tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 14

Submissive's Journey 14


I knew I was in for a strange experience the moment my Mistress, Barbara, had me climb into the back of her pickup truck.

It was late afternoon on a pleasant day, and she had dressed me earlier in a rather pretty, frilly outfit. Now she commanded, "Lay down on your belly here, girl," pointing to the rear bed of the truck. As I did so, she took hold of my right wrist and ankle and tied them together. Then she tied my left wrist to my left ankle, and both sets to each other. I was efficiently hogtied. She gave me a smiling look, and climbed into the driver's seat.

As she started the engine, I thought to myself, "She can't possibly be planning to drive me around in public like this."

I underestimated her.

She pulled out onto the highway, and drove as if this were the most natural thing in the world -- transporting a bound woman down the road. I tried to remain perfectly still. I hoped the other drivers would just assume I was an artificial figure, maybe some sort of decoration. At least the cool air rushing over my face helped to dispel the heat of the embarrassment that was causing me to flush.

After a while, my Mistress turned into a back alley, and stopped at the rear entrance to a large building. She honked the horn. To my amazement, at this signal the rear door opened and out walked a huge man. He walked up to the truck, and looked down at me.

I saw no evidence of surprise in his expression. He reached over the side of the truck, and easily hoisted me into his arms. I did not even hear him give a grunt of effort. I thought about protesting at this point, but it would have been useless. My Mistress was obviously delivering me. This was her plan.

The man carried me back through the door from which he had emerged. As we entered the building, my head was swiveling all around, trying to understand where I was. Finally I saw a few familiar things. This was the bondage club! I had never seen the rear entrance before.

Still holding me, the man stopped, apparently waiting for something. I took this opportunity to ask, as politely as I could, "What are you doing with me, sir?"

"You will learn. All in good time," he answered tersely. That was the totality of his speech to me.

Ultimately, my Mistress joined us, having finished parking the truck. "The center room I think, Bill," she instructed him.

Bill carried me down the hallway to the room she had designated. People that we passed looked at me rather curiously. Some of them were obviously submissives, judging from their clothing (or lack thereof) and their collars and cuffs. Others radiated the aura of assurance that I had come to associate with the Dominants. Some of these were friends, or at least acquaintances. Some were complete strangers. A few were people who, for one reason or another, had come to dislike me. There must have been some big event going on here at the club, for so many people to be assembled at the same time.

When we entered the center room, it was unoccupied at that moment, much to my relief. I thought briefly that I might finally be untied. But that thought quickly died as Bill and my Mistress proceeded to attach me to a complex series of ropes that ultimately were threaded through a pulley up at the center of the ceiling.

But before they applied the ropes, Bill held me firmly in his arms as my Mistress took a pair of scissors and proceeded to snip away my frilly outfit! Piece by piece parted in the jaws of the scissors. I could not help but gasp as my tits swung free, and moments later my pussy lost the cloth that had encased it! I looked down at the floor below me, and saw the scraps that formerly had covered these intimate parts of my body, piled on the rest of my former outfit.

Now naked, still hogtied, I was trussed into suspension. Bill and my Mistress were obviously experts at this, I could tell. When they finished, I was hanging with little discomfort other than that caused by my wrists being tied to my ankles. My weight was evenly distributed on the supporting ropes.

For one final touch, Mistress Barbara fetched a bent rod of metal, which she then attached to the insides of my knees, where it could act as a miniature spreader bar. From its shape and placement, I could tell it was designed to keep my knees far apart from each other, but not interfere with anyone that wished clear access to my pussy, or even my ass. I admit that latter thought made me swallow nervously. Of course, the ropes did not prevent access to my dangling breasts at all.

His job done for the moment, Bill left us. My Mistress came to stand in front of me, cupped my chin in her hand, and looked into my eyes as she explained what was going on.

"The club is having a series of contests this evening. In some of the contests, Masters and Mistresses are competing against their own submissives. In others, submissives are competing against one another. The winner of any given contest gets a prize -- you. I have volunteered you as my gift to the club for this event.

