tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 17

Submissive's Journey 17


Of course, Susan still had her job in the neighboring state, so she was not living with us – just visiting whenever she could. Now I usually knew ahead of time when she was to visit again, and with my Mistress' permission, I waited by the door whenever she was due, such as that day.

It was beautiful outside, and the sunshine glinted off of her car as she pulled into our driveway. She emerged from the car, and began walking towards the front door. I called out to my Mistress, "Susan has arrived, Mistress."

I rather boldly opened the door for her and stood there wearing only my collar, so eager was I to see her again. When she spotted my nude form in the doorway, a huge smile appeared on her lovely face, and she called out a greeting, "Hello sister!"

My heart skipped a beat at hearing that, and then it picked up its beat again, but a little faster now. I admit I was a little puzzled at what she chose to wear – sort of a raincoat that came to mid thigh. Perhaps it had been raining when her journey started?

As my gaze continued down her body, I was also surprised to see that she was walking barefoot. She climbed the steps to the porch, and stood just outside the door, undoing the buttons on her coat. I am sure some sound of surprise escaped my lips as Susan shrugged the coat off of her shoulders, and let it pool behind her. She was wearing nothing under it, other than her collar!

She stood there on our porch, a vision of nakedness, with a slight flush reddening her face. Barbara, who had come up beside me, looked her up and down, and said, "Well done, my little bitch. Pick up your coat and come inside." Barbara then went back into our living room and sat on her chair, which slightly resembled a throne. I found out later that Susan had been ordered to enter our house wearing only her collar, so this is the way that she managed to fulfill that command.

Susan turned around and bent over to retrieve her coat, but she did it so sensuously I'm certain that she was offering me a fantastic view of her form. She then stepped inside, and I closed the door. Turning to her, I opened my arms and she stepped into my embrace. "Welcome, sister," I whispered into her ear as the full frontal contact of our naked bodies sent delicious sensations throughout my being.

But we could not keep Mistress waiting, so I took her coat from her, to hang it carefully in the closet. We both padded barefoot over to where our Mistress sat, and gracefully sank to her knees before her. Susan bent forward, slowly and carefully reached out to grasp one of Barbara's feet. Not hearing any command to stop, she kissed the foot gently, expressing her love, devotion, and submission.

Suppressing a grin and determined not to be outdone by my sister, I bent and began worshiping Barbara's other foot. Barbara allowed us to indulge ourselves for several minutes, before withdrawing her feet and saying, "That is enough."

"Pet," she directed me, "prepare my bath."

I shivered with delight. "Yes, Mistress," I whispered and practically romped up the stairs.

Susan informed me later that Mistress had told her to crawl on her hands and knees across the floor and up the stairs into the bathroom. She was told to go in front of Mistress along this path. In this manner, if Mistress thought she was not moving fast enough along the floor, she was prodded with a foot. Going up the stairs, if Susan was not moving fast enough, Barbara smacked her ass with an open palm.

I was running warm, steamy water into the tub – but even over the sound of the water I heard one of those smacks! I added Mistress' favorite scent of rose essence to the water as the two of them entered, Susan crawling ahead of Mistress. I could see the glint of tears in the corners of Susan's eyes, and the redness of her ass cheeks.

Holding her arms out away from her body, Mistress directed us to undress her – a task that always thrills me.

My nimble fingers began unbuttoning her blouse, as Susan went to work on the fastenings of her skirt. My heart thumped faster, as it always does, as her gorgeous body gradually came into view. Susan was carefully rolling down her stockings, as I slipped the blouse from her shoulders. Barbara stood regally as I unhooked and removed her bra, while Susan lowered the wisp that was her panties. Taking my hand, Barbara stepped into the tub, and sank into the warm, scented water with a blissful sigh.

I don't know how it was for Susan, but I lost track of the time as I ministered to my Mistress' body in the bath. We rubbed her body with loofahs, soft sponges, and even our bare hands, until her skin gleamed with pink health. Her body glowed – her back, her shoulders, her buttocks, her tummy, and those long, lovely legs of hers – all the way down to her tiny toes.

We both got wet from splashes, but naked as we were, we did not care. As the bath was coming to its conclusion, Mistress directed Susan to wash her breasts, while I was given the envious task of carefully washing her pussy. She warned us, "Be careful, my pet and my bitch – I do not want you getting me excited."

