, straighten up," Barbara said.

I did so, smoothing down my skirt, feeling the items inside me shift, heightening my awareness of their presence.

"Now, a brief test I think," declared Susan. She pulled from her purse the remote which controlled the egg, and briefly switched it on. Waves of vibration erupted deep inside me. I barely had time to moan before the vibrations ceased.

"Barbara?" Susan inquired. At this moment my back was turned to Barbara, so I did not see her also reach into her purse and pull out another remote. I was caught completely unawares when she switched it on and the butt plug came to life deep inside my ass! I inadvertently jumped and gave a slight shriek at the unanticipated vibrations.

Barbara quickly switched it off, and I tried to regain my composure. "I think it was a good idea for us to test these here in our home before taking our little slut out into public," Barbara chuckled.

"I quite agree!" Susan answered. She took hold of my chin to look into my eyes and asked, "Is that the way you are going to react while we are shopping?"

I swallowed hard and answered, "No Miss."

"Good!" she said.

Barbara then secured my collar around my neck. I was going to wear my collar in public! I felt the heat in my cheeks as my face flamed with embarrassment. My breath caught and my heart jumped as I considered the possibility that they might lead me around in public on a leash. (But that did not happen – at least, not at that time.)

We got into the car, Barbara driving, me in the passenger seat, and Susan in the backseat. During the drive, at random intervals, one or the other of the remote devices activated inside me! I thought that perhaps I would get used to the vibrations. But this was not to be, because my lovely tormentors never left either vibrator on long enough for me to become accustomed to it. I did manage to get my shrieks under control, merely moaning softly, and occasionally doubling over slightly as the vibrations coursed through the core of my body.

These actions sure took my mind off of the car trip. We soon arrived in town. I got out of the car, tried to make certain my hair did not appear too disheveled, smoothed my now wrinkled skirt as best I could, and attempted to adjust my collar properly.

"Walk ahead of us, girl. We want to watch your body move, and observe the reactions of the people that notice you," commanded Barbara.

I began walking through the town ahead of my Mistresses. I was not walking with my normal gait, and I was certain that I was receiving curious stares from passersby. I found myself walking with a sort of mincing step, dreadfully aware of the fullness within my pelvis.

It did not help much that my two mischievous giggling Mistresses, walking behind me, were intermittently switching on the vibrators. Each time the vibrations suddenly erupted within me, I groaned or I moaned, drawing attention to myself. Every once in a while both vibrators were turned on at the same moment, causing such sensations that my knees weakened and almost buckled. The distance between the stores seemed much greater than I had ever noticed it being before. Looking back on it, I can smile now, but the sweet agony at that moment seemed almost unbearable.

We did finally get to some stores. First we looked to find clothing for my Mistresses. They got so preoccupied looking at and trying on clothes that the vibrators were silent for a long time. Silent, but still filling me, front and back.

When we got to the shop that offered leather garments, Barbara and Susan found a treasure trove. They had me hold various outfits for them in the fitting room as they tried them for fit. And fit they did; like a glove. The black leather clung to their gorgeous curves, accentuating both their beauty and their aura of power – especially power over me. Apparently, since they were getting more and more comfortable dominating me, they felt they should look the part.

When they slipped their dainty feet and lovely calves into tall dark leather boots, I wanted to drop to all fours before them, and kiss and lick those boots. Later, I was to get my wish. But for now, pleased with their new outfits, they placed their purchases into the car, and we walked through more of the town to other stores to look for clothes for me.

Of course, with their hands now free, they brought the remote controls back into play, laughing softly at my discomfiture. Sweat had broken out on my forehead, but this was sort of a blessing. The arousal the vibrators were creating by now was causing me to leak around the tape across my pussy. My juices were slowly trickling down my thigh, some of it visible below the hem of my skirt. I could only hope that people staring at me assumed that was also sweat.

My Mistresses purchased several outfits for me that could be used in future role-playing situations. Like the maid outfit that I already had, these outfits, while covering certain essential parts of my anatomy, in many ways made me look more obscene than if I were stark naked. Not that I am complaining. I love pleasing my Mistresses. Anything that enhances their pleasure, anything that makes me more pleasing to their eyes, makes me very happy.

The routine at each store was much the same. I would be taken into a fitting room, where I would remove all of my clothing. (At the first store, I had to use my skirt to dry myself off, so I would not soil the garments I was trying on.) Then I would stand there without a stitch of clothing on, just wearing my collar, as Susan or Barbara would bring me items and watch me dress.

