tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 19

Submissive's Journey 19


Perhaps you are wondering why my Mistress posted a few friends around the edge of the meadow in my previous story (see "Submissive's Journey 18").

To understand that, we have to go back into our past a bit. Mistress was walking me like a dog on a leash through a nearby public forest one day. As was usual on these walks, I was wearing only my collar, and pads to protect my knees. I quite enjoyed being naked outdoors – feeling the sun warming my skin, and the fresh air washing over it, sensitizing it.

Being on all fours was not very comfortable, but the knee pads did protect my knees, and the feeling of my dangling breasts swaying back and forth beneath my torso as I shuffled along was mildly erotic. We seldom met any other people on these walks, and we usually heard them talking or stomping on debris with plenty of time for us to step off the path into better seclusion until they passed by.

But on this fateful day, unknown to us, there were two forest rangers walking on the path behind us. They were not talking at the moment – perhaps they were in a state of introspection. They knew how to place their feet on the trail to minimize noises that might disturb the wildlife. For those who do not know, our forest rangers, while not exactly policeman, are present on public lands to enforce the rules and regulations, and do have the authority to arrest and transfer individuals to the actual Police Department.

Our first inkling that we were not alone came in the form of a loud male voice exclaiming, "Charlie – would you look at that!"

Shocked, we turned on the path to see two men in uniform hurrying towards us. We were caught!

The second man said, "Bill, I have never seen anything like this in all my born days." Addressing my Mistress he asked, "Is that woman on a leash?" It was a rhetorical question – I was obviously on a leash. He did not wait for an answer, merely going on to say, "You are walking her like she's some sort of animal, like a pet."

My Mistress said, "Yes, she is my pet. All of your signs say that pets must remain on a leash."

"Don't be a wise ass, lady," said the one whose name was Charlie. "She's human, not an animal, and she's naked. That's public indecency for a start. And you are aiding and abetting her being naked in public, and that makes you an accessory. You are both under arrest."

They both ignored our explanations and our protests, swiftly dragging me to my feet, and cuffing us both with our hands behind our back. I was rather used to being cuffed, but this was the first time that I had ever seen my Mistress wearing handcuffs. I could not tell if the red color staining her face was embarrassment, anger, or a mixture of both. But they were powerful men, and there was little we could do to stop them, especially after we were handcuffed.

Being men, once they had control of the situation they stopped to take a better look at us. I could tell by their expressions that they were mentally undressing my Mistress, and they liked what they were envisioning: an amazingly lovely woman, in the prime of her life. In my case, they did not have to strain themselves mentally undressing me. Everything I had was fully on display.

Being made so vulnerable by the handcuffs, I was a bit troubled by the now calculating expressions I thought I saw appearing on their faces. "We had better get them back to our station. This will take a lot of paperwork," Bill stated. Charlie nodded his agreement, and they each grabbed one of us by an elbow and started walking us back down the path. Mistress did have to be dragged, at first, since she was till protesting.

Luckily, we did not encounter any other people during our walk to their vehicle. We were put into the back seat for the short ride to their station. I knew that my Mistress was trying hard to come up with some way to prevent being turned over to the actual police for processing.

After they marched us inside, and made us sit on a hard bench, Bill went to a file drawer and pulled out numerous forms, handing some to Charlie. They sat at their desks, and began filling in the forms. At this point, my Mistress spoke up. "Look, maybe we can come to some sort of agreement. I saw how the two of you were looking at my girl. She is beautiful, desirable, lusty. She is fully available for your use. Perhaps if she satisfies you in every manner that you desire, perhaps then you could see your way clear to letting us go?"

While I appreciated that Mistress was trying to get us free, I could not help but be worried about trying to satisfy the secret lusts of these two men. Who knows what fantasies they may have dreamed about for years?

Charlie looked at Bill and smiled. Then he looked at my Mistress and said, "So, your girl is available for our use, as you say. Perhaps you are forgetting – so are you, lady."

I saw my Mistress visibly blanch as his words sank in. She, dominant as she always has been, had overlooked that now she was just as vulnerable as I was. Charlie walked to the door and locked it, and then walked up to her, grabbed her by her chin, and forced her to look into his eyes. "Are you sure you want to make a deal?" he asked her.