"As a contest ends, the winner gets to enter this room, and spend a certain amount of time with you, doing whatever he or she wishes. Other people may lounge in the room, observing. But anyone who has not won a competition may not touch you. They may only watch. Of course, this may inspire some of them to compete harder in their own event, so they too can have access to you."

"But Mistress, some of these people really don't like me," I protested softly.

"Then you had better hope that they do not win," she said with a chuckle. She went over to a quiet corner and sat down, picking up a magazine. I was very grateful that she did not leave me alone.

From time to time, people entered the room. None of them were winners yet, it seemed. I guessed they wanted to have a good look at the prize, as I hung there in my humiliating position. Some sat and chatted with my Mistress. These may have been waiting for the first winner to arrive.

There were five people in the room when the door opened, and the first winner entered. To my dismay, she was a girl who for some reason had taken an instant dislike to me, and she had made it clear several times how angry she was with me. Perhaps because her Master often remarked how lovely I was whenever he saw me. I tried to tell the girl that I was doing nothing to encourage him, but she would not listen or accept my innocence.

She virtually skipped over to a table of implements, and selected a long slender cane, which she then swished violently through the air. My heart sank as she stalked over to me, brandishing it.

"I have you in my power for 5 minutes", she crowed. "It is unfortunate that the way you are trussed prevents me from easily getting at your buttocks. This will have to do."

Stating that, she then whipped the cane in an arc that terminated with it striking harshly across the soles of my feet! The pain shocked me to my core, halting my breathing for a moment. I was trying to draw breath to scream when the second blow fell. And a third. I finally managed to start screaming, aware that all the eyes in the room were watching intently. I never knew 5 minutes could be such an infinitely long time. Just before her time was up, she slashed the cane across each of my defenseless, dangling breasts!

Finished, she sashayed back to the table to return the cane to its place. Walking back to me, she took my chin in her hand looking into my tear stained eyes and asked, "How was that, honey?"

Through gritted teeth I managed to answer, "Some day you will be the prize, and I will be the winner, and my memory is excellent." Upon hearing this, I believe her face blanched and her eyes widened in fear. It was a little difficult to tell, through my curtain of tears.

She left, and I hung quietly for a while, the pain gradually subsiding. People came and left. After several minutes, the next winner arrived: a naked male submissive, led in on a leash held by his Mistress.

She displayed him to the people currently in the room. She said, "My stud here did well. I congratulate him in your presence," as she unleashed him.

He flushed pink, apparently in a blend of thrill and embarrassment at this public accolade. I heard him beg, "Mistress will you please remove my cock cage?" This drew my eyes to his groin, where I saw that his sexual equipment was indeed encased in what looked like clear plastic, with a tiny padlock.

Smiling, his Mistress drew a key from her cleavage, and unlocked and removed the cage. He immediately began rubbing and stroking his cock, now freed, moaning with pleasure. It was already semi-erect as he trotted over to me.

"That cage has confined me for three weeks. Three agonizing weeks! But I won the contest, and you are now mine!" he related with glee.

With that, he went to the crank that controlled the rope through the pulley and slowly lowered me until my pelvis was about the same distance from the floor as his. Locking the crank in position, he eagerly came back to where I dangled. His now fully erect penis bobbed in front of him as he moved. He went out of sight behind me.

I felt his hands grasp my hips as he stepped between my spread thighs. I knew what was coming, but I was unprepared for two things. First, the suddenness with which he rammed that grossly swollen cock into my relatively unlubricated cunt. Second, feeling his cock jerk and spasm a load of cum into me the moment it entered!

I heard him cry out: a mixture of ecstasy and frustration. Ecstasy, due to his ejaculation; but frustration, because it was almost too quick to enjoy. I shared his frustration, dripping with his cum, as the observers laughed at our discomfiture. I felt the pressure in my vagina slacken as his cock started to wilt.

I moaned aloud, having derived no pleasure from this sudden invasion. But then I heard him grunt, and felt him starting to pump his cock in and out of me. To my surprise, I felt it beginning to stiffen once again! Obviously, he was determined to make the most of both his cock being freed from its cage, and his remaining winner's time.

