tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 10

Submissive's Journey 10


Okay, even Mistresses can get horny. This became very clear to me on that day.

My first clue was when Barbara came breezing into the house and announced, "I'm horny."

Susan walked over to her, gave her a big hug and a loving kiss, and affirmed, "Funny you should say that. My hormones seem to be raging this morning also."

Releasing their embrace, they both turned and looked straight at me. The expression that I saw on their faces – a mixture of lust and a haughty arrogance tempered with love – made my heart thump and my knees go weak. All that morning, my body also had been crying out with need. When women live in close proximity, their cycles often synchronize. This is probably due to the pheromones wafting through the air. Whatever the cause, I could tell that the three of us were in rare form that day.

I felt the first trembling go through my body as I saw them begin to whisper together, their eyes glinting. After this brief consultation, Barbara said, "Come here girl, and stand in front of us."

I quickly answered, "Yes Miss," and rushed to do as I had been told.

I barely had time to wonder what I was in for this time, when both of them suddenly reached for parts of the clothing that I was wearing (not one of my newer outfits, fortunately). With a concerted effort, they ripped the clothing from me, and I found myself stark naked, seemingly before I could have enough time to blink.

Being forcibly stripped by these two lovely aroused women was immensely exciting! I felt goosebumps ripple along my skin as I watched their eyes scanning me up and down. When the goosebumps surged over my chest they left in their wake rapidly hardening nipples. I wanted so much to reach up and squeeze and caress them, but I had been given no such command, so my hands remained passively at my sides.

"Raise your arms and turn slowly in a circle," commanded Susan. My arms went up, my hands well above my head, making the flesh on my chest go taut, which made my breasts rise and my nipples stand out even more prominently. The fact that I was beginning to hyperventilate made my breasts dance up and down. I began my turn, moving very slowly. I was very aware of their eyes drinking in the sight of my body, now on display for them. I felt the firm muscles of my ass squeezing and tilting and shifting as I made the small movements required for this slow turn.

Someone's hand glided across my buttocks as my back was turned, and I know that I gasped aloud, but I did not falter, continuing my movements. By the time I completed my turn, once again facing my Mistresses, my arms still raised, my body still completely on display, I felt the first telltale wetness at my pussy, and became aware that my pungent perfume was emanating from my sex.

"It looks as though our little slut is just as horny as we are," Susan remarked to Barbara, pointing down at my cunt. I felt the heat flush of embarrassment leap onto my cheeks, but there was no sense denying it.

"Now undress us," Susan said.

This presented me with a common dilemma. With two Mistresses, and a command to perform a service for both, I was never quite certain who I should start with. In this case should it be Susan, the one who directly issued the command, or Barbara, the one who I realized was taking over a larger piece of my heart?

My heart won the struggle, and I sank to my knees in front of Barbara, and carefully slipped the shoes from her feet. While I was bent down in this submissive posture, I asked, "May I kiss your foot, Miss?" (Later, Barbara shared with me how her heart surged with elation when she heard those words.)

"Yes, my girl. You may," was her reply.

My lips pursed and reverently touched her instep. I let them linger there as long as I dared, then continued with my task. Standing, I began unbuttoning her blouse with hands that shook with emotion. As I slipped the blouse from her shoulders, she turned to offer me her back so I could unhook her bra. As the bra came loose into my hands, warm and scented, it was all I could do NOT to crush it against my nostrils and inhale. I then unbuckled her belt, unzipped the side of her skirt and lowered it so she could step free. I was not shocked to see that she wore no panties.

Task completed, I turned to my other Mistress, lowering myself again to the floor, and slipping her shoes from her dainty feet. Again I asked, "May I kiss your foot, Miss?"

Susan answered in a sort of bored voice, "If you must."

This caused me to quickly glance up at her face, where I saw a mischievous smile which indicated she was merely teasing me. With a smile of relief I lowered my face to her foot and kissed it very tenderly. I stood and, untucking her T-shirt from her jeans, lifted it up over her head. She stood there smiling at me with her arms slightly raised but not turning. I realized she wanted me to unhook her bra as I stood facing her. So my arms went carefully behind her back to find the hooks. The proximity caused my own breasts to brush against the material of her bra, making me shiver with delight. Her upper torso now nude, Susan stood motionless as my hands unbuckled and unzipped and lowered her jeans to the floor. My fingers hooked carefully into the waistband of her panties, and slid them off of her luscious hips, down her thighs and legs and off her feet. I could not help but notice how damp they were.