Without waiting for her answer, he took another pair of cuffs and cuffed one of her ankles to a pipe running along the wall. He then uncuffed her wrists, and said, "Strip!"

Her eyes visibly widened and I could tell that she was trying to control her voice as she countered, "You must be joking."

Charlie turned to Bill. "Bill, are we joking?"

Bill replied, "Gee. So far, we've got them on public indecency, aiding and abetting public indecency, resisting arrest, prostitution, attempted bribery, maybe even slavery. Those are just the things that pop immediately into my mind. I imagine there may be even more charges than that. I really don't have a good handle on how many potential years of jail time that is so far. But I can tell you, that's a lot of paperwork, Charlie."

"Yeah, I have to agree with you," Charlie said as he turned back to my Mistress. "I told you once, and I will tell you one last time – strip!"

I saw Mistress swallow hard, and after a bit of reflection on what was just said, she slowly raised her hands to her blouse, and began unbuttoning it. Charlie fetched a chair, and sat down to enjoy the show. One item of clothing followed another. Soon, my lovely Mistress stood naked, other than her panties.

"Those too," demanded Charlie.

"I can't take them off past the cuff on my ankle," she rebutted.

"Just take them down," Charlie said. "I'll help you with them after that."

"Thank you so much," Mistress said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. But she hooked her hands in her waistband, and slid them down.

Charlie got up, walked behind her, pulled her wrists back, and swiftly cuffed her hands behind her back again. Then he uncuffed her ankle, and pulled the panties free. He raised them to his nose and inhaled deeply, smiling a very happy smile. "Okay, lady. Let's see how good you are at sucking cock. Kneel down."

He unzipped the front of his pants, and fished out his penis. Horrified that my Mistress was being forced to do this, I walked over to him and pleaded, "Please sir. May I do it?"

"Don't worry, little girl. Your turn will come. Go kneel over there and watch."

Heart sinking, I did as I was told. Slipping his belt out of his pants loops, Charlie doubled it over in his hands and held it as he said, "Now lady – get busy sucking. If I feel any teeth, you will regret it," and he slapped the belt against his open palm for emphasis.

My Mistress has a quick mind, but apparently she could see no current way out of our dilemma. With a delicate shudder of her shoulders, she opened her mouth. Charlie took a step forward, and shoved his semi-erect cock inside it. Mistress made a face. She is not used to being used in such a fashion. But she began sucking.

Soon, Charlie began moaning, "Oh man! She's good at this."

"Damn!" said Bill, standing up. "Let me have some of that too."

In a few moments, Mistress had a second cock shoved in their face. Charlie pulled his free from her mouth, to give Bill a chance, and stood there slowly stroking a rather proud erection. Within minutes, Bill was making noises of pleasure as well.

"Don't hog it all," Charlie chided him.

Bill said, "I bet she could get both of us in there at the same time. Try it."

Charlie stepped forward, and I gasped to see my Mistress' pretty mouth grossly distorted as it stretched around the two invading pricks. I was amazed that she could fit both of them in without scratching them with her teeth, but maybe Charlie was too excited now to worry about his threat.

Anyway, it was not long before he pulled himself free, saying, "I don't want to cum this way. I want to fuck her."

"Good idea. Just what this uppity bitch needs," agreed Bill.

They both lifted my Mistress, and carried her, protesting, over to a sturdy steel cot. There, she was placed face up, cuffed wrists secured up over her head, and Bill held her struggling legs securely while Charlie fetched rope, and tied her ankles far apart to each corner at the bottom of the cot. Her body was now on complete display to their lecherous eyes.

At that point, they apparently remembered that, while I was still handcuffed, I was still free to run around. So they tied me to some heavy furniture in a place where I could watch everything that they were doing to my Mistress.

Bill said, "Since were going to mess her up pretty good, I think we ought I have before and after pictures." He ran and fetched his cell phone with its camera.

He took several pictures of my bound Mistress, including close-ups of her face, breasts, and pussy. Charlie started toying with her; yanking on her nipples, slapping her tits harshly when he felt that the nipples were not stiffening fast enough to please him. He grabbed both of her labia and stretched them out away from her body and apart from each other, apparently trying to see how far he could drag them.

Bill took a close-up photo of the results.