My cunt was now well lubricated with his semen, and the sloshing sounds it made as he pumped in and out of me were clearly audible to the watching crowd, some of whom were regarding him with obvious admiration. His hard pounding was threatening to make me swing away from him, suspended as I was. He solved this problem by squeezing both of my buttocks with his large hands, sinking them deep into my flesh.

One of his thumbs was near the edge of my anal ring, stretching me slightly open. That, plus his fierce pounding, drove me quickly towards an orgasm. I don't think he cared. I'm not even certain that he noticed when my body started to spasm, and my cunt rippled with my orgasm! He just kept pumping hard, trying for a second orgasm before his time was up.

Since I was riding the glorious aftershocks of my release, I felt generous. I started verbally encouraging him, saying things like: "Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Use that little fuck hole of mine!"

This had the desired effect. Just before his 5 minutes were over, he drove his cock deep into me, and let loose another dose of his warm cum, crying out this time in triumphant pleasure! I felt the muscles in the walls of my pussy reflexively milking him. The onlookers let loose with polite applause. He kissed my calf as his cock slipped out of me. As he walked back to his Mistress, I could feel his semen oozing from my slit.

One winner, a pretty, young submissive who was a complete stranger to me, decided that I should eat her pussy. She lowered me down, almost touching the floor, and laid down, placing her beautiful cunt right in my face. After I caught a whiff of her tantalizing, spicy aroma, I needed no further encouragement. I dove right in, wishing I had my hands free to open her better for my greedy mouth.

But I did the best I could. I sucked her labia one by one into my mouth, washing them with my tongue. She was quickly moaning, playing with her breasts and nipples as she watched me. Her labia were now cleaned and wet with my saliva. I tried to insert my tongue into her vagina, but I could only reach it with the tip of my tongue. I groaned in frustration, flicking my tongue tip at her entrance. She must have enjoyed this, because she tilted her hips this way and that, almost teasing me.

But soon her hands darted downward, tugging her labia wide open, and she scooted forward. Now she was rubbing her sex all over my face, her cries of pleasure intensifying. My tongue was now able to plunge deeply into her tunnel, where I could feel the walls seizing it, pulsating on it, attempting to pull it even deeper. Her scent grew stronger and stronger as her hand came to the back of my head, pressing my face harder into her cunt. Her swollen clit mashed against my nose, and she started bucking her hips. In effect, she was fucking my face. Her petals smeared her wetness over my cheeks. In those moments, my entire world consisted of her cunt!

With an amazing sound, she began to cum, spewing her fluids all over my face. Some went into my open mouth, but with her shaking and trembling more went on to my chin and neck, and as she tilted her hips backward I closed my eyes just in time as the spray splashed across them and up into my hair. With a satisfied sigh, she relaxed back onto the floor. I spent her remaining time trying to lick clean as much of her as I could reach.

As you can guess, it was rather a long evening for me. Some of the details blurred. But I recall another girl who had taken a dislike to me using her 5 minutes of reward time merely swinging me back and forth, and around and around. That may not sound too bad, but imagine being suspended in hogtie position, with the suspension rope twisted around and around and around until it is tightly wound up. Once it's released, you spin around furiously like a top, while the person slaps various parts of your anatomy as they pass by to make you spin faster. Imagining this, you might get an inkling of my ordeal. Or try being swung back and forth in this position by someone who is using one of your tits as a handle!

Not all of the winners were submissives. A Master entered the room, pleased with himself at winning a contest. I was a little apprehensive, because his demeanor around the club usually frightened me. I quivered as he strutted up to me, seizing my chin with a rough grip, and forcing me to look him directly in his eyes. Perhaps it was my helplessness that made his eyes seemed to gleam with malevolent power.

He said, "So you are finally mine, if only for 5 minutes. That pretty little mouth of yours has always fascinated me. Now I will put it to its proper use!"

