tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 15

Submissive's Journey 15


It started out as a fairly ordinary day.

That is, if you consider it ordinary to find yourself kneeling, collared, on your hands and knees, naked, as your Mistress uses you as a footstool while she reads the paper. I was enjoying the sensation of her bare feet resting on my back, occasionally brushing my buttocks as she crossed her long, shapely legs from time to time. Sunlight was streaming through the window, warming the room, and the soft rustling sounds of her turning pages were lulling me into a drowsy state. There was a knock on our door.

"Answer the door, pet," my Mistress ordered, and moved her foot to give my butt a gentle push as she removed her feet. She had not told me to crawl to the door, so I use the opportunity to stand up, rubbing my knees to return more circulation to them.

As I approached the door, I suffered a brief qualm, glancing down at my unclothed body. I had no idea who was on the other side of that door – a neighbor? A delivery man? Someone selling something? It could be anyone. My Mistress seemed very nonchalant about my nudity. Trying to hide most of my body behind the door, I turned the knob and slowly opened it a tiny amount to peek outside. I knew that whoever was there would still be able to see my collar, but I hoped they would assume it was just an ornate choker.

I could not contain my gasp of surprise at the sight that greeted my eyes. Standing on our doorstep, smiling her great beaming smile, was Susan. What a fantastic surprise! Without hesitation, I threw the door wide open, and dropped to my knees to greet her. "Mistress Susan is here!" I called out. "Greetings, Mistress".

Barbara called out, "Come on in, Susan!"

Susan stepped inside, and the moment she did, I bent forward to her feet, holding each one between my hands, and lovingly kissing its instep. It did not even occur to me that the door was wide open, and anyone walking by would have a very good chance to see a naked girl kneeling, and kissing the feet of the woman before her. I actually doubt I would've cared very much, I was so happy to see Susan again.

Once I let go of her feet, Susan walked past me to greet Barbara with a big hug, leaving me to close the door, and follow. They then sat down on the sofa to chat and catch up with one another. Without being told to do so, I scrambled over before them, and again knelt down on my hands and knees in my footstool position. Without a break in their conversation, they both casually placed their feet up onto my body – Barbara's bare feet, alongside of Susan's feet, still encased in her lovely black leather pumps.

Susan asked how my training was coming along, and I blushed delicately as Barbara recounted some of our more lurid recent adventures. Since Barbara had kept me awake most of the night, amusing herself with me, I soon found myself dozing off in the warm sunshine.

I was suddenly awakened from my stupor with a sharp slap on my bare butt.

"Crawl and fetch some toys that will demonstrate to Susan your obedience to me, pet," my Mistress ordered. Since I looked drowsy, she went on to clarify her command, saying, "Obedience and acceptance of pain, that is. Some of my favorite things."

As the words sank in, I felt a familiar sensation. It was a blending of anxiety, humiliation, anticipation, and... pride. I knew that my submission was about to be tested in front of Susan, acting as an audience. While I did not exactly look forward to, or enjoy the pain, I was proud that I had never failed my Mistress. She had never done anything that made me invoke my safeword. I trusted her.

Crawling naked as instructed, I returned with several items. I had cording wrapped around my waist for easy transport. Clamped onto that cord, I brought the nipple clamps that are connected to each other with a chain. In my mouth I held a neurological wheel, with its gleaming tiny sharp spines. I was also able to bring a riding crop in my right hand as I crawled along the floor. Reaching the feet of my Mistress, I offered her the crop and the wheel. She took them, and also unwrapped the cord and the nipple clamps from my waist.

"Kneel up straight and prepare your nipples, girl," she instructed me.

Kneeling between her and Susan, I plumped up my nipples with my fingers, tugging and rolling them. As they stiffened, my excitement built. An excitement tempered with knowledge of the pain that was to come. Susan watched closely as I held each breast out for the bite of the clamps. I may have winced slightly, but I made no sound as each jaw was securely fastened to my erect nipples.

Mistress handed me the chain that connected the clamps, telling me, "Pull straight forward, keeping this chain level." Since these were clover clamps, pulling that hard on their chain made them tighten cruelly on my sensitive nipples, making me gasp slightly. I held my breasts in place as Mistress began looping the cording firmly around the base of each breast, trapping the blood in them. Gradually they ballooned, taking on a purplish hue.

"Let go of the chain, and arch your back, pet," Mistress demanded, holding up the neurological wheel. This position caused me to offer my now swollen breasts to the wheel's pricks. Mistress delighted in rolling the sharp tines all over my trapped, quivering flesh. Susan's eyes seemed to get larger as she drank in the sight of the gleaming spikes digging into my skin. My gasps got louder with each pass of the tool.

"Well done, my girl," Mistress complimented me. She put aside the wheel and raised the riding crop, saying, "Get in a good position to present your ass to me."