"Go and fetch three towels, girl," commanded Barbara "...but do not run."

"Yes Miss," I acknowledged, and began walking away on my task, fully aware of the four eyes glued to my nude form, now in motion. I enjoyed being the focal point of such scrutiny. In fact, I was beginning to suspect that I had a strong exhibitionist streak in me. I began to wonder if it was only a matter of time before my Mistresses would become aware of this aspect of my personality, and begin putting me on display in more public situations. Little did I know that being so attuned to me, they were well aware of this already; plans were in the works to make this a reality.

But the uppermost thing at this moment for me was to fetch the towels. As I returned to my Mistresses, carrying them, I tried to do so in such a manner that the majority of my body would still be available to their eyes as I approached them.

"Kneel right where you are and hold up the towels," Susan instructed me.

I knelt, and raised them up.

My Mistresses were maneuvering our sofa more to the center of the room. "About here?" Barbara asked.

"I think so," Susan replied. She took the towels one at a time and draped them over the upraised back of the sofa.

"Stand up, hands behind your back," ordered Barbara.

As I did so I heard the ratcheting clicks and felt her encircle my wrists with handcuffs, securing my hands firmly behind me. "Now bend over the towels."

Complying, I found that the back of the sofa pressed up against my pelvis, my thighs touched the back side of the sofa, my feet still touching the floor. As I lowered my torso, my now swollen tits pressed against the sofa's rear cushion.

Susan walked closer and studied me. "Not too bad," was her comment, "but spread your feet apart farther."

I did so, imagining what I must look like. As my feet and thighs separated, I could feel cool air now on both my cunt and my ass hole. With my hands cuffed behind me, I felt deliciously helpless in this position.

"Remain like that unless you are told to do otherwise. Also be silent – with one exception. If you need to use the toilet, tell us. Do you understand?" Susan inquired.

"Yes Miss. I understand," I answered, with a voice slightly distorted by my current position.

By this point, we were all so horny that I expected to be 'used' immediately. I did not take into account the devilish deviousness of my Mistresses. Having put me in this position, they retreated to the kitchen, where they sat and drank cups of coffee!

I waited – and waited. At least I was not hanging upside down with all my blood rushing into my head. The position was rather comfortable, although very lewd. I alternated between periods of boredom and periods of arousal at the thought of being used to gratify the lusts of my gorgeous Mistresses.

Finally, they both returned and plopped down on the sofa on either side of me. Instantly, I was engulfed in a fragrant cloud formed by a mixture of their wonderful scents, and I inadvertently inhaled deeply and shuddered. They were so close I could feel the heat radiating from their unclothed bodies. By turning my head slightly to either side, I could view their lovely naked thighs.

"Now, how do we choose who goes first?" asked Barbara.

"We could flip a coin," suggested Susan.

Barbara giggled. "Do I look like I have a coin?"

Susan laughed. "Nor do I, but I'll get one," and she sauntered away. Returning, she said, "Call it," and I heard her flick the coin skywards.

"Heads!" Barbara called.

There was a slap of a coin on a wrist. "Heads it is, you lucky thing," Susan stated with a sound of mock disappointment.

"Yayyy!!" said Barbara gleefully. "And speaking of heads..." I heard her wriggling on the sofa and soon her beautiful pussy slid into place under my face, as her hand pulled on the hair at the back of my head to raise it and make room. "Eat my pussy, you naughty little slut," she said.

I suppressed a moan of pure excitement and lowered my mouth to her cunt. My tongue darted out and began washing her smooth labia. After I had them glistening with my saliva, I inserted my tongue between those pussy lips and began plowing them apart, opening her. The aroma of her scent thickened around me as my tongue explored and licked.

It was not long before Barbara began moaning, softly at first, but with increasing volume. Her cunt welled up with her juices. My lips sealed over them as I sucked, drinking. Raising my eyes slightly, I noticed that Susan had sat down on the floor next to the sofa, her face close to Barbara's hip, watching avidly. One of her hands was out of sight down by her waist, and seemed to be moving slowly. I imagined that she was probably stroking her pussy, waiting for her turn.