We tried hard to obey – at least I tried hard to obey. I really do not know what was going through Susan's mind as she ran her hands all over Barbara's petite, but highly desirable breasts. But in whatever manner Susan was touching, it became obvious that Barbara's nipples were engorging, and her areolae began crinkling with desire.

Meanwhile, my gentle hands were gently parting Barbara's labia, so I could carefully wash them, and the space between them, with all the sensitive tissues that are present there. No matter how careful I was, and how gentle I was, the labia began getting swollen and puffy. We continued washing and cleaning, but after a few minutes Barbara closed her eyes, tilting her head back – and finally uttered a soft moan.

She looked at us both with mock exasperation, saying, "Now look what you have done! Even after I gave you specific instructions to be careful!" We helped her out of the bath, and dried her carefully as she continued her admonishment of our actions. When her body was dry, she said, "You'd better finish what you started!"

Within moments, she had positioned me kneeling between her spread thighs, directing my mouth to her pussy – supposedly because I was responsible for getting that part of her excited. Of course, Susan was ordered to use her mouth and hands on Mistress' breasts, for the same reason. At first, all of my attention was focused on what my lips were feeling and tasting.

I sucked each of her labia into my mouth, working them carefully with my lips, teeth, and tongue – feeling their original puffiness increase minute by minute as the new blood entering them increased their heat. After a short time, my tongue parted them, and slipped inward into her growing wetness. As her labia parted, her scent was released, perfuming the air around us all.

Gradually I became aware of slurping sounds coming from up over my head, and without interrupting my tongue explorations of Mistress' vagina, I glanced up past her mound to see Susan's efforts. The slurping sound came from Susan's mouth as her lips engulfed one of Mistress' areolae completely, making it disappear from sight. By the movements of her cheeks, I could tell she was sucking furiously at that teat, and I guessed that her tongue was lapping hard at its nipple. Her other hand was massaging the breast that was free, squeezing, kneading and stroking.

Barbara's eyes were closed, but her mouth was open in a gentle 'O' shape, and her breathing was accelerating.

Even though our Mistress had not cum yet, my mouth was already filling with the fluids flowing from her tunnel. Her hips began to make a churning motion, which mashed her sex against my face. Her fully erect clit was alternately pressing against my nose and upper lip, making her shudder. Susan was holding the outer curve of both of Mistress' breasts in her hands, while her mouth and tongue flitted back and forth between her turgid nipples. Somebody was moaning loudly now. Actually I believe all three of us contributed to these sounds of arousal.

Reaching her peak with a loud gasp, Mistress grabbed my head with both of her hands, and held me in place as her body started to shake. I opened my mouth, knowing what was about to occur. Even so, I was not ready for the deluge that erupted from her cunt, spewing all over my face and upper body!

I savored whatever nectar I could drink, and also enjoyed the sensations of her warm liquids coursing down my naked body. I thought that Susan would miss out completely, but after our Mistress' orgasm subsided, she released my head, and rested herself on the edge of the tub. At this point, she told Susan to lick me clean. So Susan did get a share of our Mistress' nectar, and I enjoyed the delights of the tongue bath that I received from my sister.

However, the excitement of Susan's tongue washing me may have placed me at a disadvantage for what came next. Mistress had us dress her in her tight fitting black leather outfit – a sure signal that she had some discipline in mind for the two of us. Once she was zipped and buckled into the garment, which clung to her almost like a second skin, accentuating every luscious curve, she led us to the basement.

There she made us stand in the center of the room, facing each other and had us press the fronts of our naked bodies firmly together. We each had to reach around to the small of the other's back, whereupon Mistress bound our wrists firmly together.

She also tied our mid-thighs together, my left to Susan's right and my right to Susan's left. Finally, she secured our ankles in a similar fashion. There we stood in a nude hug, virtually all of our backsides exposed, and unable to move much, other than against one another.

She then explained the contest. She was going to walk around us, flogging us lightly, using the flogger designed to sensitize and excite our flesh. She was going to keep it up until one of us went into orgasm. That person would be the loser of the contest. She was not specific about what the prize would be for the winner, nor did she tell us what the penalty would be for the loser.

As I stated, my first disadvantage was the recent memory of Susan's tongue lapping over my body, and now I knew I had a second disadvantage, because Mistress was well versed in exciting me with that very flogger. My mouth grew dry as I considered what I knew she was capable of doing to me when she used it.