On my hands and knees, I turned sideways to her, and then lowered my chest and shoulders to the floor, pillowing my head on my crossed arms. I kept my ass up high, and separated my thighs, offering myself freely. Susan was certainly learning how obedient I had become.

The crop whipped out and cracked across my ass cheeks several times. At first, I was able to stifle my sounds. But the heat and pain intensified until I was crying out with each strike, weeping copious tears. But I never drew away or flinched. I submitted, and embraced the pain.

When Mistress stopped, I could tell I had pleased her. As a reward, she told me to fetch the suction dildo, and I did not even have to crawl to get it. The air currents washing over me as I quickly walked away to do her bidding helped cool my ravaged buttocks.

The dildo that she sent me after had been modified to not only attach to a flat surface with suction, it could also be tied, which came in handy when tied to the leg of a heavy table, like the one in our dining room. Following Mistress' instructions, I attached and bound it to one of the table legs there. Still obeying her, I went down onto all fours, facing away from it, and backed slowly up as she inserted it into my wet, slippery cunt, my legs passing on either side of the table leg.

Mistress unbound my tits, and unclamped my nipples, sending a flood of fresh agony through the tortured tissues. "There, there, my girl," she cooed as her tender hands now caressed my breasts, sending waves of soothing pleasure to contrast and replace the pain. "Now show Susan how well you can fuck yourself on that dildo."

I began rocking back and forth on the phallic object, feeling it alternately moving in and out, penetrating and stretching me delightfully. Emotions coursed through me: pain, humiliation, excitement, mounting pleasure as I changed angles and rhythms, closely watched by the two women. Hearing their comments about what a needy, horny little slut I was. All too aware of the sounds and smells I was generating as I fucked myself into a frenzy for their visual gratification.

Sensing a question that was rising fast in my mind, Barbara told me, "Yes my pet. You may cum. Put on a good show for Susan – cum as many times as you can."

It did not take long.

My first orgasm erupted deep in my core, making me scream with the intensity of it! Without stopping, I thrashed myself to a second orgasm, since the dildo would never go limp like a real cock would. Panting harshly, I imagined myself being fucked mercilessly by a third person in a sequential gang bang. My body was now simultaneously protesting that all of its energy reserves were ebbing, while at the same time begging for just one more release. I pounded my ass back against the table leg, fulling impaling my cunt on the dildo. My labia slapped wetly against either side of the table leg as I tilted my pelvis downward slightly. This was enough to make my clit mash deliciously against the spongy base of the dildo and I finally managed to cry out with my third release.

As I slumped forward, allowing the dildo to slip from my fleshy sheath, a gush of trapped fluids cascaded from my vaginal opening, and down my thighs. I looked over my shoulder, and probably turned a bright beet red, as I saw both Susan and Barbara sitting on dining chairs, calmly sipping their tea as they eyed my messy, well-used, body. I also knew that in a few moments, Barbara was going to tell me to clean up the mess. What I did not know was whether she would command me to clean it using a sponge and a bucket of water – or – to clean it using only my tongue. Given that she had an audience, I had a sinking feeling which method she would choose.

I know my Mistress well.

I indeed had to suck and lick all my fluids from the dildo, table leg and floor. I was very glad that I keep our floors spotless at all times. "Clean enough to eat from", as the saying goes. Job completed, I crawled back before the sofa, where Barbara and Susan had returned to their original places of rest.

As I sat sprawled on the floor before them, I noticed Susan flush slightly, and then shyly whisper something into Barbara's ear. Watching carefully, I saw Barbara's pupils widened in surprise. She looked Susan straight in her face and asked, "Are you certain?"

The pulse that I could see in Susan's neck quickened, and she nodded slowly, not taking her eyes off of Barbara's. "Very well, girl. Get up and stand before me!" I am certain that my mouth gaped open at the sudden change Barbara's voice.

Susan got up off of the sofa, and swung around to face Barbara. Barbara looked her up and down, and then said a single word: "Strip!"

To my amazement, I saw Susan then raise her hands, shaking with emotion, and begin to unbutton her blouse. "Come over by the sofa, my pet, and get a better view." My limbs surged with suddenly restored vigor, and I scrambled quickly over to the edge of the sofa, looking at the interaction between Barbara and Susan.

Susan kept her chin tilted down, seemingly not daring to make eye contact with either of us as her fingers undid the final buttons. She slipped the blouse from her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of her black leather pumps, and nudged them to one side with a stockinged foot. Her trembling hands then went to her waist, and undid the fastenings of her skirt. With a whisper of material across nylon, she lowered the skirt and stepped free from it. She peeled and rolled the stockings down her long, gorgeous legs, and tossed them aside.