The thought came to me that in a few minutes my mouth might be drinking Susan's juices also. This made me groan excitedly as my tongue was flicking Barbara's clit, exposed now as her fingers drew back her clitoral hood. The flicking was the trigger that she needed. She cried out, bucking her hips against my face as she fountained up into me. As her orgasm abated, she rested quietly where she was, panting, as my tongue continued to lick her, cleaning whatever I could reach.

"Okay, okay! My turn!" demanded Susan, helping Barbara move out of the way. She slipped her own cunt, already wet and glistening, under my eager mouth. I needed no command to eat her. She had already said it was her turn. So my mouth and tongue went to work, savoring the difference in taste presented by her juices, compared to those of Barbara. So eager was she at this point that she already had her labia spread wide open, her clitoral hood drawn well back. Looking down into her exposed vaginal tunnel, I could see its inner walls were in motion; rippling, almost making it wink at me suggestively.

I plunged my tongue deep into that tunnel, and the walls immediately closed in, seizing it. I began swirling my tongue in her depths, my cheek rubbing vigorously at her stiffened, throbbing clit. One of us began howling; maybe both of us! And then a massive orgasm ripped through her, almost bouncing her off the sofa. She grabbed my head with one hand, both to steady herself and to help mash her gushing pussy against my face. I coughed, and immediately began swallowing as rapidly as I could.

Time passed. Susan's moaning gradually diminished, and she finally released my head. She rested on the sofa, recovering, while I still dangled over the back of it, hands bound behind me. I noticed that my arms were aching. I must have been subconsciously tugging at the handcuffs as I was trying to burrow my face deeper into Susan's cunt. I don't know if I had actually cum yet myself, but I felt rather spent. I was making no attempt to lick Susan clean, and she, on her part, was not demanding that I do so.

But apparently Barbara had had sufficient time to recover. I became aware of this when I felt the sudden thrust of a well lubricated strapon skewer my open unprotected vagina, and Barbara's pelvis slap against my upturned buttocks! The strapons used by my Mistresses have special plugs and base plates which also stimulate them as they fuck. I'm certain this impact must have thrust the plug deeply into Barbara's vaginal passage. At the same time, I imagine its base plate may have pinned her clitoris hard against her own pee hole, burrowing that firm rod into that sensitive button of flesh.

I cried out as I felt the strapon fill me. I think what I cried out might have been, "OMG.... Yessssssssssss!!!!" but I'm not certain how coherent I really was at that moment. Whatever I said, Barbara got the message. She began fucking me with deep vigorous strokes. Her hands grabbed my hips, pinning me in place. My arousal from eating them both still had me at a fever pitch. Being fucked like this, I knew I could not hold back my gathering orgasm for very long. "Please, Miss! May I cum?" I pleaded, because I must be granted permission to do so.

Barbara said, "Because you did such a great job eating my pussy, and because this seems to be a special horny day, you may cum whenever you wish, and as often as you wish. Do not hold back at all."

I just barely managed to blubber out, "Thank you, Miss," as the first wave of an amazing orgasm washed through my body! I screamed! I thrashed! I wriggled on the back of the sofa as best I could, pinned in position by Barbara's hands! My cum was prolonged; it rolled through me, seemingly endlessly. The intensity of my orgasm, and the vigorous strokes of her fucking must have transferred to Barbara, because I heard her start into another orgasm of her own, and her pussy juice jetted over my hips and down my back. She stopped moving the strapon in and out of me, leaving it in place deep inside me, and held herself against me. I was grateful that she did not immediately yank it out, leaving me empty.

After I gradually regained my senses, I realized that my bladder was rather full. "I need to pee, Miss."

"Good girl, for telling me," Barbara said, and helped me up from my position. I felt a little woozy from the change in position, so rather than risking letting me fall, Barbara guided me to the bathroom.

She did not remove my handcuffs, so I had to straddle the bowl, and release my stream. I was embarrassed to do this as Barbara watched, but I had little choice. My embarrassment increased as I finished because Barbara took some toilet paper, and parting my labia, dabbed at the opening of my urethra. I found it interesting that I could accept being used sexually like a whore, and still be embarrassed to be seen urinating.