At the last store, after a couple of purchases were made, I thought we were done. As I stood, nude, in the fitting room, both Barbara and Susan entered. However, they were carrying no new clothes. Instead they picked up my skirt, blouse and shoes, and Susan said, "Kneel down, girl."

I was confused, but I did not hesitate, gracefully dropping to my knees. They then told me something that made my blood run cold. Barbara voiced it clearly, saying, "We are going to go out into the store and pick some woman at random, and send her into this fitting room. When she arrives, you are to use only your mouth to service her."

"Service, Miss?" I asked, hesitantly.

"Please don't act dense, slut! Use your mouth to make her cum!" Barbara snapped back at me.

My mouth instantly went dry with nervousness, and I gulped convulsively – to do this to a stranger!

"Do you understand?" asked Barbara.

At that moment I could not speak so I merely nodded.

Satisfied, they left the fitting room to start their search. I knelt there, my heart hammering away. I jumped at each small sound. My breath caught and stopped each time I heard footsteps; but these passed by my fitting room. I wondered who they would select; what their criteria would be. At least I was pretty certain that it would be a woman as they said, not a man. But still, this was completely unlike anything I had ever done before. I realized that that was precisely why my Mistresses were doing this. It was another step in deepening my submission to them. Gradually, as I knelt and waited, I grew accustomed to this new idea, and my heart finally accepted the command that my mind had already agreed to.

So I knelt there submissively, my knees far apart, bare buttocks resting on my bare heels, my hands resting on my thighs, watching the door – waiting. Eventually I heard the footsteps approach! I thought I was ready – I thought I was prepared. But my breath caught, my heart raced, as I watched the door. It began to open. I was not ready for the face that appeared; a timid woman's face, her eyes enlarged by the glasses that she wore. The look on her face: apprehensive, hesitant, inquiring.

Her eyes searched the room and finally came to rest on me. Her eyes visibly dilated and an appearance something like shock washed over her face as my nudity registered in her consciousness. I saw her swallow nervously as she slipped herself into the room and shut the door. She did not move away from the door. She just stood there, clutching her purse in front of her pelvis, her shoulders hunched as if to hide her own chest.

She cleared her throat and stammered, "I don't know if this is a joke, but those two women told me..." Her voice trailed off. She tried again, "...they told me that if I came into this fitting room there was a young woman who would... who would..." Her voice ended in almost a squeak, "... please me..." and there was a long pause and then I barely heard the word, "...sexually".

"Yes Ma'am, they were telling you the truth," I responded. "They commanded me to serve you, and I am willing."

She thought about this for a bit, her eyes scanning me, trying to ascertain if I was telling the simple truth. "But you don't know me. Why would you do this?"

"Those two women are my Mistresses. I submit freely to their will. I obey their commands. It pleases me to do this. That is all I can tell you as an explanation," I replied, truthfully.

After a few moments she stepped away from the door a little closer to me and her shoulders returned to a somewhat normal position. "Really?"

"Yes Ma'am – really," I stated with complete sincerity.

I saw her swallow hard, trying to decide. In the quiet room I thought I might even be hearing the pounding of her heart. And suddenly, I felt sorry for her. She was being offered a strange unexpected gift; perhaps an experience that she had not had for quite some time, or maybe an experience that she had never ever had in her life before.

So I tried to reassure her, smiling into her face, arching my back slightly to make my breasts more prominent, tilting my hips backward a bit to give her a better view of my intimate area, at the same time hoping that the tape stretched across my cunt would not be off-putting. I said with a gentle voice, "Ma'am, I really do want to do this for you. Please allow me."

I saw her make up her mind finally and she asked me, "What do I have to do?"

"Please come very close to me Ma'am, and raise your skirt," I instructed.

A flush appeared on her neck, but she did as I asked, setting her purse aside, stepping close, and drawing up the front of her skirt. I suppressed a smile as I viewed the 'granny panties' she was wearing.

"It would help if you would also remove your panties, Ma'am," I quietly suggested.

The flush turned into a furious blush, and I feared she would bolt from the room, and I would have failed my Mistresses. But after a moment she said, "Please close your eyes."

"Yes Ma'am," and I closed them tightly. I heard a rustle of cloth.

After a few moments, she said, "Thank you. You may open them now."

I did, and found myself with a close-up look of her mound, covered with a delicate forest of trimmed brown hair. Her surprisingly delicate scent wafted into my nostrils. "Okay?" She queried hesitantly.

