tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 18

Submissive's Journey 18


It's so nice getting out of the house once in a while.

One warm, sunny day, Mistress drove the two of us to a nearby forested park. Once there, she leashed me, and we walked through the trees until we came to a large meadow. This was a shallow bowl of grass surrounded by the dense trees. She walked us to a spot near the center.

Here she informed me, "Since you have been such a good girl recently, I feel you deserve a special treat." She began removing my clothing, piece by piece, until I stood naked in the sunshine. As she did this, I admit I looked around a bit nervously, this being a public park – but there was no one else in the meadow, and I could see no one at the tree edge. Besides, I trusted my Mistress would keep us from harm.

"Now, pet, you have my permission to pleasure me in any fashion that you choose."

I felt my heart accelerate happily at hearing this.

"We will make this a bit of a challenge though," she added. She took my soft leather leash, and secured my arms behind me in the "U" formation, strapping both of my forearms to each other. After I was secured, she helped me down onto the lush grass on my side. She stepped a few paces away, staying in my line of sight.

With a smile on her face, she began a slow striptease, letting me have a good look at her body. I am always drawn to that smile on her face, her lips emphasized by the red or pink lipstick shades that she favors. Her blue eyes twinkled at me from under her beautiful eyelashes, always nicely made up. Her lovely face, framed by her short, blonde hair, kept drawing my attention – almost hypnotically.

But as she lowered her skirt, my eyes could not help but travel along those gorgeous legs, atop the heels that she kept on. Yes, even walking in the woods she wore her heels, although not the ones with stiletto sharpness. I felt my mouth going dry, and my nipples hardening as her hands went to her blouse buttons.

It seemed to take an eternity for her to unbutton that blouse, as she turned in slow circles, her slim hips swaying to some imaginary music. Finally the blouse slipped from her shoulders and was tossed gently aside. All that remained were her wispy undergarments, translucent in the sunlight.

I could see the dark circles of her areolae, and her nipples strained forward, poking the thin material into tiny mounds. The slit of her pussy was visible through the delicate panties. My mouth was dry no longer. It was wet with the anticipation of tasting her. To be honest, it was not only my mouth that was now wet.

In her current teasing mood, she placed one forearm across her breasts as her other hand went behind her back to unhook her bra. Like a true stripper, she held the bra over her breasts with both hands as she danced in front of me. As I soon moaned with impatience, she suddenly whipped it away, tossing it aside, revealing those lovely B cup breasts that I longed to suckle.

Still swaying her hips, she turned her back to me, and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties, looking over her shoulder at me. Apparently having a second thought, she turned sideways to me, and began lowering those panties. At this angle, I could not see either her pussy or her butt very well, but I did get fantastic view of her breasts as she bent forward. Stepping carefully out of her panties, she did a slow turn with their arms raised, giving me a magnificent view of the entirety of her slim, petite body.

After giving me a very good look, she moved a bit farther away, and settled herself on her back in the grass. Gracefully removing her shoes and setting them aside, she placed her hands behind her head, pillowing it so she could see me better. She then said, "Okay, my pet. You may begin."

I promptly rolled onto my tummy, and started squirming towards her, a huge smile on my face. As I squirmed across the grass, it's soft blades stroked the front of my body, caressing my breasts, tummy, mound, and thighs. Such wonderful sensations, especially with such a prize before me.

I finally reached her, and crawled up alongside of her body. She had said that I could pleasure her in any manner that I desired, so I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity. I did not immediately go to her pussy or her breasts. Instead, I moved up to her exposed armpit, and I began licking. She burst into a fit of giggling, and quickly begged me, "Stop. Stop!"

I could tell from her tone and the fact that she did not clamp her arms downward, protecting her armpits, that this was not a command; she was pleading with me.

I relented, and softly said, "Please lower your arms, Mistress." As she did so, I scooted a bit higher, and began kissing her hair. Gradually my kisses came to her ear, and lingered there. Ultimately they became gentle nibbles and licks. I went on to kiss her temple, her forehead, her eyelids, nose, and chin. When I dared kiss her directly on her lips, I put into that kiss all the love that I have for her. I'm not sure how long it lasted, because I got quite lost in it.

Wriggling my body sideways a bit, my lips traveled along her collarbone, and slowly up the slope of her breast. I'm afraid that only one side of her body was receiving much attention, but bound as I was, I could not easily reach both sides. Judging from the sounds that she was making as my lips reached her areola, one side was sufficient. The darkened surface crinkled up as I approached it, thrusting her nipple upwards.