Charlie then fingered her with the dry finger, making her groan in pain. But thankfully her cunt soon started to lubricate, and his finger moved more easily. He leaned down and started to lick her, commenting on her flavor. Bill took a shot of Charlie with his tongue thrust deep into her vaginal tunnel.

I thought then that Charlie would start fucking her, but I was wrong. Instead, he grabbed a broom, and started fucking her with the broom handle! Both of them smiled as they heard her scream. I cringed. I wanted to cover my ears, but my cuffed wrists prevented that.

After tormenting her poor cunt for a while, they both removed their clothing, revealing bodies that were not worth writing home about.

Charlie took his now fully turgid cock, rammed it into her, and started bucking fast. I could hear the squishing/sucking sounds of his cock moving in and out of her. Bill did something that I'd never seen anyone do before. Naked, he straddled her face, facing Charlie, and began rubbing his balls all over her face, grinning like an idiot. I don't know if he received much pleasure from doing that, but I know it was done to further humiliate my Mistress. He was doing his best to embarrass and degrade this "uppity bitch" as he called her.

This is where I learned that his cell phone camera had a timer switch, because he set it up to get a good picture of both of them using my Mistress in this manner.

Charlie moaned, "I'm gonna cum," so Bill scampered out of the way.

Charlie lunged up, pumping his cock with his hand, and directed an amazing amount of white creamy cum, which first hit the area of my Mistress' clit, and then sprayed up along her tummy and chest, spattering not only her tits, but also her face.

Of course, Bill took quite a few photos of her, from her raw, red gaping cunt all the way up Charlie's cum trail; the so-called "after" pictures.

I was pretty certain that my Mistress had not reached orgasm. The men were certainly not trying to pleasure her. They untied her, and unceremoniously dumped her on the floor next to me. She seemed still dazed, and apparently to them presented no danger in this locked room, so they merely tied her ankles together to prevent her from moving very fast.

Then they grabbed me.

"Your turn, girlie," gloated Bill.

As they dragged me to the cot, I heard Bill whispering to Charlie. As they had done to my Mistress, they secured my cuffed wrists to the steel bar at the top of the cot, but I was face down, not face up. A small pillow was shoved under my pelvis, and one of them held me while the other tied my ankles apart to the bottom corners of the cot.

I heard Bill chortle, "I've always wanted to try fucking a girl in the ass. Now's my big chance."

I shuddered, and felt my ass hole tighten reflexively.

He asked Charlie, "Do you think I should lube her hole or my cock somehow, or just jab it in?" I swallowed convulsively, praying for some sort of lube, but I instinctively knew that begging for it would probably produce the opposite response, so I kept my mouth shut.

"Well first," Charlie replied, "I think it would be a good idea to check how clean that hole is."

I felt hands, which I assumed were Bill's, grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling them apart, exposing my tiny puckered opening. I turned my head as best I could to look over my shoulder, and saw Charlie now handling the camera, taking a series of before pictures of me, including a close-up of my exposed ass hole.

Bill commented, "Looks pretty clean to me, but it seems awful tiny. You really think my cock will fit?"

"Only one way to really find out," Charlie answered.

Bill pondered aloud, "Well, trying to poke my cock into that thing while it's dry would probably hurt me, so I think it needs a bit of lubing. Anyway, there's another thing that I always wanted to try. It seems dirty and nasty, but I wanna do it."

"Go ahead," Charlie urged, "she's your plaything."

There was a slight pause, and the cot shifted slightly, and then I felt something hot and wet tentatively pressing against the sensitive tissues around my anal ring.

Bill was licking me – hesitantly at first – perhaps he feared my "nasty place" would taste bad. But then he got more and more into it.

Lapping away merrily, he got me moaning as his tongue tip started prodding deeper into my opening. I felt my anal muscles starting to alternate between clenching and relaxing. Bill noticed this, and it must have been visible movement, because he pointed it out to Charlie.

Charlie, perhaps a bit envious at his friend's boldness, said, "You look like you're having a lot of fun doing that. I want a taste also."

"Be my guest," Bill said generously. "That'll help keep her wet while she gets me ready."

As Charlie began licking my ass, Bill brought his cock up to my mouth and ordered, "Get it nice and wet, girlie. It's for your own good."