With that, he turned the crank, lowering my face to be level with his groin. He walked back to stand in front of me, and opened his tight-fitting black leather pants enough to free his cock and balls. His cock was already partially engorged with his anticipation, and from my perspective, his balls seemed larger than normal. I could not help but wonder how much cum they contained.

"Open your mouth wide, my little prize." As I obeyed, he added, "I want to feel your lips on my cock, but not your teeth! Keep them well out of the way! I don't know if you've ever been throat fucked before, but I advise you to breathe through your nose and get air whenever possible."

I barely had time to register the words "throat fucked", let alone comprehend their meaning, before my mouth was filled with the first thrust of the still enlarging cock. Grabbing the sides of my head, he rammed it all the way in, his pubic hair pressed against my nose and chin, as the tip of the cock entered the back of my throat!

I felt a strong urge to gag, which I fought to suppress. As he pulled back for his next thrust, I had the presence of mind to quickly suck air through my nose as he had suggested. The cock rammed home again, this time even deeper into my throat! I almost panicked, about to close my jaws reflexively, my teeth almost touching the shaft filling my mouth, when he withdrew briefly for the next thrust.

Finally, I got control of myself, settling into synchrony with his rhythm. A subtle change in the angle of my head aligned my mouth with my throat. I learned to relax muscles in my throat that I never knew I possessed before this. As they relaxed, the cock slipped in and out much more smoothly. Once my breathing rhythm got established, I could concentrate more on the sensations this deep fucking was producing.

I realized what a spectacle this must look like to the onlookers. Strangely, being used in this fashion in public -- a helpless little fuck toy -- was curiously arousing. But I wanted this throat ramming to end soon. So I tightened my lips around his cock, trying to make them feel like a virginal pussy being fucked for the first time.

I heard him groan loudly as I did this, so I knew this extra stimulation was working. After several more deep, vigorous thrusts, his cock began to throb in my mouth. I quickly took a deep breath. It was a good thing that I did. His grip on my head tightened, and he pressed his cock as deeply down my throat as he could, no longer thrusting, just trying to have as much of it inside of me as he could. Then he came! And came! Spurt after spurt filled my throat, which began swallowing as fast as it could, propelling his hot cum into my stomach! With a final convulsive shake of his body, he finished emptying himself into me, yanked his cock from my mouth, and without another word, did up his pants and walked out of the room. He did not even use his full 5 minutes. Talk about feeling used.

It was a long evening, being watched as various people fulfilled their fantasies, using my body as their plaything. It was reassuring to me, that anytime the interactions got very intense, my Mistress was at my side, watching carefully. At one point, as my Mistress checked on my welfare, I whispered to her how badly I needed to pee. To my dismay, she fetched a clear plastic cup and held it under my pee hole, spreading my cunt lips apart, so all present had a marvelous view as I pissed into the cup. I had to close my eyes, rather than look into their faces as they stared.

Occasionally I could be active with my mouth, but I was mostly passive, being fucked, tormented, or toyed with. I did have a couple of orgasms, but those were incidental. I was there for other people's pleasure, not my own. I actually had no idea what the contests were. That action took place in other parts of the building.

I don't know how I could have been so unlucky as to have the few people who did not like me win their contests. Perhaps the thought that they could do things to me inspired them to give their best performance. For instance, one man who apparently thought that I had snubbed him paid special attention to hurting my breasts. He fetched two clamps, the kind of clamps used to hold large groups of papers together, and attached them to the tips of my breasts. The clamps engulfed my nipples and most of my areolae, and I screamed loudly as the jaws closed on my flesh!

But he was not finished. He started hooking weights to the clamps, taking his time. He made no attempt to keep the weights evenly balanced, either, since my expression must have given away the fact that having one tit pulled harder than the other was more painful. Just before his 5 minutes were up, he added several clothespins to the soft flesh along the lower curves of my breasts.

As he started to walk away, my Mistress pointed out that he had to remove all the clamps that he had applied to me. I almost wished she hadn't. He whisked all of them off quickly, and I almost fainted from the excruciating pain that flooded back into my breasts once they were freed! The louder I shrieked, the more he grinned, the bastard!

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