But I was in no hurry. I let my teeth rake gently over the crinkled surface, avoiding the nipple for quite some time. My Mistress has great willpower, but she again pleaded with me, begging for me to take her nipple. When my lips finally closed on it, she let out a loud moan, which soon turned to a gasp when my teeth seized it by its base, and my tongue began flickering all over its tip. When her body began shuddering, I released her nipple and began kissing down the slope of her breast towards her tummy. I did not want her to cum too fast. I wanted her excitement to build and build.

Reaching her navel, I began tonguing it, which set her into another fit of giggles. But this quickly changed as I began sucking this depression. I think I discovered another one of her erogenous zones, because she began moaning once again.

Wriggling downward again, I kissed and licked as much of her tummy as I could reach, working my way down to her mound. I felt the firm resistance of her pubic bone under the smooth skin there, and now the scent of the wetness leaking from her pussy filled my nostrils. I inhaled that wonderful scent as I kissed all over her now quivering mound.

But my mouth did not immediately go to her pussy. She had teased me with her striptease act, and now it was my turn to tease her. So I kissed and licked down her thigh to her kneecap. This area is very sensitive, and, aroused as she was, my gentle nibbles there caused her to shriek and jerk. To her credit, Mistress did not pull away from me, but allowed me to have my way with her kneecap.

Continuing, I kissed my way down her leg, squirming my body along the grass. When I reached her feet, I made another request, "Please open up your legs for me, Mistress. Wide apart."

She complied. With a lot of wiggling and struggling I managed to get my body between her legs, on my back, with my feet pointed towards her head. In this position, I could not exactly see where my feet were, so I inched them cautiously up her thighs until I reach that warm, wet space between them.

At this point, I spoke skyward, loud enough for Mistress to hear, "Please move one of your feet to my face, Mistress." Her foot came into view, and lowered itself, becoming available to my lips. I began kissing and licking it, worshiping that foot with my mouth. At the same time, I blindly used my own feet to part her labia, and inserted my toe into the bubbling heat of her pussy.

I heard a loud groan escape from her lips, and her hips moved towards my foot, impaling herself more firmly on it, causing another toe or two to enter her now sopping opening. I found the warmth of her mound with my other foot, and began stroking there with it, both caressing the tissue there and also searching for that rigid little button that I knew I would find at the top of her labia.

Meanwhile, Mistress had moved her foot so that her toes were now at my mouth. I began sucking on her toes, and licking the sensitive skin between them. At this point, my seeking foot found her clit, and pressed against it, feeling the surges of blood throbbing inside it. I began a small back-and-forth movement of my foot, making her engorged clit roll side to side in tiny movements.

I was wiggling the toes of my other foot deeper into her vaginal tunnel. Their entrance was assisted by the churning movements of her hips as her excitement grew and grew. Amongst the cries of pleasure issuing from her lips, I heard other strange sounds that I could not identify. Later I learned that this was the sound of grass being ripped up by her gripping hands as she thrashed under my loving attentions.

It was not long before the movements of her hips suddenly intensified, and then abruptly stopped – the brief pause before the storm of her orgasm crashed over her body. And crash it did! My foot was bathed with spurts of her hot fluids as her vaginal muscles rippled across my toes. What a delicious sensation!

Since I could not see very well in this position, I closed my eyes and focused my attention on the nerve endings along my foot and toes. Mistress was again rocking her hips, making my toes glide in and out of her still quivering tunnel. After a while, the rocking stopped, so I carefully slid my toes from the warm embrace between her labia. Now I wanted to taste her honey. So I flipped myself back onto my belly, turning so that my head was pointed up between her widespread legs, and began squirming upward. My hair brushed along her sensitive inner thighs as my face neared its goal.

Her swollen pussy lips were still parted, and I had an amazing view of her pink, gaping vaginal opening, the internal muscles still rippling gently, making portions of her tunnel wink invitingly. The intensity of her sexual scent grew and grew as I got closer.

Finally, my mouth reached her opening, my lips sealed her entrance, and I began a gentle suction as I probed inward with my tongue, starting a scooping action. Her vagina contained a good amount of fluid remaining from her orgasm, and I quickly began drinking.

"OMG," I heard my Mistress moan. Her sounds intensified as I begin spearing my stiffened tongue deep into her well. As fast as I could suck the fluids from her sex, they were replaced. Mistress also began grinding her pussy against my face, both of us climbing in excitement. The grinding action pressed her engorged clit hard against the space between my nose and my upper lip. I began humming with pleasure as I could sense my wonderful Mistress nearing her second orgasm – she was climbing quickly, probably riding high on the wave of her earlier release.