Barbara did not give either of us much time to think about possible consequences, because in moments I heard the strands of the flogger whistle through the air and strike bare flesh. I was actually staring into Susan's eyes at that instant, and I saw them suddenly widen, because the first blow caught her across her unprotected buttocks. The sharp sensation made her attempt to jump, but tied together as we were, she only succeeded in rubbing her warm, slightly moist skin against mine.

These erotic undulations barely had time to register in my consciousness when those same flogger strands slapped across my own buttocks, and my body involuntarily returned the favor, rubbing against Susan!

Mistress began walking around us in a slow circle, methodically whipping – actually caressing – our exposed flesh. The flogger flicked over my back, my buttocks, and my thighs. I am certain that the strokes rained down on Susan in a similar fashion. Both of us were hugging each other tightly, straining at the ropes that held us together, and working up a sweat.

Our skin heated up, the slippery sweat allowing us to slide up and down and back and forth against each other in small movements. My nostrils were filled with the mixed scents being emitted by us both as our bodies reacted to the arousal, pressed together as we were. I desperately wanted to win, so I tried to ignore how my nipples – fully erect, and soon throbbing with need – were bending back and forth against Susan's breasts. And of course Susan's nipples in turn poked into my own breasts in a delicious manner, difficult to overlook.

Then Susan began to moan.

I had been holding back my own sounds, but this triggered something deep inside me, and I began moaning as well. Susan's hips tilted slightly, and her mound ground against my clitoris, sending shock waves of excitement into my very core. My pelvis, seemingly of its own accord, began a tiny grinding action against her.

As if this was not bad enough, when Mistress stepped behind me in her journey around us, Susan was ready to execute her plan. Just before Mistress started her swing, Susan used the strength of her thighs to pry my thighs apart, tied together as we were. This exposed the delicate folds of my labia directly to the strike of the flogger! I shrieked as the strands coursed over this sensitive flesh!

Susan then brought our thighs back together, protecting her own labia as Mistress stepped behind her. I imagined that Susan would again try to force my thighs open when Mistress was behind me, offering her that exquisite target once again. So I tried to clamp my thighs together, but my excitement was building so fast that my knees were wobbling, and Susan overpowered me once again! Again those maddening flogger strands swept over my puffy engorged pussy lips! I could not help but cry aloud – Mistress knew my body so well, she knew exactly where to hit, and exactly what force to use! Still, I might have brought my approaching orgasm under control, except...

Susan began whispering into my ear. She began by telling me, "I can tell how excited you are. Your arousal scent is flooding this entire basement. You know you want to cum."

She continued with, "I can feel your pelvis grinding against me, like some whore in heat! Your body is crying out for its orgasm. Your pussy is leaking all over mine."

Her voice pitched to a level of throaty seduction as she whispered, "I can imagine how red your ass cheeks must be from all the blood drawn there by the lashes of the flogger. Your nipples feel so hot and hard pressed against me. Feel how your areolae, crinkled with excitement and desire, are rubbing against mine, you horny little slut."

Each thing she mentioned caught my attention, making me focus on how my body was reacting.

To seal my fate, just before Mistress again flicked the flogger strands between my spread thighs onto my unprotected, highly sensitized petals, Susan began kissing me erotically right at the base of my neck!

The strands made contact, and I completely lost it!

My orgasm burst forth like a dam giving way to the pressure of tons of water pressing against it! Indeed, similar to a dam breaking, a great gush of fluid spewed from between my thighs as I howled and shook with excitement and release! My eyes closed, and I held tightly onto Susan as wave after wave swept through me. My pussy squeezed and churned and pumped for what felt like an eternity! Finally, I sagged in Susan's embrace, my legs refusing to hold me up any longer. It was fortunate that we were tied together, or I might have fallen to the floor.

I had lost the contest.

I had to pay the price. For my penalty, Mistress clipped a leash to my collar after untying us. She made me crawl on my hands and knees, following her from the basement all the way to her upstairs bedroom. But Susan, as the winner, got to walk normally as she followed us both.

I had to crawl into the dog bed that is located at the foot of Mistress' bed, where I was chained, naked, to spend the night alone. Meanwhile, Susan was allowed to join Mistress in her comfortable bed.

I was acutely aware of the sounds emanating from that bed for hours – muffled licking and sucking sounds, kisses, squishy sounds of fingers being worked in and out of wet, oozing body openings, giggles, cries of sexual release from both of them – it seemed to go on and on. Somewhere during all this, I finally fell into an exhausted sleep.

(continued in part 18)

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