I saw a look of resolve forming on her face as she reached behind her back to unsnap her bra. In moments, it also left her body, leaving behind the soft tracks that a clinging garment can make in delicate flesh. But I barely noticed the markings, my eyes drawn to her luscious breasts, now free of their restraints. I did not have a lot of time to dwell upon them, however, because Susan's hands now went quickly to the waistband of her panties, the only garment remaining on her. Rather than lowering them slowly and sensuously, she rather abruptly yanked them downward, in a sort of "let's get this over with" gesture, and stepped free of them.

Barbara commanded, "Now place your hands behind your head and make a complete slow turn. Let us have a good look at you." Susan winced slightly, but did it she was told, revealing her luscious body from all directions.

"So, you truly wish to submit to me?"

I heard Susan swallow, and, keeping her eyes lowered she almost whispered her answer, "Yes, Mistress."

I could not believe my ears! When this interaction started, I had an inkling that this was happening, but I had a hard time reconciling it in my mind. Susan had dominated me so well earlier in our relationship, later joined (and ultimately replaced) in her position of power over me by Barbara. I never suspected she also had a streak of submission.

But this was soon confirmed, because Barbara said, "Very well, here is my foot" – and she extended it forward. Susan instinctively dropped to her knees, lowered her head and shoulders all the way to the floor, and lifted Barbara's naked foot into her hands. She then began pressing her lips carefully to the instep, the arch, the ankle, and worked her way all the way down to each delicate toe. She worshiped Barbara's foot. I began blushing as I observed how passionate the kisses became.

"Enough!" Barbara snapped. "Sit back and display your cunt for us!"

Susan slid her feet and knees out from under her, now sitting back on her buttocks. She drew her thighs apart, turning herself enough so that both of us would have a good vantage point to look between them. With shaking hands, and not daring to make eye contact with either of us, her hands went to her labia. She peeled them open, revealing herself fully. Of course, her vaginal opening was very apparent, shaded a delicate pink, with it's depths lost in shadows.

But as Susan continued drawing her labia farther apart, I could then see the tiny opening of her urethra – her pee hole. When her labia were stretched sideways to their fullest, the tension on them drew back the hood that covered her clitoris slightly, uncovering the cute little button that formed its head. I felt my mouth began to water, as I enjoyed this sight. Barbara had Susan remain like that for several minutes, during which time I was intrigued as I watched her labia puff slightly, and her vaginal entrance make small motions of opening and closing.

"Back onto your knees now, but keep yourself open," Barbara cautioned her. Susan complied, using one hand to keep her labia apart as she use the other hand to steady herself on her widespread knees. She had still been avoiding eye contact, but her eyes snapped up and locked with Barbara's when she heard the next command, "Take my foot in your hand, and insert my toes into your cunt." I am pretty certain that I heard a gasp escape Susan's lips, but she took her hand, grasped Barbara's bare foot, and began working it carefully into her pussy. With a bit of wiggling and soft groans, she pressed it slowly inward.

I watched, fascinated, as the toes disappeared into her stretched opening. "Pet," Barbara said to me, "raise your big toe to your sister's mouth."

It took me a second to realize – she was referring to Susan as my sister. With a lurch of my heart I realized that Susan was placing herself on a level with me! We would be as sisters, submissive together to Barbara. But I could not dwell on this, because I needed to obey. So I raised my foot, as Barbara told Susan, "Get it nice and wet."

Susan began licking and sucking my big toe, coating it well with her saliva. "Good! Now, my pet," Barbara directed me, "get behind your sister, and work that big toe up into her ass hole." Swallowing my surprise, I did as I was told, pressing my big toe to her tiny puckered opening. I felt resistance as I began to gently push my toe inward.

Barbara was watching Susan's face carefully. "Relax your ass, my little bitch! Let that toe in!" I felt Susan's anal opening quivering under the pressure of my toe, when suddenly it relaxed and opened. My toe was suddenly buried in that tight, hot tunnel!

Barbara must have felt my toe's entry, because she smiled and then began wiggling her toes inside Susan's pussy. I could feel the movement of her toes against mine, through the relatively thin wall. Being behind her, I could not see Susan's expression. But judging from the red flush that was spreading down the back of her neck into her upper back, she was either finding this embarrassing, exciting, or both.

Since I had not been given any commands to move, I tried to hold my toe stationary. But gradually I noticed movement anyway. Susan's hips were starting to move! With subtle shifts of her pelvis, she was rocking first forward onto Barbara's toes, and then backward, making my toe move inside her ass. Barbara chuckled and addressed me over Susan's shoulder, saying, "It appears that your new sister is a horny little bitch."

I could not help but agree, saying, "Yes Mistress," giggling merrily as Susan continued to writhe on our feet.

(continued in part 16)

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