I tilted my face up to look into her eyes so she could see my sincerity as I answered, "More than okay Ma'am – lovely."

She smiled in return and her body language became less tense. By now, I really did want to please her. I wanted her to experience great pleasure. So I leaned down a bit and started gentle kisses near her knees. I slowly continued the kisses up along her tender inner thighs. At times her body jerked slightly, skittering nervously. At such times I just stopped, letting my lips rest against her skin, letting her get accustomed to the sensation.

I continued my slow journey upward. Along with the kisses, I added gentle licks with my tongue, pleased to hear the occasional gasps from her lips. As I got closer to her pussy, her scent intensified. Glancing at her labia, I could see them slowly engorging, getting redder as blood poured into them. I could feel their heat on my forehead. As her arousal grew, she subconsciously began tilting her hips backward. More and more of her labia came into view as they became puffy with excitement. At the slit where they joined, I could see the first glint of her juices. I wanted to take my hands and part her labia, opening her, but my Mistresses had told me to only use my mouth to please her, so I merely took my hands and placed them on her bare hips to steady her and myself. Her skin was warm and smooth in my hands.

Finally the moment came that we both sought. My lips reached her labia and gave them a long delicate kiss. I heard a happy sigh escape her lips, and I glanced up and saw her head tilted back slightly, her eyes closed as she focused on the sensations I was giving her. When my tongue slipped into her slit for the first time, parting her pussy lips, I felt her shudder and give a quiet cry. Her taste was strange – exotic – different; but oh so enjoyable.

I curled my tongue deep within her, scooping juices and drawing them back into my mouth where I could savor and then swallow. And then go back for more! She gave me more – and more. As her excitement built, she tucked the front of her skirt under her chin, freeing her hands so she could pull apart her labia giving me better access. Her gasps and moans were becoming very frequent. I could feel her entire body shaking where my hands held her hips. But suddenly she said, "Stop! Please stop!"

I froze, afraid I was doing something wrong. But she smiled down at me and said in a shaky voice, "I need to sit down before I fall down." She moved over to a stool in the corner of the room, stripping off her skirt as she went. She sat down and spread her thighs apart and gestured to me. I scooted back between her knees, and again lowered my face to her cunt.

As my mouth and tongue went back to work I felt her hands grasp the sides of my head and maneuver me to exactly the spot she wanted. She held me there as I kissed, licked, sucked, even nibbled her now sopping pussy. Losing control, she began bucking her hips, rubbing her fragrant petals against my face. My excitement rose with hers, both of us rapidly approaching a magnificent orgasm.

So intent was I at pleasuring this woman, my face buried deeply in her cunt, my back to the door, that I was unaware that my Mistresses had slipped into the room to witness the finale of my performance.

As the woman began to cum, they activated both the vibrators taped into my vagina and ass! The woman mashed her gushing cunt against my face, splashing my upper body with her juices at the same moment my pussy erupted, jetting my own juices around the open edges of the tape! I was moaning my own orgasmic release directly into the woman's still rippling vagina! What orgasms! Both of them seemed to roll on and on.... endlessly.

The vibrators inside me were switched off, but I still shook and quivered. My cheek came to rest on the woman's thigh as I panted heavily, trying to catch my breath. I looked upward and saw her chest heaving up and down as she also gulped air. The glow of contentment on her face was lovely to see. I was only dimly aware of my Mistresses carefully removing the tapes from my cunt and ass, and freeing the vibrators.

"Clean her up, pet," Susan said softly into my ear. But my tongue was already busy, gently lapping the juices that still coated her quivering thighs.

After a period of rest, when both I and the woman were somewhat recovered, they asked her formally, "Did this slut of ours do a good job?"

"OMG, yes!" was her reply. "She was fantastic! You can bring her to the Club at any time!"

I must have look quizzically at my Mistresses, because they laughed at my confusion, and Susan finally introduced the 'stranger' to me. "This is Dani. She is not only a very good actress friend of ours; she is also a 'switch' at a BDSM Club that Barbara belongs to. She was very pleased to assist us today."

"You can bet I was pleased! Your girl has an amazing tongue! She is gifted! I hope we see her at the Club sometime soon!" Dani enthused.

I blushed and lowered my eyes at this effusive praise, but I was ecstatic that I had fulfilled my Mistresses' commands to the best of my ability! And I had a feeling there might be more such challenges in my future – at least I HOPED so! (continued in part 10)

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