Barbara then sent me back to my place at the sofa with a loving spank on one of my ass cheeks. I was not there very long before Susan stepped behind me. I felt her finger smear a cool blob of lubricant over and into my ass hole. I gulped, imagining what was about to occur.

I know that I tried to relax my anal sphincter, and I know that Susan did not ram me with her strapon. She eased it in. But still, as the wide dildo stretched my anal ring and descended into my ass, it felt like a hot poker was invading me! I stifled a scream as tears sprang up in my eyes and flowed over my forehead, due to my inverted upper torso. Bent over the rear of the sofa as I was, my puckered rosebud was the perfect height for skewering.

When Susan's pelvis touched my ass cheeks, the strapon fully sunk in, she stopped her movement, giving me a chance to adjust to the intruder. What I was learning to do in such situations was to embrace the pain, not to fight it. To accept it; to submit. I trusted Susan. I knew that while some of the things that she did to me hurt, she would never allow actual damage to occur. I knew that she treasured me – that she also treasured the gift that I brought to both her and Barbara – the gift of my submission to their wills.

As I embraced the pain, in some almost magical way it lessened. Perhaps I nodded unconsciously. Perhaps Susan just knew me very well. Whatever it was, she started a slow movement of the strapon at the perfect moment. Drawing backward, she let it slide almost all the way out of my ass. Then started pressing it forward, back into my depths. This entry was easier. And so was the next. I felt myself opening more fully. Pleasure began to mix with the pain. My cuffed hands clenched and unclenched.

Susan's hands took hold of mine, transmitting through contact her feelings of love and care for me. I began moaning as my delight started to blossom. I found myself pulling at her hands gently, urging her to fuck me now; to use me. And she did. I was sure that Barbara watched as our mutual excitement grew. It was not long before we both cried out in our orgasmic releases. As I hung over the back of the sofa, body spent and Susan's strapon still wedged deeply within me, Barbara sat down near me, and lifted my sweating face to look into my eyes. No words were exchanged. Whatever she saw in my eyes met her approval. She leaned forward and gave me one of the sweetest kisses I had ever received from her. Susan removed the handcuffs immediately after this.

As I said at the beginning, even Mistresses have days that they are horny. As the day wore on, I was used more by each of them. Not continuously. I was allowed to rest. They used toys, their mouths, and their fingers on me, both vaginally and anally. Over the course of the day, my lips, tongue, fingers and even my toes were employed to stimulate their lips, neck, breasts, tummy, vagina, anus, etc. I lost count of the orgasms I gave, as well as those I received. It was certainly a day to remember.

The end of the day was made more poignant by what I learned next. Barbara, knowing Susan had something to tell me, excused herself and left.

Susan sat me down, holding both of my hands, and looking with a tender expression directly into my eyes, stated, "I have received a job offer, my dear. It is an excellent opportunity, but it requires that I move to a nearby state."

While I was immediately saddened, I was not terribly shocked. I assured her, "I know you have been looking for advancement in your work, Miss. I will miss you, though."

Susan explained, "Of course, I will not be able to see you every day. However, the distance between us will not be so great as to prevent me from visiting from time to time. There is something else I need to tell you. Barbara and I have talked this over carefully, and Barbara has agreed to move in with you."

My heart did a little flip-flop when I heard this. While I loved both Susan and Barbara, in my heart I knew that my feelings for Barbara were taking precedence. Barbara was a more experienced Mistress, and had a darker energy in her that both attracted me and also made me shudder and shiver. It was becoming obvious to me that Barbara could more fully enable me to explore my role as a submissive. I was sure that she would take me to my limits. Perhaps even help me test those limits. Perhaps allowing me to stretch them even farther, if I so desired.

Susan was now telling me that Barbara would soon be living in the same house with me all the time. I felt a ripple of goosebumps run through my being. Also Susan was not going to be lost to me; she was not leaving my life forever. All this ran through my mind in what seemed to be a flash, and I nodded my acceptance of the situation to Susan.

Relieved, she pulled me into a close embrace and kissed me tenderly. As a special treat, she let me sleep that night with her in her bed; something we had never done before. We drifted in and out of light periods of napping. Murmuring words of love and reassurance, both of us wanted to make the most of this remaining time together; sleep could come some other day.

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