A few minutes later, with a soft cry, she started to cum. I tried to catch all the fluids jetting from her in my mouth, but she was bucking against my face so rapidly that I could not keep a tight seal over her cunt. Soon my face and hair were awash in that glorious nectar!

After a few minutes, her quivering and shaking slowed, and she gave a long sigh of relief. She reached down and unbound the leash from my forearms, freeing me. As I was working the circulation back into my arms and shoulders, she sat up, lifting me into her lap, and kissed me sweetly but fervently on my lips. I was savoring the enjoyment of that kiss when I heard the applause!

Friends of my Mistress stepped out of their place of concealment among the trees at the edge of the meadow. Mistress had stationed them there to ensure no intrusion from passersby, and also to witness my performance. Four of these lovely women walked out into the sunlight, and approached us. Others may have stayed behind to keep watch – I will never know.

Mistress asked each of them for her opinion of how I had done. I know I blushed a happy pink as each praised my performance, stating how erotically ingenious I was. My heart fluttered with excitement as one of them asked if she could "borrow" me sometime. They were all so lovely, pleasant and gracious, I knew that I would be happy to serve any of them, with my Mistress' permission.

Mistress looked me in my eyes and asked, "Would you like that, my pet?"

I nodded shyly, not daring to speak. At this, the others all pleaded for permission to borrow me as well. Mistress said, "Well my pet, it looks as if you may be quite busy in the very near future," and smiled.

She turned her attention to her friends and said, "You saw how this pet of mine gave me two wonderful orgasms. But this event was to be a reward, a very special treat – and although she became quite excited, I don't think she actually came during all that. Did you, my pet?"

My heart raced, hammering, as I heard myself stammering my answer, "N.. N.. No, Mistress."

"I thought not. I know my girl well. Would any of you like to assist me in rewarding her more fully?"

I glanced up to see all of them nodding and smiling. Mistress told me to stretch out on my back with my arms and legs out from my body, and to remain in that position. One woman stated, "I feel overdressed, since you two are both naked," and began stripping. The others followed suit, one pair actually undressing each other as I watched from my spreadeagled position on the ground.

Visions of amazingly lovely nudity now, they all knelt in various places around me, and I soon felt soft warm lips at both of my breasts. Soon those sensations were joined by others streaming up from my feet as another pair of mouths and tongues began kissing and licking my feet and sucking my toes. My Mistress knelt between my knees, and lowered her mouth between my thighs, licking up and across my labia. Then, just using her tongue, she parted my labia and began lapping away lustily.

The two women who were nursing at my breasts lowered their pussies onto my outstretched hands, and they whispered that they wanted me to finger them. I was thrilled to comply. My fingers swiftly opened their soft, wet furrows, and began stroking up and down. Mistress told me, "Close your eyes, pet, and just enjoy whatever is being done to you."

I moaned, "Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. Thank you all."

At that, I heard soft giggles, and the shuffling of knees as they all moved to new positions. New pussies, not quite as wet as the ones that had departed, were presented to my hands. Without being prompted, I plunged my fingers into them. I lost track of who was where as the mouths at my breasts, feet, and pussy changed and changed.

I think that someone was monitoring my excitement closely, because these changes seem to occur every time I was nearing an orgasm. The interruptions caused by these shifts took a tiny edge off of my growing excitement, frustrating my body's attempt to reach climax. I was torn between wanting to cum, and the amazement of how my overall excitement continued to build and build with each slight interruption.

Abruptly, my body would no longer be denied!

I erupted with an earth shattering orgasm! Wave after wave smashed through me! It seemed to go on and on and on, like thunder rolling and rolling across the sky. It may not have been one orgasm at all. It may have been multiple orgasms, going off like a string of firecrackers – a very long, long string of firecrackers. Five mouths and five sets of hands kept stimulating me as I jerked and thrashed.

I may have fainted from the intensity, because the next thing I knew, Mistress and I were laying side-by-side in the soft warm grass, and we were alone. I also realized that I was dressed again.

When I began hesitantly asking what had happened, Mistress smiled at me, beaming. "While you were unconscious, the other ladies had to leave. So we all dressed you, limp as a rag doll. All of us were pleased at the intensity of your response. Each of them gave you a kiss before she departed. And I promised each of them on your behalf, that you would return their favors sometime soon."

I cannot adequately describe how much I am looking forward to repaying their kindness. Each and every one of them. To gift each one with deliciously sweet, toe curling, mind altering, orgasmic bliss.

(continued in part 19)

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