I understood what he meant, and started bathing his cock with my saliva, using my tongue and lips to good advantage. His cock was already stiff, but the sensations I was creating made it swell and harden even more.

Bill groaned. "Get out of the way, Charlie. I need to bury this in her tight little ass."

Bill disappeared from sight, the cot shifted again, and I felt my two butt cheeks spread wide apart. I looked over my shoulder again, and realized it was Charlie that was spreading me open for his buddy, who must have been using his own hand to guide his cock to my anal entrance.

I felt the damp head of that cock press against my ring, and tried to relax and let it in. But Bill did not give me much of a chance. A novice at ass fucking, he must have thought pushing hard and fast was the only way to get through the opening. So he grunted, and shoved.

I could not stop myself from screaming as what felt like a hot poker invaded my ass! I barely heard Bill exclaim, "Oh man! This is so warm and tight – it's fantastic!"

Heedless of my shrieks and protests, he began pumping that stiff rod in and out of my ravaged rear tunnel. Thankfully, he was so excited that he came quickly, jetting his semen into my ass.

But they were far from done with us. Like little boys with brand-new toys, they kept playing with us. When their cocks needed a rest, they used the broom handle, thankfully soaked and slick with our juices, in any hole they could fit it into, all the while snapping pictures.

They bragged about how these photos were going to be their insurance policies. How they were going to make us their sex slaves any time they wanted us. I shuddered to think what kind of future that would be.

They had close-ups of our faces, with their fingers pinching our nose shut to force our mouth open, cock ready to plunge in. And with their cocks all the way down our throats. And with our faces spattered with cum. They even had one where Mistress and I were both cuffed with our hands behind our back, kneeling bent over facing each other, heads down, and asses up. In this position, each of the men had rammed his cock, doggie style, deep into our ass hole, and they were holding up our cuffed wrists with one hand, giving each other a "high five" hand slap of victory with the other, grinning into the camera triumphantly.

During one of the respites, Mistress and I were slumped together, completely untied, since we obviously represented no threat, worn out as we were. Mistress whispered to me, "Distract them somehow, pet."

I racked my brain for something, anything, that would grab their attention. Finally, I got an idea, and summoning some strength, managed to stand up and pad over to where the men were resting.

"I'll bet I can show you something that you've never seen before," I challenged.

"Oh yeah?" Bill said. "And just what would that be?"

Without speaking, I walked over to a corner of the room, laid down on my back, raising both feet onto adjacent walls. Then I inched my ass into the corner and up into the air until my back wedged into the corner, and my feet touched the floor near the base of each adjacent wall. This presented a very obscene view to the men, who got up and came closer to look.

But I was not done. I pulled my labia apart, and formed three fingers into a wedge, and inserted them. I started working them in and out, widening them to stretch myself further open.

As my cunt relaxed and opened, I added my fourth finger, and finally my thumb to the wedge. I was pressing inward so hard that my knuckles were bumping against my vaginal opening.

"Charlie, is she doing what I think she's doing?"

"My God, Bill – I believe she is."

They both leaned closer, almost unbelieving as my first knuckle started to clear the opening, and enter me. I have usually found the first knuckle to be the hardest. Once that enters, by flexing my fingers, the rest go in more easily. Within a minute or two, I was fully fisting myself.

The men were watching closely, with jaws agape, mesmerized by this sight. Just to make certain that I kept their attention closely focused, I began moaning loudly as I moved my fist within myself.

Unbeknownst to the men, during this distraction, my Mistress got her hands on the cell phone. She quickly forwarded several of the pictures to her own eMail, including the very damning one of the cuffed prisoners being ass fucked doggie style, which clearly showed the faces of the abusers.

Holding the phone where it could easily be seen, she walked over to our group and said, "That is enough, my pet. You can stop now."

The men's heads swiveled around, one of them saying, "What you mean – stopping her?"

Then they saw the cell phone in her hands. "What did you do?" Bill choked out.

Mistress answered, "I merely gave us our own insurance policy. I, and perhaps a few other people, now have some very interesting pictures showing the abuse of power by you two. I doubt that your superiors would be very lenient if these pictures became public knowledge. You will give us our clothes immediately. You will let us go. And you'll never bother us again. Is that clear?"

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